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This is the men's room. I'm listening to. He's thrilled. There's very dominate for a hard 9999. Although we have an online she is playing for a team sober and and is really as a wine consumers EU and nose or machinery to grocery and but agreed to go to 32 red lobster and our enemy here is your question couldn't get laughs or all the I don't know Victoria. She's cheapening yourself for missing and what form of Japanese theater are all the roles played by men. I have no clue. Good to focus group he would have. So very. Jumped into. If there. Our future the question what cartoon character is the Alter ego. Of Henry the mild mannered janitor. I think of the seventies cartoon. Featuring. 00. Yeah thanks for rum and America. Did. Not like people but to quote. Com. What I know we all. It was a dog Henry the mild mannered Denver was in fact you don't. 00 all new. Campaign. We're asking. Beliefs and Brothers was the voice is. It looked incredibly tight end and. Cool one. Are you call it's believed a triple Triple Crown hero and other great team and. Tested and inhuman act. Our own songs who ate somebody's got a big pianist he's a good fit at this that. Human lives. Are 18% of Americans mentioned which quote unquote family member in the will. 00. I'd give them the next. Who do we get that Deloitte and really looked at the rebel wants the pack and and tomorrow to think mush mouth had a big penis. The biggest. Yeah I rooted in my be the one rooting hadn't had a swagger Arafat ever period. And Greek mythology corals in Rio were the parents of what ya. Aren't they own pool. The death. Yeah a ball. And urge. Good job. Bigamy is a game a 44999. All lose our next contestant ready to play hello creepy Jeremy welcome to the men's room. I thought oh wow. Jeremy sobered up. From the event. Have a good night. And anybody thinks and I can't hang in there today awarded him more time FaceBook Twitter instant Emerson abject. But it just what are you and aware of that and he had been on them completely gave out completely says anything of lewd Twitter using goddamn liar if I didn't know you're on any other social platforms is that they he's I read them on other ones that he's political play. And it can't look at it they whatever the ridiculous amount have to worry about people just. I don't know we judges but would you say is ridiculous I don't have this year about the need to do what I guess a series I just don't see he's quick to act don't put. Yes apple is doing let's say you really offensive jokes and the like are you just joked about offensive and you actually very funny. All right here is your question who is the author of the Garfield cartoons. Oh my god. We don't assume it. Yeah temporary government now I'm actually want to get. No one's rules like I don't really I think only many more like another. Yeah I don't know. That's what John Davis though injured. They don't look for instance baseball team and imagine the publisher had a pretty big hole. Have a picture perfect couple OK okay maybe like best for my nickname grandma and Aaron I'll get them doing my name is the punish. I your question according to a survey 32% of women would change what it. About her husband's multiple choice there height or weight or their age. And sort of women would change this particular attribute of other husbands and their height. Only knew what to call guys do and evidently I. OK okay and endure. They're when it changed the way. We have here. Yeah that's when it is. Played we want them to behavior in return it all works out. Your quest anywhere on your body is the skin the dirty it's. It probably used a similar but most people. My guess. Like when you see you relax and I hope they didn't sweating you feel all Santa. It would. Do well if you are wrestling event lefty slack. Yeah yeah yeah and wind and declared he used the sort subliminal pitch since you probably don't sit that month. Only Intel and I you know what I was driving government abandoned in Albania he said I feel like Salt Lake yeah the drive Eden. And they get a odds go to the world the literature and Richard Bachmann that's the pseudonym for what all the are you got a little movie didn't you know called Indian. I think every family that don't kill. They Demi Moore parred 999 hole. Who's our next contestant read play the game I'm not an author so I don't know but if everyone already knows that you're pseudonym is something than why do you random student. Because that's how we know. No we don't believe like I know Stephen King children and right understood and number two Bachmann but I'm aware of the road to bark when Steve OK why wouldn't say Steven king he actually started writing is Richard bodman for awhile just to kind of write differently. And somebody out of him and he got really pissed about it he has a written written under Richard Bachman sent sort of let the guys are you write different stuff so. Exactly. The sick now unable to fake names and stuff. Like when you get a reservation and restaurants that are maybe a hotel check in. I'll know letting those of the best times to do it. Like that late may and you were going crazy less than it that was demeaning and I was dirt nasty grab this thing hectic at the pattern as it gives us pray these or South America. How would apologize but it wasn't me if it's like frank the tank you're gonna and a magnet like you know I find dirt nasty scar on October that I gave his big dummy for Ford 9990 lose write a play. Hello top welcome to the men's room. All our auto guy. It's not just over an outfield. I'd do it. Yeah. It sounds pretty good social media was his former federal FaceBook Twitter is grim snapshot. Out goes based books include this. I hear your question. What condiment was created as a cure for diarrhea. The main aims. Okay okay. And there is a lot of buzz okay. There looked on news Ridley. Quickly treated and cured and I respect I don't Muster. I don't horseradish tech gadgets and up. On tonight's NB toward Baghdad to our enterprise leg due to diarrhea that should help. People. What brand was voted the toll of the twentieth centuries. Blood Brandon. The very popular toy there's eight million different versions of it. It's all kind of the same but maybe made different versions of the same my kids love it. You probably play with the ease some point your life. Today get caught in vacuum cleaners yes they do you. I hurt your peak wind Esteban. All you out. Lago. This century yeah. Did you guys see the list of the new toys that are potentially going to be inducted into the toy elephant and not for the move both sons but the people have that that the toy all of them with oil young people who would you have to understand I really want to show this to my kids who always ask me about the stuff. The thing that they really want to push this year OK there's a magic eight ball on the air out of the game clue I want to say my little pony is included on this spot. The one that I love. Sand. They wanna put sand and you know why does and we are kids we played with name like that the ability to vacate sand castle with a bucket to go to the beach sand is a toy they're gonna put the twelve and that's how bad things used to be easily apparent bid to back rapidly growing up. We played the sandman. We have a screen in front of us we had saying wait a minute what I was saying dad. Not like they used to do your kids or go to a sand box at the beach it's just losing popularity and the beach in key in recess a kids can't possibly leave their homes now votes GPS showing. Jeremy didn't got get the F out of the house go wherever you go do something apparently got bad apparently map right. We had promised those guys have been playing with him and let you had a bad ethics dealer doll we can play well with snow in the winner. Well yeah I sand to naturally like say and its though. Is so bad that you got to play with sandman I mean I guess if it did the whole idea of that being a toy that there's like I know they put the sticky and you guys know that right now yet the with the sticky and it was one of the president's lawyer Gloria go web there's legitimate to poke things it's. I meet them at the stake you'll like I don't know Swiss army knife okay hearing go on no frills toys including V are ready. Paper airplane kids I'm reiterating again think about auto market drove paper airplane sand and played food. Are among twelve finalists vying for a place in the national toy hall of fame they also a lot of food for the honor are the board game risk include the magic eight ball matchbox cars are area. My little pony. The Pez candy dispenser got a toll. Yeah well they say it is transformers the card game uno and it. Whipple ball my money says the best game out of all those with the ball. I love them with the ball down of football too that's the that if he said like a new video stuff I was. The amount already in there. Well sand isn't in there you know and I must say under the told blue blue okay. And gets inducted in the twelfth maybe I could you look I've played there dog poop it's not a toy here's the question then gets inducted let's say they get enough votes in San Jose. Who'd you get to give an acceptance speech for saying the right. I had to do evidence. Well Larry it's got to talk I think I have to say exactly Brian I thalidomide might have mattered for a playoff roster not Floyd junior got out of boy know as Sherlock they had seven Al Disney details as the best item on every fast food menu and we do read your emails coming up for men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the major radio network. When smiles and I as far as the men's room poll. Those four today as far as your fairway using the social media thing up FaceBook clearly the winner on this when Twitter came in second answer Graham in the third place that jet did not get one vote however we did not tally of everything so far if you follow the men's room on Twitter and men's or live which most people are obviously on FaceBook credits but that all of enough. Well as the Shockey on Twitter more people to order dominated on Twitter all of. Yeah yeah well well well. Put everything Oprah I think I may have a credit to grab that. Boy I don't know. I so we really think about that little love there'd probably be right and it's a funny little bowl yeah it's like it's probably so we don't really prominent that's who we are you have to average viewer emails here for the men's room Evans or live dot jobs. I did my sister's birthday Morgan K she is turning fourteen can you guys do some German stuff for. Filmmaker feel uncomfortable. Love the show that from Christopher. Yeah I don't know attend woods but I've within two weeks Floyd you. It's entitlement. I'm more game than they counted more in. Fourteen point oh my god. Martin Eurostar. I don't tell you Jack Hartman I was waiting to make that whole episode we meet the world. I had both that I am no okay. We know in the middle we have a we WM. I have a time machine environmentalists is that I apologize to every wine that never happened let's just go back into the vacant. The intelligence woods. Time for a day off few emails there for men's room mad men's or buy dot com. As Susan birthdays there are guys as my sister's birthday Morgan Kay she's turning fourteen. Could you guys do some German stuff or to make her feel uncomfortable love the show thank you that from Christopher. Our I know James won't. I machine with employees. Happy birthday kid who could. Kids cool. Yeah. Guys there's nobody saves Tony seventh birthday he works for the TSA in city met thrill. Could you guys given some dirty Germans about being in the army thanks guys that from Wales. I'll go to the army after a much with me you'll come. Yahoo! News the little things from the army. Outfits my big and it instead he. I didn't made a grab my personal opinion it's a kind car. My name is Darrell on today is my 32 birthday I currently live in the southeast Minnesota. He hey Heidi Collins Minnesota Louis do you're the third day I thought if so what I'm not a big old LeRoy Jenkins and then some dirty German talk from Ted and thrilled to finish it up thanks guys that from Darryl. We. Avril book that wanted to treat me like hangs in these three incidents this. I'm at the end of the day you'll say this joke to her. But I like his at a very happy 41 birthday to the best man I. Know you guys almost the reverend that law he has reminded me of what it feels like to be loved and valued and is naming a genuinely happy woman we'll have a debt. Oh dear guys did you give a big old massive bong hits and of course maybe a little turtle sacks allowed to love guys that from Erica. Air since her name you know heat. Most aired and there are tracks are really hundred trust you know it got to bank she should designated driver and club into how that can I get a shout outs and a little kid's face that was for my daughter Julia who is fourteen today. And those big dummy but is amazed how dumb some of your listeners are keep on rocket now from Gary. Guys love the show you they would drive home by entertaining I turned 57 today was hoping for a little turtle wax sorry thrill. Within Al hitting the window thanks guys that from other lovely Liz. Okay. If we do. That's fun. Disguised as a best friend Josh is Tony's days we've been pros for nearly ten years now I know what an impression he's made. Can I please gets internal lacks with a look out in the middle. Thank you guys that from Eric. Go look go to. But no big day bear to ever turned a favored my great friend Greg on his birthday loves the show and drinking beer can you sing in the birthday song and maybe a little Kirk cousins you like that and an Allen think oh look outs thanks guys keep on rocking like always. Look at all of today's my sister Jessica's birthday please give her some turtles extensive search super dirty German talk candy birthday Jesse pig that from Tijuana and Candice. You are doing the scope of the new meaning to Joey chestnut went a dress up like a baby can whom you configure the we'll have a traditionally been an announcement. Guys my bearable loosens you guys in the way Holman and today is my birthday I would love a birthday shout out the dirty German and all the way things guys that from Heather. I haven't you a little about science might orgasm is like the kids if you stare at the miss some high. And that the mandate here they were always good in math. What was the name Ernie was another. And then let's come over a cup match like to make Tasmanian devil and his screen and look at crazier than a red entry for all. Hi guys here you know. Had to have had been tired and happy at its. Yeah dad about it. AK had they had video that says I'm lecture here. The movie it guys not sure if you notice that the characters in the movie can represented each of the members of your shelves. There's a girl there's a black guy a fat guy a guy who can't shut up to Jews and a delicate white guy I'm gonna name who maps out who but hopefully you'll figure it out. Of that from Cristiano. I'm definite I'll meet you figured I may. Pretty now Robin and Africa. Another nobody I'm not I'm not modulation. Six how much money is coming back for it to know what than than than those fully. I'm nobody was coming back from Mexico vacation he's an avid mince her listener and after a few Beers he boarded his flight and yelled out all our. It's all us do all on the flights. The Mexican authorities and took him off the plane hit he had a dinner for two days before going back home he has no regrets cheers guys that from our buddy Andrew. Let's hear from assuming that was a military friend that's fantastic. I thought a one time I got trouble on a plate is when I ran a high five people line on the way to the play well they're gonna excerpt. We believe you're intoxicated I don't know why they like. I thought we bring it people its ground are right. All right guys a girl who called in about moving in her car is telling the truth and that's not even her funniest most embarrassing stories. Most of her stories have someone who can all verify them she's arrives rock god that's for her mom. I look at Wal-Mart as part of yesterday after that story we had a will be incident here. We are open and no 10 well we told them what we mean not hate when I want to do this morning. The security guard or spouse stares you'll Heyman let me ask you something and the way you approached me I'm like oh no you don't meet him what kind of batten says. You got your talking about Chica was whooping yesterday. And yet and he goes with any reason we came up a scenario look mentioned rod that's her Stalin. So apparently. There's improvements in the lobby of the building on the way right around the time that we're about this Aziz waves meet. So improved arm of the sofa in the lobby aren't. And left shelf area so that area and then there was the trio of liquid to the bathroom. Mon oh yeah well the goal he'd thought at all about it all good somebody Buddha I did I only a man who did it yeah yeah I'm Bonnie brown Tampa lobby man and just. Notice yesterday that might steam cleans deeply and then all men that seems odd. I used to be a cheerleader ignite the usually with a nighttime janitor who do a good quality around Mississippi our top. Are not even realize that it brownies and run the defendant mom. As if it. Can't there a got a boy and don't go about a program they're sort of noise Sherlock we will drink and toast with the shot of the day but first the head javits and house. Yeah issued by the way all as far as large fictional Pete loses out I'm all Spagnuolo isn't sorry and a lot of new logo the number ending stories a kid. The reports on file core. The falcon who thought it that now I'm glad Jeff maybe you. Oh yeah. OKO. From the yeah yeah. Everybody on Saturday and tennis now whether you're famous had just put myself. Running me zero start Michelin restaurant that serves things is slipping yeah. It's the name you could be like me you could be just just got it goes regular job every day hammers nails the poignant. All of us according to hammer nails and none of them are real hurdle that I don't orchestra should eliminate I'm for that well I just hammered a fields when they don't go to it would appeal not in my restaurant we direct human to hammer out of jail free loan bail me out hammer. My point is. Maybe you're firefight Newton maybe your radio DJ at one point. We're only the fast food that is correct a sore right it's almost like fast do more than others some who was don't. So let's have children but I simple that's typical I. Voters fired every. All right that's good call none and outlets and it's not that I'm I'm very glad to life five guys both of love five guys. I like fire and by the way they're got him achievers there's trends but that's led like four times a week they wanna do my dad's absolved of all. So aren't so when you go to don't have jobs is my book I gotta get going to file that would SA Fareed you parliament clammed up that's limited. So we notified that they have a favorite big yes get those kids and then I. So basically with this listed here from a thriller it's. Is a budget fast food places and of people decided is the best product from that fast food place and Tony you know. Well we have checked all of you wanna do the caliber are our act on them and yet there it. We go to Wendy's. And they selected. The double stack Burke called don't tell us yet. Altogether we're gonna Ali guests are there aren't you know what I guess for all right what he's what he thinks the best I can't double fact murdered I was your mood and as you know I don't know just doesn't know. Julio frosty because it's the most unique thing I think on their menu differ from everywhere let you know what man I love Wendy's. But for years I thought weird relationship the frosty morning. Is it spoon I what did you do with a strong I want an auction it's just confusing. Or nothing wrong with a gruesome but I wanna punish and then there. It's probably use that is just ice cream man I mean in the air liberal by agreement got them cup Google like. Do you mentally yeah OK let's still there when they had that chicken cordon Bleu yes all man and they have a honey. We would specifically go to Wendy's late and I'm away for two weeks had a different name Bernie series that Bernie was so you should be burning man I don't know if yeah ethnic. Panelists tackle bell. Now don't you don't have to think. Like any crazy to think about lake consistent with the best thing to saw re both of pretty modern. I'll talk IRS wow I was electorate through those out but that's the point there. The if you were gonna graduate. Now new of the garrido showed it goes. That's a lot. I think two years ago I had to read his logo that was pretty good I'll get a double Decker talked over yet no direct hovered within a flower for to soft tacos or whether they're on the golf clothes for like four also echoes of the best I get like a box of six others go home and good ago so yeah even today a few of the missing an outside Cabela's. Other than arteries I think they win the continent battle. We didn't get a job shortly notice it's it's really original they're generous with the till then they give you lots of mild medium hot when it. There. All right so way. The MT. I can't do as good as his debt Emma but I never get a BMT I've never got to be empty but I go to subway. 50% of people and there are going to be with the bmg. It's an Italian be empty up Oka now overturned. Feisty Italian I mean it's yeah is the guy you're the type the empty dish soap making and I thought there was a beast. Is it like baloney. Baloney when I was as violent what is it. With the guys. That BH as a something like elegant look utterly utterly an anagram of PNC like nothing easy is it to make it mayonnaise and I don't know my eyes but it. Luka I don't know that then that B has anything to do with. The Italian beat. Learn. Yeah its a problem. This is probably what we don't put on you if you see if I yeah. That's the most vibrant as there was a got out all right. Turkey ham. Man I'm with our desire I think if I'm just look at it we could not find it we're gonna say I don't think it a little bit of love. Alright McDonald's. French Fries big man. Think the wrong time of the day Brothers I'll always muffin at the bloodless all right you know they did overall that it what do you like best in this world miles biscuits bright. Olga other sausage egg and cheese with him at bay today. Okay. Five guys. Fries yeah Fries absolutely Fries oh he's where Fries are the best they are in very very good I've never had had a very good looks instantly go to five out of time if you can be a burger and Fries to me that's that's my go you know mother Tina I figured out the F subway BN TR I can make is perfect cents by the way. The sandwich originally stood for the Brooklyn Manhattan transit all right which now stands for bigger meteor tastier. Pepperoni salami and am OK there are OK taste is also married six. Don't gimmick don't. Large coffee. Negatives there when they're coffee on the go the regular what he called. And his mantra the regular down of the plane don't of that play donut cake doughnut truck went down that. For a legal ruling late French ruler. All right anybody else and I think it's a basic glazed turns out it's their lunch kids all the polls yet the little doughnut hole if you don't condone all of there was a time where I probably did not miss a Dunkin' Donuts stopped for about fifteen years. Yeah when around the corner every single day right now get a coffee and doughnut whatever their bagels were good deed we we had one next door and screamed out tiger at College Park. But I'm Dominic who won a College Park beginning. Mean big you can drive over degree and a lot of them are big day. A dairy queen but wait. It's something we all know from dairy queen been a specific one of them. Or logos and AM welcome home guys who want the blues got you Oreo write this note to get. I did the butter finger blizzard I absolutely get that every time but I don't like that that's my homework in the strawberry cheesecake one hell no I don't want prudent. Does that mashal fruit thing it's in a blizzard I don't know about how I'm not okay if you you know route that made by making. Chick filet. The standards raised so it gives them off like a spicy you're right in this one wins this one before my personal taste I'm sorry it's the nuggets. I'm better than we played a tiny little noted that there like little town in that they're the best not at the beginning how Tonya of them are the tonic that highly touted tiny little volatile at like aren't there like that like not a doubt Obama can nugget that are out enough that they know that guys are businesses real chicken strips sorely smaller than a moment if you could chip still there and talk about not down to their routines and it put a minute small little talent behind him and so are your favorite approximate this big it is like a boxes. I'm not a modernized. So they're not gonna benefit you and I don't know if I didn't I didn't hit it there are no good way to save. Burger King. Now personally I like the double cheeseburger Berger ends of the whopper. Nightly whopper buddhas that was not the opera and oh the old good thinking there. I know it's something you're chicken Fries chicken I have never given that this chicken strips the enterprise model or chicken Fries. I don't know the difference man to be kind of news now did you every those Tito's things ahead for awhile now where did you have a Mike. Are they good to take a fraud related tonight. Audio and I'll prove to say that they're the best ones at Burger King I'm. Committed several. Our beat. You guys I'm dense and commute the general speed I like the plane roast beef sandwich man who want to show some respect called by its name that the the general David said that's not what I'm like I'm an army says some of the best candidates out there and do my knowledge the Greenbrier classic great. Sandwiches and he's very good I just code plain rules be passes me man even chatter curly Fries Isabella city for mark I think I'll be the right and they really prove to America that. Yeah they didn't get any scenario where an era of it and I'm so this. On the rug as a generous of not hungry after the vote conversational good enough steam cleaned the floor got up well during it does this validate or turn to know as Sherlock is coming up next few are listening to the men's or radio network. I'm will bring canned both the shot of the day is most women first. Our own Steve the thrill hill Combs that the. It's a look deeper story that I did through noon well. She option. Study claims they encountered droves calls for weight left to develop them what we've been led to think LA well. Sure it. Discovery of dismembered corpse treated as suspicious about the leaks. I know about the act. As studies suggest. That black Americans are unfairly kinda by police. Hello and. Rock John McCain says quote we have to understand that the climate may be changed. Well monkey's uncle. Sherlock feels different. The weather channel viewers spike during hurricane coverage. Yeah yeah. I know who Sherlock. As you've been living under a rock there's this headline hurricane are much damage considerable. Yellow it charter rock. Being dumped for someone else hurts more than being dumped because you just around the GUL appears are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Sherlock. I don't know that would shock him. It wasn't. I know I was not in these dealers and a reason that and you know like I don't like you anymore. I'm veteran battle I. I have other than well I've met them murders and arguments on that goofy. And the as a big court just ruled your FaceBook friends are not actually your real friends. LA well know sure god. Mounds are losing their jobs. Plan. The shell shock and the Internet is not happy about it real bland slavery drama and. Fat. And could this. Labor drama out that one you have the south who won and where are so. There are new people that are upset about football sense like utopia feel a bit. I lock at all and I Nassau ward Churchill all all Albany's laughter. They don't even know have been watching me but don't ruin it you're going to flee their conversations had a lot around a fire now like. And the makers are well it is product launch ducked out of if you don't know about it. I am told us. Slightly good period. Should be ready. It just who it is. Data as usual way ahead to the very best dance even try to find out nortel's yes indeed today windows Eddie hill. Kordell price and every is rich in bunker all of Chicago. Illinois now last Friday these three musketeers they robbed a Verizon store. At gunpoint. A title to employees they stole about to stop including twenty cell phones then they got to our high speed chase with police after someone spotted their car on the highway. I made it eight miles they get to a crash but that does not stop them from now just taking off on foot the cops gave chase these guys are proving hard to catch. The dreaded ducked inside of a business one of them I declined over fenced in parking lot the other to the right into the lobby of the business and hid behind two different vending machines. Much like yesterday in the business and ran into it was a police stations Nauman once again if criminals ran directly. To the police station and all the police and flatter watching these guys hide behind vending machines etc. etc. to the for an show up the now facing a bunch of charges. Including armed robbery aggravated robbery and unlawful restraint. I don't remember a guy yesterday in the same thing to got struck by cocaine the standing outside a police headquarters. A cop walked out of jealously code to do need gas from AT and there walked into the lobby of God's name police station with drama. These guys today you're running from the cops you're ran directly inside of the lobby of a police station in the hid behind a vending machines. Being watched by about fifty counts. A lot of option in these police think this are they literally marked got the big city got them sealed an assist police. Let's start again the biggest network we've for the blues and drink this move because we think it. Yeah I mean I don't over the tongue and down the world to be in our Tommy's down the whole lot of Joan and I. Ticket does not live for profiled a stellar nine right now a 449990. Love. I should many things continue on the men's room. The radio network.