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Thursday, September 13th


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For May 27 in Philadelphia and raised in north Hollywood California. He got his start in refuel at famed Los Angeles station here cube which led to this decade long co hosting gig on the long running syndicated show. Love line. He went on to co host comedy central's the man show. People creed thank you anchors but you've read his books in fifty years we'll all be kicks. Not Taco Bell material you can hear him every day on the pumpkins that bears his name plus now he's launched his own channel on a streaming service to. Through the TV that's dedicated to cars motorcycles. Racing you know things motor. It's called chassis. Please welcome Adam Carolla. How have you been mr. Colin. Well written well furniture every Barrett breakdance and congratulations on the new show. The new channel jazz chart yeah that's I'm glad. I'm glad to see it I was. I was out at a concert less than showed a bar in I saw a guy go by and one of those electric scooters were in Capri pants and no socks as a slip on shoes that that the world as well and well it's all over for us. If this beleaguered. Howl lull I look at both Paul and if you're Maltby picked yeah artists I know I a year ago and it. I ate I didn't pick the year Blanchard has said in the eleven here. It's bad and that's what we need more more this is it. Will become uncool to love cars and went to become a we can stop really it's a rite of passage meant to understand how to tune who have real carburetor or or do anything would your own vehicle became something that. The orders have to deal or the uneducated it's ridiculous it is I really do miss that time. The story last week where somebody tried you'll all but because of what that man at all. Tremendous Selig couldn't steal it because they couldn't drive. Each well I think you'll like Thursday. Physical act our all world that a lot of people are depriving themselves playing or heightened. It's spare minute that Internet porn all day. There's all the light or you pass it actually pick up things with what's been together. And all the tools in your hands and all that. I've I've done it my whole life it keeps you saying actually. I guarantee. All the angry people VCR and TV at every rally you'd see on CNN. You got there or not our guys they're they're never car guy like they're never the car guy Plano are happy guys circuit and they they get their jolly down in the garage or whatever but they don't have that like in doubt nerd rage. Yeah that's it the impotent rage that's exactly what is. They the end of being their oath that the guys who run the homeowners associations they can tell you what color to paint your house. Right I don't I don't and I also know this latest obsession it's. Of telling everyone what they can and can't do or how to prepare for war or. How how how they have to respect and I if you should really impulse I have no impulse a stranger what they can. As it's exactly right and I I for the first come truly in my life. I don't a piece of land lovingly noticed disgrace land it even I was confused why I loved so much I spent every day out there when I leave the show. Building a trail a road. Throwing most building a dam making indexed meaning that do whatever it was. In that finally dawned on me I'm done with the world I just wanna go make stuff so I feel better and I walking here and I feel a 100% better than I would have a couple years ago. Law I gotta tell you I I Kabul between the blue collar world white collar world. Although betrays I do pod at the way I make that entry right faults and that I walk on partisan battle since. And I have a sort of bad side it might very well. In the clearing. The side that the blue collar felt that walks on the race card at Lee modeled ounces. Always he's I don't work all happy they're just even there never in a boot camp but they go to war coverage. That allowed to have them. They just diluted get up and go to work. And other guys who did the white collar stuff. They're good movie. And it is interest in being in the overall happiness effort only started with the guys. Let's put things together what they're paying him or something. That calms your mind about you that. You can't just sit in air conditioners air to screen all day. Yeah we'll be happy if we're trying to avoid all of these as its says you should be embracing. Yes that's what this chassis such a great idea and and then also got a jump the real quick and say this because no one I should tell you that that the of the racing less of Paul Newman. The documentary put together that. See that's that's the stuff I watch and I go yeah that's the big guys don't wanna emulate like that to a wanna be like you know. Well as anyone who say it's time to watch that documentary or seat. That this debate the epitome of what I'm talk which is all live in. Had to work in Hollywood let you navigate its way to Hollywood deal what all the stuff that he is all the superficial stuff. And all he wanted to do is get into one that's great cars. Everything is real every every decision is permanent and the you can smell it you can hear it it's packed. Like. Yeah I watched every movie you just go. I I watch movies shall hear it in go debt are you supposed to be silent or dog yeah. It's it's you are visible light well lit. Yeah you Brian Johnson from AC DC lead singer lives for racing I mean honestly I believe he had to make that choice he'd go for racing. I do it'll and and this guy he had he didn't show what he warned again all the old partisan bitter he's a wonderful papers correction. We saw him crash so hard work go away so go ahead. What an old rock and roller I would sit in now. In England at that the good lord festival. And that nick Mason. Am drummer Pink Floyd was there with this RH EEL. That he bought in 1977. Or 70000. Dollars. And I saw him about two months ago. That car is worth 65. Million dollar. Awful awful well below its 65 million dollars. And you've you've bought a car first 70000. Pot. Which is a king's ransom and I think you bought it 78 caricature and it now. Over sixty million dollars. There they're giving me a rap fan but I mean listen I really do wanna chat some more and not do in ten minutes. I should go on the road that we should come in the studio just hang out a little bit they had become more and more of affairs as years go by. And back pages I love to see the faction not slowing down and you're coming up the great stuff that is truly from the heart I think that's what's so successful. Well thank you know and yes you guys credit Chad see that he waxes and a lot you can see all these great. Movies we've made and infuriated. Anyone who's in any of that stuff. Can that can check it out I've toxin. Thank you.