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Wednesday, January 10th


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Some call him the prince of an anti them they're number one plug us. Don't lose his mission to bring closure to the men and women of Kansas. Multiplexes and. Yeah. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers or just every. Now here. All right we'll pick the first Adam welcome to the show. Shouting. At certain would let the dogs are right let's do that we don't know what to me about yourself. I got a couple like that sympathize and sprays or lose either that's about it. That right. And every host to a security immediate. It feels like it would go reverse for God's sense does it rank. And now I don't have a direction also does it doesn't this inspector. Kind of the one we have is a bit toward said the guys that you put it post feet or we didn't really make them. Together we view would you say these are good items. Know that it. I'm just curious you know what I mean other married and then right you know we really see a mile and misdirected you gonna play my dear what I want to show. But you guys you know. It's an anal lube injure him. That's a great state if there had welcomed the film. They've got to there was like some of the good prices rise what do you know. It's got a little wrangling came alive likely to strap on my fingers that vibrates well I do business. I want it kind of went up and used on me. At the bit at that there's plenty of I got a finger laying thing. And then your magic I'd say you stated there to add at least either. This is outwards the closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price going over will receive the item up for bids to balance listen. Are tough battle as our government as the president of they bombarded above board series rub my dream brought it perhaps the most pleasurable Roddick murders are being added penetration of Baghdad flies. They Bob promote reform that reverend bevel bobbled provide workable budget birdie or Bardner closets make. I haven't done now about the bat wedge about how do you envision being now little with a medical value to grab a quick or at least match. What they do have pledged president. Now we now dressed up but otherwise normal again my leg gigabyte about a guy that as a mega Jennifer Aniston just makes it again with the bowel then. Atlanta departure it together what doesn't know the bottom I'd be adorable. Judge and it's not backed up Bob Barnett above barge there is rob I've heard brought exiting every yard back. It dubbed risers right. I went over this thing up. Look at when. I'm curious about it. A lot going home and there is. They're that's a double Bagger monthly. Ego don't Virginia and with the get together I don't the fact that. That was one of those. They don't really know how to do it yes you do. This guy's got is hearing more plastic. So I about touching your Regina felt whoever potential winner actively Turkey the it in there looks nice well I would so this thing. Well that's nice. Lose. Oh yeah a good thing that you give me. Obama at all. Sure is so it's gonna guess I was an amount rate. My fear. Is that. I don't know yeah. So realistic yeah. Yeah. This. That is on Sunday which I think. Which you think isn't and that put together and are we. Really put it very well Gloucester the American. My little fat by industry the three terms but I. Couldn't. Which Terry did it. I don't know why you can't make such. A guy. Her. Well. I'm. Asked as we had an advance. That's really out there. It. She's great out there op. The sukhumi. I like it already. And maybe they think yeah. Well then what would your papers attempting to start with you Adam. Thirty. There. That's the. Forty dollars. And finally it. Big Mac or. Forty feet or do. Manufacturer's suggested retail Brad 63. In. All our. Problem. There is a slightly over that Derek. To do it's it's if you want them gamblers will not be apparent that it's so big that. I didn't know. Yeah. Ultimately an athlete and. I'd this edge and and an M I'll put that you're used to biggest fuel which. And this was them that way at the best one yet I was quite a noise and quick look at. When you really got to got to go fast then turned back over the booze though. I don't know people offering the the agenda really is Lorie and welcome to the show. How are you. I'm good variable that was a little bit about yourself more. I'm thirty I'm very important here. And there are a little logo. Eight build one single. No batteries don't. And now it is okay. Did it with double penetration. Over the border both of you. He certainly doesn't like to play around with you can send you can say to. Well I mean. You've got a bit this divorce. It. So who do you think. Who do you think he hits the other person up for the it has more used to hammering UTU. Yeah I think you want this reward. But so then you just immediately retaliate wouldn't let me do that to you. Exactly again. Lauren director's gonna play. Michelle welcome to the show. Good morning. I'm doing good you know tell us about your. I mean and engaged I have three kids at home on April. The. You you're engaged a man or woman. A man. And that it's too also the growth and it comes as part of the package. And he's aware of patsy again and Mary when you're ready we will certainly it was certainly isn't. A long hair and yeah. Hey listen in the amazing negotiate better Miller nice stereo and it will definitely yup. I want you know it just listen this is these are the things that we have to understand. As a certain kind of guy a gruel. I couldn't get as 85 has to couple kids suddenly I'm within reach them you know me. I did. If you go by the way how the new low. You guys always have six together or you shouldn't have such a part. You and on and he's okay with a net. And did she live would you. Now and how would you say that you guys between. A pretty yeah how law but let me let me. From the first time meet throughout that three way girlfriend thinks the time he asked you to Mary and what was that time. Excellent this is. Good for you well played these. I can't. You figures suggest yes your. Pardon the creepiest Michelle. Oh OK all right Lauren Michelle meet our friend Heather Heather welcome to the show. I tell us about. I'm 47 current and retired. Dancer. Aren't so I'd been in the masturbation business for very long. We'll just stage. July. I'm NY July. I want that was my ex husband's ex wife's name and hand it was typical remains on solid program. How it's like. Things. Not when he came in and I heard that came over the intercom. You know he got so I guess I've got to where where did you. We use would you start what was the club yet and there are million now I think the blue. You are. Only eight network dirty and dirty dirty. Pretty telling our own it yet you know there was shenanigans that please that was. A lot here I was Pathmark flashlight and you're dark in here. I think that it. Was that for them to play the way down there. And I'd anyway and then I got to Heather. When you go home. I have. That rabbit vibrator now I have hand past. I have ambience to pull out upstairs bedroom. And that's a lot of fun. Unit at 47. Just turn that very boat trip. But I think he and handed what he's not a digital blitzer in her husband. I have a husband and I married in November he may EST to quit. Halo he put up the pole because nobody professionally for the men. Yeah I quit years ago and like 2006. Was the last time I you know I'm 47 and my little. So I. I I look younger you that simply wasn't good benefit there at. Identity through either the day shift. I did annual that's rough that's a rough when you know I got you listen. You're gonna play as well Heather Michelle will win the closest the actual manufacturers suggested retail price of going over will receive the item up for bid so. Ladies. It is at an ever better is that Nokia Nokia Belgium. From a lot. Cloudy right. This is urgent and tell me that mr. I don't dirt gob anime didn't dig out of this one's really sure I didn't rainbow energy was done giants Bartlett enjoyable treasure from the adult you don't need ledger collect ticket drive behind the magic water bond discover a wonderful world of starry eyed pleasure to reason reason seven patterns of vibration made for marvelous magical happen. The brand new discovery even more exciting name for. Haven't we went to the tax dollars dark brown bag seven brilliant green apple I had the brandy what did you have finally who's in the friend that you should avoid at all costs and not have violet also amateur than. About a whole lot right. The blogger bureau Obama not at or about him dreaded big big and he's embattled Bob love running game made it out it's not even remotely gravely could be yours ladies. Price is right. The US. If this is this is genuinely crease and you have this in your life. Yeah what you're being called out here this is a toy for children. But it looks like it you know any better and absolutely looks like Athens and I've just pick up the guitar yet look what. I have no idea what you tell it to jam the second little diamond the purple diamond can finally and that's got a little. Little cartoon faces diamonds on its little. Toy like childlike little remote and a yep. So this is. Ireland they. But it. Whom that's that's robust. Chinese. I area. What the boats. At a different level. Don't you guys think you. Yeah thought. Someone's a chronic last may. You can hear the toe in May met products. I shall do my best rated 2000 about restore the world. It's again. I keep consistent. Yeah I mean you have again. There you go there you go. All the chair there. Yeah I think yeah Larry Graham. Hello we cannot say I. Feel that it hit an epidemic she brought. Oh on. And a nice did you but aren't. As dramatic moment I feel like crying stellar as well. Well yeah. Yeah I think there's a bit lower and what would you bid for this finite. And it. Michelle. What. 259. And finally. I wouldn't say Corning for a war. He's still gonna say 20 morning and yeah. Actual manufacturers suggested retail prices. And for all praise no money. Colonel and freshman Lauren. I guess what it's all yours. I don't know who figured you yet your husband's but given the Uga. If I love and do all right. Michelle and congratulations on your impending tools and your girlfriend and everything goes along with a. But thank you Al. If she. Can help you get to choose one or the other or send them in the way that we've repaired to its pre you know what actually. I'll give you two players that it's gonna say the Criss Angel show on Tuesday. Our children think yeah that spirit. Another. I give you carton of cigarettes and with. And and I. And I listen. We wanted you to see some monster trucks Chris Angel next week black smoke which one. The monster truck a farmer in the world really that you've used your former husband. I knew armor into your lower back. Either farm I was born and what's what's the what's the buds were. Well actually I'm pointing more and it just. Adds alternates. Here I and that we felt a lot not say who my fiance. And those instances jump from the pole to the board isn't it. And I. It. I'd say you guys I'd that I make in the farm boy is. Really crazy about I bet you bet he's never experienced that dirty filthy eagerly. He had and that's why he married me. Sure he did you wait and crazy. In here and good for you. Thank you thank yes listen I'm glad you got your forward. Good group there is a few Cuba would give them the monster jam. That's great that's great thank yeah appreciated that you know there. A club official oh my god did you guys who she whooped sure if she's she is literally a bit as every day imagine. You grow up and like. Crude this year lower or city or country go too crazy right right and suddenly you meet this one. And that's become my old day think about it he's. Yeah yeah girl now you know she's eating his soul a good owner good for him do exactly that these days of his life. Is there a.