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Tuesday, January 16th


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Some call him the principal and any room for error number one plug us good don't lose his mission to bring pleasure to the men and women of Kansas. Astride the intercom multiplex where. And we'd like to. Naturally I. Begala. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers are just doing. Now we're here. Medford. Josh welcome to the show our. Good morning Donna good morning let's tell me about yourself. Well what it engaged. Got a few toys Somalia is nothing for yourself. I got a theory myself that are out. I just as you work an outside. You Paula trash today and I will be definitely Josh is you're welcome bill. Darn it why are I'd rather tell me about yourself. Oh single. Ready to mangled body it. And I don't think you're gonna mingled anybody but your hand if you witnessed but that's okay. It's you know. It's a fine subdued Josh trying to give me tuberculosis. I. Of course and Adam how are. There you glory of what it all oil magnificence of the victory you could leave the toilet. Oh. Adam and Jerry Josh yeah big closest to the manufacturers actual suggested retail price that Google will win the item up for itself that was listen. To whom. Our and I'm from being good Jeep through Sterger from Al exotic made from that mid gears get material that GB throw Sterger itself titans Jersey nabbed have been at any manage open ended her servers action as a multi textured stimulation and an anatomically DURECT Dexter Jane let's go to show here which I don't know why a guy who's not covered in sequel and it doesn't smell like cocaine sweat and desperation not imagine it makes me think it is seen from the cinematic classic showgirl stress. Thanks how anybody ever say this. In the form. Holy efforts say it's. I love assess tiny Tim. Let me. You know they say about Robert Eugene what happens in your basement stayed in the natives but she throws her brown gala not exhibit every relative that rises right. Who did when a mega show girl that's going to Vegas this weekend. Let's see what you think it's worth Adam a little bit what would you pay for this incredible life. Up 29 that he's back. Jerry. A bit. Go ahead. Don't see 99. And finally Josh who complain that realistic showgirl. Well or a third. The actual manufacturers suggested retail price this team now. Are scary I'm. Now it's all your big guys look at you. You know pulled an actual woman but you have something different to stick it. I was saying yeah. Well you showed you Obama's illegal but that's not a you live and had a group. Used for things to like him or hurting you could. They re did Jerry. Josh and you're free your ass off to name and you witnessed the you know what. In a few weeks smacked of coming down and what does he smacked down. Hello yeah did you look up there right there. What do you think in Adam. This beauty. And of tickets to that we have. You're with him knew that he would go bike show he when he goes he Criss Angel tonight. A digital Criss Angel tonight at immediately veto right. Are out there and their brother. Chile approve. People voicing didn't get a win megaphone about through much you can its nose like a matter can hear him. You people that bring them installed them and you're talking with a it couldn't just call them like you have to right now what you sew important you have to proving to look at the same time chicks do it to another you don't. I don't take it it's okay. There's certain things Atlantis. Call me back you know I mean I don't. Well and you have a full conversation like. Determine flash it's gonna sound rude and shouldn't be an absolutely should go and weights he picked. And we get together and right now emblems. To encrypt the Google bought a moment that no no I totally change the whole thing. But the well. You know women you know we didn't. Ladies don't do that Shannon. Welcome to the show host a little bit about yourself. I had it is an am really hit a bad idea and I have you always. The past eight eat up by a greater a little clip I crater and then Mano. Not bad pretty experienced pretty exploratory got something for everything. All right you satisfactory sex life. Well that's a no. Seven months pregnant and going a little bit I don't think you can get weird when he spotted a couple weeks ago. That's been pretty. I didn't know about it. And tilt and it really has a good girl to me that years ago. And then a grilling who was a single mother got pregnant and broke up with a guy but she was about six now months pregnant she moment she was serious architectures like seriously I need to come over. But I need me when you do danger Amaechi has some serious and if you hate. I couldn't who's seen a girl. It was. But there was a part of me that was like and her dad broke. My I give it ago the cut. In your help with somebody else did we do wish I was completely. Drawn in biker dude the true desperate nature of she was all of its future on the car that I. And while that is powerful apparently. This is it really that bad here. Yeah it would not our record pregnancies but yet still. Well there's a trying to get something. Child say. How often are we masturbating during pregnancy which I'm sure it's healthy and everything's good but I mean isn't the same as when you're not pregnant. Yeah it is hard to reach around that thing. Now I know it's a bit of thing that pops up. According to Roe vs. Wade. This process. Uma know about the law. So changed. My game getting. Morning. I. Told them. And we're inside and a relationship. And sex toys. On much and yet. Like vibrator on me. Really think that what that means. Regular names and the breeders'. You know now I. Know that's not have one. Did you tell him which ones to get in you call my name like bring me want insured group. Absolutely. Yeah but when it bring the gut busters. Up a lot of time. I'm going to be lung poker. You mean he has measured to me. He'll leave it. Well. You're going I'm glad you're aging ship and of course we Katherine Katherine welcome to the show. I'm Mario you're pregnant that debater or torn. And ordinary or Hitler wouldn't even make. It's all here in. The absence. There's a lot of lot of broken yeah. Dreams and relationship you. We have an. I have. A purple. Vibrator an admirable. That's not a lot of toys. No it with you you know we break we are you making or how do you break that commitment that before leaving Brooklyn. I've you know I was that. I've yeah just pressure again I don't know opening in his eyes full name picked out by act and like how fired back at work only you. You lose that you want you drag hot wired the cord back the other that you couldn't you couldn't get that done. Yeah out and now. You know at the wire built by MacBook buyers show. My husband's laughing but I could you know hot wired back. It was at the we he's gonna put the rate wired together the rabid political game it's pretty. I thought I don't you know yeah it worked but it is just you know playing. Hot apple suppliers and you don't know a lot of pink doughnut. Put them on your nipple and implicated. But. After gaining entry into. The bid closes the manufacturers actual retail. With out going over will win the item provincial ladies please list. Dole. Or at. Ladies are at a government does that look you're a hundred geez Bob please learn the demands are Brohm national river bridge neighbor maximum that throwing good to aural stimulation as flexible geez my stimulator comes with a rib head and majority using jellies dim you knew only that knew what Jimmy's team you know then you haven't I doubt about what the drug abuse by police there are adamant it got a of the Barrymore vibrator and the aforementioned gently student in new understands what it -- like I'm still trying to kind of figured out of it kind of looks like -- want to also Catholics like the loch asthma has categorically so it's kind of like Barney the dinosaur. I lose. Boom. Gulu. Beating him you're. It's. Fine it's gone. Bedtime it's tonight you. You who runs in the region. Think. That's it for her. Chin that does that it and Susan this is an odd shape so. It it's just as Satan go I think you know to me like there's no there's no what you went through which you placed it is that he's not sure you're. What this thing sport. Says that he's. Not. Using that we turn the other way missing. How awful the fired up. He drilled on the bottom. When he got off. Massive effort and it just you know it but it's illegal rate accused Putin. If I would begin explicit than there are I would mean that's when the pacifier hit. Hectic greatly to the B and bring me the bring you that it. These days. That's interest it was clear that it influenced not. If you don't cranky she in the content and advertising. You have your big deal within that equipment that we knew that. That's the word any of this when the big key. What you've been in this Shan what do you think it. Or. All eat. And kept. Our 28 or nine. And the actual manufacturers suggested recently 37. All. And make room for this. Yeah. It's it's it's kind of a short just leave and one I imagine for pregnant because I gotta be the best thing ever again. Once it's there you may have that that would get him back but you know it's it's it's not gonna hurt me to do they expected the I. Not getting nothing real dude I'm saying if you arms can't read right. Pinpoint your pregnancy does that that you bring Billy stopped before they reach the. Don't know I mean it's pretty I don't know if you can't get area and I think. I don't know if it's idiot with a you know. And that is little awkward but you know probably the closest with child grows is Eric in this what if Giuliani if she's only like. Would buy when she had triplets are right and I can't what you would. We've got a good legitimate question we get an answer no questions you know I don't really don't know but I mean I feel like. If you couldn't but you'll pay to hit it. I feel like an artist. You know that call and can go harness in the other way if you call that got ours in promoting. It doesn't go and don't do. It I thought it was appropriate that Hughes such a good mother. So cute she literally under bill and shoulders at hand to help them put into she is so tiny. Yet while those amazing whose amazing. You can. Tournament. We get back in this chain and my pregnant and by the way you've set and a half months. Right I love to graduation I'm sure it was going to be beautiful. Maybe go to your kid like that it was instead you heard on the radio some goofy bastard like you were in the G spot. Pleaser with orgasm enhancer and still you know that the well you know what I. Happy birthday of the.