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Monday, February 12th


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Some call him the prince of many of them wearing number one plug us. Don't lose his mission to bring closure to the men and women of Kansas. Multiplexes. Yeah. Dot com. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers or just every. Now here. How this works the bid closest to the manufacture actual suggest you read about them going over what we. With the men first diligent and welcome to the show. Josh yeah it will back like little foot right. Play Valentine's days in the corner again and somebody you. I do army is. You got quite a bit toys and right. You to hold it. I'm 25251. Time getting married. And in what did you choose this path. Well not everything for it there and the quality eight bit flat out on the field for its built so let me do it. To Mike trains which is the she's giving you'll the very filthy dirty sex. Oh I definitely him. It's yeah I don't know oh my game and yet who. You know I had to send in how would you be OK if it went way. I don't I don't look like and make that commitment that they go to. Mary. I want to ask all of older friends how that works. Well I'm sure they'll let. Hopefully keep. Oh that's strategies differ much from the hassle at strategies. People actually you know what I feel feeling you're going to be fine does that every every grilling that meets a new guy. He's different. Now that it's a different world. You used to record with a view and being on I Johnny welcome Lucia. Johnny are you there. 00 and the names only. Going only. Telling odd to change. What I mean. We got home by the get through your head out shortly after whoever it is going to be back. Earth I got all my wife and I have. Bob was. Couple different vibrator. And brings up the image that we have how we have a couple of good things like so I'm assuming this is featured item. What. It's ticket queens. It was a judge feeling you she. Is the fastest if you. Right now. There's over one another uber fight over again. Out. Who gets more. Her debt on. It that way. Yeah. It's actual accord oh god. Could you please email to. I am good for you nicely done to. You of course. And finally. Adam walking into the show. I do it. Magnificence. Of a bitch you know we just made toll Dylan and what you have you know. I couple vibrating ring mean and you may read this single one. Married seven years Obama and house network. It worked it. When I was talking to Billy did you did you did you feeling you need explains that the deal and there's dry spell. Out. If you feel like. Easy don't. Warn them that I've done my job nobody ever listened by the network and here you can never talk about the giant just it's impossible. It just it just it never happens but you feel like you have to at least say images so it's not surprised. By what you get now is now what it is late. That's why don't you know what you get companionship. I asked him and so he. You have alerts. The closest the manufacturers. Actually suggested retail price of going global will win the item forbids the fellas I'm gonna need you to listen to this old. And we're bid. Is the end batsmen are debater from California he's not a novelty advanced mail master raiders a soft power that vibrating mr. Ritter when nodule suction jagged region in the migrating to have a rubber coated our mariners made in my genetically he's a better energy beyond. A lot of it may have that with a bullet vibrator on what images Dick you're the only thing that's more bad than it actually just using your hand out there. Brown. From. Japan I want you lie on their dissolve your master record problem with the back. You know. You have to user yeah Roger. Registered letter are you at the moment W did you have a news bonds have been I know you have a business from the future. Did you yeah. I think your rock and mad at about just because your boys. Echoed like that does that mean you're from the view didn't know it really doesn't know well I guess you don't care how I will see an easy you know. Leave Iowa does this is our avatars are there well I don't buy it back. And letter from governor exotic knowledge and given your relative the price is right all right those who would you favor such an let's start would you Dylan. Young yeah. What he's done. Running 999. It's. Tony. Sorry but a moment ago now. Who would you pay reception. Dollar one. And the actual manufacturers. Suggested retail price. Now. Caught. A home and and then but. Deal in the data and analogous to this. You know. Would lay for an emergency later that aren't. So good though he's a great congratulations on everything when he married. Our next year he did the UK. Eight when he gets you three ways in. God. Under the joy in his it so much Julie. It away coastal. I've seen it. It includes utilities and what's the best thing about being. You know. I have somebody actually know in my house people knowing you've got to go to no matter what your like the deal was only get together you get honest in this around us whatever it is. In a liking. That's nice I don't care about material I Islamic city right there everybody with a big Housley says. It's always people that money you know money is not that important you know. Thinking what is happening campaigning in that house with hello kitty pictures pushed up a which you do live in a very very eyes I do and ends it is ridiculous that you. But it's I'm glad you appreciative I just went in the sport you know that is of Tony he made. I. And what's most important for you. It's knowing that I have somebody that's going to be there. After after all those who have that I have to do is he into the we already been. I hate. I figured noticed literally over. And at its. He would need to do you're tootsie pop evil Papa Roach or in this moment. When I play what proper road could not come up on my birthday. February 22 Baddeley teetered did remember falling and rivers and that language products that we're products and you know here's would you also put these that I am welcomed him today. And then I think it's about it. You magnificent animals. I think it's directed at them. Yep you're married. Yes but I what's the best part of being mean. That's somebody become I'll be right yet. You can get almost prism that. I've not tried yeah yeah I thought I don't edit the I've it would take your week she would pop evil Papa Roach in this moment. In a moment is that what DOD yes. And it's this Saturday so thing that you've got through. All right thank you guys. Way he'd he'd do amazing work Laura and I. Sometimes feel when you ask people that question they have to really search for appropriate answer also wonder if there significant others listening. You know I take me second to get it after I answered. Like in Wimbledon went to him and we make fun of people together. Yet you can sit in my heart anyway thirsty likening them well with the exception in the generally didn't do you acre to your grades are good. It's going to be able drink like you know like I mean everybody that way. And I have to get these guys. We also live in their own house yet. If they never go home and thing like as somebody who your. True. You don't like below. And I don't like coming home Angela hey you're making out and watch them smoke. I was the only hope the iPad starts at one point with the true enough. In Illinois like this it just Phoenix that picture simply your fingers you'll that the couple times I think to myself. I'd rather be than actual woman. But. It's like being really hungry as they could be great but even if he. Yeah so not really I'm just not hungry but in the end this is immediately afterwards I think I no longer have that. They say that that someone just told you my husband wished that he can come up with an app to mutiny on his file and aimed at certain times during the week so you have some debate Q and he was you wouldn't. Probably eight. We all play we smell boom. You deal that would listen to him pontificate the greatness of this Michael. Home. And you know what I believe in smile and it's that you wouldn't that is until I realized. That all joking aside. I knew what a great. White fewer and Mike when I realized how hard you campaign to get him in the hall of well that and that really does is part of getting in the hall of fame as you gotta have it a few people on your side. It is okay here's a look at the that was a sweet historian I was like man of the it's a great human being somebody who you know tries to help somebody else take great things went. It if you. Deserve it fly back to build those and Samantha welcome to the show how are you. And I thank you so much for letting me play it always partly well. Here's what's what's your situation. I'm married I have a little on the roster that looks like a bunny rabbit and then build or that I don't have that you know once used to build. Now I don't and it doesn't necessarily do an army that you as much. You know he all that is why a lot because. He does want to hear you. Mean accurately and you. Really you won't let him watch you minister may now holy than. Eight years you Esther Rolle in the stock apple made it really. Figured unit pacing well I now. Is just too embarrassing. So he's mentally when you're with a. I'm I have within your system is different animal. Or key when you go at army low. Oh listen you need to go ahead and let him have it this witness Wednesday free Kim the F out. You know don't be shy. About your idea that drug that would she. Okay you've listened to me I'm a guy give you good advice from now. I mean I filled the night in over your mirrors that look right when you do it by by that seemed to Thursday he'll be pain how's by you knew caller. I thought that was if. Stephanie. Which usage. Well newly single and I don't have any quit. You recent although he. Broke up but you broke up. And I never liked him. 00 what happens you can. More importantly vulnerable and yeah that's the fifth. Very. Normally do you hold these. 28 years old stunt gone she's due for me you know right. Stephanie they need to play the game if you need something for Valentine's Day. I do I need I need a bath a pop up. Battery operated boyfriend. Now why would your ex would you masturbating in front of him. Of course you and he incredible tension probably the most attention he's ever base. You know you don't look away you don't have other thoughts you don't wanna look at the TV you have one thing in your mind. It's the time at only moment I don't. Some man Stephanie boasted Melissa's on this list of the show they don't know how are you. And yet aria and you with your situation. I am married and has. I breeders sent. And the it's the shared blogs. Well patching but like it is yours but woods blew in the England now. And who puts him. I hate now he put them and I knew where I imagine. You kind of liberal when in some time. To see the look it's. Whom I had it's going to be good at the. Melissa. You stay right there. The big closest to the manufacture actual suggested retail price acquittal when the item up for bid itself. These. Events or more years there Jules brown and straight and narrow win ordinaries but still he's just got to spark all Burma's pleasure to those weird and allow your carnal adventure on one and stimulated -- that variance with the snow and spoon like to judge and wide servers is perfect for the literal coping on the other and you good targets to be college with a soft flexible work like a judgment Herbert Warren didn't leveler majora homicide where rendered done for extra special laurels that I know ladies and whatever and you can abusing her and make sure you put that somewhere where they did it by tomorrow or injured when I have my game. I'd like that aren't happening at what has been I don't. There and that's that's the Maldives the fronts are. Already have the right that's right or clicked in him. I'm really this eggs here it's a month so it's a multi use like a multi purpose like it like it's a leatherman for your average right. I yet. So it's. Oh we have now. This is. My home. When speed with internal incentives like this and it's coming only looks more like that's what you fork like scorpion. And that's. Clear out. When it's super light my god of the extra room. That's the magnitude of the second creepy telling us that this. While I had to take a picture later in him because I have I don't know Betty Crocker got hazel eyes this must. Would think it makes you scooping ice and look at the opponent can't think it and. Doesn't have the right as a way to let the winner I would not have guessed that T nice job it's at least. The scream in those four could be yours Samantha what would you say I'm in the morning. Tell me this some would even do this Wednesday night bound. I have the war. Wrong and and I masturbating and my husband. Built the animal. Afterwards and. Feeling you're not but you're saying you. I mean maybe in the. The trial. Couple woman's liquid courage you get the sport yeah I'd Stephanie. But what would a man to have a cement this between them and Steffi is 29000009. Melissa what would you pay. 35. In the actual manufacturers suggest we flights. And advance. I saw them into a back. Seat is God's will. I think it could very if that's not a message from on high flying and. It's not. This and you gotta get over it. And though I've seen again until she gonna listen this is yours now Sam at. If you don't want office. I would about the other girls would treat you Roche in this moment poppy evil. If you do want it I'm gonna take the horizon if you listen I'm counting on you. Okay. Or. Or I hope even. All right Stephanie Melissa by the way if you think I don't know what a woman's lying to me the foot putt putt at its superpower customize it and I. You know it's definitely changed. I did Dublin town of blue and it's that it is forget being embarrassed I'm telling you you want undo button detention. That's it it's your one person you shouldn't be embarrassed. Listen it's not accused decreed that do for you. I'm only know one girl who would do that. I was like okay. Humorous story and records it and I remember this. And a Stephanie they've never asked again do that you. Have you Buick there's the second one that no only because we look creepy you girls look wonderful we looked angry. And Symbian. No I. YouTube so what does he just look at the entire package yet there are tired pictures at the ones most like it. You know what good groups that and stay there well it would you like taken to this moment operator these. Oh I figured your significant been avoiding anything that's right too easily sync. Make it around now I think that the sport would you didn't win there. Eat at you and I do it back right.