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Friday, March 9th


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I am the prince of just a minute. They place. Okay yeah. There's no Wednesday. We in his own skin would want to be lonely just completely no he is already here and Jeff welcome back to. And I can't imagine myself I absolutely Mike who joins well mine was twelve you. Don't regard as a film you have an eagle please the only single you manage. I'm merry go about stares down a little masters and so it doesn't think. You can sound happy. They are and I didn't care circle are very how many kids who aren't why. You know who will there Mara earth orbit ours. Hello and good god and sweet baby Jesus you can get some cable and do some other activities are you look. As you did for you Mike knows they've got plenty there ha GF stay there at a welcome to the show. I am ripe old boy he got nine kids. Right now are ready because I mean. You know why he's someone master meets Costa don't you. Know they do you know smell and play my its gonna play Jessica play really really injury might have these kids. Aren't they repair. Could you just. Amazingly amazingly I feel bad for everybody had triplets all of a sudden there's a lot of work nag her name. And thank you Germans or stop. Guys closest yet to manufacturer's suggested retail price we'll give you that I am forbidden placements freeway over bid. The closest one digital files was alone oh. As I don't ever does her side mirror and sees her bra vanity explore enjoy and experience explosive ending with three different Tennessee this out and collectibles Harvard of the dollars and loves his lifelike breast cradle your job for breast secular thrill as it's vaginal and you know hundred deliver organic blood will never mums and declares inside each jet over maximum stimulation alleged you're out his dreams can do in grad mere act now. Isn't there a lot of strain they go ahead let's like let's arm was George says that's what this day and I'll let you know. Oh I'm not even invite them OK okay yeah. Okay. Measurably more so when you put into those doors heads are Iraqis dug ever met in an email it's a big ticket item because it agony. Live up rises right yeah. And Gaza Strip within this is a bit about. It's like headless midget. Yeah it's that gives its business its diminutive so it's a big boobs. In you know him know wants the lends itself it's basically block did midget Joker hiding act if there. It's very drag Iran to lets you play or. Yeah. They've added another big bad. In my view. I don't know if you just made by. If I. It doesn't want to know yeah. I think. If you if your kids fight is my place. If you you do them to a couch that there be an hour after hour after hour cry about it online. Can this team unless you're pleased with. It's got a bag it weighs four pounds I was wondering if it's. Think those major leagues and they really like yeah. Just like the Anglican doll that you would. Yeah has its creepy. Proving that this man with the creepiest things in the world. Don't seem. Right now we're on to say that's too gross we never do that man sometime around 11 o'clock at night out yeah but only if you. Look over the shoulder with my children. Plastic door. Shame lead. Jeff what would you leave the session item. So man. About six people out. My nine kids. What are. And Adam what would you pay for the headless limbless harmless major adult. Forum organized. And the actual manufacturer suggested retail price is 78 now and an. I. Little. Jesse wins it. Matt hey my my view you what you got nine kids there it is that's with the neither however I'll. Listen you will give up to my absolutely my. I toy dog appointed dollars. I might he's there again. I went into the last word he's. My guest. Well why do you want this issue is about giving. I used it there and also adamant who these guys of the rough as its director guys OC guys on June settlement hook hopeful cool with her. Creep me out Tina. Well there's a creepy granting you credit yourself I am not and made their MO yeah yeah. Oh OK I was a lot of explanation here. Well there's that creepy and funny dude I wish people do he really doesn't know how to smile. It's like he's holding in this bigger smile that would basically put him in prison icici more than he's had a stroke on the right side of the brain. As his left side scrutiny. When I was a kid. He had to force my one of the pictures and so traumatized by his mom yelling get it now he doesn't know how to smoke and if you're fitness as afterschool special okay. A little boy who couldn't score. I mean it. It's bottles actually ended it will pop up there and play yeah everything is all it doesn't companies actually that's it's if you're can't get. It's all right I baby pictures. A decent everyday. Smile bit that isn't fatal what do you do I. The more good news. Do you hold it back like I feel like you're holding it back. Don't want the most sideways through he's my act our current and boy who crunch when. The more you can. Please we bring in one of those. Pictures oh lead. Smiled waving what we wonder whether these are smiling school you'd think you'd you. That you can go to your mom's house and show or not. I just don't know mama I can do it now loan. But okay. And your brother smoke. Yeah. To move on and no reason windows Mallory. Good morning good morning how are you. Should tell us about. You really don't know. I am married. That I have quite about it that we have we bonded by operators you know play. Please. We got a lot. Who's bondage and breadth of. Well. Well. And did you know you wanted to be tied up or do you tell him. Well it. What are strap there it's actually. Traveled with a double and everything story here with this. To him yet Obama Iman what's Spanish threats. Well you. The cops are here ankle men as that goes around the back your neck and the guy hold on not a part of a definite he closed their legs. Only been married. A senior. I don't know if we have the correct items for you today but if if you don't win under the to a forty give each would later. How is your read your crystal crystal crystal Crist in the morning you know my rule when did you dad's. I never know what. I think a lot of time and a check of every girl in the crystal was a dancer in the rules. I think it has. When you have them. And I have many wine and it's a little later they're single. No need perhaps you were you married. And I was an eight year relationship. Can you dollars. Basically. Over fellow V. There Mallory used to their Carol as with the Carol. Oh you Carol. I can barely hear you Carol hopefully we won't lose you you can hear us. All I feel bad for care would have to move onto another thing you get is another one. Let's go back to let crystal blue ball like he's been switched on this concludes with. An errant between eighteen and 21 in the air right out front. Didn't give me money there I am. Not really. All of those thinkers cluttered. Drawn exclusively to a strip club when you named your child crystal. Or Mercedes you'll you'll always end up as if it's a fine profession by the way some of my to my fondest memories was very very good. Take your crystal clear no one more real jail also Mallory is gonna play and Jennifer's good join us Jennifer. You owe you. Luckily. Tells you something. I'm I am 44. They have a relationship that I've been in for five years and I have a colossal arsenals and means what really feel like he's married. We now need is to. Now he was married I didn't. Yeah. Algeria with what do you got me arsenal Jenny. I have bloggers I. And I. Applied. These you yeah. You got out of it all. Around. How someone would do the things is why wouldn't do didn't she. Yeah yeah some wasn't comfortable asking is the mother of his children to do pieces. So I I. What do you got me arsenal. I am. Strap on then I. Further our. But again. However many he's got a handful of bricks and give them. Let's do a good item is from then today. You know how we're so close is the actual manufacturers suggested retail price of going over will receive the item permit so. Ladies please let you know. I think there. These are Adam Everett is leaves little background adamantly ladies and Al fund comes in every sigh this trio of shiny metallic finish still knows what you Zoellick of every level of penetration every time started slowly with a small warmup with the media men have bearing on what better. Are giants shivering don't know if she Abrams strategies up. Neat oh. Oh no kids. Weird I don't remember the deal though Evans at the school house rock. As is that one of the things that we have a bubble under the guise. Yeah. That dramatic and maybe it's a big ticket item ladies they give me your. If the price is right Hamas and put him back she sits like a hospital bill really is isn't. See here very nice caring much very nice packaging. Very well for the Paula Simon. Premium chicken fingers you know those. Told him. Hole. For so many of the home. They get your. Key moment. There is cute that's cute it's nice that's nice one to start up whenever I say get your medium run OK I think pertinent. And then big daddy purple oh my eighteenth so the it's easier these are shocking and very nice they look like that they're the nail polish village they really did have to DeWitt age when. Then performed very very fine tune the tiny little balls and I love the way. It's a cornucopia felt. Something special. They'll there's two for you want for him do what you wanted to everybody had something special night so Mallory. What would you bid perception. Point one. Kreider is what they what. A red crystal. And that they 835. And then Jennifer. And that can lead to even screen here who for you one for me and everybody's on the bullish even. I mean 97. And the actual manufacturers. Suggested retail price sixty fat non. Holy. Little mama got a brand new bag and get fugitive. So she would ever get it I don't know McChrystal sorry I didn't mean to spread crystal. Yet all the delusion yours. And has really. Yeah now what we do with all three of the fuel for the squeamish credible it was a Mallard. I would it would U weird about besides being script. I don't worry about anything you know anything at four when you know he's gonna want I don't know what the outlined an invite greater unity girlfriends. I don't existing line doing those things back to a lot to request for help me. Will change it when other dismiss the airtight. Can promise you this you won't singularly.