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Wednesday, April 25th


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Some call him the prince of many of them wearing number one plug us. Don't lose his mission to bring closure to the men and women of Kansas. Multiplex win. Yeah. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers are just doing. Now here. Can clean. Samantha. You know and Kelsey you're gonna play a push on Glenn now. Eventually killed Sean welcome Michelle told a little about yourself. Page guide your brother married for seventeen years. And woman yeah. I travel a lot for my work and I got a couple for the home that our little bus and go anytime we can go shopping for something new we like you sidestepped. The other road a lot Rosie number one on the right movement like Eaton wrote number you on the left. Well let's see what you can do to make sure you stay right there I've got to get that Glenn on the show Glenn welcome to the show tell us a little about George. They're getting forty to remember her. Duties. Yeah. Their day. Did do an ugly little sleeve. So on is that your government. I was W way to market to sound like he just really. Ali got a pretty. Listen John Glenn you stay right there Adam welcome to the show tell us a little Johnny's they're meg bit out of a bit of play adult or are you married single. Married. And then in here not wired or it Friday. You'll bored by it but we listened as the to a free you know to ever heard. Now all that's a gift to her business. As selling and he's like I think god hears you give to get the next it's a given that we've. There. Are a sense of the really want. Are. Another free background but do we know what that's going you know again I'm only revenue maximal that broke the front. If you beauty to get her get out of Africa really mean c'mon she's like know your regard duke number one event. Yeah yeah that's Adam bland shot. The closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price of going over will receive got my permit so you must. As our government is led double. From Columbus shuttle stroke gives you double the pleasure it's doubled textured design is ingenious giving you two girls for the price avoid the first pictures rib de magnify the stroking sensation and put the doubles drug inside out and you'll be massaged with pressure Boyd Dexter squeezed a titan and heighten the feel of the doubles or visiting Gilles your man it's like to. Do you garrels in what I. Brazen and every well and about this is not like Devin do girls that want an. I did that provide twice the direct me I didn't have done whatever means I am. Most importantly say they know what part about this morning as myself I. You can't know. Extra anchor. Hats now I don't have any more to add to that just I did that gavel out pro run Bart's. Give me your they have enough rice okay yeah rice. It's great that two million houses two and one is reversible. Yeah you can turn inside out has and yellow which up until they with the Smithsonian and the bogeys it just looks like and Cortland come right. And it's missing a. And in use when and where monsters yeah as men are must just animals were terrible with girls are so good. That's just looked. No one would ever know what life they found I would. Look at. It and. Now trust me if you find it looks like this here as mr. we're used there's no you've let him. Do you view the problem and this thickens with. They jell OK LA says things could easily could have funeral parties you this is honestly if you bring in the bag that looks like HPV. Think you know they are used to what it looked like it and it's a very even symmetrical genital wart. And if I hadn't you'd want them via. And then apparently then you match you turn inside out Agnes. Now just looks like. Esophagus. End. It. Missed. The listen it's it's an excellent. In. That you didn't but it is a very nice reversible. That's what would you say Adams were. Third and doing what we've been perception of them. Are look forward. Ordinary matter match. And finally. Show on married seventeen years the reversible. Easily. Don. And now. And the actual manufacturers suggested retail but it. DJ and I all and you are so small arms like Sean you're so Smart. Think there with them. He does not please don't would this argue. He did because it didn't hit him in the penis with a. Quote the way where in England should get a gold hit. And it is the blue and yellow. That they've made it aside and not human animal killing. This I you do not want the show on. You know what if there's somebody desperate or I'm more reluctant to. We use words like desperate Sean. Hasn't been married for seventeen years you're desperate. The agency. Oh my hand they're bumpy so hot and Glenn do you feel about such an item. Are right I compare Obama would have been harder to rent it at him. By the way all three guys act like you guys that you in this Euro lives. I'll moderate and fusion that bunker or. Definitely that's important. Yeah. Lucky lady this is what the woman he got it right here and I know you got hit Kazan. Again you see less of they're all I know who you're rooting corn. I. Contagious leave the public tickets which that's that's. This is what does the pro and your husband ever do this as ever this way. He's not in what way is it a guy like done. I talk about honoring warranties. Body fluids. And you. Oh. That's. You're pretty you're you always you have a very sweet persona and in in in general and real but. You arsenal are moving a little solved here in in your personal maybe. Eagerly. And I thank you. We usually I. Well I detect these and back and yes exactly what you should really step from a. Enjoy the fake downloads and I bet I'd love and campaign. That we protect. And we're ready it's okay cool ideas like objects have been good it's always involve all alias smacking someone in the. When we and it's never good your house of flooding that Houston singing yes yes and yes. Don't want chasing and then it just shows the guy who does that mean this winter sports. Added that he. Cement welcome to move the show. Good morning any hurry go well with those of Cuba. I'm putting I can I have a witness victory here is that we have. I've raiders and at a key. With the little eye on these sentences that. I see snow. Would you teach you some. I won't predict and I don't you know we're not any are married and honestly it really cared about their ethnic. Ingredient in a changed and I. Or I don't am and he. Three girl right here. I think he's still got five years. I estimate you like other groups. I use another. I spoke to Gina Gina what's what's in your drawer. Hi I came great by. Mary were 22 years. Some but I only has the weakest crap is little lit nasty vibrant artwork that I don't really. That you guys have just died and twenty years. In prison and what are the ones why he wouldn't he bring you one. What are. Clearly not fifteen years. Or what it. Leader. Yeah hopefully this is something good he I don't know something as. You'll hit it should should. And hurting her she's got it. Allowing get a girl you know what that probably you mr. Richards a push for plots that. Something nice I can give away. All right Samantha Gene Chizik is Kelsey is with us Kelsey. I don't. Lose. I am I in. 39 Ingle I hatch a toll on sat still though I am a vibrator. And interchangeable. Like. Getting on an app cattle. Achieve its banks. How what happened the idea wasting what analyst relationship. Yeah it. And it might send bothered me what you do him up would you do not laugh. And it. No I ain't got an outlet knocking somebody else that's. It yet. And X the X and that back and forth well. Yeah. Have you seen Venus. Again you realize that your ex husband and the nobody loses their. Eyes at. Baghdad chip. Andrew Kelsey will make this. Big mistake is letting you get away let's move Kelsey deal. So maybe the closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price that would go we will receive and of itself. Let's take a list currently. Are the days I don't ever stepping system problems size matters ladies now you can create temporary and Gordon and over the breast area with his hand Bob toppings as each of the two large cups has a rubber ring around the base to create a strong seal when you lays it on your skin attached the dimming a bullet triggers Dow bumped agree it's not working towards your comfort level. He's got out of breath got exits and got their blood the geek thing is that you borrowed there but I'm up like Blair. Air Jordan had a bag he had bigger bargains. And ponds and I have bonds in the Gizmodo Bob. Yeah law. I related immunity and it moves content browns might be your problem love may your days diggers haven't and it and just blow that you're gonna get a movie you don't have much bigger yep definitely you'll lose. It's the breast Cummings as that front size matters at the Big Dig about a minute and the ladies of the breezes are personal and like to point I think he's a wanna choose these yes. Courtesy of our friends and moved like adult boutique in them. Yeah well ladies I don't know what you're in Q. Colleagues have been something you wouldn't you don't need to look what you need to be pumped up but it. I think these are. These are for pumping up your breath apparently you if you put a suction cup on your breast. Get bigger and worked. In network management. And how long it take its. I think it depends on them that we public. All of these go here and there where the Nichols would be there's a little nipple purse and then the pop hooks you it got old Buick we didn't you want to tablets. And yet an incident took I think quality when. And that in helping to deflate yes got a little silicone rims and the and you Wear these or do you take them off yet where it worked in an op law. You know this whole. Thing is opera singer and. We get we get it. He's I don't know entry into. Well I agree apple G. You meet you wouldn't want the mouth of the giant human being. Terrific you're tired and walk walk walk walk. You're like a giant. It let's get right well I guess I'm that it is collapsing and apparently the so submit bode today. We got a dollar. Yeah. Gina. Yeah I. Under dollars and but. He really doesn't want to get the well hey there all right in the middle exit he. And I thought manufacturer's suggested retail. Sixty born on nine made he'll speak at. And they. Attitude I hope you win them hope you bullies group. It makes as rubbed me with. This data. Agee and a feeling out he's an old blessed to bust the blue. Raider image medial and almost. The crutch. Timmy. An orphan. Meadow. And you have. And I'll Siegel did it patently not her. Jean Ohman find something I don't know who to a mammoth find something that vibrates that you can use. Don't know. Our minds as David just disappointed he. Wrote it was no no clue. As your wife won't. You want that we Lincoln what. You want to attract them but you didn't even hear the next picking up. Yeah you're moved. Get sick you'll see you won't let you would happen that not only unit that this animal now I hope. You know it's. Easy easy now amid lower.