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Thursday, May 24th


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Some call him the prince of many the error number one plug us. Good don't lose his mission to bring pleasure driven men and women of Kansas. The Bucs win. Naturally I. And. The guy that lives up. We enjoy manufactures suggest you read. Seemed that Jeff we're Meyer also herald Sydney. We have room for what we're going to. All right ladies who want more for opening. Welcome to the show how wife this morning. We're well yeah you'd wanna look to us about a subject you married or single you have these kinds of things you know. Google actually currently. Are you reading and typically. Right are you gonna play Jeff a ligature. Your next contestant on will will welcome to the show. They have a gun good as I am not. I'm married been right about nine months I don't have any personally my wife got several different build and that nine months old. I am 31 time. And don't go to the I would deter it waited to make sure it on the right one. Right is it thirty kinda figured out like you know I mean you're you're I wouldn't say we're done growing but the majority of the growing is done. See you mean you don't you don't feel have been smarter idea to get married at twenty. Now I like I'm glad I got to keep all of my stuff. If we're back. I will Jeff I'm glad you're doing well and it usually the mark mark welcome to the show. Johnny boy would you well Vick be Q Omar happily single. Geiger appearing in the league in. And I'm I'm I'm gonna be somebody that Billy Spiegel. See that's a guy who's been hurt and his as finally do the other side is if you have a guy who gets divorced and so institutionalized like Brooks is here and if he's in he's like I can to get back in the decade particularly outside the or that you you know McCain. The guy who. Learned his lesson in the joint knows. I'm kind of seeing somebody. With Smart man Smart man Eric boundary. We old yet you know we're the closest to the actual manufacturers. Suggested retail price of going over will receive the item up for bid so. It's an island. Carve up Fallon as our government is the media actually easy grip stronger from my dream extreme grip and it squeezes yeah. And enjoyed died search or whatever you thrust of this incredible stroke of flexible and outsize insurers a snub me violent here massaging ribs and bumps to EU and tell you which blew made from top quality T be easy grip Sterger is designed for non slip firm grip every job. Yeah the easy. I leave a man. I felt Willis legally in this PDA axis is a fantastic easy grip stricker who. Yes this looks looks very nice to be off this high and when this is that you're you're cheap one this is that your low rip answers style. So that's spent on. It's fairly discrete. Any idea what that is well I think you do well but you know that's like motorcycle group I was there I did. Let's just like a motorcycle throttle but the but you know is no moment. Is an analyst Jeff what would you pay for such an awesome. Are good days. Morning. It will. If you bring it. And finally mark blow to pay the PX easy bunker. Eighty Currier and prior. The actual manufacturers suggest it be an eighth and I. Lose. It's accurate Jeff. How many other ruined it. That's in jail now it's all yours. That it just didn't see that you've been made nine months. You if you will the mayor's indictment I think. That you. Usually yours yet. Our. Right to enjoy yourself director will admire your good people which didn't play. Claims we'll you can and I do have some tickets for you hold on a job that you looked up a huge ruckus there. Sydney careless and let's start missing amber welcome to show I'm a U. But Dario but tell us about yourself. Well on any. Worrying and Mary's and have it or what toys. That we do you think that you. I know we are excited before re etiquette. You we have. The. Well we actually got married rock as last year I actually mean. We had a little ceremony back in two then fourteen. Oh and well. What do you do you. Said I am. Hi I'm actually out. Outside my mom passed. Striving. Hard democratic and a mom does my Ahmanson and listening YouTube until. Yeah our problem. And violence in the 99. The dual ice that we had in the George. But legs. When I read your own. Career. We keep it. It's a fairly advanced move that you've what you discovered the joys of the. I know he's pretty weird. Oh alongside of him. Well Welker well yes yes you know any contract. And I. I get a deal with it and would you the last piece by some. Don't you all the weird stuff right away you're only 23. Rhode Island Republican cables visible figure you know it just the run out of stuff that's a two groups and and yeah. So this is make yourself zones AMIS at least you're gonna play. Carol welcome to the show. I mean you. Get aria tells about yourself care. Are important every day and first on second and third and I only made the first. I'm a lover Tony here that's the world that we're very happy about the happy about being. Well nation single map that you engaged. That. He seemed guarded in the little her to a talked about you know. Care what's in the drawer. I have loved purple and pink vibrator being alive and and. I'm pretty well. A pump those in the vagina pump them. Yeah one of the since I know what I'm have you always say you can always say the correct medical term penis vagina. That's always. All right well by the way how the public. Popular really. You know do you that was such a thing and it makes everything feel good. Is it just you know but. Yeah. Is it be swollen and due to factors that. The cricket. Remove while he's there at the gonna play Sydney and welcome to the show. Add up on all. The key with tells about themselves. My back at my record played very well happy birthday. Say is thank you. And directory Selena got into the the law check placating and I don't know what libraries stroke. Regardless of what. Explain. What's ultimately be be like that role play. Well I'm not broke live you know like Troy is then. Out at. I'll just you just you're just now branching out as mothers. And a 23 and a you married single act coaches. Aren't you single and how leniency in this guy or is there. I am only a couple of weeks. And you feel let you wanna get a little weird. World. Well let's let's all play in Sydney Carol amber the closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price. Without going over will receive the item up for bid. So ladies. Ladies are number does this mullets from California exotic novelties ads right ladies now you can save the environment and reduce sugar. Brit while Oregon won out with us verbally no matter is required to robber just but the power wagon direct sunlight also worked modes lights are requires eight hours to get a hold charge but gives you sixty minutes and play the bullet comes with a -- delighted to an extra long are glad covered multiples read them diversion Zoller well it is a totally renewables and Howard stimulate our ads are highlighting is that the vibrator that you can -- -- laid out by the brewers didn't drug at a lodge there in your driveway last year's while you're on the driveway at the edges of the bond that now. I. The price is right. Their bullets. All of the world we're living in the half but hold up or anything immediately by arming and she's really the conservation. The environment was there. Made me good god. It's so green and you'll never have to swap bite your batteries and well mostly cloudy day but who can look at it doesn't work Seattle with the it's kind of little solar panel this literally has a solar panel and you you powered up and that charges. Feature. Where's the and that is charged yet start. You've got light in oh boy let this thing is. There. But. It's not bad no it is not here. And one tree that's the guy who used to have an orgasm so. This amber would you pay for such incredibly healthy world. And rare. Oh my goodness. Amber your mom come outside is that what happened. Amber heard. You look at him a message. That we go backwards you market to you know they'll they'll ever. Ever tell you all of them for. And this you. Through Sydney when he's at. It. It. Carol how much would you pay. That's the draft. Burn. AMBER Alert. Number. It's the name earlier. OK we're in Hamburg but ever. Howard had a careless that Carol said forty evil or euros at 32 Sudanese 44. And the actual manufacturers suggested retail prices. Are not in. And you're masturbating with the stuff. For the record heat that's as you. I think that if you are Carol I'm sorry Carol got the sun masters hater he's. Try doing your loses and the and yes. All right amber there is no so good you'll enjoy and know that you've heard nothing. You use no fossil fuels in the it's it's an incredible incredible thing you master it now the power of this. Yeah that's what.