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Thursday, May 24th


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Prince of they're number one plug. It's an amendment. Did place. He. Mark also herald Sydney. We have room for more war. Ladies and one more. Okay. Welcome to the show I want this morning. Overwhelmed yeah yeah yeah Bluetooth about a subject to marry your single you have these kinds of things and home. I love Google actually currently air and yeah I got a quote of the ratings and I've got holy. If that is. All right are you gonna play Jeff a ligature. The next contestant on will will welcome to show. I have a darn good good tell us about I am out. I'm married been right about nine months I don't have any personally my wife got several different build and things like that nine months holds. I am pretty deep first time yup and go delegate at the I would Trittler they waited to make check on the right one. Right is it thirty you kind of figured it out like you know I mean you're you're always say we're done growing but the majority of the growing is done. Did he mean you don't you don't feel the smarter you get married at twenty. No I am glad that I got to keep all of my stuff. If we're back. I will Jeff I'm glad you're doing well and it usually the Mark Martin welcome to the show. Jenny you are good Maureen would you. Well did he do Omar happily single bed they are appearing in a league and they're. And I'm I'm I'm got a date somebody wrote that very fatal. See that's a guy who's been hurt and this is finally come to the other side has occasionally have a guy who gets divorced and so institutionalized like Brooks is here food and that is good. And he's like I can to get back get a guy getting in on the outside looking for you or me who you know continue. The guy who learned his lesson and enjoyed knows. I kind of seeing somebody. Wouldn't. It's my grandparents my manager Eric boundaries. Will Jeff you know my words the closest to the actual manufacturers. Suggested retail precedent going over will receive the item up for bid so. Listen up fellow. As our government is the media are silly easy grip stronger from my dream extreme credit squeeze us. And enjoyed tied session with every thrust of this incredible stroke of flexible and how does insurers are snuggling violence here massaging ribs embalmed steed you until you would slow made from top quality TV easy grip Sterger is designed for non slip firm grip every time. Green the last easy. There. Those who listened to leave this PX this is a fantastic easy grip stricker who. Yes this looks looks very nice to be off this high end when this is your. You're cheap one this is your low rip the answers style the offense especially on my. This is fairly discrete. In any idea what that is well I think you do well but you know that's like motorcycle trip I say yeah. Just like a motorcycle throttle that's just the beginning don't you know although that. There's nothing that's an analyst Jeff would you pay for such an awesome and. Good morning. Well. Up if you break it. And finally mark won't pay the PX easy grip broker. 83 very priority. The actual manufacturers suggested retail. I made it a little limited. Losing just now cellular is that he's. And just didn't seem that you remain almost. I. Apparently hit a using will that matter tonight but I can readily that you say this cellular jazz are you to read down. All right then enjoy yourself stay right there will remind you good people that you didn't play. Plays well you can enough and that I do have some tickets for you hold on a job get you hooked up against Rochester area. Online he Sydney and Caroline amber let's start missing amber amber welcome to show. I'm hungry. Dario until smudges. And. Well I'm Tony comedian married and Harvick or LaToya is the. You already what we did you pray that you June. Actually no we invited before we had a kid who. You're brilliant and help them. Well we actually got married Iraq as flashier. Officially mean. We had a little ceremony back in 2014. Right. Forum and were. We doing right now you beat. And I am. I I'm actually out. Outside my mom has. I was driving. My heart democratic and down hey if you look at the mom just mom and say listen you do you talk. Now probably actually adolescent and I'm big I it's called ice we had in the Georgia home. And and I. What I think it's a group that's all us. We keep it and just. It's a fairly advanced move along. What did you did you discover that the joys of the but plundering. I know he's pretty weird. Once it does yeah. Throughout welfare and well. Yes and yet you don't even track I would love. I get an idealistic and Emma you the last BC nicely. Don't you all the weird stuff right away you're only 23 it's a long road he'll live a good battery cables as his balls to get off you know it'll just don't run out of stuff that's a two girls want to happen. This is based cell phones famous every fear they're gonna play. Hi Carol welcome to the show. I'm gunning hi how are you from Dario tell us about yourself you're. I am reporting period and gave me first and second and third I can I'm right I only made the first cut. Pharma 120 year plan that's a long time. Your forgery and happy about the happy about being. Well he should not single now that you engaged. Yeah I'm not about it looked only come. You seemed guarded and little hurts when you talk about why I know I'm hurt and all the food and this can't care what's in the drug. I have a purple and pink vibrator being alive and then I want to come from you. Now. Pump poses a giant pump them. 1060 I don't know what I'd say probably you always say you can always say the correct medical term penis vagina eggs that kind of the that's always fun. All right well that absolutely have the pump working out. About what really. You have no idea there was such a thing and it makes everything feel good. He's just another million. Easy to be swollen eyes and a new fashions that. Hi Caroline while he's there do you play. Sydney and welcome to the show. I won't won't all academy. Q what tells about Sosa's. And I beg and monitored playing very well happy birthday. Thank you thank you. And I'd racial Leino got into a the world change placating and I don't know what library. Are getting a little sensible thing. Thanks play. That would set to really mean you mean like the miracle role play. Are now not just broke where they you know like Troy is then. I noticed well just you're just you're just now branching out to some other stuff yeah yeah. And you 23 and you married single McEnroe just that aren't obvious singles and how you can see in this guy yours and her. Dad Aaron only a couple weeks. And you feel let you when you little weird. World. Well let's let's all play in Sydney Carroll ever the closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price. Without going over will receive the item up big so. Ladies. Our ladies are number does this mileage from California exotic -- -- right ladies now you can save the environment and reduce your bread while we're about one out with us Ramona no matter is required to -- just put the power dragon direct -- also works for the most -- requires eight hours to get a hold charge gives -- sixty minutes play humble gentleman -- -- generation -- -- -- an average -- made the migration and -- well it is a totally renewables and -- stimulate our -- -- -- -- the -- that you can -- -- laid out by the borrowers didn't -- at a -- -- -- in your driveway -- -- while you're on the -- at the -- Mom that's. Live bullets and all the world we live in the hope not or do anything immediately by anybody you know like I mentioned really the conservation. And the environment she's we have here. Hey honey but I got. It's so green and you'll never have to swap type your batteries and well mostly cloudy day with a little can't get it doesn't work Seattle with the he's got a little solar panel this literally has solar panel and you you powered up and that it charges. Sure he wears the if you're. Gonna see with. Him service. And that is it charged yet circuses that. Wow you've got a little late in the oh boy let this thing is is isn't. She majestically. It is no. It's. Nothing and nowhere is not here audience. I find that. Not one entry pass to die moving you to have an orgasm was something. Favorable would you pay for such an incredibly healthy world loving. The manner. Oh my goodness we amber your mom come outside is that what happened. And where. Talking to her mom as she couldn't I bring you back to see market lets you love. Bogey until they'll look. And I am what I saw you column for us I think it is Cindy is certain youth with. Can't see what he's say. Dollars all right. Carol how much would you pay. That are here and let's see if she's around Hamburg. And either. AMBER Alert for the an AMBER Alert. It's an AMBER Alert. Okay we're gonna go ahead just next glamour the buyer for. Now again carelessly. Carroll said forty more precarious than 32 season 44. And the actual manufacturers suggested retail price this dollars and 99 cent. Or your master being with the sun. For the record heat that's absolutely you. I mean look if you are here I'm sorry Carol that the sun masters hater he's. Try doing your loses. When my girl. This. Our anniversary I know those guys so good care of the you'll enjoy and know that you've heard nothing. You he's no fossil fuels in this instance an incredible incredible that you mastery now of the power of the sudden. Yeah OK yeah. Anyway that's been there. Don't know. If the city already spoken we this morning. I'll bet everything I am. Until they definitely apparent that you went that you love it whole idea you know one among humans into rock that. The critical. Did you get all data would that finally there it's a virtual some lonely and looking through me hey we've found it. In earlier been rescinded my. Amer. I got disconnected islands and mainland and blanket that nobody was automatic entry to really believe you emerged. I kind banks. What would you be. My mom had come out side Reggie added quote and these. As well had a little wheel and impaired unilateral pal John. I do your talking amount. But it's changed you. Or your route to a tour. I. Eleven the important you know what did you run testing isn't do you guys it never let me again or else. I don't know and I'm idea dining. I trust you. Get easier rolls nothing's on I'm like I could hear you ended it again the last half. The owner last. And implement women monologue. Truth of my guys. I'm not taking care whose baby okay. Congratulations everybody especially some little boutique every Casey know forty highway and Truman wrote to Casey chaos in Abu into peca. Topeka boulevard and yeah. Greater or mangled. My agent. Oh you can get. Yard free. Digg dot. Load. Morning show. Nice game.