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Wednesday, June 13th


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Some call him the prince of many of them wearing number one plug us. Good dogs his mission to bring pleasure to them men and women of Kansas. In the intercom multiplex win. And we'd like to. Natural. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers or just every. And now here. Sometimes it goes through. Something that's related to the week. Concede the Monica Lisa and had a little equipment I'll make investments at. Augusta and welcome to the show tells a little bit about yourself. Very married. And they got them from also remind him ample. Only been married. Sixteen years old that's good run to the groundless and number number and how is it. Not bad but. Yeah it's a good at it I mean it couldn't be better you'll. We learned that in sixteen years. Well who became so. It. I think you're gonna stay right all right the most of nick with a nick welcome to the show a little bit about just. What's going on man I'm 49. Married and I got. Why not subtle flashlight that his company. And you and we've been married twenty. They're a year man you know yet you love it I'm I'm loving it so far did you have to get married. And I'm. As ask if it doesn't mean it didn't work out who. Don't have so far line you know what good for you all right Dustin nick you're gonna play doubles alone can't walk into the field. Tell us a little bit about your. State Johnny. Thirty there are just working just partly by recruit to. I will support when he got married when. Port 2014 and so your four years and how old you. 3030s that's about it you're pretty. You get married in six. What do you think about those. And they're certainly government. As in you have to give up all your sexual urges and she tested. Keep undo whatever she wants. Yeah. It's. All right destined. Nick Kyl the closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price going over will receive the item up for bid listen. Are adamant permitted the all let me stroke or heard from. Us replicated from a young hot team mouth using 3-D scanning technology or Lanny is made of soft stretchy material and enveloped your manhood all the tongue Perez's your sensitive underside as opening dumbo vans for one size fits all versatile and is made of bodies they've TB eat out her mouth she's ready for its. Oral iron in the don't feel good on the rove is now you avenue bridge this New Year's all around. Really okay. Mall row. Morrow. Unless you live did. June. Okay. Deal is sold to. Okay. Sure sure so. It's just you. And I. And learn. Its. It's. An Emmy Awards fellas yeah. Rice. It's amazing. The little disconcerting the opener of that the act. The model from a team's metals. Yeah. I'm on the bad guys are right and vomiting on here. We'll look at it it's it's the product might have with you. Look I. Senators Clinton and those intending to roberts' eat that I base he's the blue. That. But it would have to be him it would be amid. It's them clued in to meet its. Oh god oh boy I've got to get pictures this fellas if you take your finger and pull the Tonga where. Let's just. Maybe is. New. We do the boomerang and and again. Well what would you paper little oral Annie does this. Report and at their word. Right nick. And finally would pay little ruling. Party. Actual manufacturers suggest that. I had an excuse to put. It. Oh it's all yours it's I don't know what we're on. I. And I. No. No no moon. And oh boy. They don't happen. As Kai hill. Dustin how do you view his future and against who SEC either July 16 right where it. You say. You bastard. Yeah welcome enjoy it it's so obvious that man Abdul boomerang on. Them. Move on shall we see we get three ladies wait to play. We get Heather and Lisa and Monica Heather welcome to the show tell us a little bit about your. And hi I'm 47 I didn't get married six months ago. I want to deal though unfortunately in my attic. Can't pull in my bed there might be stripper at a time when you know your game tonight. Was I there was children I I've called in and played before and he. Would you dance I'd. I all of that but you. That it outfield and he ranch to pretty raunchy. Well there are years ago that he arms. Oh god I can't remember the name of it but it was you know hole in the wall Clinton. Indicated settling aid kids. Are so you just got maegashira. New husband know that your past. That bright and very little boutique was he Mozy client. No no not at all what happened just these growth farmer that I met at church I remember church moment yeah whore. Yeah yeah you just email him at church needs of farmers and then later shirt. Imagine how just long soul destroying like she controlled him from the minute ago is huge out there. This pound has declined and you have cable has been an Internet Thornton is living his life simple man water from a well maybe take care of a couple go to. You never know segments this rolls up. Best thing is best award. Winner from the first time he put the dirty dirty on them how to take him to go I want to mayor you. Lesson here. That year right that may be very hard. That preceded our diet and woke up from the field bigger Heather and you're gonna play used it right at least welcome Michelle tells a little bit about yourself. I am thirteen I I can reunite Prater won two light ones are all at once purple. I think when my hate for it. I hey Eric and say ill and so. I. He's op apparently. What you Heather release of the same voice it's like separated at birth like all the mot. Yeah. I sent an office and talk to people and and get my boss to do like. 1900. Number if he really wants to make the money. Police used on me that you can speak dirty filthy. I would. It's where guys remembered these two at least east Iraq Monica Monica walking with the show. Although I am forty. I do. My dad whom I've had two. Months. I'd much of them who've been and you just all the youth when he has been a feeling. To be in the absence. That's what that slam at least this way. I'm Monica what you have no. Don't. Agree your own and we'll go look at. I gotcha I gotcha wanna build as the front of that. Your work is another piece of Monica the closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail. But at Villanova will receive him. Are the ladies are at a rubber bit of the year but it suction zucker birdie from you and ladies this uniqueness under a specially designed to reach all of your Roger and as a function through seven vibration settings and didn't sections adding to achieve ultimate sexual pleasure seven vibration levels tend suction level you can vibration stimulation enclave to world suction it's. In that but I mean it rarely am gonna. If you look at the definition of the word it's as limitless are endless space extent or slides impossible to measure or to argue what seven levels the migration into the levels of luck on their pleasure you can calculate does not make an edit minutes. By the smoke admit I like that part of a separate matter how many I'm never gonna make edit the data myself on the radio discovered that massage. And you start. I'd shoddy start. Yeah. Hard the minute argument Dodgers three and it could be yours I didn't. Price is right. Well let's get the bidding and what is 80 cool it. All of a the recent book would you. And finally ms. Monica what would you pay for the Infiniti. Section massager we. The actual manufacturers suggested retail price and I'm running out. Me laugh. Our mislead. I normally don't like you're gonna have this things that deep. I think everything we liked Boris. So and others so sorry that yeah it'll read you an old MacDonald will be getting into the. Didn't he think. Think. It. It's like the Simpsons is yours. And you guys you know what this I guess you Lisa heard it here toll to use they were there at least. I'm Monica Heather eleven guys you guys you're the C hailstorm and in this moment or seat. And. The wet all right you can still stay right there next week periods. And I couldn't have better. And Leo oh cool and that was with. Oil must deal though. I wanted. Me to at least oaks. Wonderful Gossip Girl didn't. Got a room full of doing. Nine of them did him that. He is smoke and I and the San trillion. Happening and they do you sound has been fun this patent. Happy until he's going. I've seen them on my. CNN YouTube greater or men don't. 800 she's an option on it made you go into low tech. That's why she didn't know that we don't know where you can get. Yard free it here not even down inside that I smiled that they're American life that download speed camera and. We need more. Digg dot dot gov now. He's ready to vote do you think you.