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Thursday, June 15th


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A prince of they're number one plug. Gentlemen men and the place. Yeah. Earlier there. Sap cold. We welcome the show. Family what do you have a home anything. Thought that our girls gone so well and he's only junior cars. And then you must pay attention also does Derrick lined a value of got played on it gave me a pocket god of the dirty work. Yes I am could be a life they're simply telling you play in Zack Zack you look at her popular yet. Fairly different but I always it. Yeah. The closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price apple mobile will receive the Alamo forbid in case of a three way overbay in the closing formal take the item homes or who must listen carefully mapped. We will. Amazon. And government and I didn't think there's double and a stronger role Dow Jones and that's right fellas didn't fingers do you have to believe here in this double ended Oprah -- -- Vijay and vision led tied -- opening molded directly from the jazz and give GM a sexy starlet and a gorgeous mill when you've exhausted one just look at Everton the other side you get them to her to porn stars in love whatever you're in the mood for our kittens they dinners our series just that is do all the Alabama didn't think here's devil and it's just there's one model of their porn didn't get any agenda nobody burns our series that they wanted to smoke directly from daddy's idea encourage the other from juries and they'll rebound what is. Stress me I get an idea haven't newborns are the ones in the big during while I understand you're gonna lose average elevate blue Jiang had the warning you when you're not gonna Robert actually today you know what I want to say still how. On a bottle replica of an aging porn star a woman really been negative for a while he's going to be around I don't want to reverend Paul sodomy is now. Add wanted to be old and flabby guts vitally with a comedy deal bat in the bottom. Let alone the and a slap me wherever I heard about all guy is no matter how big you are okay. The brakes gateway mall comes the moon is. I didn't think. Nerve hold our job and it's made in America all they aren't. Live aggressive right holly yeah. Some magical fellows and rearing magical and implementing a look at it. Yup yup there it is. That's he was god here's to you guys here and get your if you Janice mom won't get from the home. We'll call this the Sabrina. All the hopeful. You want and he did you know the other thing you cement plant and. That's the Chinese music kids I thought yeah. That's that's a brilliant actually works do you think think think think if he would you bring in their eyes met today is gone. Where my care when they need and they'd say sure mother all the giant Chinese finger cabinet. Uses the press itself. Tyler what would you pay for this. Portage creek formula. Derek. Amateur days. Forty dollars or nine. And finally sample would you pay for the all star kittens and Dugard Danny Daniels sharing the mill once a bubble won't let Jenna Chinese media figured. 49. In that. But every time some guys have so that I. I singled to. We're the time now I mean yeah. Lou we've all he did not have a week. Yeah yep the Tyler. Lucky. All right fair. Someone's go home with their own Danny Diaz but hold shade in well the Germans know landed some call a friend it's all good. Did ours. I easy listen dude do you would you winnings today. Unloaded the car. Listened we listened US and Nicol my tickets. Are instead of beat the giants it. Definitely you know go back to Craig Derek Zach. Who really once this thing. I'll take it up but what thing it was and Zach. Zach. As he dared walk I get he's still right there you see your heads at now that these days there Zach. Nice to spoke about man what you've gotten enough. All right what the hell. Are photo the year. You feel left eagle username and experts. Are pictured reservations that. I'm can do it I can't do that men who tell you is this is no chance. Didn't know the good that some placements overall. Wound. That's not a big conversation yeah these are not distract what he's meant to do another Tucker it. All right we'll see how this goes Amy Amy welcome to the show. Hi Jamie tells little about yourself. Well I have a rabbit out below I can eat and eat. A lot of attic boy. Like what he wrote run on the list quickly. But normally yeah. Well at the I have I don't. I have. Plaque build it wouldn't. I had her eyes. He's easy and I thought you wanted to. Yeah yeah that's the vision for sure I absolutely. What else. I portrait photo. Why do you have so much are you married he brings home the single I just you get by what is it. Now I'm well I can marry. They would like to have a lot of fun. Now I mean not acting bisexual. Why me or your 24 years old he. That means. So what he started pretty young age goes your first gorilla gorilla experience was in alone would just the other girls or guys involved. Relaxes. There are three other guys and. Oh I'm sorry there's really not a girly girl. Poland and so how many girls and guys involved. There. And that should you basically an orgy at what age. You know but lately. Who. How old were you. Iowa. Is actually thirty. Miss. The masters it's okay. Does that put you in your 5455. Years old. Are you play. He said you've been bought for 24 years. Hello I'm not this is not a court of law in me okay this tough. Well I think you know yours doesn't flag when it take too long exit question are they repeat the question back to you. Maybe you can get things going with its net she needs a new ones not a big deal for. I have. If you do something for a living that would keep people wanting to admit this on the radio. We asked. We SA. Don't somewhere what did you. I work in the public utilities. Once you're. Hope that the school counselors go. Just yet. We'll talk to you type your hopefully you're a little more comfortable would you like spend any there's no issue. Nothing. But. What does that. I think the right to play a theme you're already crazy I love you tell us what you know we're. I'm. A vibrator but. Vibrator you've got inside job she's single leg. And even with a girl. You know. Which okay he liked. I injured but it never heard of is that they'll give you promised your husband at some point you trust. I'd say at and T that's the keys and you never have to do promise and some day you're gonna give it ago and that's engages in the game. And move on he needs a Jemima I have to tell you this Gina welcome to the show. Hillary you are you married or single geez. I read everything Mary just got it first for both of your book you Laird before. And fight it. Out of well maybe this little work and. Or not. A when he got on June. Get sick. The second built those and I graders. Now eighty he's from previous marriages are these all knew this marriage. And appropriate. He's getting a yeah actually I actually had an ex girlfriend who like very much film I shall it occurred don't those with her. My appreciation and that's ruling months they just ease your mind. There wasn't there wasn't any. It's indoors and Sasha and me please listen carefully as the closest one to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price that we know will receive the item up for bid so. Ladies listen to. Ladies aren't covered it but all. Wrong on the ready Jim series roll back Johnson that's right ladies and eliminate your pleasure with the Arabian gem mollid. Seven edge of the impaired PVC implies there's a realistically shape allied breed bodies say. It is a lovely shade if you. Let me tell you have other ready and Jim Mulva at all and as a baby seven engine blow. I was basically judge you're under the black none so urgent that many of those radio lets a user to bring that memory of jamming the hologram. That's purely irate museum not a little green beret and Jennings mold. And Rome doesn't lady's image of your. Isn't the bridge is right of Graham's with a girl by and visit and I'll answer any of my time you report I did did not go over 88 again. You see why don't want. RNC and thorough down now what do you think I brought it up yet well now I understand that you just getting someone to admit. All in all just another Briton who deeply. Please would you pay for this incredible. Dana so wait. The colors the millionaire who. Lindsay does not. He just pain are good. Version and iWeb preferably their views very. It's gotten any arms or the bartender lady walked in when necessary to move. Your arms is still very. I'm amazed what do CEO decrypt. Itself this looks like a very sunburned. I made my Don Johnson ladies listen would you business and meanwhile what do you think this is where it. I'm 2999. They are twenty. 27. I mean. And finally Jean Luke what would you pay this. Pay. Radio. I stay at 39 inning right there. And the actual manufacturers suggested to friends twenty charity. Everybody over bids buds. Touch. She touched us touched it looked like the Mo yeah yeah and those things. Did you think when Jesus is that is that is they girth being put them hey I am I agree item thank you gonna love it Asha. Happy Grateful Dead dead to put on it. Thank you know it was not a home. It's it's all yours Tosh I feel free to simulate taking pictures and then toss and elected they'll say don't like it's in the back we don't care. Are some meat I did he's crazy. Gina I don't know what happened there which you you've you can move strong and I didn't work out for him. I know what it. Is nobody ever goes for the dollar bid what you see on television over and over did you see. And didn't remember getting everyone else did not. One dollar and every dude always got a good seat Nutten. So every time there was into the first line. G. Let me you have to show you may want to see Def Leppard boys and I write Q you're an uneducated. You Davis Amy. I wanna I wanna help you but you still closed off to me emotionally closed off I don't think we get any closer. Well he does have to meet me I guess. Didn't you say you're married. Yeah okay. The good. You know I like my body without any more holes and it came with some at a monkey boast. And no more that's I don't want any more so promising you something you take your new wonderful husband he goes yeah. You sound like a nickel backers should well. What I thought listen I like nickel back you enjoy it start right and a reg you know go hit the bad. Guys right. Sitting bringing the world he really means a lot of people happy. But that anything's gonna make Hashem real happy. Seeing as I'm down this kind of stuff there aren't there is it and supported no merger we elect. I can live up to well now that you're right and that's where your beer limit your cut up my I didn't say I couldn't live up to this point but I'm not going to be honestly.