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Thursday, June 21st


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Some call him the prince of an anti them they're number one plug us. Don't miss his mission to bring pleasure to the men and women of Kansas. The Bucs win. Yeah. They lived up. Enjoy manufacturers are just doing. Now here. We have money in the third. Jeff welcome to the show tell us a little bit about yourself. We're Johnny I'm slowly and then. We got a couple things at home I'm not married. Don't look as bad this I'm looking all around in my eyes. We've actually got a couple things at home woody woody via. I mean I yeah I had. And still believes that. And what is he your children can once leaving another sleeve like you that I should have an array of these. Not really ID you know I had my girlfriend got a gift anyone. You know I came in with a bunch of different. Then there's been. Even that I just kind of bell and the Netherlands where we knew we need. Everybody else you gotta say. It girlfriends. Yeah yeah. Jeff he's there right there Matt welcome to the show tell us a little bit about yourself. I am 33 been made for twelve years. Don't have anything and it might sit out. One he won this. Is over. That very. Network. It I have done well. That's where where do you think she'd be open this fighting it out or just a few things that you should have something for you when to shut the door. Oh okay. Matt you know about it is important. Michael welcome to the show tell us about it. If they had been made her going on almost six years I'm gonna. Harlem and own everything you do at all. How he mimicked six years. Oh. Almost see who. Those that say almost six I think that you still come. Have been made like six years that you've figured twenty like almost one. Well well it's it's incredible isn't it. Let's sit there and feel that it. Michael Matt jet to close the actual manufacturers suggest you read that as going over we will receive the item up for bid itself. Let's see who's been in this business. Our government works advanced meters argument system from pipe dream brought enjoys single handed satisfactory and incredible size increased as with the apartment broke power plant that possibly the perfect performance up to put your greatest. Very happy with each pull of the one handed Giorgio grow bigger thicker and so well with our water clear vacuum tube allows you to watch your grand included enhancement ring a prolonged air pleasure. Don't know about the reform is Brower but there are many of the grip manual but first super market hasn't hit the browser release valve and there's. It's important that resides inch and metric measurements on the sides even though we Americans don't use the metric does that might suggest you do in this game got my biggest equals twelve centimeters in that sounds like about how don't millimeters and a 140. Americans everywhere we are violating women not so much at all. Yeah. It. It's your. He is okay. This. Well largest urban at Davos for the Canadian nationally at them about it and we're gears that are about apartments broke well. Are bombarded a popular search for a good credit get your. Supplies are right. What would you pay for such an item my single friend. Who bled though it. 39 an at bat. Yet for the pump works pipe dream for for Emmitt performance proved our point and die. Match buried it for twelve years. Yet what would you say. Would this I would go does not mean I think all that much when by yourself but it might be wildly impressive view. Yeah. And thankfully got pressure really well. But go 3295. I'm Michael lets you wouldn't get to six years six inches whatever comfort. I don't know are going up into the story yesterday the third you know I was hoping to. It's something that my head in. Its commitment to our. This move at all. Oh and twenty dollars. A right. Yeah actually. Manufacturer's. Suggested retail prices DA nanny guy and mr. Jeff the single guy through fair penis fumble. My advice to you Jeff since you are single this time. Is you're gonna wanna hide this really well when you do get another girlfriend yeah Miller relationship you both are aware of it that's what you think. The treatment starts to hang out you know she finds is abused over the top drawing of the Sox. There's going to be questions. Yes well and has bigger and yeah. A lot until with a gift horse in the medical. He's there right there at graduation I am sorry. Max and Michael is not that good did it not that good good let me see if I got William. What do you say you actually go see cedar hailstorm. Oh. I would put it. I don't. You know an old. When you. But the other you know or. I game by the guys they write this but explain yemen's Lola got smacked. I can see. Miss Monica mr. green image brandy must I would miss Monica ms. Monica welcome to the show tells a little bit about yourself. It mourn and fight I'm forty. Actually it. I. Couple split couple. Recent few times month. Current. This is the fourth. And number eight. These days young. Yet so what then what's going low that that this is. The seeming seems to be probably. Deeper yeah did you think the last was a keeper when you married him. In what year what about the second. Actually it went keeper to move to the the first one I've had with him on. Yeah yeah I mean. I I'm a lawyer. You are a good time as Monica. Hey listen I'm not asking much morbid bit maybe maybe we stay on the birth control on this one. Let's leveler anger. Monica I hope you win today you for a wonderful you stay right there my friend Sabrina is on the show Sabrina welcome host a little bit about yourself. I am planning seven and the way that area that cares for kids. You know I have the art. They and how of them but the whole marriage thing three kids 27. I did great I'm. Not content. I loved it's like might be able to no one get this feeling of like. But you knew it. It's just a lot. And you you have a fourth did. Our work for both whose idea isn't it. Oh. I don't know if I'm wonderful I mean look at that you think that's it that's wonderful and that's there's a lot of kids in this world that are and once it is the number Ford's going to be. It's it's all fours that for those days. Or kids these erected let's let's forget Brady Brady welcome to Asia. Let thank you. Or India and 39 years old and I. Check that let nineteen years but I just recently got married to be here. Aren't well after nineteen years what made you do that. Would figure you know old and it's. Better get it done. One that. Leave me notes and our affairs in order but but but but yeah exactly. Brandy Sabrina Monica. The closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price of going over will receive the item up for bid let's see what we. Lady that I have for me it is that tiny keys there can be bad friend Alexandra -- teaser -- of the label travel compact hybrid for every pleasure filled adventure let your imagination run wild wild three speed vibrations but there than nabbed diddley did it would only the red -- doesn't emulating net wealth he's been. Vibration in William George full body X didn't. Good I need the the moon. Maybe some blue moon. Un American wounded man I had rules rover no reason. Door and was going to be a don't use my bones center grown included none. Overdoses. The way things you did there is survivor may mean a darn easy OK give me oh. The drive. Yeah UBS Greg's voice creek mere fact that your profile voice as workers before it's hurting. Now the first hard. A live that Leann and that's. I won't allow you that when you know do object to me it's an old now OK I don't I don't know what your honor on our yeah. It isn't you know it is drive a couple of nights of the band yeah creepy edge ever use that voice in your very angry guy you're got to get a point and cook for her. By the meager savings. What would you pay for such an item Monica. Imus say 2990 back. Sabrina. Until some breeze disappointed by that means that nature of this vibrant and what it was something a little longer bigger ran. This is morally it's a little thing and Sabrina. All right I'm so. Sons appoint. An independent probably made a very similar statement to a girl and bringing what would you papers. He news. Management ignored rated. Actual manufacturer suggested retail price in six not in Iraq. Well we all over it but miss Monica will be enjoying the meat eaters Nabih from Alan's right. Oh yeah you year. It. Reigning. US favored no nonsense. I'm sorry you know which had something. All right we miss you when it was when he went to see hail storm season. I don't. You do July 16 uptown theater you're right you know. Look at this I do share a view Xavier shopping trip. Don't tell him anything put the cart it looked like he meant to do that on purpose. Sabrina. And I'm sorry. Only 27 were then number four he needs so well after four kids yeah I guess you would its larger when. You everywhere. Would you. Which you'll storms either vote. Well. Right Hilton coming in. With in this moment and New Year's Day July 27 so Christine I sinners arena and then exiting the heels about gives me great show. Record Majlis definitely.