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Thursday, June 28th


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Some call him the prince of an anti them they're number one plug us. Don't lose his mission to bring closure to the men and women of Kansas. The Bucs win. Natural. Dot com. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers are just doing. Now here. Need more. Shannon and hear us. Number one more name you one more play. The guys who nick welcome to the show I was little. Both sides are. I'm eight years though being goal and let important event this weekend. Mean moved up 38 and single and you divorced or never than. I've never been there that your vote would be good for you so relatively disease free ticket like finding room to be monogamous. Yeah I did. Work. Out all right Nicklaus who could be with. Market here's what mark welcome Michelle tell us a little bit about. Well. Jeremy I'm 52 run single number Mary same boat. Wouldn't. It Lisa Miller wrote. It together here. Just keep saying. It marks Eric your job and job welcome news showed a little bit about. Hey I'm 38 married. I don't have any thing but the lie about it Dublin vibrator. Would you. Do you wish your hand it would mark and nick in in the other vote. Yeah. Yeah. And they who curt Jon. You know the closest the actual manufacturers suggested retail price local will receive the item itself I was all you have to do. That whereas our government is the open up for an average followed general blood part of that tightened men there is about fuel Baghdad's for the man who seeks adventure on the leader -- adult -- come back elected a Titanic record should explore your partner's back Darwin has opened generally no blood firm yet flexible Leo but it delivers a satisfying feelings and Asian number regular blood and also majors are hollow body design allowing access that no other leg dead insert fingers Blatter even a vibrator right there that's out of its seclusion Madeira island unique diamond -- bases flexible and designed for all day aware bail out loud Metairie breeds that. All day when their ability. Apparently that happen and best allele and a male blood has made right. Here in the US. Yes. Day in America. And I don't worry make the good to be your partners sort even be the same. I am not here and done bend over ran fast. So managing style that's not good. It's. The open. Miles away you know we'll. In the game. You. Yeah. His magical this is not just a month. This is the butt plug the hole so if you were weird all day you basically in the giant stronger. We go to make it though. Is that this is is this. By the way here's a winning and an eagle and. I don't wanna I wanna. Whom I've not yet. This to be like here's huge to you buy into this hotel room door. Yes a little housekeeping here. Nobody ever wants to see who can Nagasaki unknown unknown and so much as much like a sausage factory. Do I want I want I want I want I get it like a pork like a wine opener minus the screw partly it's just 10. Having you know is due out racked by the way. You wouldn't fit a human being in this hole but it isn't hard is like it's not going neck and right now this is it's about like. And on. Do you think this. Let's put your bus what you pay for such a thing nick. My. 35. Feet. And finally mr. John it's that titan and open up four point five inch hollow. This. Manufacturer's. Suggested. Right. Alone it. That's right make you pretend you didn't know what she did didn't. And I'm habit and I'm ha ha ha ha yeah. Thank you Judy this AM you know this thing it's durable yet. We'll know very active in and what I. It's it's it's it's really something you know what it looks like liberties hamster can breathe. Yeah I mean yeah food and those old movies the guys that hired for the soldiers by breathing or read yeah. But it just inside. Tight knit group sorry about that. But it viewers being single avenue of sex with its having this. Yeah. I don't think. Mark John this. John and wish you would want because they feel like at least you know. If you if you talked her into that some satisfaction watching. Exact. It did limited will work on. I was let me let me give something I would do something when a human and cedar or hail storm. Right what about you mark. Way our sales are stronger he had. Not so mark and John the Yost director undergoing it feel baffled me is here who wants. You look at some of bubble well. If you name it these. New. Well that's great. Some sound there they made somebody wanted him. Wasn't that. No but look good judgement with what you've got to. It was a solid shot. He's support Emily. And mode they. You. Wanna if someone tells movement but it's. I'm going back and Diane in. Am about it joyful. He's able to alliance but accurate. Motioning. I swear to god you've seen it like you're reading that terrible me you can talk. Are subject and remember. That. One that we single. Correction to re. Yeah. Well being lies but tell me. I'm in particular had an impact your kid I've always a single. You're difficult and I can feel that. If it was used to raise your families with a shared with history and I. Mourning mourning and who it's gonna wouldn't. Met my mind when where and why it. Is. Who I mean gradually each. It. Oh and although. Goer and you know that. Age and they're at least we have hero and they're walking the show. Current. To salute and. And thirty then again. Library. Well yeah and that I am back I. Inaudible it. But applying a good chance but. Yep yep yep thank you bobbled. Yet but that's what. Here's that's. Yes I did that happen. Above paragraph that you care I don't know if you don't you go into. You have nothing now but it starts out of me now and I have nothing to indicate an issue and you know and. I guess you don't run added I mean yeah something like that you do have to work at it again. That's the. It carries on my dad and a perfect. Kara kid and yet the closest to the actual manufacture some just become president who will receive an up for bid ladies please listen. Low and that ladies are item ever bit as the advance but are likely to bump part of the cal exotic series from California exotic novelties the advanced butterflies the ultimate intimate pump for feminine arousal featuring superiors section for increased sensitivity of these stimulating tickling and easy to use finger grip public release baton for instance read the vibration -- did not only good grades are but at the bullet vibrator in the blood barge regular abolish what butterfly wings. Like my dorm. Starting families beginning yours ladies of the prices rise. This is something is it the world. But that. All the I am trying to get a grasp honestly hold. Yeah. The trigger. Sure. Put. Me yeah. This goes on yours. And then this guy. And. You know but like Bentsen's this aren't bad. At this. Point we get it was a thing. Enough guide me. A god mounties to attract. I take it off openly stared. On Islamic acts on eight OK so. It suction cup after some. And now there yet. Where's my camera and beaten and yeah. Yeah I'm sorry this is just a few pictures this Julie. All the Mitt. While it's like aliens in reverse this trying to get in. There and yes that's. Your hero for the appointment plan and put the. On anything you putting your return assumptions I feel. Malibu Pacific. Ladies what you pay for the rovers and. Maybe we'll just Emily. Our own comic know it 39. There. Shannon. Thirty can't quite all there. And finally here what would you point. Frame or any. Actually manufactured the DJ 99 to eight. Oh and believe. It all the all yours. All. That and what purpose does it not so pleasing. Yeah I mean have you ever heard the giants' record I mean you know I'm not what are. Hasn't you know not want to steal your car later. News director good. That's creepy it looks like it's at. With all things running that thing looks like compact chair and that means that he. And you know you are beaten and. Are there. If you were group that. Worked. In the. In a fat when there. Slumped one you would of Robert say to my. Sheehan and I would like to seal the emergency. And care. Bill ever use them. Okay where RU. I'm. Just trying to forget wage so just be very quiet instantly. He married or single. I'm I'm very well both both. I don't wanna hurt Caron her hair and needless. No switch for care care keeps afloat she was told to be quiet and she pays attention.