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Tuesday, July 10th


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Some call him the prince of any young player number one plug us. Good dogs his mission to bring pleasure driven men and women of Kansas. The Bucs win. Yeah. I didn't. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers or just every. And now here. What's there. Take commanders. Fuel welcome to the show told us a little about yourself. Good morning than it ever. I'm not going around seeing a lot of got a couple of the upper house. Mean I was facing the heavy sleet and never enjoyed them I told led by the port street one extra for went to those passion I came home. Was like we should try and some lecture and game. Moved it up stretched and out popped me in the head and appears to have yeah can really like this and they just slipped out of grand chiefs and and I zipped me right eerie trip and never I was like and we're done with this boom we're done with this. By the way why am I doing this since my human sleeve seems to be active at. I. You haven't named John a lot of humans leave. He would not talking honestly. I don't you're gonna placed erect agony at Scott Scott welcomed the show tell us a little bit about yourself. A Donna I'm 31 bit merit seven years got a rubber Regina oh. She hasn't. Yeah I got a ordered her vibrant on the Internet and what did she know you have as well issue came with a. And if she happy that you use instead of her. Values and vote and nobody Hewlett when you go find your the sometime yet I can't make there's simply tools and equipment in nickel on nick welcomed the she'll tell us a little about yourself. Oh. 18. Have waited for an. We had them build a vibrator in Iran. You hear electorate but what analysts like aren't gonna use that yet but I wouldn't hill do the electric but. No I've never about where you're from the atom Z. Police say it's electric you mean vibrator shock she. Barbara. And I don't know where you plugging into walls. We're part I don't know. Man my whole hook local minor riots. Noon and see here's my thought that I feel like. That's the kind of thing like you. You just shut it to my view you you vibrator reading too much back there you like you lose control of Brittany and all of and be about to joke about but by each other and stunning about holes yet. We have a theory if you punch him in the it is hard enough it would just it would go slack and just. Release the contents. It. So I do I would urge you caution caution of the electric but she. Mr. Scott Jewell the closest to the actual manufacturer suggested retail price though going over will receive the item up for bid. Our. The item permitted but that nick can't structure from the top throw sailed a debt and against orders made of so outsider's game and has in her ribs were extra blizzards in style holder let you store for use again and again just popped the top remove this Joker and enjoy now you -- gated on a hot and hard guard jet net gains that have got to read a day are iPad that I editor standards divers and stroke it though but then for easy cleaning added spell it for which is important according to Amazon user debt and isn't the only -- -- I -- and while it does feel good a little bit short adapter like by uses its dirty he dared the openings but I do you recommend that hair ribbon on the terror and Amazon user what's target. Why aren't there is nothing wrong with a got tired of these fake reviews at first I was thrilled by it every drug different ways to gravity field amazing and no problem behavior extra big that meets all godly get a guy or he would normally it's your job can change the job. I just about your swing that you want to vector energy Babe Ruth stout against you are all that is why you're not home alone writing Amazon reviews about a rubber coaching you go big deed that aspect that nick and Starr Barbara job sales and give me yours relative the bright. Right. Of the was toward a little bit here. He got to tell somebody I think my foot net. Big reception either individually. Jolt. I would live or anyone in our poll. And what would you say is. Up 1499. And finally nick what would you bid for cats in the canyon. Certain. In the actual manufacturers suggested retail price seen Arnie guy. It's all yours all yours. The other rubber journal Renton. Look at that you've got to catch McCain and where you're two fisted man. Yeah. Right ago rejoice and enjoy yourself right. I'm sorry Nikki did not win they need to did you Jules but what we have a consolation prize these hum would you like UC sticks and Joan Jett the black I tonight. Well yeah our. Says. And let me try again you guys treatment when he cedar hailstorm. Is you disease either and you. Nor will. I ever and I is that at because I was like you know I sure would be great grandma and this letter from him. We're only human you're so. Want them to be disappointed. Lay's legacy here and Agassi share pregnancy Christie Karen welcome to the show tell us a little bit about yourself. I am thirty and been married for twelve years and I I thought I hit. Five breeders'. Won't be. Hank has. And their bull lid and credited things. And these all your items that you wanted or was he thinks he Brad how did you what handguns. Are we about. Them and who do you think of him and a few. But oh man and go time. Is it. That's not doing it I feel like there's some latent hostility there. You don't you like being married to. It. It. A minute let me say this if I heard a girl just an appearance is fine it's great I Berry and Kurt buy a super. Yes. Don Arnold and you know very. No problem really gonna have to. Yeah. I brought against him regularly see you perceive you win today. The chain and welcome to the show tell us a little bit about you. Good morning and it when he Ole. And that hampered by ear. Eight at the heart and what are very not let me. We sent you meant when you were sixteen and you've been married since you were 21. How is your back you've been with. And you know. Or I don't need to be hunting until megabytes you guys before you bastard. No matter at all not at all. Well I mean that I ever act right. Let a manner that they're really great for a couple. Little lay. My little thank Allah polio. And that eating. And whom I mean I bet you share that it. What is it that he's trying to get you to these days who haven't done that you've held that that another girl it'll anything like that. You loud and patina that girl you can't. Really get the upper. It. Mojo. You look you've effectively stop that. Oh yeah. It was UT who Internet zone went to a garage with the problem or I. Do you have joking Bulger. Yes we do yes we do. All right well yeah. You're going to play well you stay right there scared and you're right we have to meet Christie now tells a little bit about yourself Christine. I Yani. The buying. One I'd certainly line. I've been at slightly and for almost two years now and a vibrate there. Weird migrating content being and pretty much anything lately right. Right right sure sure what when you say anything to put you do what you've been using that it's not intended. To be a toy. I'll go. Well one example is you know how broke out saying wary tie it around in the wire rope right yeah. It that gag line is that surprise somebody he music which has somebody. Electric and plug your imagination. Oh yeah. IE ABC China Iran your kicker you tying it around his. Well I. I tire around my neck but sometimes I like to be a little bomb major the thing and I find him out that this may be so how well. 21. When when you're just turned me. Well then Kristi well bench and of course here you'll three now the closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price now going over who will receive the item up for bid to ladies we. Lower the ladies I rather than ever made it is up fourteen edge would be yours double barrel though Brohm now she's yours fourteen inch doubled him though is perfect our partner blade solo play or at Georgia it has realistic feel with just the right amount of burden as far better than real experience with boarding into the totally been an injured have a -- this deal though is the perfect it's doubled up all the lyzard double double a lot of ladies haven't died out about the meteors devil Lilly is indeed Evelyn you can use of a bargain or black or penetration. And it'll probably should of light brown ignored earlier border all ran Aziz let it penetrate Dion has more important betting on what opening UG gazelle like. Your morning Delaware. So I'm glad they give me your lady the F brazile that's gonna. OK. Okay this. Gee he's in his current. That's going to create. And support he would double what it says it's his crack this thing. Here. McVeigh. Is this is is quite an item. And I can spend a booked yeah we. Yeah. And brown like you like you thank you know. It is no hair on it yeah. Mom and. It moves like the immediate and don't let that happen. Ankle and call. It now now the cameras. I and he. You guys have known him in self will be heard and knowing which you usually that video what do you think. Why not. It's it's it's quite an item ladies I don't know if you have a devil has until though we have a friend usually we reduce interest didn't only yourself but Carol what would you papers such an item. Sunny morning. A right here. I want. Portal. And finally Christie. What would our. Want me. And in the actual make your facts suggest. Retail price need to. Play Reba her big bucks looks like and his care is the wind at our. Scared is this the exit the kind of in the configure. Remaining. Find out what you've seen a double deal before raised fourteen blow it looked like to abuse is joined at the month. Yeah all right. So here you wish to keep this. Our. That but some distant and it's called check mallet. Isn't in. He's director good luck with it. Sheehan Christie's are executed when. There. Listen chances clippers yeah Christie's only 21. I listen I don't like disappoint you ladies. Would you like either hailstorm respects. Not in the better. Jesus Christ and that ticket ugly. It was Sheen. The Christie Christie Electric's. Yeah and have you brought your commute your. Husband. Well the thing is. He had apple in in the beginning you know I don't care like you know and then I opened up well like you out there and bring it chick and then I found out actually really hard to bring it into the bedroom. Mean. Well by now I don't want to be at third wheel of marble block out or they live like two hours away. What do you do when those web sites. Went right if you want. Do not hesitate you know little about my heart I don't grim reminder of what else. At my wife please god. Bill that. And street. Added. This is 30 yeah Israel off flat when it milk down the street and always an excellent all the wrong alt dot com yeah. Then there's of course hinder you guys downloads of Kristi I feel like you should be defined you in good shape really nice looking girl. It's and instilled that it became hard fumble to break have you liberate him into a swinger parties for your club. Now. He. Now fifty and only reaches out to what she refuses FaceBook friend is no matter what you understand me. No fishing from the spot. Yeah it was that stutter Christie stay away from people like him. Get through that would put him she would share in this. What would you like did you see what is he hails from. You can hold don't. Now I guess I did when's the next when your party via. It's a long ways away money point one but. Analysts are really doing Saturday night's. Or is like to have them during the day during business hours or not only. What's the truth what's the if you're too tired to go wrong. How old. Snowed this morning and mom used to be the grand pervert just I. In the NT nine did you ever can count on layered all I'm too tired on Saturday night to go back and history here today. I. And okay group. That. A group of the year and slayer if you can't go on Saturday. You caddie before 430 it's that. There's no Luby's aboard. You guys I can do. We do do do do you view mama mama my start orgy or thirty please. What happens those. Years. And that. And yeah. Double low end. LA YE. Remember when he was the 1 and I am new you wake up you asked you to say I'm too tired and Saturday night. I there was a day he gonna move Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday he didn't care if you and a vagina and you were willing anyway to hear he's. He would be their every night he would stay until they include. You're throwing that air he wouldn't he just owns grass like oh that's a commitment talk about it all the missing out on her screw. Try to grow up and yeah. None of them and a real well. It is. And unless you're up. I grew. Then you're gonna. Why did you once again says I don't have a motorcycle. Because it's my wife. But I hood when I look at it yeah good. Yeah yeah. As I know you've met Greg grandpa tell us about your plastics. Components layered account slayer you peaches and definitely needed. Yeah. You're my hero he. That you are. Here. You know I don't standing up during the show too much not well. Now. Listen I just remember rumor has this amazing yeah. Our agreement like that kindness and keep it at. You're there you can send up telling other young perverts. Like you really think find out that there's here's two telling you. Can. Back in the good old. We used oh you do not want you kids today it would face time. On the difficulties. It. Means we we didn't even have rupees back then we've got to use he's. Hi I'm.