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Tuesday, July 17th


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Some call him the prince of many of them wearing number one plug us. Don't lose his mission to bring pleasure driven men and women of Kansas. Multiplex where. And we'd like to. Yeah. I didn't. They lived up. The actual manufacturers or just every. Now we're here. Rim actually so. Chris what can they show them a little bit about yourself. Well I'm my 013 year old ally everything now the mayor pursuit juniors the white got a double thing that's about it. Fifteen years man that's good news your life. Thought. If you would you do it all over again. Sense and Ali and you're 32 Albert J. Crew. You got me you. Were sort of burst through that really gave you these ads. Yeah yeah. I. Whale and receive I can help my friend I feel your pain. And here to. And for Ngo and welcome to show them a little bit about. You know I yeah I'm 36 been married for about twelve years now my wife got a few things or. We had a hearing here and they're in the lap so to pursue new. When you do whatever you receiving. That it. To break their portal like they come with something cheap by southern alphabet quality. Like when you say break you mean they stop vibrating or they burst because you're like all the little man. Yeah like they don't have like they don't really there. Stay together. And he probably that person in this room. You actually hole through theories. Well I mean that the cheap when they get kind of come much freaky when you buy something else so it's not really that that. I'm. Chris Yost director Steve is doing the show he or you. Our Diana led Donna don't feel about your. 39 or not Mary. Got to believe. I don't know about that for a long time this. Need something else I think. I like you've written you honestly when a break obviously you can hear it. Batter or girl or whichever one is all right he's. She have you been married. Now on and how we've been dating this girl. By about. Eighteen years. In view of your. Did your marriage like what the match you wanna admit your mate. Fifty years he giving you might as well right you live together. Eight. Yeah yeah yeah. You pulled on me and hang in there you remember that boasted that he be hanging on the fence. I almost track. Stephen Jones Chris the closest to the actual manufacturer suggested retail price apple noble will receive the item up for bid so Steve Jones Chris listen. Laura about are item government today and it's a big ticket item is the media actually lead talk dirty air robo waiter crowd like dream product gentleman now you can experience true innovation and masturbation a media -- dark dirty Robert Bader majors exceeds our breath in my own that uniquely stimulating or did you call in a compact design adding the element of seductive sounds ads and did split every masturbation session and the convenient headphone Jack allows you to listen privately that Doug dirty Rubbermaid aisles of majors and advance rotation mechanism that wraps around your most sensitive areas level opening its nightly at what age animated revolution of consumers our team be easily united tickle his deeds reasons that are out visible Brazzaville but now. Let me detail about the media actually dark dirty robot they're going to have a long way to make in your I want to have a robot dreams can drift got a good Dan Eldon Donahue has leverage cardinals ticket and it started out there is all rotating Debbie Bartlett does things that a ladies -- live there and if you can read it -- got a budget may what is it doctor and obviously of the broken let me. Yet another button and they dodged the check it out. It doesn't really babe like that I just like he might yeah you gotta admit that's the way hotter than ever is it realistic things like. Or. War. Or perhaps. Are even. Although that they view of ever heard that last night that the media are certainly not thirty players embarked brides about god about that it be if the price is right. The whole repertoire Dallas. And you and I. Are. We on. You re entry well. It's really got up and shut up you just. Let's. Percent of last time you heard such saucy talk about what would you pay for such. It that. Or maybe. Joseph. Let's go to Cuba. On the go it. What. You don't Garrity. And the actual manufacturer suggested retail price and gave an. All ha ha ha ha ha ha I'll I'll I'll. And who Putin's that your stereo what you think he is speaking of that the rest of the it is for years like. A good day like it tool big men at. You combine that if you talk dirty route that later. Joseph I saw what you did here but you adjusted dropped into low you knew it was a big ticket items. You know out nobody cut it happened yet I get everybody. Nun whose good good strategy didn't bail this you know and let me let me. Austin even those he got back in China and that that Robert Mendelsohn. Yeah so let's wait no hospital it seems to be political yeah. If so what time boosted. And in Chris Chris. I bet that the I'll put a big big big ticket. Can you you follow the right direction you just yet you just came in a little hop on the island legacy. Hailstorm. Yeah court zen orgasm. Right or if you immediately went about that Def leopard in Germany. They are right. You still org violently should be even enjoy and you'll get it done. You know. I want to it and now it's true. Oh my god news it was like nineteen. There goes my first piece of acts. Mean. Has Hilton on. The Arab the worst you've ever seen. Submit meaningless. Acts up with a look at people with palsy you kind of got at least a handful that. And I think that complained. Top three. Things that is that you told the club but I didn't. For the record remember this is pre Internet and so there was a way to understand how much it would write Glenda. Anybody who is as saying it's it's just like you know. It is knowing you as an amateur that is like what is he stomp at least it's editing. Right. The ducks who predicts this is interpreted it that basically. Men are much better shape than you were incredibly clothing with their peers and test will completely defined. The whole time you think you just let this be over what social life and rise to do some things. You name it there's a really is definitely the way with the let him. Field and I know. Few of them and putting I'm just saying we who's them them next at a party to catch up with that. You have and you knew that if one of the party professionals I. You learn to like or DG yeah. On the verge added. That no person and you know not how it is your book. And Internet widger I mean if I should forget about here is your mind that you tried to instruct them yeah. The dumbest and most wasted conversation in this building we'll go ahead yeah. Oh god. No just that note that one moment in the trying to at it simply the conversation did you think. I know who look like students. At. I didn't put a picture shoot and edit the girl I just remembered. Her coming to you and when did you just ask questions unlike its issues trying to get the lead on Imus be. It just the one thing that stood out like. Brent let somebody running at you at full bore dry like the Cooley and that the deal well when it's not a stranger you can actually that requires certain things. Well Hussein. And that's what you heard on him when you live in the house. So anyway high and got a report that I did it. But you could walker. What do you think the big east in two games. In. The. What you can both agree on it and know hey you're gonna go into the knowing you're gonna do. I'm not I'll run. There's a dubious a price to be you know half the practice and you don't wanna support nobody wants to know Clinton once you know it's not like cracker. Now don't wanna find the prize. Of the best prices could not find any but the. And in the lord's work I felt like I did something here and Lou. She has Craig always look at the wooden nineteen live not stay go and spend a couple dollars. He key difference figures who is here with. I could move on. Helen actually created the plate Ellen welcome to the show tell us a little bit about yourself. OK I am a single I import in carrying. And I have just one little bunny bank breaker and I need an otherwise. Thank you victory thorough. You. What do you do for living to Italy where you were but I'm curious as to what your occupation. Am. Certain and Andy each a year chronic master meter where you three times a week girl fight until we grew one week. Democratic primary. And then we'll Helen when you win that show is all you have to do is listen. And you actually on the show as well actually welcome Michelle tells a little bit about yourself. I'm I am almost 33 and I am very. And I a couple toy is. One is a rabbit. And the other is like a little CP long. And I am I have a feeling to go. The DP wants to your fans by. Business. When the pilot. And 33 that's how we've been. Eight years it how best use your life. I absolutely. Nobody says it's literally no. Oh yeah you lives demands would you say that without the aid of battery operated. Toys. Would you ever be able to reach organs. Oh absolutely absolutely I've just kind of started dabbling in the lately this year you know got you started. Boom I don't let the little. You know what I think about the. How do I got that's gonna play. Ellen actually meet grin grin welcoming the show. Tony and I and my old currently under way just turned when he. Aren't colonel and not married there and how long term relationship. All and final round earned all yeah Hitachi board. We went for the the big the date. Yeah I think we'll take the pain. So we've been a relationship between. Or weren't born you. That's a long time. What do you think you'd get married. About it Eric gets bigger and here. And and the only thing you started with a high time that you want to plug in a battery. That's when you tonight it's get that does the short extension cord on it and other and to do it. This that's awkward the first time I realized them dragon or in court in the basement all of them in my bedroom that time off. And then you've got to think that complex and I think it and you know. And and that's best. Over that unease at first. I need a big. Wheel and think he had a good guy. I well here we go. Ladies the closest to the actual manufacturers. Suggested retail price medical noble will receive the I am up a bit so Helen actually Korean test listen. Ladies are adamant from his jail rabbit part of their rabbit series from Jimmie JJ BJ and rabbits over the iconic try to injure ravages of whichever -- you -- with the enhanced ergonomics and design element it is an experiment and thoughtful design intended degrade the best possible customer experience with the world's most beloved vibrator to the G rabbit has a super flexible shape for a comparable said the moves would like to outdoors over her body the Brit named Celek notice out to the judge in the easy grip handle is the most comfortable ever created powerful vibrations waterproof rechargeable it's good G ravages. The team that is maybe best couldn't find G spot if you pay day. My own bed JJ hunkered down about great trouble the way better than. BL ID this. Every generally run into a problem of budget revenue they've big ticket I always say about you never listen I. Have you here around. Solid and Demi are swear to god I'll show that you like and it just gets good Jeanne rabbit from Jimmy Jay that big ticket item which repairman waiting means it costs and it can be hours big ticket item. The price is right right ladies let's see what we got Helen what would you bidders that. Nine dollars. Actually. I am going to say a 129. And finally 28 year old Korean. If you wind looking for something. Then eight. The actual manufacturer. Suggested retail brand. Name. All but I think I was gone this island. Cigarette erotic master made. Out of the Korean I'm so sorry about your twenty year old and listen Helen in my I think it's very organized by Jimmy gentleman behind him. Okay. Actually. Yes they'll hop on that one but you're in the U renewable market saw what you were doing there if I wondered if it was gonna fail. I know they wrote that check it so I was hoping what it's a lot of talent you know. I'm happy for you members and they'll happy that the means a growth. Lindsay Def leopard during your hails from in this moment. I woke up leopard during right. For your husband was. Saying the your husband's a pussy as well. And there are actually musical. I'd stay right there in Korea and what we can do this. You know in two year's going to be cool I were real. Age. This is the right. I mean on. Three. If you run a girl for him yet. I. Won't. Always yeah. He didn't tomorrow. We don't. Do well grow and so anyway and in the anyone about the millennial. We're right at its past. And now that we're mentally. And. To me this if you went to one of those weird part being social and boldly he would you have to set. I don't know I'd like a blanket eat when Mitt. Which it. All. This to you. I. So if it's if it. Grin. And true formula we've collectively. The people who. Tina I just didn't distinguish. Laura is exactly your. I want to. Let's enjoy yourself have a great life I'm and then which way do God's Mac sales were definitely. I. Kills them in this moment and New Year's Day. Friday July 27 that is a week from this front right. Are. Crazy vicious stuff like that. At a.