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Friday, July 20th


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Some call him the prince of an anti them they're number one plug us. Good dogs his mission to bring pleasure to the men and women of Kansas. The Bucs win. We'd like to. Natural. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers or just every. Now here. Oh yeah. But I hear just Republican affair and community and I have to say those things off there who sort of I don't know thinking that. Hello everyone we'd like to play again this bill. Passes in the suvs Judy game from the Adam welcome to the show felt a little bit about. Very very poor bastard or adult or pride this trial let's have your should attend your story was won't be 41. Buried near me. Yet I think in her eighty. Or foresee rings and your motion motion to. And here in the C ringing in your feel OK don't let guys definitely. You have my thought was like vibrating C rings again figured it would make me finish what I don't think they need hope. Is that right or wrong. Mode here about it all right. And compete. And even if the. He's sitting in my home reported a failure but again I don't know. What a. You know what we started out as friends Adam yeah. What what. David I've Brandon welcomed the show Philip a little bit about yourself. What I've done. Thirty days. All in Sydney and daily and you eat and eat. Brandon you view the right man for the game. Adam brain and stay there because Brian has joined us Brian tell us a little bit about yourself. Forty years old I'd admired for years I am absolutely nothing at home because my wife just. She has multiple species act. Absolutely. But he's only been married. You're oh it's enough. I. Mean W. Ford increase and I'm telling you something you didn't know. Now you know it. Was gruesome for was did you something like you've never mentally that was just. Never had a torn while trying to get on the ship. Is it is creepy very doodle Lockett knows field and it really. Did. Grew watching and in your. It's just hot you like and it's gonna board. The guy wants you know like a creep. But even I don't regret over there yeah when you're away from around the you guys to do says he won't be easy games I would make is both Wear fake mustache is so obviously. Measures that goes to distort. But they like them costumes dornin we'll get to glue on bonds and we both Wear them and walk around the stores. She. I mean you know what brilliantly creepy memorial creepy. Bryant branded Adam. The closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price now going over will receive the item up Orbitz well. Fellas. Staying there. As I'm Robert Bennett. Lowered and announced that 1970. Bar Harry migrating cyber. G major. And these. The little blue. And that's right fellas the lord unitary vibrating cyber security major this server died and made it gets a rib glove demo multi speed vibrating Colombo and the aforementioned seven eased out bullying blue. Second well on the ads that gay marriage all you won't. Now about the Florida and announced that 97 able ordinary by ratings averaged did you have seven days now well below the where you know where not every car and thought we know the margin happy days widget I was bond backboard I was blissfully unaware of Lebanese now global Italian gym rubber droves every bar bunny egg buyer I believe that it that it was gonna make an average -- -- that he's doubtful that we're really not moderate aria that he's not looking at that I don't actually replicate the bush Riviera assurance. Like a mail ballot he's not like certain. World leader they attack my hair. Might hit it smiling no I mean it's actually it's actually my hands I don't got him an Arab from Saturday night favorites plus again. Not a work on the hair long time yeah yeah it's my hand you know we're now there are. And I spent ninety that we are divers QG. Seven v.s sir. Yeah. Old OK. Here we are relevant now right now the likes. In it and. While Laura doom is not a cookie. I don't want my food. I think of people it. And I mean there's a picture of said you and she's got a luge against a boo boos Utica. All and then you'll remember little puppet you know what they. But don't scrimp a little improvement yea I here on the back pictured it looks like one right there's one group. She went pretty treat men or like comb it over to many times I feel like that it's you know the few stray and sure maybe you know. And yet. We fondly of and. Its eggs in one of these tech review wow IBM apple. It's. Here's the creepy part. See you know it's in the store right and you see the front of the box there's a little open. Yeah probably behind me how did a quote look at the little and. Susan. Yes I know why do you think that's for insects it's it is like. You know be fine cut a Barbie apart with the sun and Heidi exempted overly gloomy place that I the yet you imagine getting like statement. Quickly but it's up that deal and it kind of back you look if I was afraid Eric would kill me. Show me where it. Wouldn't have this damn thing. Where the which whipped it. OK so here's this woman. Hello ma. Oh look at veered off. From either it's like it's. I think magic you know it looks like it's more yeah you're. A Mexican brand and he'd matured a little quicker and yes yeah we got there are we in the most yeah that's of that reflects the Lewinsky I wouldn't call that hadn't been hit hit it. AG. And yeah you know I think your head out of the Asian go for the Atlanta assembled around them regularly are more. The thump on it either weird because there's kind of a debt or bubble would be available. You which actually fantastic but there's no explaining that definitely out of this with a bullet goes where's the bullet but here yet. And that makes others. Obviously Canada is here admit that it does it look right there were watching them. These. It. It. Give them. Yeah. And my god I forget Tekzilla that you put your mouth I don't. One. That's. A dollar and it's a little bit dollar athletic guy. I pushed really hard enough that you the freeway with that and at this point I'd probably thinks about it. A tablet which is late this why master really good and I don't know yet and I am like. Probably. Or put your finger. And candid we're fine with the. I UT that you guys he and Obama finger but let's talk about the worth of this thing bring Indian. I'm just talking about Brian Adam and what you guys would pay for such an item including said Barbie deal. And we'll keep it. Eight or nine that. War. Brandon. Jonathan on. Good to let you impediment to stash. Look at the fifth through making it all went down there. Or if you will the upside down it was the door your hair looks like like. An old karate instructor weird you know movie. On your local public and on any of them. If you put an opium pipe in the bad it would look like Betty and that's exactly. So brain would you pay the net. Our airlines like that like bailing it out you don't create. Beard and one day. He bought got a. The man who's watched the game before. Brian interest rates. They nineteen certainly or bush on how about 1995. The actual. Manufacturer. Suggested. Retail price sixty Florida and a guy and. Hello where is the only Randy in this thing. Brandon Brandon. There are odd and I got Abalone weekend. Yeah. No moment. You really tedious something about mail at inner band about to enter the U. It's 100 dollars in the same. Outlook and it keeps. He's about it into the duke did. A hi you go legally in the. I'm just I'm just yeah you know like. I. With a brain and that's can be when you. Adam Brian what do we use new goods and be. Hailstorm passed. Let. Yeah. I had a huge first. God smacked for Adam and bringing them. Got game it's it would to a real. I have a two week break. Amy Judy these pay me dirty girl tell us about. Roll Mary 47. Me then Mary. Quite by the year didn't. Who happened lately lows rapid. Bullet. How happy would you say those 25 years have been. Amazing. Moment. See what happens doesn't. It does he know your dues you know you bail and thirteen other dudes. Now. But it perfectly from. You're gonna play your. Age Judy. What do you tell me about. I about black people are back at that day beard guy. Yeah. You shouldn't use you went ahead and seventies bush. No idea I never never how old are you in the seventies. I would under army who at 79 year between. Her car. So Judy tells we'll let you know we've put your beat Japan. I got I got I got I got there and got a rabbit out rang me up. Not elected me. And on and dying curiosity. You make this huge. I'm saying I don't read myself where the relationship. Well thank. God I'm did. There's no doubt in my mind here awesome everyday. It'll mean Judy you're gonna play the needs. How were you tell us about. By Ian Tony eight mining singing you know gut full loads of people that the rabbit. Anything you have I've got it. Really I mean he how big the container does it take hold all yours. You know this sucks cured but player. So. And you married single. And engage engaged have you ever been. No oh yeah I've been together for thirteen years or realize take it down that's what we are you ready to be done. You can because into fifteen years old. Yeah. I could be wrong but this is the only clean as you've been. Winning. So hopefully when you're getting the game. I don't know I think I was fourteen. So okay. And execute that you met his penis have there is a bit another penis. No. You never broken up. Now. If you'll line there. On on. And cereal right now at a hotel room as beautiful. Has he cheated on you. No if you run Guerrero have you brought a girl. Yes how often. One year. It was awesome is it birthday what does it all warm and we're coming up and I'm out there and put it that I mean do you believe the girl. And you better are you ever I know she might be little cuter than me I'm not gonna do that issue was the littlest beautiful you. No it hit me. Do. And you you get down her she hit and you you let him have sexually. And Mary to your. We wanted to ask. You have a job. I do and actually they're just hoping it might come out and blame the equipment and equipment at a. I read the AD nice yeah they're right there packed yet. Q and one another more. This is not familiar. I. Lost. What's your fiance is name. Wouldn't. It. What. We kooky bitch this girl if you made your brother. It's these brother is he's creepy ST. Be honest it's dirty too is the tees they'll. Say we know how to shut the front door and those that means. Will we keep adding on and not. It's been able. All of that your brother. I answered your brother and okay pickles and pictures and ice would be nice who's been banged he's brother to him and that he gets in there thinking. In TP I tell me this would you ever get on with Sabrina. Oh whenever. You have a brother and sister and sister and sister. Because it's still like that your idea that I think it'll cable are not munching down on your bones. That's your line and the the district pilgrims. Here and let's stick it's a fix that break. Is this one event like that's a thing like no. No. Myles standish did not want. Cranberry and Lou did not go together. You're going to be awesome by the way I love you. And would you or would you would you let her you know. Years. So. I I mean usually when strangers due to rate your wife's face. This has some interest in Lam Lam moment and we don't assign rules like real good every acre. We have to be green being cattle and you can't look at me. Is your always I hope you win. Ladies. Listen demonized Judy and Amy are. Ladies are at a number of data into my living many small part of the management of these series from underground a blown up sit on it and enjoy that lab very. Break. He had it behind. You that he knew that he gets. Barbara Lebanese Hezbollah is far from ordinary Internet may gadget and made for a Busch then led Jew did drove up on June the setting of a multi speed dial and enjoyed a marvel vibrations delivered by them are vibrating dull six mile is covered in south blocked vital and that do handles allow you to -- out there and neighbor than ever to have our as the quality of my closet Molly has made that play are only about three shattered now that will let you down when the action heats and structural engineer out what the box President Bush at three under. Arrest is still a little. She loved him. Got to see my lease sign there so. About it bouncing ball within the oh I'm reading your way is my burning man he's a ball around my dream rides and get you aren't ladies do rise in the yeah. Also there's my friend thank you. Thank that guy is just this did take a little ground ball and you'll see it. We as it kind of makes me wanna play dodge ball making. It's. It's in a lady's let's see would you bid for such as this guy. I met Amy Amy Amy Amy. What would you papers. Judy I don't know. If it's because of the year in two but it like I think you before. Rat out like. What's correct. And duty more than. You do what would you bid on this. I don't know forty. Or. Do you eat and pay sister in law to T. The next. Let. 48. Or. At least we. Yeah it always you didn't know hired. Wine in new logo you let them wanna be in the middle. You will love to contest the nice. Now not the actual manufacturers suggest. And that it. Human. How hot. But it. He's close of that going over that's. Judy going around Houston. At the top. I admit it there at the Mac at operator are you know the horse is a bowl. Yeah. Imagine only give me coolers eased over your opening clowns in the pocket out. That it would be fluent on the. Just before as organized as Clinton on our yeah I'm one of those meetings were. I think comes out and then go home for New Year's Eve. Do it maybe you do what you gotta do send me pictures. Erratic islands as you can read the Genesis. Amy. So I. Listen that would you like that hailstorm or Def Leppard. I know. Vote. Nobody. Knew it but she didn't win. Oh I don't know yet. Step Robert. Def Leppard or journey it is next Wednesday. You'd. Oh Denise. Old so many things to talk about my friends. I don't know. Fifteen years to fifteen years old. Why you didn't see the frame we think maybe I shouldn't genetically mate. School there isn't it is his mind so I'll I'll say okay we can't the couple little monster you can make. We relate to Obama and my arm to be. It anywhere close today that he figured like they have payrolls. While miked. I live in the bush. And grueling than indoors. That live in two parts. I feel like you're live in the world who's likely they much like those that was really sellers like an amount number our facility there. We won't I'm sure you do. The other. Course of course but should you put. You've you've not been made it you're not marrow you know wealthy. So there's bastard children. Think cavity at it now hunter you're the whole thing it was at a level I really like Egypt as your frame. Well essay about and I can meal deal though but you do you know your brother in law works here he could probably gradually just bring it home. I'd rather win it like bothering him too much you got no honestly yeah. He's super busy with this car that doesn't run with this month he had for the deal goes to give the people. He's done item. Tell us. The eleven not to offer be Regina whose wife who is attractive. She's super hot you've seen those boobs. No nights I have and their nice. Couple my friend's bag Regina Cuban isn't very good. Well it. Would you let your due to do it he. You're illustrating how a miniature. Iron in a rope. You wouldn't you would you would be to let strangers in your life would you let your round. You your visit to. Me. Is there anything. Eugene O'Neill in India. And my brother. Well again it is still be I'd like if that's basically if she EV got her pregnant it would probably has looked like drove it. You guys were able. The yeah that no humorous. That you think he's you'd think he's not a good thing. You have tattoos. And east you have to it is. Are you heavy. Know keep. He is under your parents. No I I get like. Kind of laughed at idle. Any of these things on and I'm not even in his Billy hite I'm. I'm off you know eat Turkey at Thanksgiving table that which you do bring girl homes. Meehan and got third you know convict and Larry. Yeah. The equipment. I'll cut Austin wanted to present for Thanksgiving dinner with color and buys the you know what you guys who preached in. My knees I'm gonna send something home with him. So early. You are right you'll hear these did you punch Somali. Know whenever I'm standing by. Kirk on what he did. It and it is possible all this is this any. Did you punch the wall. And the long for a couple not cool at Thanksgiving. No not at Thanksgiving. Not never punched anybody your indictment Thanksgiving and I thought why do you look what she's brutal you know we have. All values that we. Yeah we don't you. Know. Oh and I want to punching at the inability of the yelling it across the room we are yelling about from having to go to his frontrunner unlike that we don't like having to leave our. And you did. It did that that they do berthing which. We Allman of male friend you've done. When the gun issue an apology she which is. What you do the wrong thing to kick you you can just there have you know like oh my god that was an actual band that did. And suddenly you don't feel kickass the more did you did you make older now than it doesn't really certain. And yet again though. Well why gay couple. You know occurred in your hand and you learn your lesson. So many jokes you. Into who you think you swing more than tea and Sabrina. No role. You guys talk a creep today. The higher. You don't judge and all he delicately they do to. No because. You know I have no idea what he really does that that this thing that's his front door I. I do I do I feel. I've seen pictures of him in the studio. In the middle of an orgy who would you like to see him to give me your email us and. Oh you'll get mighty now we have we have and Edna. You wanna see he going down another room. And commitment of the annual. Haj. And well. If you act and I don't you know they did you know the other one I'm not turn and I hear yeah. You know you can pay. As you saw the picture and no friend finder and a dollar and let him. Who wouldn't shock yeah it. How many other brother he has. It to others. And then. Come back and prices went to some. Yours now and it. But you know he he's the two guys never read you go to the Steve Stricker answering your pardons. Know. You guys do you question to be like hey you going to summer being. We're gonna that gaping hole. You know your response to recognize who I would we didn't go on an action business. What it. Maybe usually talk like. That at that. Maybe shouldn't affect another voice. I can't I would sound like a man and I would have been played in milk prices right now that I'm right. Well. Actually very nice I hope we get a lot of chicks I'm happy you're. You let him and the girls by the word you just. Or. It what you said bill. It you with a good months analysts like a guy who gets the watched the chicken which is great. But he's kept just outside the gates or swing at singles. We be doing this weekend. I don't know. You have a girlfriend currently. No not at the moment. What happened the last. You know she let you break that goes along with him. Each he's done wrong you know I don't really think we're on out so the main analyze what happened. We're not old gracefully. You ordered. Not tired at all you're drug dialer. You know I'm amazed her that she. What does in Turkey. That's how hot. Have you I don't care and he'll present moment. With TOB of a wonderful week in the best you love you stated yes.