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Tuesday, August 8th


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Some call him the prince of an anti them they're number one plug us. Good to loan us his mission to bring the pleasure to the men and women of Kansas. Multiplexes and and we'd like to. Yeah. Okay. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers are just doing. Now here. Cody is about. Just to welcome to the show. Don't this before and up to Sturgis do that get killed by her came Franklin. Oh yeah and there's no other two Eagles in the world that could go to. Cabo San Lucas in August. And run the risk of getting smoked Meyer came yeah it's August for God's. There's no reason for. Listen you're gonna play just a when he got to go. I know why aren't easy. I had. And in other pocket we put a lot in the way and a well well well. The good GG you know I'm not a fan of what was passing cars and came actually. Deal with a and snapped me right now and it well our own she's like and you know goes up and hold on and stretch real tight. And of course Lou the push. Ultimately the government is three feet rate your people yet it was game off. If you don't. You know as every guy knows what you're really read it's art and make you stop. After you. That should be the technique they'd teach in rape if that's. Give a rubber band in your pocket and some and the people. Around Q you give. Yeah yeah you just packages that would have been estimates. There has played well there. Both those guys so you aren't adequately and REE eight at the open I got you by a Wiki. I was number ninety volatile and it went lies you. I. Other thread of FaceBook. App yeah it was great and very very good man I'm sorry didn't win the next year I would not agree what he robbery that happened. I saw a and if this and these things happen it's you know what if you need to participate in trophy I'll get you. You know I did it better but knowing who went about it and let me help yeah B I just and Derek he's director encoded in the playbook. Cody could be sentenced to the million. I'm. Don't care just please listen up guys because it closes the actual manufacturers suggested retail price now going over will receive the item forbid. People. It's. Another day it is lovely. We're all you did your round and yet the irony that a number of these rivers of all universal simulator is all things to all managers and enlarge your lives and extender and bids as stimulation sleaze and Julie texted with newbies and rim. Example I get appetizers and chain restaurant welcome to bitch he's would you like to dryer no these are guys third ride. You know I know that you are just ray Mason spent dip. So more and solves India. Obviously the speculators like whether leatherman multi duels except for your Johnson's remarkable is that the rip someone's I'd turned inside out but now he's on the other every year I've been larger of the art our partner giving up Jordan you know what I mean also in the order and you don't have dobbs up weren't foods like that other guy. Yeah I got applaud the thing. And let it. Wider variety Delaware and exotic novelties and can be yours relative. The price is right now here we go fellas let's suited to reverse those so all district universal's the emulator. And they think yeah well let's see if it adjustable would you pay for this wonderful product. It yet but we will not. Let me go to 42 dollars. And then dealing and Cody. All heard there are thirty or war. Actual manufacturers suggested retail price is our team our guys. Everybody over bids but just inputs is being laying in the universal stimulant. I don't makes up for the hotel room problem. And only if you using a pocket that your body is so I would. Yeah. Well out on a lot of drugs that aren't the country. And birdies here or that little warmer I think in the main problem. Without I have read and. Yeah I have no idea how many times I've heard that mr. from comedians and it's a I'll let you know my fair accuser on a local. I think this ticket and Jim budget generators kicked in the bag and Tim and 1 of the new morning show shirt right right. With a with a Eric I I again often. You're dealing with eight and we see that to get. Here I human go to C there tonight Derrick. I'm Robert operate on a green light. We do on the I'll give you. I don't yet they aren't tied it at him in and it. Cody Cody Cody don't be a sore loser of god takes on a hook up with something. This up because that doctor Gina. Gina. The end of as a male and you know what as she name. And as in most it's we couldn't live without. Thank you hourly. Or 46 Mary single. Mary. I'll leave me. And three months now who burst your second. Or third. This will host. I have in the back here real. It's a tall timbers. And sort of all very good he went back to the original. Yeah and how many times he'd been. It in the army and you've been married twice as well. So oh for both of the hopefully it will be fantastic but I wouldn't impact everything you know to the F. Nice happy and what is the key to a happy marriage now that you've. In part to different marriages he's been part of what you think the real truth is what he that you really keep the guy. And keep holding. They each other. On the yeah. Dirty sex and it this way getting divorced. It's about being a filthy filthy whore but only being his filthy order on other people's. Ratings and Jean. Are we the filthy over the first two. Now and then you feel. Nothing. Happened and we need to be a filthy or with the us and our rights are full access everything. She's not listening to me this is the zone of people are at this is. Starent. I wouldn't I wouldn't got a helmet. And yet. 67 at my prison illness. If you did these last two managers. Now he accumulated dirty or preview. You know I really do that back door yet. Yet so he commodities in Wallace an outlet completely filled your. Read our. I say that with all the respect in the world my friend is you know. I know I love field. And no one to be somebody else's though it. Mites and get. Sleep. At. Night. If the oh. If we don't listen do. You and the relationship currently. I am Mary Howell. Are about two years first marriage at them. Or urged me to hold. I'm rule twenty to get a you know you probably with the right age. And I was being married you were doing. And then at. Let's get to a deal sister. Act I assume that you may be using this by yourself more than with somebody else. Yeah that's fine that's fine and we got to go. I have a couple of and that. Them regulated out of that aimed at like any power kit so. Again he needs a little little more juice. I got you and clearly electoral backdoor action and I don't see what you manages a fantastic Xena responded that kind of genius woman. I'd now he he does. Well what's the problem. But what we're would you fiction could fit. I'm under the nearly six in Spain navy. You know let it currently have young children and producer once they got little. How many kids you. We or view which you wake up and I think I have too much happiness time so he and money. Arnold had little kids like when you can elect you know we should do disrupt our entire tapes with the you know if you see again now you discover the back door. Well I mean there and they all. Do what I early. Adrenaline and the kinda adds we're all were on the same weird vote. I Gina tablet that love you both present and sincerity Sarah how are you. And error out. And it. What is it about the tone of my voice that women can't hear me. No. I don't know him now. What you like Sarah what's your story. I'm 24 and 10 and I am. I would get married. Act on them. At him for you. Really so you're telling me 24 years old in the prime of your if you had a problem needs action. Who need it. Here. Yeah sure but then you don't you'll participated in the moment I mean you make him you'll work. We need much. Clinton and what that would your specialties actually. What do you think your best would it that the U. You're not. Oh there. Right. Fair that we ourselves there but Jeanne. Please listen the closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price of going over received an aggregate but. In case that it over. The closest one so these Erica. Jim listened. Ladies aren't and submitted them is keeping it vibrating bit the bullet from hot Brad ladies are you feeling a little risky are you would debris is keeping your finger by his grip on anything union gives you the dress she most intimate region not about your Regina. I've got a letter which I doubt about the president beggars vibrating bigger ball and it is it's a vibrator that goes on your finger that you venues on your lady parts do you master might have other dollar raise net is virtually Glenwood rightly makes it look like when others do brushes that you put on in your name right now wanna leave his on the map there at doctor drew did not why did god oh god. Yeah there's a pretty bigger by reading bigger boat from a lot brides and could be yours ladies of the prices right. For some a little more sizable because it came out of the beltway today so. Of these guys can make it work geno what would you bid to decide impressed you fingers vibrating finger bullet. Wait hang on side. 499. We're. I. I'm gonna say it's cool 99. And finally 24 year old married for one month Sarah. Watch it. Manufactures equipment just. He lever alerted our. And Sarah for 24 you schooled now than Jeanne. Iowa and gloating find. An entity. Listen Gina I'm so sorry I wanted to win. Gina. Yeah oh my god I'm. Obama and a chance. That alone isn't a tournament in the men's. It's. Can it if you wanna take your record has been to see green Ayers either or you know wrestling that's what. Green Day out. And you'll to have them. Once something that you could play in the world in the lights but fortunately you'd be at one dollar to hide. Where which he snoop. Are yeah. Q all right. You look there. I've been married for one month that you're very experimental what do you think the next thing you'll be experimenting with your brand new husband will be. And like Chang Caine patent and edit an epic epic currently at wine thing. Would happen. They're. Saturday feature that. It would have been at record she really. Accurately. Right. Well I mean I think we can all relate to that. We've all had got up and listen let's send this over going to be when you. Food we give her something else. Okay what you likely to curtain at your bill though. Use it fair to build a picnic but he'll stop. You stay right there. Pick a favorite. Being a burden off the public affairs it might build.