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Wednesday, September 13th


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Some call him the prince of an anti them they're number one plug us to go domes his mission to bring closure to the men and women of Kansas. Astride the intercom multiplex win. And we'd like to. Naturally I. I didn't. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers are just doing. And now here. The better defensive moonlit adult boutique by the way. Missouri a forty highly Truman rose Casey children stayed avenue where applicable law. As for a second C. Adam is shown. I referred I look at the show. I don't know what's going on my friend. And the equipment. What do you got home. I don't believe what's right. Came here on Wednesday. Bait hook him up with something that there's no list in the way. It. Shall lose. It right at. When you. On earth theory. Everybody as. I've now one item for myself at the very easy. And what in the statement in the project. Very rarely reliable yeah I was active publicity. Of the vibrating ones. About and he you know now and just listen. I'm I'm already back pedaling the sentiments. Were. God forbid you actually took it to them that his videos of these things. Now that's. Portland and myself again. It is amazing. I don't need anything else and nothing else though that we would. Kill. Get me. At one this year. Yeah I am right don't be surprised. You. Our lunch why. Do you masturbating with a well written but yeah. Once I didn't. A I. I don't mess with sleet and open to a party. We shall all the things children. As the moment it struck out lower and we're slipped up in the and you know that net interest me. A look at that game was done for the night. It used to go ruled the government held back on the again that's a that it took me out of the game as you know maybe tomorrow is a welcome your. Iran look. At. You wouldn't. Worry. Me and Mike and not a single thing here. That if ultimately. The closest actual manufacturers suggested retail price going over. Him for so Ellis. Not ballads are -- permitted us -- didn't stealth. And top note sale ads right village you couldn't fly under the radar with his -- realistic divers to instill stroke -- on when and you have a realistic -- made it -- survivors in -- the other end features are launching now urging you know -- give in outlook comes with a high -- -- cup -- and you could stick it anywhere any time when you wanna stick it anywhere and it's I was never about let's -- devil's drug that still has died from -- known as wedding and it almost two rounds this thing is anything but still didn't do and that and they got his Dan -- or was it like you know you're what did you know -- better get even admitted I didn't see the struggle right now either program here because it's called -- -- doesn't -- I didn't see it. No all I can also see that you have such got a picture of our bombers and Barbara is what does he stand right my. Public and Biden targeted law. If this ever stands still stronger Republicans that's a big ticket item and that was the right is right. This is nice and go all the way through it looks like a decent particular animal. My section. And then that. They're missed out Obama. Yeah well oh yeah hook up a couple who. It's really nice quality yet apparently still does means black person. It's. Definitely something else and you hear. All of that with you. You just reverse the book but that which is gonna gross in the sense that entities them all in agreement. I. I or thank you are there are this way it goes is. How. I think that this. Picked up from the one you look at. Me that's what you know but it's a very nice which finger. It's like a good. And here's the thing that's really now nice quality equity and I. Well fellas know what would you bid for this AA run what would you. Report. Sheila. Why aren't. Up thirty. And the actual manufacturers suggested Reid. And what view. Yeah well I am in there and it's all yours. I cream guy and it does it's it. Is now. I didn't feel offers I don't know where you need to section. That you can. After you power okay well. As a lawyer and that we would do. To me. He. Not your living with the technical as it is his wife Laura and I. His picture windows. I. Think kitchen. It's their way. All right. Well Adam that is all it was actually very nice and you know you need to make sure you have somebody gets it if you ever died and typically interest. You guys show on air and do you Wear little on this thing what happened to be that put you would eagle my excitement over now and atlas. Though. And our guard bigger people over it. Glider. They are well I will try to make you better elements and those he's a freak ball. We're all right there at them when. I a huge Amy and Tammy Henry slightly Jamie welcome to the show. Oh you. Find what you had to deal. I have a bully and a double dip them. Mean and a double field now interest to have a girl went to the other side. You'd what happened. More. Yet until you a only with girls or what your situation. And then you now I'd at. My girlfriend to your married and how long relationship last the other girl. Here and what happened. You really crazy and he's lived three hours of late particularly today. But it can really crazy making like all my time that I probably Hector constantly because it was a lot of main and they did they can buy so. Good drama I had to let it go but yeah I'm in the market for another one. Own and and your husband was he's terribly set you broke up with your girl. You that play regularly you know I mean you kind of bad night. Exit expelled by damage that it not only lose the drama by. Did you how did she feel about him what she. Was she attempted to him or she just only do you and that seems he was like care. That was kind of problem he lit in the mean I was allowed to be with my husband. You like I don't want you aspect of him and I might. Well they heed my husband and you knew it my husband and then but it might not have to do that so. You know lack talent they're not that wide at its game and think about doing. It beautifully thank you so. And sort of but doing what but when she was having sex with that rigid both of you. And on us that's just OK. So your husband we shut out of the good the hot lesbian action. Little known not known it but ultimately he he could lots by being. You wanted to participate like that I bet Michael. Get out of my house. About it. Talking about like. I understood it doesn't wrap my head around that little party like. He's in his own bedroom it's his wife it's on his bed she's like no. You get a yeah. A couple snapped a compliment to. You have. To turn yeah. Hasek intruder who had yet all right well listen you're gonna play to get stolen by the way my friend good stewards. James you records and he's gonna join us Tammy how are you. I he married or single. I am the war. And we've got home. I Wear a pink rabbit. And that is all market now aren't. We you've been divorced. I'm not. Happy. It basing their revenue. And the best thing but the old it would ever after. Like you're gonna play director Tammy and areas notably Karrie welcome to show. You. Not very scary you seem like a no nonsense kind of girl. Not. That you'll be mayor new single what's your story. He. Didn't first time. The room now been married before how many times. Taunts and what do you got the arsenal. And I got I'm some vibrator. Your Miller. Yeah you're right so you're into the anal. Yeah. Receiving or giving. Oh wow how. Did you know that when you met the guy argued is forces on. And now our new. Yeah I don't you want to bring up that and I'm just curious side up before we start the game. You guys are talking during your first date you're like what you like to do well I like it was a girl violates my fingers and that's that does that. Exactly narrow and I am definitely yeah. And last year here and there is a two day death. For interest in the new new movie and you knew was love at first you guys ever fight over the but look like who's gonna get. Now would you consider matching ones. Gerber cute couple stuff right. Is hers is in her home again that the debate invitations here. Warren yeah. Yeah we got tools me you'd. Think he'd be all right listen here and Jamie were all gonna play. The eagle to a price is right on the U description you're going to bid the closest that going over receives the item and case of a three wood over to the closest one exit our. Are the ladies are Adam ever bit as the air touch dude do legend guy would Lecharles Jenrette. From cloud nine the air jets do combined central glitz oral and -- last AB leisure with a classic your rabid desire it has an ergonomic handle as US leverage our who has -- and a beta versions are endless pleasure major central good to rural section there and have a special memory regional remembers her last orgasm rig pattern by starting at the last Georgia vibration and section news during did you start where they're favored pattern each and every job so I remember exactly. What is that like a guy and all my bird I don't know. Spelled out added we finished last time he had so I'd turn on sports that are not funny you're what is accurate or any units the air jets to do all sergeant Robert good Charles would you rather rent out. Yeah large ticket item ladies had to give you hours of coverage. Right they clipped oral. So kids. And I'll bite that's what I meant Romeo must bucks a oh sorry to. Yeah I assume you are. If there it's. If you know. We get crazy doctor Susan looks like a little. Tiny trombone or did if humans nor from their cartoon characters in the eighties there exactly what I found it to its peaceful. I would love to yeah. OK I understand don't talk. They. Where's pretty bad game on but anything is all right there's enough. In the case that such as Amtrak hit a wanna feel the interception. Paula it Aegon. He. Believe me you're way up close that's only for me. Don't let them. And it let me have a huge deficits that what you're seeing his head with a sell off awkwardly close to your message and create completely. They'll get a clue do you it deal villain and he's creep into my room is out of you if you could pick up on any any littered with. T and attacked and done it. Yeah I think I. Hasn't been the greatest thing that suction mr. Rao. In pulses to that won't go at it just like a thousand miles an hour. So talking. I mean yes so. Moral not only is it vibrating that's fantastic but it pole sitting in basically every other beat its second mountain. But in terms of its not really the little oh yeah the section or I believe it which finger. It's actually. Been rated. Oh yeah. Aaliyah. I. Magic I mean that's that's a real it definitely played. Really I mean that's that it be one of the greatest thing you. Looked into it. Yeah. It makes I mean ultimately. One is. It's just so weird it's got to be great if it yeah ladies it's a big ticket item in I don't know if you ever wonder I Taurus septa poem. But let's get to Jamie what happened to such a magical way. I meant they sent me to nanny back. And six in order. Kerry. Hundred dollar. The actual manufacturers suggested retail prices weren't elite team now and it all airy. Who. And it's like what the species and apparently well yeah I. And it was JR. Oh yes oh yes prepare prepare yourself apparently this is going to be the business. Done right on the ticket Jamie Jamie I'm actually said we didn't have three of them one for everybody. I know irony. I know it's extremely paid very very good well here's the good news. The good news is it's available moonlit adult boutique the bad news is it's going to be an inbox through an expert. It does look pretty magical I would spend 220 knocks on him today. Mike he'll listening. Don't know if not yeah. We think this is to the other direction like this is such a fun item like here at the best time ever have been involved in Jamie Jamie he'll try to. You know a piece you'd buy tablets of the Asperger's Baltic it's corn stone towers to paint. Would you. Actor going into any. Their you eye catching. We take you to another place late you can hear. Mickey's telling me about last night she goes to bed and Mike comes to achieved within this year tummies are upset but you don't feel well. He doesn't say oh I get to something are you okay and maybe what's wrong to me what it completely new it's gone bad and and so is response. We'll what did you go down the hall and sleep in the other bed that. About could. I. Yes that's exactly right take. It that it's. Up. And it doesn't when you're gonna sleep next to you about him. PP seventeen times at night it could mean that it can mean it just you know what values you tell me is real Miller. And I get. Sure but I'm being nice and as you know once you go down gently in the other room and the bad. Even made analogue in and looked at you telling your story again and it again should teacher asked who you are after in plea itself. The dogs. I. Assistant at a few of the girls knows me in my stomach upset in my eyes I. I go to different direction might percent as well knows that here she and her coaches say insurer. And to the night and that of a lightweight saying that you may want wanna go anywhere near the end. Of the I don't think you know the back of. Once you take your funky and all. Like I can view it could happen. At a there. I can't imagine the joy holy match. Just let others enjoy going JB I've been quite a less crazy girlfriend your husband. And I didn't give me all the bands. And when did you get in the other girls and and when did this start when your husband and steers. Are so I like girls like forever. But it never had been nerves it gaining about it but then. That has. Need to open your partner in the scary part regulate you know like rejecting. Scary definitely doing welcome them. One about like it could go. You know I didn't I didn't look at that and I'm still scared and don't know what do you project. Noble thing. It's a love the way her husband played so brilliantly OK fine. It always wanted. You know you're welcome. This. I'll pull for him blank look at and you obviously. They keep it falls asleep and Mike how. Did you follow this leak rate how any apologies. I think he's got a whole idea how. How often does he get involved UN ban another girl is okay. He he didn't act and act out. It's just he's fit he's deadly when Leslie yeah. What you gonna miss words that. If you believe you fell asleep while the theater.