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Wednesday, November 8th


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Some call him the prince of many of them wearing number one plug us. Go dogs his mission to bring the pleasure driven men and women of Kansas. Multiplex win. We'd like to. Naturally this. And. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers or just every. Now we're here. Nobody. We'll get to the men first Brandon welcome to the show. Well you it worked. Right and rain you're gonna play Michael is with Michael welcome to show. They do you do it and while you we're. Actually and we were down by a voter who likes to get one of the new life. I know I got a little life. Well listen as we get something extra day help. Make you feel bad about for Q are you into these kinds of shenanigans when he got to know. I do federal up sample was girlfriends that a couple what Purdue. Brandon Michael stay there because I'll introduce you to Adam Adam welcome to the show. You don't know who employed by a car. We magnificence. Of a bitch you. Yousef who wound up I assume you are you off or maybe recently he thought dark side. I feel like Adam you stay there Michael bring Daniel now works the big close of the manufacturers. Actual suggested retail price now going over will win the item in case the three way over to the closest one takes all you have to do was listen closely. Mission control for the fellows are about for a bit today at the Apollo reversible Rick master meter from. California exotic novel. Houston we have a problem and that problem may have what candidates and partly a ball reversed a master of them have got to Georgia knew that Jews this matter is that he's out there but Vernon if they are resolved tied strategy inside death -- and a man and let it about the above reversible bring me a master it named after the Gregg got Apollo is known as the got a tour mr. Boehner brown went out again any which is why you're sticking your and then of those ads as you win not as though it hasn't let you stick in your and that haven't got a black women stay away from you liked the black hands while you're sticking your in the bottom line. Every state there's been a while already heard about Britney amounts greater right now aborted body now is. Stickers in the price is right move. I'll tell us. Feel as we've almost given you too much information. Random what would you get this incredible polymer virtual premium master greater risk. Go. Thirty we are not in the. Michael. Nineteen and in a. Finally Adam what would you pay. Are. Pouring rain. Two defectors. And. It's. Adam knew exactly the way Nancy thinking that reversible premium master agreeable. And it's all yours apparently it's on tonight's strategy size defeat any incredible suction choose your sides mood figured. To your side I'll write and use it. As smooth. As attorney. You have to go right there you know what it's embed pictures. It. Publicly that there right there. Michael Brandon I'm so sorry to say he didn't win but if I'm gonna do. Invites you comes over twenty years without the Jesse's always December 15 at the true. Yeah. We wanted him in the choir. Yes oh c'mon let's just add your Brothers don't forget mangled any of the price shoppers. It does he knows the balls that Ares and if the but fevers. Make sure that you register to win bring it to courtesy of Jesse James urban and it's one of those that were partly it was north or outlaw or Davidson. Mean given the way that night would feel like you. Courtney Andrea and care and Courtney welcomed the show. How you and a great. Tells a little bit about yourself court. And I'm engaged. And and I got a production line the couple are doubling aid and chapel on four and Google settled everything doubled its. When and London in the bigger. Yeah well OK this explanatory that you you're engaged as your first man. And how many times we tried one of and how fast are right here. Well at least you did you. This is he gonna go for it again punish realism of the first that we're allowed. Him. All right well hold. 29 and you bring girls into the bedroom. And mile did you bring in your first one. And I am. In attendance at the big motivation for me. Is it really takes the owners of the that's the last the Jon and never touch. And what you remove that problem and feeds such that it would all managed. He's director of injury while under the. I don't mean Mario and well you. Oh salute and Latvia don't let the shadow. Tells little bit about yourself and and when he ran and I'm also engaged. That got them first that cheered and we also like to have somebody that Cleveland. We regret. It's just it's so cool. I like I'm like no one ever ran across future might have the it's column island girl it's. You know. It's really like. It asked for much of an ever. But just it's like every girl that calls. Them. Well there were beautiful. Of course. So that he's gonna marry you and you've been married before. You made before you're 21. I put it that. Even the we've another first that cheers and you were there. Yeah I got married at 17100. Isn't so I'll married before you're 21. Of them. He had. Mart. Appease me its eleven day. Some beautiful. Wish. We. Which could be on them beating doesn't turn me on some level. Andrea you're going to play and we thought mr. caring parent welcome to the Asia. The morning how you. I'm wonderful and I think that crowd it's a little bit about yourself. Well I am 46 and have been married for actual air and. I'm black or from a lot tortured them and we liked player that you bring girls home as well. Absolutely alone we made the weeks to do. I think first we get like three years ago she will be quite a lot. Yeah that's about it she's sort it first but now. And that rig and regrets anything that you love doing. All right well there and Andrea according year old we gonna play. You know how we're two closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price now going over will receive the item forbid in case the three way over bid the closest one to accidental. Our and that ladies aren't government but naturally. Regardless. It did not only did this rhetoric is playing well yeah you lose your. That's like as you know than most yeah. Thanks diamonds are back to do that big god is great for first time users and those are reverse something not to be yeah to use lower terrified McNabb and has been ordered every big all. That is yeah that naturally yours and. I. Lazard go manager's eyes going in Wednesday's the read our that's cute comes to mind as well as brazen or even ablaze with that other outlets like it me or is that. Bryce has right I did a quick Google finally again I don't know if you're familiar with this truth. But I. The average erect penis is five point sixteen inch. Well let so this is right on target well and this makes me feel incredibly good but I thought I opt opt out. I'd normally won't am I don't feel like animals. Yeah I would feel very good about bringing that to the party exactly and then bring myself to depart right. It's nice but it's fine. Nice. It'll certainly make you remember someone you're not with anymore. Let's let's give this shelling. You pay for this in credit. Believe normal looking ultra soft they late furry waterproof body safe being doll. Courtney. Are. There. Tell me something to warn you bill with a man who was only five inches Iraq. Probably. We just can't really remember because it did make an impression. Right. Andrea. I and about thirty sport and you. Same question you. You. Weren't probably a little bigger. So. Would you be off puts if it was is that is the average size and says according to a study published. In the British Journal of Urology international the BJ you. Average length of a flash of Venus is three point six inches while average like the direct is five point 16. Well I guess or late at work. You. Dismissive. And. We need because I care and what would you say. It. And the actual menu. Just retail prices fourteen not a guy. It is everybody over bid but care and how they knew when you're sixteen year old marriage. You know I've. Just like me you'll starter kit that's exactly what I was thinking accept that as a good way to take. We use we you know if he is excellent so normal. So yeah assuming that. Aluminum design is like that to me in the with a blown. And. Marty Biron. And what to do it does yeah. That tiny acorn group well you know he. And. He says that you have more than. No yeah okay. Let's see if and you know you know exactly how long it's. You know exactly. Who he millimeter how long it penises and no measuring from your bubble. And yet you're used to live in suburbs out in here. In malls that. Yeah. Listen he says you're above average at any moment that. Our initial anger. Yeah sounds angry doesn't ladies. Nor need you as he's unbelievable. Yeah I think you. Andrea. I agree. With that. OK. Okay. Here and I'm Donald. So I mean. Listen care and it's all yours Aniston Courteney and Andrea I expected Paul Bucher tops off and bring to grow princely jackal 25 anniversary show happening December 15 all right. Done. I. Have a good time and made it defeated the register that Jesse James outlaw. Urban motorcycle at any of the price shoppers content he knows that Aries the fever spread shoppers. Or the worth Harley-Davidson north or outlaw it tonight.