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Wednesday, November 29th


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She shouldn't submit Jeanne. Alex O'Brien and Jay that must mean it's kind of political food prices right. Some call him the prince of many of them wearing number one plug us. Don't lose his mission to bring blizzard to the men and women of Kansas. The Bucs win. Naturally I. They lived up. The actual manufacturers or just every. Now here. And he's sexual harassment notes. Yeah I want the ambulance. Is an expert. But if that we've got what your situation. I got to grow at I know that yeah that India should you gotta be always. They're not going to Britain. I don't get their agreement that brought them you know I don't want to. Not need me anymore but you know it got it. You can basically the crown leasing unit you don't get a lot of stuff or hurt because your patent you might be replaced. It. It. Oh until what are. You look in this that. It was. Traffickers and barely out of this job as we speak. And secondly he ever beat you trust me that stuff is all the opening. Because she argued as he used to actually that's that's of truth. So she needed lift and east of me the right guys industry like never be threatened by that you all human leaving in the game it's like the kid who gets the suit up and so on the bench. You rooting each year for you. They're good. Data. The islanders. Women do this you don't really need my. You know keeping them happy that make you feel good to be there have been the end you don't need organs and you don't want to. Once there Alex went to enter but that no matter how read the vibrator is he's not. How did. Our Brian Ali. Yeah don't yeah. It's nice I don't know what you what them. Don't have anything much though I'm only Duca. Or five different things that they relate to use owner. Navigated the low end ass as a friend Alex explained. Are there aren't as arrogant or whatever you want it Margaret breaker you know worried about being replaced. I don't know at all partner for years and achievement you call your boldly. She's seventy some people out now with a an early morning. I know what you're saying. The good. Stay there for a rise and ultimately Jake is ugly Jake welcome to the show. Well don't home by creating an old lady or are you afraid of the vibrator. Prayer that. You you've that you be replaced by that. Yeah there. It's inspired. My hair dark brown my old ladies vibrator and luckily we can't a couple of IDs. And gotta go. And it slid out on the old ladies I've greater physical on the dark one priest on the bedside noticed it a little sharper than I at a bad. South. Point two. He's cute according to make certain it's. Whoever is making notes. Rate. And he threw that away. That way and I got a hearing from so you can see her. And you could learn only how old you. Know. Center underserved or. Yeah. A. I'll let you know works the big close to the manufacture. Actual suggested retail price now going over will win the item. I. I've got ours our government does the ex wives orbit from this experiment has a realistic master meter that is shape to bleed whether seductive terms and do love tunnel to satisfy English snug rib love Tuttle has bowed vaginal and anal injury wasn't allowed to Islam breasts and Astor and tens of by your ex. Period up right there because there's a couple things I'd like to dress up as these days mileage limbless headless towards I have bargaining in Oregon does have a dozen seven to eleven injury but there's eight have you gab all or that used to be valid than normal lavender is on your robbers are going do it every anymore like I'm glad you're BA added sugars expanded and get the net cabinet doors that don't ever died there on the back billions. Definite Isaiah what my vote figures not those leagues that double. At least pledged delegate corners de winter holiday dinner when your parents Bob what do you have made an admired mob. Yeah I've got to plot and mode thing. And imagine the. Had sex but it from should've given your relative beverages are right I would immediately. The Barbie don't stick it on this oh my god and alienate. Yeah I think in and you even played looking back on that topic and what I Hamanaka. Popcorn that. If you didn't did. That's idly sexed up. Thank you both please explain but the let's get a bit more would you papers incredible thing Alex. I'll we'll go born in Ireland and it. Brian I'm monitor where a tornado. And finally Jake what would you grade this endless sex. How do atlas that I would say he is the size of a Cornish game. Or a mad man in that it. Voting and I am I'm. A big. We'll certainly keep ahead what do we are now. The closest actual. A manufacturer's suggested retail prices eat more than an hour. Are are moved it. He knew about but still. You were fifteen. We get when you bright and is going to be countless ex public is no tomorrow. I. Really don't yeah. Their right their ranking regulations don't read this you're such a bit from the nicely front. Jake what happened to him and fighting goes on. I'll know. He gets up and matched up today propeller is very nice I mean depends on your did your definition of nice is. But that clearly I can see what you and I. I don't have that treatment of some odd things for the tackle Jordan Whalen on December 15 it. Alex. Alex what do you do with the UG's stretch it. And I'm a mutual lit up when I am I was Mozilla envelopes. Let's I'm missing you see that Jack Whalen julliard out of the sun had done so we did the right. Joyce did. That's pretty creepy and I'll. It looked. At home it's like. I'm playing a burglary gone well. That's definitely his old. And that you gotta you've got livable but it seemed like if it's. Legal yet it is is creature that just a little bit of the next there you really put them. The Barbie you know. Or GQ okay just make that we equipment that whenever the defund. It. Well. You can put. You can appearances let adults. McGill actually you. Share cement engineer shambles that would you share welcome to the show. I am aren't good morning to us little bit about yourself. Well I have a wait perhaps by the ears that kid in Ireland on the way. And now the kid is from this boyfriend her previous. Is this is the five year old no you had the wood or five years is your first kid from him another guy. And why do you sense of discipline if he said that. I I. Now now we've been together five years and very and in our next when. I just so I don't know this is a purpose. Okay this is you know that. Yeah yeah. We got a coach. I have me I have anal beads. I had. Editorial library or in the energy but I. Movements now clearly you know play me ask him all that much you wouldn't have won gave no other world away. Well. And he's learned his lesson that a little. I. I'm machine used to that he can plague Samantha in Samantha welcome to the show. Arnold that morning tells little bit about yourself. Carl arm when he and Arnold armed and apparently mindful that I had won his ready. Well I. And now I can have it really thinking that I am ready collect it. You've not had a vibrator. Anything anything other than the bullet that you've never had another item. Well what twenty you have a boyfriend husband. A husband he doesn't get you anything. Like yeah. I'm really he's afraid that you don't get that the I guess and lazier and imagined here. An ultimatum like their eldest opening band right within our house yeah we think this guess who has replaced about this gap. That's no good and I'm kind of get that America. I viewing anything that you have not been able to talk him about that you want to talk to him about. Your program haven't tried yet that anything about it at an event. At if you play in girly girl that I. Now would you. Media like and that's what Eric yet. Yeah. There's almost always leaking well. You like does he know this if you haven't talked about it within. Now what about illegal. Yeah yeah you with a lap record yeah. You relish our. I asked. It's there and I think he's a fine young. Kids are gonna play and Gina you how are you. Heard it yeah I am well what's your story. I'm 46 they had. Basically one bullet ends. Why am I right here and that is why why did you let you still impoverished pageant. I've never had and the Iranians. You should say like you honestly. He's he's adds more because of the discussion do you feel like you've you've missed out on something in life. Are out. I got you listen Leo time for yourself who looks a little alone time this morning. Are probably. LSU we can get done and Jeanie you're gonna play some this year and the closest to the actual manufacturers. Suggested retail price going over will receive. That. Ladies our government is Bob Barr breading these are small part of that that is right has these area around black dream run explode upset on NN enjoy the Al wild around migrating many says biologist Barbara ordinary is an inflatable vision made for bush in the lets you control the -- Jews visiting on the multi speed dial and enjoy the powerful vibrations delivered by the firm vibrating dollars next ball is covered in soft block device and is due rentals are allowed you to get closer and deeper than ever below our best of all the inflatable sex -- is made a play hard and holed up at 300 -- and won't let you down you know ladies but you know if you 300 brown ahead of on this thing maybe more to help me keep from getting along pretty far. Am I reading many small part of the management of these areas somewhat ironic that again the old ladies at the price is right. It's such a smaller version exercise. A volleyball NBA basketball. And it's got a vibrator a guilt or top of it in and of course it's it's battery operated men and we can see. Put up a. So we heard him like the hit that he had every uninsured. Did you want with a Google. Blog defense. Visa also ladies I'd like to point out again and doing lunges this could probably straighten your legs and ignorance is of the exercise that the motivate right. So I. It may be hard to imagine cement that your only you right 25 years of age and limited experience but I assure you he given. The public your kid. Did this smaller but as a penis. And yet. Wish him well would you respect when you. Forty. By the way the dirty it's kind of everybody I don't know if. Samantha what would you pay. Little world. This but you can tell your husband about the only thing you wanna try. I I. And so again showed that dog who just. Keep jeans and a gene or would you. And 49. And went oh. The actual price is heard Aaron now on nine. Google. Sam this jump in on the we all things. I'm. I yield freaked out Sam. You know what. Maybe use this before has been its own get yourself look good in in in you know and in tune with it. And that and then break it down on him and I'll bet you he's rich he got im impressed. Well or. Is he freaked out by saying choosy is okay. Just think. You don't technology instructor to someone I feel like any Dallack holder Ian walker threw it is it's going to be okay do you say that a bullet. Yeah you wanna get the bullet out in the and then inflate this thing and listen it's it's pretty self explanatory. So much fun you what you gonna wanna get Amir could check your form before you. And it. There are. Yang a wanna be like for info like you know to me like yeah. You in a masters just a hair but that we had a good jump on the kids skateboarding and I don't know I'd. They wanted to do damage you that you form looks good. That's me. Or give be given to my big weird dirty group. That's why. It's cement they'll act now hole. Well it shouldn't Arabs I see one and also lead to a doctor first. You know your mom's really in the master race. Tell the truth at that. Wave that. We've not seen her top Derrick Low. 01 C would you see there's one item or 150. More people. In my mom's got a big black one apparently said my nephew. For. Yeah. Does that mean if this we're all human. I think it only gets creepy when mom's trying to get all. Let's talk. I think Cuba I'd be worried this in the same way you do let's not talk about this similarly dad is doing just talk about economics and oh yeah listen. You do do whatever you like but does not compare note I don't need help you don't you don't need help you immediately nobody needs help. When did you discover that the him. Outside and Clinton twelve. That he saw a movie that Longo moved in somewhere in this but it was like. You know like college age girls can just don't step mom stuff and she pines and and and she decides to use it and step mom comes home to do is pretty should stay on top Auburn. It's pretty great. The yeah. I.