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Friday, December 15th


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Some call him the prince of many the error number one plug us. Good dogs his mission to bring closure to the men and women of Kansas. Multiplex win. Yeah. The guy that lives up. The actual manufacturers adjust your great. Now here. Where does it blew it open. I'm forty allegation though Truman wrote about it and Casey tasty evident to speak up and the bull by. Let's give it up. And welcome to the show. I don't get. Analysts viewed as well don't tell me where you were which probably you related. Yeah yeah. It was when he got home shenanigans. I'm. Sorry. Attempted. And Ed articles even his theory you'd definitely. Get in Roland on the phone rule that you. Like. We knew we went to Olympic hurling things. Yeah. Up. That is the only cool is at Roland hold on you guys etiquette Josh Josh welcome. What's going on with it where the political outdoors yet we're what do you know. I got to use please and a few. Sticky and how different you won't beat me there. Other guys do they. Yeah Lou what is it like Iran which the equipment through mood. Good matches against you know what yeah. He tries to add. That's really and it's. Roland I don't know if throw the other Q. This girl play that you got to listen to close the actual manufacturers suggested retail price will receive the item up for bids. Arafat Al Anbar Adam government is always these future traveled tush from California exotic novelties Liza says the strategy via the pleasure of my diet and I live like huge erotic material module which will make you vantage again and I I am trouble believing that's what lazy actually at that I'm going with a because it's on the box. Let me tell you always traveled just may be made of feuds erotic material word future radicalize the tour manager of this probably got and simplistic terms this and they bubble stroke and that's no ribs I don't know pleasure no no batteries no vibration the little black and blue and it's like the rubber bottle version of airplane rentals no for exile you don't realize that junior and airborne Bradley. And that's not an airplane but I don't think that counts is joining the mile high air and noisy stripper Robert traveled from California exotic novelties and every ballot. Ever Verizon grades and that's right. Just felt by TSA has found out that way about it just my travel took a look at the you don't really show up but you Romans is surprised. Yeah there's there's an. Ed let's give you had overs at the would you bid this incredible traveled. Amman. Or. All right and grow at 4011. Much. Or wine or. Josh. Oh. You. And the actual menu that suggested retail branches Jeanne nanny guy. Off well. Roland. Roland bigot you know honestly I don't I'll. Probably do what we call collect and. And you knew he brings you won't read finger. Director Roland gradually that Adams I didn't win the future travel to. The art and it. He. Lets it. But let me make it that you can't decide which would you like better you want the monster jam the big monster trucks or the restaurants. Debbie Debbie smack. Juan Martin Hall all right game and use it right there at what that huge. You I feel like you wanna go to black it was deciding crude. I'd like market. Then there yes thank you didn't see it. The little things like socket at the rectory. Game on WB smackdown February 6 the scripts that are it is a live show by the way. All right corporate. Andrew ready for the weekend figured out for Chris and so fired up. Most don't know I guess there really had that one and exits leaving she snapped and that's a. So little sheepish from here on sheepish and and don't know and sheepishly I can't believe I did that. I don't know. A sham in my country I don't know that'll never tried again. She Cuba it was pleasure parties and pushed my penis. And choose explain to me what did explain to her early use it ventures like and they also said it take you make real picture of the by any stretch it. Which makes it more taught. Well. You know maybe it's later that you should be that was Illumina and in that basically rubber bands that in the years. That's that was in that. It's not cool and Obama want. Pardon me knowing you and her nipple go ahead maybe she did know. Image. Billy welcome Michelle how are you. Really it's like a fun girl tells it feels about you married single what he got the George. I am married and I belt and an equally never one. I didn't matter. How about that never. Wet spot one's a little. You married I mean I assume you minister. I don't. Hear this and you like your priest your whoever that ambulance like today these days. Now I don't. If so why why if you don't have to me it was just pot if you win what he gonna do it. One unhappy but ultimately you. Well I mean that counts is masturbating and of your gets masturbating but that counts as master. I'm out there in they have very unlike old married couple. I'm about America here. How how Louisville. I'm playing very. Like you to mobile analyze this relationship that shall break and I don't buy present you know master may I do believe you don't have them agree. To. What you have organisms. You have orgasms. That you made lightly to the home likable when somebody replete repeats the question you just asked that means you're always going to like. OK I have gotten bigger and that way so. She master Bates all the time people. Fruit as a master Rickles is it. Nickel. I don't know about Cuba in Billy's. Maybe I hate just passed said. B two weeks ago. And you you need this. Now. I think is even cooled off the old. And well over the that you married a beautiful beautiful healthy baby. We'll good good clinical two. Single mom which. I am. Engaged. On that in doing that backwards. Backpack or. No big deal. That you for Christmas you baby nine U re exactly. What you haven't used it clinical. State. Share. Those first two broad range when Richards. Well I've had a really before and another girl you know. You look at Q. Do you believe America released later. We have three we wouldn't husband. It and human. David I shared those live pictures of you butcher of the girl. Was it expected expected him. Not unexpected we're actually we're at a party and I got connector on it and you know one thing let. Think that that go back. Her calendar at this point my life if that's wrong on me if the original port Wentworth and like I like. Certainly you know nothing you could. Just goes up your look back yeah. Probably. Share given my original when you. There. And we'll share. Nicole Billy I need you lead you to listen up because your item. Ladies out of government is both frustrating and learn. I'll tell exotic seas during nine intense level of resting rotating and vibrating actually the thrusting member. We loved and needed operate features incredible thrusting action on jamming beads with a reverse rotation jets vibrations that. He's in generalize with the goods or even later admitted thrusting it fluttering at general Lanny leverage I Alibaba thrusting plans. Remember it has got in that really they're all logged on on air you have rusty barn he got as many part of my ready Mario migration of balls as good stimulus in because I don't just a rubber bottle out of it up and as England's legged in a degree from MIT because there's MID. Stands for Mamas and to thrust there's not a rush to ramp our 60% of the today it works in an attack. I'm telling sonics. Are not a ladies' clinic every hours of coverage is right this is something I mean mrs. Billy you know you start out of this room or doesn't mastery when quake. You guys. Again this. The ball. A lot of controls ruling as a highway controls the left or right. And center. And so we. Hope that this month that panther now at all. Oh gee just credit eight step. Which I have not seen as the fact that there's an extra piece on the end it's about there's the whole thing the migrating into doo Hickey on top and then there's a thrusting. Like it goes in and out yeah you know again. You just let it lay there and you'll do work on its Allison as we speak this. And ask that was all the way up and get the swollen. All the way up. Nolan film I guess. And then tell you the middle wanna go. Oh that dances. 2%. This is locked and there I don't like in my mouth and just what is at New England on. That's just but I and they knew this one. That saying holy day on its got its. A ring going around on the inside all Willy Wonka style Brennan who would you Ghazi clockwise rotating. Do you know it both ways. And then there's a breath and new picky. And then of course you've got here. And. You hope we can. Just might be the most perfect attitude ever brought in here team. Here's Jesus Mary you lucky. Luckily for help Larkin. It should deity I got it's not too big out it's. It was porridge just right. You could literally lane there motionless let music be it would still do or share. What would you be as. The united. Fugitive there and I like. Nicole what would you. Say expecting. Oh. And my non masturbating friend Billy at work on the speaker. Actual manufacturer suggested retail price is 87 aren't guy. Cool. And not let me. Good free calls for example. Our current. Leaders. It's game on for this weekend. This intense levels rusting rotating vibrating action with powerful functions as I would stock of batteries. And expects. That. Cherie. Those. Are. When you get some smack into monster game reveal. I wanna know they have yet Warner. Dad don't have any border to honestly not be that anybody can do things even original and lift that. OK let Debbie Debbie Debbie got there. Billy. You're streak is being kept alive we put a the way this whole idol masturbating you know nobody buys. And nobody's buying all master. On. Vegetarian calls into the show that can help the millions. Listen that we. The good fight day. They need help finding. The click through Mumbai and people shot right. And hold you. To win this feeling. Grant really connecting and let's level here. You your husband master rate cuts. If you don't who is there reason why. I don't know I really had been. Oh I did don't. Really feel like it's really should give would you like sex and doing. Are you sure I is there some reason you don't Catholic. Like OK it's shame he got conceived master Regis and we're still here since lawmakers who would program markets it was in in the years to master them. I.