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Friday, December 22nd


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Some call him the prince of many of them wearing number one plug us. Don't lose his mission to bring pleasure driven men and women of Kansas. The Bucs win. Yeah. The guy that lives up. Additional manufacturers adjust every. Now we're here. Air and welcome to show. Got a I appointment which is doing. All of a whole lot like he has ordered are now known for themselves. Is there anything you can play at a welcome to the show. Did you let him the good old glories basket when you. I'll buy it ready leave and a couple of clearing all right Derek is also gonna stay when this man Derrick walker with a show. We usually single married. They go. And. All right Eric Adam Aron. The closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price about going over will receive the item up for being so you must pay close event. The other special holiday big ticket agent you know don't write them write our I don't ever been enough. As white girl that my giving strangers from electric products. And you're gaming. Hello. It's. Slide. Yeah lonely and I'm praying and. Blow being. Lured. We need to. Boo me. Cool. It's it's. I know. I. Well bell Atlantic now that I'm as Langer haters are resolved avalanche journal and let them are barely even better than the real thing inevitably with a mold he's been vibrating mode this white girl won't stop until you black kids love and that's why girl part of the vibrant strangers reminder erotic today does. That's why you're boom and zoom. Days CNN. The. I. Learned. Then. Days it is. He. News. I can't wait every bit of fifteen pounds. I'm gonna come to your cycle though. It is. As magical. That air is sweet and yeah OK okay. Arafat what did you. Can't imagine seller and you know strained it it's an odd way I know the term deja Vu his grip. But when you see. A master between fake Regina but it it looks similar to when you noted that he blew the treatment before but let's. Almost flashback on. Well that was it made the big ticket item it's super nice it's incredible that could be yours is the price is right so Aaron. What would you be this incredible let them. My partner and a. Adam. 129. Now. Twenty and he finally hear what would you pay for this incredible that's like. So war. That's 130 bucks. And the actual manufacturer suggested retail price is 157. Not an. And. But at home here. Error. It's going to be it's going to be weird you definitely get laid. In the back. But I thought I'd hear it is all yours. On. No Derek. Arms Adam air and I'm sorry it didn't seem to workout for you. Listen news EE BOS is playing with gruden conformity would you like to go. Yeah. Now it could yeah. But I'll go out and now it's all good confidence and I'm here to please you vigilance and. No. Familiar well. All right so Christie and other admin and play Christy welcome to the show. Or what used to. I am at 37 they're all married woman I've got a bullet. Hits it. Out. How we've been married. I've been married two year yeah have been together for nineteen. And then what made you finally decide to tie the knot. There's probably been together. Moon yours or his decision. So yours. Are free up. All right well. You're gonna play Christie knows can be little more advanced than a bullet hope that your adventurous girl. Christie's director Heather is gonna enjoy this Heather welcome the shelf. Hi how are you. Or would you story. I am they didn't think the players and I had gotten my show or in public I still and. And so even what happened you were married. I would make first sixteen and and you finally get him to him. Yeah. So but why why the work out what he would even hope we can do compete for the last two. The last year. And what an ethical need that it'll. Have to be at the top eight. Yeah. And I know how completely. Obsolete we really are. You know it's has been. Christie's gonna play Heather's been. And then Amanda you're ultimately welcomed the show. And one huge blisters tournament. I have an eleven year not where I met him I was when he was there people. And I have are all well yeah like right about anything. That's. So he unicorn she really knows that all those years you know pressure for marriage young adventures you'll like it and you like everything you like other girls. I yeah I I we've thought about things like that. Yet that you know like that are very or people are. Right. Well let me choosing this but even you know even if you never intend to ever have sex with another girl and him you have to keep the dream alive which means you keep going. You know would really entertainment like in the right situation it keeps the dream alive as opposed they know what's wrong what we move. And I don't like or about them like we got it right. No yet all right. Well listen amid a by the way your arsenal gives a quick rundown of the vaginal hole. And I have a lot not only are. Yeah it diet I'm. On her. I got everything. You really get. Well let's see if we can get something new for you today Cooley asked. The closest to the actual manufacturers suggested retail price going over will receive the item permit. But all of a big ticket item an affiliate no good present for our big ticket item ever granted the X but. Brighter for lush. Hey if you somewhere Friday just listened to do this demo of the this night into the negative toward the with a great big hated to know. One thing you know it's never before this song is. Don't hunger to do aren't going to immediately on your anyway. Days last week I dove on the ex wives room right here that lives lives blizzard yours now with a native dog that we wanted to Wear ripe berries sent in the mail you'll definitely don't know apparently miles. Will be blacks technology on their part in the thank the great bachelor party deck you know I'll let you I'm no expert but if there gagging. If you're using it on the wrong and another rough rider not the weird dream you're real wonderful. In the years I've learned about it. I don't get through your demeanor when the bank Robert Wiener and even the hours again that right now. All are. Okay. It's been laying. This is magical business if this can see it twice is that is the other one. So but it revealed that. Yeah I'm about I know. Pull it. Most of the stuff better. I'm doing that let. Them right now do you. And it could've been that. So ladies this thing is missing a serious it's the size of a sheet gate. In you know it's Armageddon coming over the hole and got abdomen muscles and large penis as bigger. It. Mickey knew how to handle that. When it wouldn't let me do and what do we get there. When I'm disturbed about it she read she wicked witch who knows her grip. You know. Everybody's got through a technique which you through you think you can always tell us. It was left ended his night beating. On me in the Dexter is fidelity to the lefty. All right well. This is magical that. Hope your feeling experimental Christie Heather Amanda ladies it's a big to get on alleged bid Christie what would you pay for such an. 198. So there. Whoa. 55 or older. And finally Amanda what would you point while Courtney. The actual manufacturers suggested retail price is June added I'm not an hour. 000. Kristy you tell me again it was a bullet. It up. It's gonna we. It for you all right listen combined ticket if you weird torso with these corporate. But I don't understand it weighs every bit of twenty pounds. Oh. You have to pick this up today it just for the holidays right you know show this off to your family a we didn't look well you know. He's so much so much you can dutifully play the best that I. So if you've ever wanted to have a three way with you guys I think now could be the Christie has its own and that is it something you feel it you'll use Kristi would you like to pass it on another girl. You think you for the answer yes or an opulent comfortable with. Did you wanna pass. I'm single. Listen in morning. I. All right because he wants to hold underage. And get it right. Heather Amanda I've got black labels aside it would. News EDE this Saturday and so we Saturday December 30 of them. All right to both Sarah. Dealers and COC. Employees. Nice job it really or. A New York eleven down. I'm just surprised that he thinks and thinks. That. Sorry to ruin it could.