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Thursday, July 19th


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We're here fingertips information technology dollars classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that 1000 like his I was I get bleach my breath when we hear the Johnny air morning Joseph understand that some better. Just like your job. The regular. No matter what we've. We did a real. But now there now and at least your memory technology here cars do not Johnny ceremony showed green that looks great. The whole new. Air touch world out there like this panel is that kind of finished with a snort some of that than me and rabbits would wind like human beings. Yeah and use a when you go to the womanizing the original one the womanizer is amazing and this is same technology is slightly different improved by right. Charlotte cowboy. I what have you. I am wonderful you do in the lord's work you get your cloud nine novelty attached to the oral suction rented eight ounce loop package for 790. Dollars or. Have the brand new one which is the cloud nine air touched three hand held little nipple stimulated plump 59 dollars. Fat fat as an amazing amazing boys. See you. You put your fingers in the machine. It's as it's two things. Well I'm just because it says it's comfortable to finger use as a shield around. It a little bit on the top. Quote light achieved that it's now. All life. With a Q this I found that taking one home and huge kudos from sassy bump into pants she likes it it's a would you hit the spot. You don't move that's the thing like you got remembers a guy. You know we're stupid decision we hear girls say she likes it she moans as she moves her hip that we think it always means faster. Our. World. See Eddie. You still write your. Notes there right. There and these things finished quick and make you say she can. He could knock it out less than a minute but always by minute. That I like and we got other women it you know unit for our light Al I think that. Right now because when you're done you're looking guy on and and and an electrical and think it hurts now who just. It's too soon you can only black crap they're really good lord. That I know Israel. Television how did you were fraction of their factories period I help. How will take huge of an orgasm and get back on the scene. In. Ten minutes it twenty. I. And. You know because as a guy we always I always have the stuff like. And he'll fight the first orgasms all hardly let it happen and then just start over again you know that Google longer time. And always fails and never fails you like you've been busy night. And hungry. Look I'm. And yeah like tired yeah. Acts yeah it's tough it's tough to get everything around that again another five or ten minutes. Some ladies some ladies can go and go and go in go. Hey I NCAA tournament. Eight L Sartre. I met a girl the other day who. She'd heard us talk about that had taught you want. And her boyfriend her and her record currently with sixteen in a row. That's a. An important parking lot and I don't I don't I added the we don't image that you and all the time in the actually need an artist they are right in the badger and I it. And I hope our office. Yeah it's definitely over the pain start. This. Is a totally different thing now this is eight mrs. X auction based. Design to explain that to me. Apple loaded and Abby bit is. It's not woman I don't like that different but this is much crap I novelty and created. They can keep it as well I had met all and an air. I am. He is extremely extremely power ball. Well we thought well our powder they eat out so early. Indication that maybe you need it. I am but we copy cat league ball in the RPI I'm really like you know without the ball up saying inflation on the net all of this. The machine will actually do that for belch it. It's cool aid into double our. An ally and force it partner and stop you at apple for. Eight. Greedy you know the greedy vagina. So would you say this is your go to right now hours it's just one to week one. I'm luckily I I definitely dump our current air much and I let my anger great. And but at L had to get on that way and he didn't want to eat in the car and eager are actually I have the the HI it may eat out eat out or work. Day. Like Ari and like Al. Do you approve you for what irritates five g.s by. And that's the one that she's more like a deal though vibrator and then it's got this welcome we've referred to as the snort. On top that we don't touch your your clitoris and and so so you you enjoy a little more inside outside US you what the whole package. Yeah habit. Not all. We have an air what did you know and I Allah that they are cleaned the bench after that is much bigger. An air but forms a ball. See now I gotta look at. Yet that's that's pretty attitude and some. Ice so the host of but the sex machine yourself. I mean. There are currently profiling are wider. Way is their own age and up penetration by it and let it air all of you I know. Oh back in the day eastern powered treadmill and a lot. Yeah he. But that the easily it's similar to like job viewers. Like where you you. Yeah so let's saddle and kind of push forward Rockwell rough future and also be like one of those. Those shares into their front porch old people you could students would be the mechanical motion who have. But only every time you pulled forward and backward it makes that deal go go up and down in the saddle you position yourself over the said by a greater deal though. It's very green like business as they have V and master meter period. While I will work out all the same I ain't it great. Is that your favor what are you lazier you want the actual machine we're back. And I. Thought. It let it play at all our. App. So hot I mean look at this machine it's got two good sized legs about it. A motor it's got to ASN and murdering concede that of course the power about the big dialogue it and then it's got pissed and this takes out the front and you can attach things that. Now this this is just go on the floor or on the bad I mean how can you position is when you're gonna use. I mean you need anywhere. Acute and warm air on bet on the war but the what we're about being out all the ether an error I'm better than that machine that are currently setting out. No I do it it's optional pop it I'll war. At marble and being you know arc light each auction up to its low power ball is going to keep working at all is walking. Fly or not war. So we did pick who was this sport like. Because it seems so extreme like that so over the top like a never ending and it's all speed variable at what's European side. An uplifting our arms and people at habit it's probably an average dungeon Ogden. But then there's a lot of people yeah yet they keep in mind that it act. I didn't think that that he not. Only at all the not pass the ancient lake. Been quite a bit late. We want highly uncertain things that I curry and things like that but that aren't that actually get a mimic way in airports. Well it be meant hint it's not them dear Chris I can give you couldn't. When he Detroit five minutes at full speed it ludicrous that it's out. Us. But I thought. Yeah. It's but it it's it just seems like such an extreme to leagues every woman like this. Or not. I'm every woman that everyone at any it not eat and yet. Oh yeah well I'd I'd I'd love to do this Petit. The holy days a hatred so. I would love to put you stick your head and adored. This heat. Will dress he got pegged the moonlight bunny you. Now you Latin how much these things cost. I 599. Dollars please use. A lot with opt out. And didn't really what you I mean I see them out I'm ever out and I don't know what I am around a while I think he'd. Be witching hour. I can tell you because there's no such is a breathalyzer paid. I ended up with a 7000 dollar pinball machine. All. Those moments at the actual cabinet that you haven't seen. Yeah and other pinball machine use all the time I loved it but once. This is. That is. Here's the problem it's like you know if you would like this that if you might possibly like it there's certainly I don't know like in the news that 600 bucks there's no returns kick I mean can you bring gifts that's mean no let's not intimate item Gregory get that we could it is a fairly Ireland again. It's complete picture. Margaret you had a grip all pedal this thing. Michael just power washed out of the driveway and we get as you laugh but they've gotten two wrongs nine inches of suction adapted it. Wanted balls and the whole accessory kit to build Lou would back you lock they've got. Nine volt website Bible the USB. Action charger for drivers. You've got all this hardware what seems to be the park home and a double hardware attachment. It seems to be a bit aggressive. Charlotte. The DP will imaging. The DP did double trouble to the hardware as well. Things got worse and attacks. And mark and it. Cheat on one goal. In mind. It's easier. I don't and that department and yeah yeah yeah she. Now I. Am not really my cat. Erica. What would you say your where what is your big tree and what he really. I the air that's I. And I Evert Layton athletes Alec I are. They get that everything that you really need. And we did about the power chat which is really like it because it's on every. Now at. Our goal. How well or let them eat eat way. And eaten by our our way out. Or will now work without agreement now are on now. They'll play fifty feet in any direction in my house. There's trivia we need a fifty foot would like. You know. 88 we're at a PTA meeting fat belly button are laying out you think about the bad lie and VP Eric scanner. And homeless and this is using your panties in and and one before what's it called again. Powered touch in his. Lines it's tools that we. My. I. Howard. And pleasurable it's there. Now I see this day and it goes in your pain he's in or goes and goes and you. We. Want. That by the app that player that you wanna disparity equipment are just that ain't it where at in the article any diet. Which it already law and. I would only make this out and only allow her to Wear it at a funeral. Is to make it weird no thanks Cooper will. It. You know let me out I just sounds as if that's fantastic and I would not at full speed until she goes of to view the button and do it didn't. But really shaken up you can really emotional. All right listen we usually send when he's at machine child what do we gotta do what what kind of information and give you. We're far reaching help we give us all the stuff you've one of these machines the studio. And even now. And eighteen that it that if you're the batter life about what I am and each edit and you Q the air actually. That you need yeah. Look at those the audience well we'll give one of the audience and greeting the giants went right will be taking somebody's got to. Yet. She knew what she always gives is not a review of the and so far she's actually loved all beefed up. Yeah. Ankiel and then we will way to T screws up and we will easily destroy him with a machine with my pants and Leo. Which is going to be where some of those days the massacre at the dragons and. I'll aren't really what it would be nice. And if you if you wanna spoil the kid. You verge. I mean. The. Charlotte I. I think this is how can people get these new air touch ones come and the only 59 dollars and they'll come. Discreetly in the mail across almost nothing in every guy should bodies for the girl because what says I love you more than here's another way to heaven organs. It may go from here. I edit it edit that out by your life a lot shorter hair. And it comes discrete pregnant and that in just a few days. Lily white little lean ground Bob. Ultimately hear anything like that and now. By two or three different ones at least I wanted to compares and use the what does this really mean you're girls happy you've done something special and most likely answer when you have and sexism point. Nothing actually get something that for. Well as well. Right nothing is more. I think to the point that this kind of a church you buyer dinner hell you can pay attention to or he'd even go listen to whatever goofy friends talk for 25 minutes but this is the kind of thing the says. Yet he loves me he wants me to have an orgasm but it always leads to sex it's the safest bet in order to get close to your girl. We know bring you admittedly doesn't necessarily block your partner. Bet you are a bit but yeah you know at an airport. Like. Everybody and I have a pre. It's Jill was Charlie. Now I have a proper. I'm Alex recently is adding it. Am. So. So have you ever been with a guy. Though though Charlotte again at my friend Tina and I we surround Iran that we you know kind of friends of benefits net but I always knew she was she was he just it it was nothing that we ever be you know. But for some reason she would tolerate me. And and then when daylight. Mike T am I know they deal like it's. That's the she was you've never again never again do you it's that the penis it's you that's what you thought I guess it's everything around. It. It. That doesn't enter. It yeah to the other. Wish it grows like a acute acute instantly every woman doesn't only when we have such groups creatures. We just parting mean base. Stupid angry hungry lazy holes and I do it. Very very little worth I mean we're a little stronger we can defend who we can with things maybe do some stuff round house but beyond that. We're pretty much worthless and if you go woman to woman. They get each other they know supporting each other they fight on there are God's sakes both smell good that the dictates that everything about it and think about. Talking says he into talk rajoub I think about her. Now I'm too much I wanna ask you to do because even now. I would moment faced with the holes that awful. Yet now you're Smart you are very Smart they'll. Would you be willing to know how heterosexual couples that was what at a girly and would you be willing may be for fun at a guy and once. Now that now being apart like it hit. Yeah well last Abdallah Al. There's no thriller. What do you think heterosexual couples get the through afford it. I think it is a pitch ID is it you're not really into it is eyeing me all. At arsenal. It's terrible. I mean yeah yeah yeah it's not an op. I get that tell us which OK by the same token. Would you ever maybe bring other girl and for you to grows. It actually that I doubt it is using it now I don't know you make out I wouldn't doubt if you do. Every every welcome everywhere my gay friends is an absolute or eat every dude I know Mike you are dirty filthy. Whore because that's a metal bar and two together and they just like to use one you know and then to get girls. And then girls are so much more commitment able that you know this he'll joke what do lesbian bring their second date. Furniture. How. Accurate it is. That is. I. Or your app and I your blood it I. True. And there's nothing wrong with women are much more able to commit their emotionally. More stable there more maturity they know what it once again and they're good. Guys. It early in the year he someone. In a. I. He's so I would never I would never get married I would never get married shortly you know I'm all for. Anybody getting word that you want edged ever lived any limited and if you so my girlfriends over here to tell you what it's really like. And that it was not Kabila that Michael it is when you lose half of all your very very nice can you always had better days guess what it's gonna suck and you're gonna hate. You've seen it. Also I think it's interesting sometimes girls man you get two girls who goes sideways in a relationship if it's pretty vicious. It. It. Is our. Element that. We we've we've all heard about the group Guidant issued a big break up there and she cuts his caller carpenters clothes that's out umpire Gilles dog. Nice to order. I got two girls are capable of again. Yeah. Or is it viewed there may be a small punch definitely skills. You know woman for a bit is awful things. I cannot agree with the more mission. This I think we've solved the world's problems. Newton levied and I hope that you guys sell a million of these cloud nine novelties cloud number nine. Word novelties dot com for our it will tell you that you can get this today AirTouch three suction stimulated but there's so much more. There's something for every hole in your body. You like. They're going to do in the lord's work. I track it. We erect area and we anyone of those machines. It should be the punishment yeah. I agree it is pretty well. I would never do anything to harm you you know we were never you know we never figure inside. If I would imagine if you could make money we have a game show here that only we play. And you'd FCC regulations you can't describe exactly what it looks like but from the state board we would simply call it. The punishment. Well I guess. Do you want me money. Who's who what's get through Clark. Most of the comic. Who doesn't want it and they're all. Okay so what are some kind individual. Jumping and nick it'll cost much right. I know that no volunteering money to spend that money you donate well by the way he is Smart massacred its Internet and just one more and a tree jugular in the heart then that's me and don't ever but you know and on the punishing its debt and speedy. Yeah yeah. But you can always turn down nobody can portion that's. Even if it broke. But if you don't get accepted. To things that meaning money. In every right now as a making yet. No. Comment to your daughter did if you if you jumped if you pulled your of back up and put your mouth that make. As some of Iraq Yahoo! Google also. My the British general rule of thumb is semen lanes I knew you knew just by osmosis that happens okay if it's if if the juror seemed to fall out of the plane the league comes one day if you yard. Discovers you. It's just it's the way. As. You see I can tell you be into. You wouldn't. You know one inch for ten seconds later he stared at five inches five minutes but this is how the game starts mean. It's open another present why. It's incremental. Wanted to. I'm not negotiating and I. Think one minute rule and money. No I've five minutes if I think. TM can do the math you just think it's up and spit in your room. For a.