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Wednesday, April 19th


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I should just tell me you still love me at all I want. How. All. That I ever not yet probably got a good. Graduation and so much of Texas you'd talk about archer coming back. The big slick as a possibility you'll be gracing us. This year. I really hope so yeah that able to come at circuit that was what now I've moved back. I haven't blocked my element that really make a good look like paper that he. Every year so yeah pitched well. Have you ever met Steven. Total ASCII he was kind of you know is he was. Ned Breyer said like Groundhog Day he was this year have been and in the wild hogs real good actor could have a character actor. I know I don't know what I know you worked very. Pretty. We thought and the morning. Just up the phone and he's written books about life experience it just is such interest and if you crossed path you connect. Like really made from. Who exactly they holding at least five years old and that a couple of car wreck and pull the guy. Searching for the dollar just some of these amazing stuff. That really held at gunpoint to Graf store broken and marketable you know 2000. Really oh my god broken. Out right around Iraq Iran imports of what can go wrong. It rocket. What's. Your taxes and talked about is directing. Yeah I like it at I actually went out last year I was planning expletive I couldn't make it about that yet. The my theory for each of public record budget short. Including a budget you're the idiot sort of trickled on. Crutch addiction and I'm not a duplicate of what I'm pick up. But it what are you the end of the that period ever and I could cool the thriller set partly our car was pretty different. And I had a week where they are the equipment it might shot at the end and the and no. He. In scenic areas that need. And and I mean it. Dot equally without. There are on rise. Pol about early on your mind all the good and although I think what people but it still early in the morning. We view our Brothers and sisters. Two Brothers and sisters going. There is that you're such an. Like me get this thing done person that would stand up to writing a book doing voice work directed at directing movies. I mean I feel it you must be engines on fire that you got out. You must think about the shoe on fire. Cool area I like about it yet it was due to get that unbearable. Abbott is that. A column. Yeah I mean. It snowed out of about it and I'm sure that that eerie she can't remember the people around me. But I also Ito. I know my mental plane and a lot it is it straight greeting card now I can Abd. You know. I want a cycle aren't all that other bowl people felt you know I look like you I'm really lucky to do it for a living I'm not gonna coal mine. I feel like you know I don't want it that would go to the ground and I didn't try everything I possibly could that you could give Walt got you know. Darlington in the continue with a gun or aren't you don't don't miss the best day your life right. Right. Now so now that you're itself of the problems heartwarming tales of the humiliation. When a group whose whose funniest that you are willing to write the stories that you have your like your head so on in the right place. It's it's it's. You never grow and in this world that it's all. Arab League where ago Herbert music. All that bad at night and having whatever called the I need a opening a book about the group. I talk about the fact that nobody ever wants your story. Filed a guy who walked Eagles are out there to make it that got promotions like fighting to the bank and it. And don't want out I thought I hit what she wants completely OK let. But I got Karl that the guys wanna buy beer yeah I like we've wage thing. Keeping it all wait I thought I'd write a book about you know all the weight it's screwed up that that it lacked. Did execute like laugh at yourself come on and some days I'm probably OK I've never being cool depth that was born cool. It's I don't even strive to be equal is just destroyed have a bit of every day and to be innocent abilities of some bears and you do the same like on the book that. I'm never tell anybody that. And now that's too good store oh. The story. He built up to 100% and iPod cap and that we help people. Look at that story that you would you buy your friend appear ego got to Jack and wedge it back it up at what it was. A noted that the word if it's your turn it like that from somebody like you know in my pocket like Chris October. While David are currently Eric. About the fact that it's not that Hilliard a persisted through failure. That's what those stories are about you know everybody straight up everybody's ticket to the everybody cop bad. But the art yeah you didn't fall but it can't get there from here without without some don't and period of you know it's. I thought entered at you know. It's the flaws that I am always attracted to you like how much we always loved pretty people and good looking people but it's those little flaws in May be fun loves them. Exactly and anybody who act like they're back there really need to get back. Good are not just as yet. Listen to talk criminal minds axis archer. The stand up everything. We have to be back and really I hope you make too big slick you should always good. In the show I was dude you. I love that we angle I can be there and he's got my comfort. We will intimate time together and destroyed equipment conversation and I'll hit it right but and again yes. Immigrant. I think yeah.