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Wednesday, October 11th


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Born September 26 in New York City. He studied briefly at Boston's Berklee school of music working as a session musician for artists such as Michael Bolton before landing. This guitarist for Alice Cooper. He went on to play guitar for the likes of sabotage and baggage. It in the league they. Inescapable with the holiday season. Trans Siberian orchestra. Christmas Eve. More developers get a hold people to get out of here and get to counsel most sober person. Here that's gonna be great and it's. I've I've always thought I could come up in just watch the rehearsals but then I don't wanna ruin the surprise of seeing the show in its entirety when it's in full force. Yeah I don't watch movies if they don't do that those present. If you why. How involved do you like you shouldn't speak with all aspects of the besides do the music in the band that you discuss. The lighting in the in that and you know the pyro and it affects how it's gonna paste you have put them on that as well. Now I can't stay clear that so I haven't had. Got an alliance soldiers musically we have so many great department heads that are just cite the best of what they do. Says you know obviously written with Paul and now his family the rebel leadership. You know they can organize all that I mean just between the band and music and those things are bad. That's enough for me I'm a multi tasker put that's way off from my abilities let's test my abilities sessions are. Well it's it is so amazing and you think about. Nobody gives any consideration to that truly the danger you guys are out there that that amount of pyro and reading lights. It is and you know knock on wood there's never been one that I mean it is amazing you guys are perfectly on cue every time. Now all we have recruited Derrick of you know I mean those guys murders. As much if not more that we do in the I think you're the kind of unload trucks analogy that I speak. About big you know run through their drills you know a hundred times before you can you know get the bat on the big stage for the first time. So you know they are literally the best for the past we could not too large drops without them and argued that he got a mortgage interest but there's never been any incident whatsoever. So law you know I'm really fortunate and blessed to have such great urge people to work with. And that's what the show was ordered does that mean if you listened to a musically thought oh my god this is incredible. And obviously be watching your visually just going to you know nobody's ever seen anything like this before their match is a testament. Attributes figure how article looks. Well it's it's perfectly in sync is neither over powers nor nor undermines it and it really is a perfectly in sync show. We're musically everything is working together as it you know nothing is distracting percent. The or I appreciate you saying that I think it's just because this thing has grown up with most of us do it together all these years. I have a goal of our local board itself there's going to be 23 years since we first quarter. I think it's. Eighteen years maybe nineteen years sessions the first show today so we watched as little child because grow up. And you know it's been nurtured and tweaked over the years says it. Be exactly what it is today so I think it is a perfect operation again I'd do appreciate you say can you show that probably is meant I was rushing to show. I like I like all aspects of musically it's just incredible perfect for Christmas and it it feels good to go to that chalet and see it's not it's not the least bit corny you know and that's the voice on the reaper show that I. Once again it is I was going to be all right you don't mind a more metal guy a more about a horror guy. And then happens to show you start to feel all your feelings and if you fact Max and choking back some memories and you're at its side it is really. Endorses I think if I took it is like any of the good art form that may not be your particular thing at first. What you can good artist could art you know RBIs you know I've walked through the Louvre Museum in Paris a couple times and I'm not like art person. But you can't help but be put on the heels when you're standing in front of the law relationship that you don't know why. It's moving Yule or creating an emotion and hear what you just saw that you staring at this beautiful artwork or oh my god now I can edit. You know I like to think seriously with a GS OSHA a lot of people come in not knowing what to expect. You know but they sit down and also that you can't help but couple public order is dysfunctional what was so much questions so much integrity and the special effects. The production and a musicality. And of course at the center of it almost falls beautifully written story so you can't help but just what Oregon that was incredible. Because it is it really is that this story it's if it doesn't even better this Christmas it's it's about family it's about. Reaching out to people making sure that you keep your relationships alive friends. You know and just in remembering this is a very short life and and that it's easy to fall off the path and you've got to remember to get back on and get right with everybody again. Well exactly yeah I'd orders are you know Super Bowl dynasty Orson global impressions say you know you got some local leverages they would the Super Bowl in January. Now they got election trichet amongst the kind of suspect a lot that was awesome but then again after the tigers' starting blocks all over again you know he's excited given that you get a win next year's Super Bowl. Or accomplish great or. Then he got article or forward and you know go back to draw board rebuild it just gonna make it better that was appreciation because the folks in your community and around America expect nothing but perfection of the terribly attached age. The news and I'm you don't have such a weirdo for production and pyro and lasers and smoking and just all of the above and it is the latest technology like. My friends at this point I think hate going would make somewhat. Well you know that's the flame master right there that's that's a pretty it's pretty high end pirate machine right there at W Hughes accumulated pushes the night. Your connected to each other up. There is such a Turkey just like I am but that's a basic farm because even though you kinda got closer. You that I grew up in the golden era of Korea Iraq or all of you know. One case first came out when Russia cover L injections recoverable have total control these great band not only were they playing their music which was that was great not. But the surrounding it looked like state of the art technology. You know Paul O'Neill and everybody else involved you don't grow up in bad shape here and you know if we want to see you know and fort built a wall. PLO that was the benchmark actually you know if Europe were prepared that you're sure you know you gotta be bigger better and had a blunt what support. ODOM I wasn't a huge Floyd fan growing up and Roger Waters toured the wall a few years back and I went thinking of just wanna say I saw Roger. And I thought I'd stay for three or four songs and maybe bail by the slack you like I was just I was in all of what I just seen in sprint center. Yeah it's crazy it's great artwork what they're able to do it not only what the crew and visionaries are able to joke but it. Trip to think this stuff font you know that that's where you know when mr. before target on the radio stuff I don't think that I think you know. Musically you know that's my job and that's you know what I do. But to have the pilot being shipped to our music like it's a scene from fantasia. Fantasia was an animated bid for like thirty. Now this is live in the arena we have pilot captured we have. The trust is moving like its own accord validates some of the songs. Triggering a batters so over the top I just all structured and how that you can do that. Which is due to. We had eighteen last year I only assume we'll have more this year because historically brutally driven by the truck. Eighteen Tuesday semis of pulling for once show all that inside those those giant tractor trailers. All go up and they all come back down after that date in two shows and one day it's gonna happen here in Kansas City it's going to be sprint center. On the ninth this is the show you can take a little kid do you it's not too it really is a means of two young young kid you know hearing protection but. You know it's good for every age it's exciting it's funny to dig your parents it really it's I can not oversell this enough you will enjoy. You know Arnold who served in the horse and a 100% right. I mean yeah. My mom has been to the shows with my grandmother. Might. My older boy Stewart fairly sluggish when it comes to show racial over my youngest daughter's. Oh you're restrictions Layla is ready to launch. They come to the show and everybody just you can't help but to sit act although I got this is also you know. It's a lot of fun as pressure from my advantage for torture should feel instances she electric for generations to fail which also means you have a great time. That was being hidden gem in this also and I didn't see on the horizon. Oh and then you I've always loved the they aging metal head guys always be one guy there and he's just horns in the air this like. And he he is actually believe being the moments and it's it's good people watching duke is it really is easy sweet stuff like little kids danced in the aisles are all people be unhappy. And then you'll see the one guy that you know wolf lone wolf sweater Mandela taught love YouTube could your awesome because. And yet notably disorder T shirt on like this is that right Charlie would assist up to virulent until probably there. While the actual story Gibson there before is I got caught the emotion of the the bar scene one time. And that I was right up front I was looking did you nude party said hey and I'm with my buddy Eric in Julian and and sassy and I got choked up I was like Jesus as a Democrat for about which early in them trundle down and I don't regret what she's is now. Hey you I can't say album sounds technical the moment as well as you know like a lot of these songs and I helped. Why recorded the most you know I was there when they were we'll forward. And as a parent you know twenty years ago the songs they're wanting to me and now or leisure is let aren't sitting on that stage. Let's say just got sort of singing this Christmas Day about your father just all the child back. He I got to my older kids are in the military knows these before its summer when he signaled salt NGOs. I got a hold back the tears too because they do mean something very special tonight. And it's you know there's some important moments structural and everybody can relate to and I think that's part of on the o's genius. We did you royalties every intricate stories get everybody gets it I think what you and I spoke about a month ago. Everybody around the holidays this is somebody. Leo Serbia into the bay you have all the production coupled the body bashed Rick musicality going in Havel was great stuff on but. The simplicity in the middle of vicious to everybody there's somebody around the holidays and you can't help but have your eyes well up. Oh and in an area which is name. Did. That voice he has got that giant baritone that perfect little lift loose like this look like. Eat it honestly that that is the most amazing sound when he speaks against it's like the voice of god. There really is I mean it's it's great job. It's captivating. You can't help but Austin has largely preserved historically he speaks of it. Because so many different subtleties in his delivery you know these circuit and the other great actor. You know that's equity your logic and fact that they were injured soldier knows what she's due on officiate educate and help participation they'll pay. It helped and hindered you just transfixed the TV it's certainly felt becomes that is just got this incredible demeanor about admonitions resourceful enough says you're you're you're hooked. So he. If you usually show a friend. Arbitrarily put this into TS so you guys know transceiver in order for rolls in the ninth of December they're headed to Council Bluffs where they do their rehearsals what do you do in two weeks a month. About three weeks but it's it seems like almost three months because we will show at least twice a day every day. So bogged child we had our first down the opening night it will be a perfect first show. Yeah we just beauty helpful solved a long time ago you know practice doesn't make perfect perfect practice makes perfect. Yeah and there's no try you there's only junior world. I live trying to parameters though that that this is already. Just edged insult that will be incredible will be part of pillows and we've been doing it for a long long console they'll try to go. You know but we never get complacent chat and whatever we did pressured Angela that's all I guess we'll know yes we got through it's like you have. For you when you watch it Mayweather fight attacking outside or anybody else site. You know they go through that training cancel reason and in terms of the. If they had it until until there's a profiles it's because they would take a picture of sorts. And you know just like game. Stop respecting if that's when it but it'll bite you. Guess you get complacent gateways civic nation think about doing something else this is way too important not only for the folks involved in the band in the organization. But to the folks in your community and you guys are embraced Christmas party holiday traditions. And nothing is more that you start for the coming out there and just do it you know kind of an active job. You'll feel the same way it's you know it's it's not music specific I mean their bands I've seen that I know the guys just sleepwalking through it. And you're you're almost heard bite it did you love it so much like so. It doesn't really matter to you. You know and there are folks in new orders pick peppers we're looking you know people who comes here to show host and afforded Filipinos ought to take it in a different church people you know those official money. You know it's not about dollar about what does but it struck you know these people that took her daughter money and they didn't wanna go subject to goat skins negotiation of the new species in the past because that they love. And nickel was incredible and we have a one out there. And get our job and somebody noticed or felt so there wasn't as good as well as she would break all the hardship and that will never ever car. I'll get it's. Nations. Anytime anytime I know that these shows are gonna sell out Saturday Saturday December 9 is to show you guys met into the nighttime show if you've not seen since you've got to go and take your friend would do I promise you. You will tell everybody about you geek out part of the man. And they'll forget brother you know the bat they show it doesn't mean it's like you know sedate early morning show which it's just sometimes crazy at an evening show. So no matter what our debaters and he comes isowich you have are probably she'll have time realized that I always appreciate our child together Mikhail actually. Imus and Olivia talked you see him. Everybody particular.