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Tuesday, November 28th


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What is that we official in December 20 now it's November 20 we're close yes to be the first conference and and that means there's a lot to me and he was coming Christmas is coming applications coming weeks. It means yes it is going to be Kansas. Which is. It's been a great tradition and if what's even more thugs I'm an old and metal heads and you know owls played everybody greets me from Cooper to mag from a friend Dee Snider you know and widow maker. To sabotage and on and on and on one. Guy and so it's a cool thing to it to get to be friendly because this is Q so project he asked to do back in the nineties. A poll was you know aside project was an idea. It turned into this meat plant and every album he's like music director and he's if it's DSL it's him it's out. Our next guest is the co-founder of the ended over the last two decades has become a holiday touring juggernaut spilling over thirteen. This tends Siberian orchestra. His name is 02 trillion. He returned to Kansas City. The ghosts of Christmas Eve twelve holes into the sprint center for. In Siberian orchestra. So I first a California. Just to see that that's nothing says Christmas like a full and yeah it is important for you. You name it it's just a couple weeks away we're getting my brother were very. Sound so good good have a great Thanksgiving you. Who respected and I know it you're launch Spokane Washington what what is accrued and how you guys spend Thanksgiving. Let's go through it. Hotel where they're usually short of dictator force and really accurate you know because there's about an open and what it is altogether. You had a big banquet room we all got together. Everybody better at like 6 o'clock in Turkey at about six turbulent specialists. But it. But its aids is the same crew every year and do not that many people change on the Oscars do that. Now Sergio. I mean you know. From the people on the stage the people below the stage usually I kidnap are so sick people ever but it wasn't that well. And you guys and it is such a production that you've got to have the guys who know how to do when you're doing about two shows they tear it down get the complexity. I mean it's. That's it's important it's a new crew couldn't do it every year. Don't they would have target media award cheat each time. That's like very large groups are required but we had stalked discretion. Let's do it at a beginning with a brand new crew were so. I I went to new York and and and you know what I go every year. It is a great tradition for me and I love to go see the parade it's ridiculous wonder about. And I don't mean the guy Turkey on Thanksgiving and Chinese food it was it was great you know it's it's here. In New York is a bizarre tradition that's our actually our New Year's Eve traditions because that will pop out Mott street. Yeah sectors also Chinese what's your career. Yeah it's it's just fun to wander around and I really do I think that city get such a weird rap about. It being Rooter dangerous I'm like I've never. On I don't have issued air all the yours having delegates would keep your eyes you know. We know where there's supposed to be and it didn't take care yourself that's not a problem. That character of the situations. Has gotten better obviously is what I was scared you know profile can. Moment I saw the greatest and this is its pre Christmas the greatest. Trainee hooker on CE mark street I've maybe ever seen as it was a post and search and destroy that crazy but bankrupt or. And he came in and offered a service ice declined politely said thank you it's very that you offered. And and he just either rent out the door does what look for the next guy and see marches over real. New York. And that you sat with. Dick Manitoba. From did you really yeah I mean I'm in Manitoba is NIC and I'm like that's that's handsome Dick managed to double my ears the up front now that. And he gives you walk by I would drink and he sat down and answered and asked about all the photographs. In there and and and asked about singer for the and five now and and it was a good hour of your nerd music jewel. Sure that he won a great guy. And what he did the money of the cash register put the plastic bag stuffed in his pocket about the firm and the labs like your New York right. Exactly. Guys the veteran New York travels I've sort of should be cancers go oh yeah that's different. Elderly or we felt less full terrorist. It's fast it goes fast you guys and you're you're a new city every day now you get the kids city on the ninth. The 3 o'clock show I believe this is all but sold out there's something it's 8 o'clock show. And it's going to be a great time and excited about this Saturday which makes it the best and it really is a good fun time and I'm excited to see you guys and just you know it's just it's a great time of the year. It is like that I would appreciate you know saying that we got a bad. Richard I potential security and it's actions and the voted here. It shows all over at the benches Clark should cruise killed it. Folks in the audience are so excited now and over the Serbia that is better security benefit was pressured reasons. It's ships it's on fire. Loads you know it's funny I was thinking about questions I think I have never has before. And I and an apartment. Style. If when when finally he used to fly during the if that relies on what he argued it was like air act was a commercial break. You got you Alitalia. If you're not afraid of heights I'm sure that's not fun at all. No I'm not a fan I have some terrified of them. An op Ed I grew up in the air but yes there's people on the station park at a Q it looked. I can't use here are Leo what tends to concede that it's a war that's. And you us the spokesman Baird you know on the program is nearly as good. It's so much fun to watch movies like I'm a big kiss fan. So you know what kick started you guys have a really expanded on in east he like that the players come out of the odds of being robotic arms and I mean really way out there. And the snow starts to fall into Egypt is it's a lot of fun to wonder how stuff gets put together. And the fact that it fits so beautifully with the music is it's it's a great show and. Jack and pitcher threw a desired. Couples who guards. What group is implemented its its open up its real four. Is there any time for side project. We knew everybody changed it to do anything just away from DSL anymore. I hadn't done anything in years because since this became an awful hard job of assists in twenty years ago. So I know we get a load this year as well. If he gets finished all of these before. Of of the talk about pictures or. Fearless leader I don't rule of do or else. It's a quarter of its social orders for little kids. Ever restrictor appropriate. Good good guy. Was out and had a corsets and tradition to take mama got out very nice meal before I take off for New York City and it's it's funny man you just think about. It's time goes very fast doesn't it just really it goes really fast. There were ambulances are there to 2018 and that. And I can tell you for sure. I didn't think it ever be 2011. B two I could never be 2000. Well we were kids 2000 what was that it stateside. To park a million miles away at that we've USF. It's just such. We do think about the fact that he had a good friend who's in production do you assess production schedule that would the president when he was a kid. In this little town and in the middle of nowhere Kansas used to put up to show the carriage house where he would spread into Atlanta at the stage. And they knew what Q particularly their hair spray and start a ladder and should fire through the stage. At one point this became such a thing he was such a maniac for designing stages when he was just in six grade. He had 755. Dollar paying customers. At one time. It's crazy we. Ellen wins we grow up loving certain things like loving kiss loving Alice Cooper you got to play with Alice Cooper was an Indy. 89 set in writing what yes and you even on I think there's a video would you dare that was alive dvd. World. So as did Hastert the record which. A sort which put him back I mean that he's stupid brought him back to the masses. They've learned nauert right in Serbia through our most debated. They're great. You know what I walked right out here. Oh yeah and I also sort of an out you know lyricists are. We'll let you know whose insurance are hanging himself on stage there but the said the beauty. Yeah. Just terrified the truth Alice guess it switched and gave out there are. If these rocks are just as scared as they're all air. And I was so I've been closed source and all of those. Technical and the amounts like I told you this and that no good I told you this would happen were that Alice Cooper girl I'm outreach all of that happen. You but I mean you got to do it in the consumers do you because they look at who you played with the it's always been good fun ultra musical Alter theatrical bands. Guys that's where TSO makes much sense to everybody you know. From the musicality of of a mega death or sabotage. You go to the into an Alice Cooper's show I mean you've mixed all of it's not frightening but it's definitely show. Yeah it is in I didn't know what it was kind of foreshadowing the fact that it is an important group like this is awesome. Then you know I've had such a fortunate blessed career let everybody know that everything was lead me suits for all of meal. And cheers of family and the other candidate all the stuff. I had a lot of good trading partners started. And then also to find it may or is it seems perfectly natural. You know. About Casey and at that will be here and support the tweet you mentioned they under the age your this year 2007 to you at all. A decent 3 o'clock news clean soul. But there's nothing better than this Saturday that. Yet when the ground. I'm telling especially got a new girl and she's never seen so that she may even be like OK great all go I don't know what this is as you can lock out of neglect that's incredible I mean yeah it it's a great show. And by the way then the TV commercial I'm seeing you are featured prominently my friend. Eight admired. And I. It looks great it's Israeli think you guys come up with anything we really want to do businesses. I'll add this the show but the technology doesn't exist. Yeah out there's really nothing that we are not doing exactly. Don't want. Does everything from what you guys if you don't know the term video mapping which is relatively new book last decade but it's it's so good it's so go when it works like it's it's Pink Floyd the wall good. Well I appreciate it wasn't efficiencies in the north partnership. But you know you talk productive forward kit should Cooper all of these fans influences. All the support without thirty years or so ago what do or had a lot of guitarists. Jimmy Page back. You take your influences a lot of says production at but on the crew started the wars Taylor forward to have the chick in all it was blocked shot. 35 years or Genesis can at first move the lights or air rights. That was the most targets technology. We have those are. Posture with that. Yet those desert fox lets you keep in the kitchen. It's just dog racing and with our future the technology you Morton as small piece of realist. It doesn't take eighteen trucks just candlelight shut out in trucks to carry the computers enabling Indians if it's. Yet it's it is such a functionally get if you have kids it's not to let me honestly give a small small child you wanna give me your protection. Just from England or. Didn't notice that a lot of Rory and headphones they got the mix just exactly coach that's been pretty movie. The optimal word that patriotism after the war that is not a watcher my two year old should kick their future all ships played. Do outside and it gets him to elect a couple times would you show before last and watching it. And had a great time and and I look over and there's a little kid you a little kids like completely. In Egypt dancing to them is it's not there's no. Strategy to you know there's no rich there's no structure to it just maniac moving. This little kid we dance for four salt and I'm telling it like I got choked up because he was so we let this kid it was un bridled joy for this little kid. Exactly elections sometimes is up it's the little boy the other day you must or result. And I think I sort of go about formal election whatever was normal production digital is that it all the surgeries violet. They're just high five like you resort like the best present disputed at that. Disrupted. All the doors about. Yeah but it's it's the fun because you do get to see it. From your vantage point in and it looks on people's faces. There we go back to the sound guys it really is it's almost impossible to explain that a normal concert go that you can get. That same fullness that same amazing joy it sound without. That level of pressure it how explain that. But it's definitely loud but it's not shall it's painful and you know walk out feeling like that but it's it's still that big concert complete sound. Awards and nobody's ears ringing. Of the public that we you know. What the tallest player of the of the drums they argued that if you wouldn't charge but again it's not that. It was obvious because of frequencies. Are a little too much about it technically either. I just know that when I would go to sound check their star player. And it's also. Did the you I'm telling you in his radio things over I'm gonna go to pyro school I'm just gonna go out to the TS over the rest of however long we. We knew brought brother and the. It's it's only about which way December 9 at 8 o'clock show guys that you want you to think it's now that you think it's now the moment he showed his friends. We'll catch up and a few weeks been like Lewis I love you man and that it's always have you ever thought comes to military becomes a bishop of leaves at 3 o'clock. Sorry to report reporter please. God.