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Wednesday, September 20th


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Our next guest started his law enforcement career when he joined the US army military police corps stationed in Germany and throughout Bosnia. After leaving the military. It landed a job is a police officer in Las Vegas earning his first assignment is detective after only four years on the force did. He made the headlines in 2007. As the lead detective only she stepped led to OJ Simpson's conviction for armed robbery. Tomorrow night he is part of the day and he documentary that examines the case OJ guilty in Vegas. Please welcome Andy Caldwell. A white man welcome to the show. I think you very much less. So this you retired last days detected which by the way had to be the most fantastically interesting place to be a detective. Yeah I think so I think. They get in a unique opportunity. I'm very thankful for the stuff. How many companies via their days doing as a under what we we we are back in March and or we police detective or it. That's so I would take up dirt and not a defective. So it is very pleased that if. And so it's because special interest stories out there and one of course OJ Simpson in it that memorabilia that now you're the lead investigator in that in that. Until we told to smoke how'd you end up getting involved with the OJ Simpson memorabilia case. So basically. What do robbery comes out Las Vegas it just depends on the location where come out and then based publication. Effective this guy. So the reality is what he committed that crime scene in the Palace Station Hotel casino that was my area of responsibility so it was a sight to me. And diet. Did you think you really get a conviction on. I didn't know what to think you not say that we first got the call. It's it's referred to even think that OJ Simpson came to Las Vegas that armed robbery itself you know it was only credible on that I didn't really know what. Look at their. There's no doubt in my mind he kill people I. And for people who don't understand what. You you can't do you can't do what he did you you know even if it was your property at one time you still can't goes across lines in and do that that's just it's against the law right. Right and the thing that so hopefully it documentary my book if it wasn't his own property field on property excessive. The slightest spun out of control and people mostly. But it wasn't the largest property he can go in with a gun and take it back. Well well who owned the property. Who who's who's with who is right or. I don't endorse Obama did in north Allstate. Lot of people don't know that you know they were Joseph Montana stuff stolen that was stuck but once stolen. They were stuck there were other memorabilia apart from and it looks like by OJ Simpson. But it at one point. Long got back everything but fifteen item that was literally over 600 items the that your blog which is not true. So what possessed this maniac. Two to risk it. I think a lot of little effect of the civil fault losses were the old you know via. The 33 million dollars you know let's forget that probably just lost the right oh you wrote if I hit. In other church took the property coming up. He says one of our audio recording. He told the guys to do whatever they want with it just didn't want to golden ticket. Sort of part of his intentions were good. There's some bigger feeling she's he just doesn't want property floated around my political. And so I think that was involved in this hit it to say what was in his pocket as the good guys a little bit off. You have but she's got to think about this one has too much anger for the goldmans and he's in his heart you know we all know he definitely killed. And Ed you'd think there'd be at least some level of even if you never admit it but you know you have to at some level from somewhere I mean you you how much you make the goldmans the bad guys. Although he or the fact that the man if you watch it full. And and she lived in the world that what it is true. It is that not part of put your finger on. We use our Latin thing is when you look into his eyes and listen to him speak you mean what would you. A social path that the what would you how would you you know ranking like what would you diagnose your matchup for lack of better term. You are a lot of blood awesome but I will tell you that you believe it about the law you know EG if I interviewed him. Told me and additives. Yeah there was no accountability accomplice. Even if you let it this long extended voicemail. Where he essentially tells me he's got a partner up with helping solve this crime. Well it's so he definitely lived in this world where. He does no wrong. Is that something that it's amazing that. Did the murder trial of course if you're short of the show Andy Caldwell retired last may detect he was the investigator on the OJ Simpson memorabilia that that he's just now getting on the joint. The documentary is called OJ guilty in Vegas odds on ABE at 8 o'clock on Thursday. But it is amazing to me that that. The audacity you know in the end in truly did a complete nutter even at looks like inner denial of what he's done. Yeah for sure and in you know I think again I go after all and I pulled her sister. Snapshot and who usually saw this outburst of anger. And then you saw an explanation of a crime and it really just isn't true he's he's just a strange bird who believes that the home. You lived in the developed world and he believes. You had to compensate real talent. Of being in murders happened. The Ted Ginn and Ramon opinion. That that book at him and the huge Vegas guys so just it's a fascinating opinions of course is down. But Fremont it was a legendary you know casino hotel and does that comes out of leaves some of the greens and I. It was issued murdered him strippers that was posted budget silver that was somewhere else he secretly he was smoking Maryland but he was. It was amazing story wasn't. Absolutely. Sober Berry got double the desert prompt. You know the issue is actually fascinating you know take to follow those stories. You know you look at 2 o'clock. You know in connection with the happening on the Las Vegas Strip. It's an interesting place for work that share. How would have loved it the way this all plays that it's at long store but he fossil over the peeler which. Never good ideas she's of course it's cheating that was some other guy that Coca TO it's off this guy get this over with on the words that. And it's just amazing that they they almost got away without and I really looked like there was at a decent chance that that. Maybe it would get picked up on that wasn't a suicide. You know it's it's. Mean you know that sort of that story can get people to handle it into the that you need it captivating. Couldn't does it feel when it. Old Los Vegas hotels. That over very doesn't just ask me it's great you know that story allowed. Coming up. Okay you've just listen this is your next day meaning that country next they need to be fantastic. Yeah well yeah I know that they were the case so micro called me and tell me proportionate. Yeah yeah. Hi I'm gonna watch OJ guilty in Vegas Thursday and maybe than ever have anything going on a book anything new wrinkles eldest also was talk about crazy biggest murder crime. You know what I got to look at I wrote a book that's been the documentary based ultimately bubble free. Great I'll grab it and now we'll have you back oh. Our at all. I'll do for sure almost Eric yeah.