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Friday, July 20th


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Who has consistently. And it's set to release their new album. Vicious. Mind if we headlined Silverstein sent her. Fields from drummer and long time. Amy Heller you do. Here. We ears burning yesterday. So I'm I'm. Against a weird to actually jump from seven best in those paid man Barings in town from Debbie Debbie. The tomahawks with a semi oil would there be alcohol of course so we go down from gives small talk. And that it somehow hails from comes up things like we were just. At that house with Joseph and lazy and RJ sales it is just it's just too weird small world. Yeah actually I got to go labor first professional wrestling match ever like that I ever ever want better. All of it really. I was pretty ignorant of the average it. I got to do was birth mother ever. I was saying it that's still doing some some they were doing some. Also work on the record it's kind of finishing out the recording and have we got to go if you want to budget. The ED Mikey there in court chick shall look at that it's a little he's a friend of ours for four or. So many years that. I want to the first time we ever would opt out of is actually at the hitting was trying to it was. So. That you don't have or not but of course we we don't doubt it seems there have I'd love that easy. And the good guys or certainly. We but it was from kids who bared his kids these guys so. There's just always these weird degrees of separation lamb when I'm glad that the people really love that I really respect and enjoy it all can't know each other. You know because let's is is cool as it is to meet famous people sometimes they're just Dicks and it sucks. Or. You bet I certainly let you know a bit. For the local. Oh you know what its future more patient man in me to. And always have music and we could be an actor could be comedians like you posing huge David Crosby and it really still and for comedy. Oh yeah what he has them miserable. What he really is like. And I could not have licked his boots any harder and he was usually so. I. Believe that the radio like a week my office. All of and the ball didn't really heartbreaking to hear it I loved it because you know I feel like that it's kind of hard as he. You know what made it any talks about Hala. You know however the anchor of everything they purple like you to try that it'll have this kind of that kind of really you know I think it'll be provincial. Well be a positive good human being. It's. Now it you know I'd I'd like it is not that are not. Well. The purple Eagles beat the ankle in purple oh yeah did at the carpet parties. Would you listen and my god if I socially your band that I that I would just I'd I'd lose faith and I'm thinking I'd probably lose faith in the whole idea of friends is. I've I've I remember from that day ever set eyes on you spoke with you the first time you would be in one of those guys every gave you life. Happy to be there are thankful to be that you've got great your debt of gratitude your heart. You play your ass off you'll like the big show you know like to make a spectacle I mean the right kind of thought you know. Is a Mac musicians from Hawaii to source our. And they think and I think there's some of them that think that it gives him the speakers you know. As said smiling and hugging and what are you know I think that sometimes people they think the ever popular tortured our poster effect. I get that AM I did it that's that's equal. Yeah you bury more who are you we're still more Earth's. Upper. Level. We have is that you get depressed mood cover me and it's that it's that yet here and you are. Mean and she walked in what I'm wearing he pulled lower marching and effectively as. The guys that that you. Following quickly and so you'll wait a little. Awkward you put them out of ideas as. Well. But isn't that the funding I mean that's that's the rock of it all and it's. That's what makes it's your bay and stand out from others the fact that it's. You know of it was so easy in the beginning I think people tried so hard to separate your sister from the abandoned because she is beautiful which is a degree boys and it's a rarity and rock. But the fact that you have guys have never ever out anybody inside. To create anything except the fact that you are a real band doing real music and you're doing it together and that's the game. And that is that which I think major guys silver's strong. We try to keep the cord and you're you're exactly like it would be so east. You know in our case it's like all the other bands that open or where it just basically. That the band is is just does the focal point and it never audio this kind of just you know there as a as an extra hired gun but he accurately you know the book before we can get him like we were opinions first I think that. But the most important thing is used to go into the next chapter in the career went up the restart well now. It she you know keep that keep that poor you know. Yeah there. Well heeled it it's the same thing that we all them never let the bad guys it is. He'll let the cancer and the cancer spread you just gotta you just you smell amount and in smoke them you do you gotta keep the good people around at all times. Well what we need to have a good contract and like Europe by earning it the national. Even more sorry or that it's difficult depressed vote. It's because that's very depressed mode that you have to do it. So terrible off as I get music just. Jake's got an idea Jake thinks he can make his retirement money by going to Depeche Mode and here's shows and just standing outside with two gloves a baseball. And tell a kid for 25 but you can call me dad no threw the ball with you for ten minutes. Thought you know about wanting your head up he goes to meet their. If you've got to. We get Kansas city's weaken the company's album a let me tell you. I'm so happy you know when you really leveled in. And you think let it be critics of the space let it be a great record and feel the same way about hailstorm and he'll be led them comfortable house. All great like I mean it's exactly where I was hoping that it would move into. And and everything after that vultures is incredible and then today we heard you know register which. That's we did that's that's your darling Nikki to put at that that's fairly. Dirty so well. I'll thing I mean it's it's I I think woo I'm it was a record we wanted something for everyone and yet we felt. I'm comfortable was it was a good represented his without kind of in that direction we're going in. We also felt that united there was. You know definitely bigger league kind of more of a throwback to old school like you know one more for you now we had to come out that awful. I got off which we all kind of didn't like birds that we eat well follows. It's that it's the fact that you know that is the real meeting and it argues. Is you know getting off on performance lies. You know alt a kind of outlaw in this like for a while. X rock thing because that's what sells it. So it's kind of a throwback to a ovals cool thing about that I don't want that I think we kind of neglected that has evolved as. We kind of water that at least as well an act that goes back in the old who else but musically a lot because it is very different than what. That we we will not force those originally on the play. No it's films about love like it's it's you know it's not like a girl. It's not corny cheesy it's it's definitely who's in charge she's in charge. And that's a little bit like the break that it's almost almost like those fantastical paradise by the dashboard lately breakdown. We feel from meatloaf and back into it again you probably I love stuff like that. I think you know it's one of those those songs that take you on that ride those the ones you remember. Alia I mean did everything on the record. I think everything that people were trying to hit it cutie. To be extreme you know we really. So yeah. Every thought is it is in. Further. Further and deeper into whatever officials. See we come up with personal. You know public as well as well you know but hopefully it will. It'll appeal to those stands that don't want it here you know so that opened all the outlines. It. Of them what you guys are doing in. Uncomfortable right in the right out of the gate is a song opens that is so. Absolutely entering your view of what it takes to get lazy Ngo and you everybody just everybody in that in their pocket I mean that's like. AC DC Metallica in the pocket like it there cannot be any sloppiness in that stuff in so. You when you when you lay that on your and it's coming at you gotta be thinking dammit like this sounds great. IE yeah Dario and a hole that we aren't playing it sure. For like if you let them among. Well we we just started early this. If they go in there. The article that we played it was like oh boy like we're just kind of hang an awkward feel like white knuckle under beautiful. But now car mechanic. But but yeah it's high energy like for me it is very physically. Enduring so so it takes it takes a lot of cut mental focus to be sure that. So we can get through directly so. And that's what I love about it coming does it it just. Again any time you can show what a real Bain jeweler which is that it's not you know a lead of Ford's situation now lovely. But it's a real bridge and that's what that music so we are. You know that's that's that's fantastic I can't wait to hear the rest of the men can't wait to see the show you guys open up and drop the I'm July 27. And that pins and so. It should view it should be fantastic. And I'm so that it will release the problem. Either. Basic would you it could be a really recognize you know wait. You know tradition when you release now the guys anything you do like with Jesse. We always go out and buy physical copies like he's been to on a couple days and his elves well we've learned to add to record store and just. By the album by the physical album and keep it you know. Hollywood we always do that we all. Ordinary I have done that for every single record. Always got out and bought it and come up with. Yet it's it's it's a good luck. Active and that kind of the loop that you know it is it's really cool I mean. A circular prepared in and your and so real. To go to record or me seeing your face it corrected story like on an album like it is like oh crap like Google and. Jim do you that they we move your album the front of the wrote. Yeah definitely not. I've been that would Dupree I'm definitely a leakage I would do well there's a buys it it's the first thing it does act too which and you go to the front. Abdullah but I think it had to let that program like you re all the hot sellers loved. Section. Of conflict and that really. You know like we built a spurt right there. You will shall and off time or did you have a deal often have you been paying him. And you catcher girl with the U you've traveled did you buy anything get anywhere in trouble. That. That we just did a couple want that all up. And that I get all alike. You know 56 days in and balance back yet you're sort of old. We got a title a week we'll regroup and pre production before this they were in the smallest. Yeah or so we're works. First come out. Get back on the road it's it's on it's it's on the cabinet. Get the torch started negativity on it now anwr you know now we a lot of consultants that we worked so. We're working up he that would. News on there. It's it's going to be busy week. What you but when you take time off did you travel I mean did you. You know he's always one of epic deal David Lee Roth you know the Van Halen he disappeared the Amazon EU these toys like. Brian Johnson racing these he would jump into race cars and races many races as you possibly could before we had to go back in the studio. You know I haven't dignity he can no longer really are really issued public for help but like Eva at you but it won't want what wrote. And when I'm home I'm I'm used the working on music you want player other. Unfortunately I I don't know are competent thought on the bill instead. It's a good strong because like it you know I seductive like a lot that I feel guilty. Like. Trying to get. You know working on something or or trying to get. You might sell it out to a point where. You know and I'm pursuing. Being here you know old movie my career forward and but at a somewhat like IP that your mind it like hey it's time it's our great opera the go relax and not. So a lot awhile back micro we get it we were at U out violence is that you saw. A ballot it's completely. Worry little recharge so. A pop up over due for another trip to get away public. See what I do is it and because I'm an IQ there's no I can't land on the beach I can't go to and as some inclusive thing can at least feel that that is no appeal to me what's. Yeah but what I do like to do is grab a backpack until May and I wonder what it's like in Peru if you get too much of PG what do what happens good equip those punish an 82 giant lost. Or or an up and in Amsterdam and dump on mushrooms and wondering about through the Van Gogh Museum. You know something big to get a little more weirdness in your head just to see how it comes out the other way. Yeah you know the properly you know. Because we travel so much for work like sometimes we'll come home herb went off like the last thing I ever want to do is travel somewhere. Obviously shook my adult in the video and the strategy. You know for the you know chart chart its songs doubt it's right China's focus on writing and try to get it right then its own candidate. And record as many long lecture and try to get try to get better at that. And all of that your loved one is it partly on each unit update like are great at thinking you know one of my feeling it could be working on yet. On on ought pretty bigger or writing there sure are getting better that's. But but what you're you're exactly right I write it for myself you actually. Take a trip you know you can mount Zion and and and I am so glad I didn't itself. You know actor that we're like Michael Flatley. A lot of you know packed up and get the hell out goes somewhere soul. What will report we always played by you know work work that play anything like we ought that the how to do what are you. XP home and held and we get Sturgis coming up so will we leave here if you we broadcast the throttle than Bob and I. Program to Bob Edwards and I take off we go to Nova Scotia we're right there. Do the cabbage trio come back through candid back in the Kansas City home for a week and then back to Milwaukee for the 150 anniversary Harley-Davidson. So you need is gifts that that's the stuff I love like that. In a note traveling you travel enough so it's not that exciting beginning on the road the bike and meeting people in eating in small places and drinking and dive bars and is it it remind you what the world it is. It was cool about. On a motorcycle and drive life. I know that. What do you have been too which are not could you couldn't but because you're the drummer man you've got to have arms it's important to get can't rate the highest. You've got to beat. I can't afford that you but. My dad right the voters like see you guys. It started about all of you. It's certain that you might see. Hey listen if your dad had if he really does Mejia to Sturgis. For real let's won't get pelting her list and all them Jesse gimmick haven't. At the forefront socialist who's got some sort of way and make sure he's all credential that he's got the rent the place will take care of him. There are beyond the man I'll let it. Please do and then you know we ask that my number just but for real let's. Absolutely those guys and I know they'd let Dmitry yet equal time. I'll do that that's what I music are a lot of belt you're supposed to hang out you guys say it's I mean. You remember you lose you are. Here or there may remember that. These I think I think that's great I love you guys and hate and I'm glad you got up early and I I cannot wait to see the news Santa can't wait to hear the entire album. And I'm proud for humanity and everything I've heard I've been like a great good managers. You really guys have been found yet another place. I'd really appreciate I predict the Fed does feel like it'll. Like you don't. Waiting for you out. With the outlook is I feel like. We've lost the battle a lot and it's cool development. The oh yes we'll precede them all very. And that was the reason I got into the instead of the reasons why like. Otherwise that is a well this is another sent to it makes my head explode here's somebody who's got some. Reasonable power in the industry and they call somebody's music product. It's not a eagle there for what they've done their whole thing. Not a oh yeah he's got we're moving a lot of product hey man you would tapes you know you're just a weasel sells you know. I think you're right it does take a lot and you know we early out there and what we absolutely love it brought back because we're. What that are gonna go playing it you know white paper for three years that's not the principal lives you know. So you have to be careful what you what you believe you're so yeah. I'll see you in all but game and I'll see what a week from today. I. You guys you know coming in a day early to do little rehearsing since the beginning of an old. I said I said would you do it texting him and obviously you always know you're welcome in the morning becoming here if you feel to it not not a big deal grab some dinner maybe a combined ages like rehearsal but it's. I'm excited to see everybody in that caught up on everything. Yeah I hear. Regardless. Of where we are where I am like you know if the site is open but I am there but that there at all. Always I'll be there at 630. We. These. He's bedroom RJ on the green. I think he's very safe travels and back again thank you do you feel this morning. Although they keep forever and always does support it.