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Friday, December 1st


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Atticus is on the hotline right now with 200 episode of the middle is on Monday night and this is the final season this is financial policies we remember. And what a great run mentally I'm proud for the guy gets formed in nineteen you've already done NCs and show you guys know the. For which with the get a well this I've noticed high school kids to me they're going to school pride as you know reflect on the periphery on the fringes of fine. But I've decided I want to gradually having met the high school experience it won't recline your total lunar mission. But you know like sports correction used in exports now all I care about is we beat the Bentonville Beers spreading. The bears aren't don't and again count. I heat and based on the geographical location. Let born June 19 in Santa Clarita California. While he's lent his voice to such animated series this fish hooks. The penguins of Madagascar. Stephen universe. And delaying guard. He's best known as brick on the long running ABC series the middle and this Tuesday night this series celebrates its 200 episode. Please welcome and good Schieffer. Atticus welcome back to shelve it. Thank you so much and glad to be here thank. You know what congratulations. 200 shows nine. Season and that's that's pretty amazing. I'll Google it has been such a blessing in action adventure I'm so honored by it. Thank you. Yeah you are with you until you actually. You take it eleven but only only when you started this. Well when elaborate on into the business I was eight years old and I actually beat Ian with the people I mentioned it began but I started working on the middle. Our shortly after I got into the business. And then I was the part of the original pilot which completely different cat but act like Al. That ain't get picked up in about a year and a half later we got another shot at it and I did that pilot when I'm with can't. You figure the odds and if those you if you haven't seen the show which I don't know you haven't after nine seasons on ABC. You know Britain care do you play plays young because of the past few Genesis of perfected through ball was a smaller stature brittle bones. It's it's a real challenge to live with it. And you you've not only lives that you've you've excelled you've gone so much farther than others and I mean it's it's pretty amazing marijuana. What a life just so far Jimmie just to this point I'd been incredible. Absolutely you know I've I've I've been very blessed because my mom who. The full condition nineteen by the different I actually collect the beard and Ernie and from the moment I was born you know actually made the decision to. Make sure I can not end up in a wheelchair make sure that my quote unquote disability in no way is able means a cheat on me throughout the years. And the beautiful thing about that injury in I should they industry. That eat at magic in calling. So even if it a point I'm wrecked something happened bringing began recovering from everything. They can't look the other movie magic it looks like and even injured and and will demand that that the players are between point because Compaq company is. It's the right people think it helped me and and that it could not think that I happened is that even if you have a condition. Yet he may have to eat certain things differently but you're conviction could not be able. You it was so adjusted like this is you realize the insanity able we're discussion we're having here. With a young guy nineteen years old already done a solid ten in Hollywood and successful. And he's probably more well adjusted to anybody in the room and and we and that's really who you must have incredible parents and a tendency to do next even directing and acting right. Or all the above. You know what all of the above and and actually and I'm excited see what happens that as well you know I'll ask it said even in the introduction I'd ideologically. I'm very excited about continuing that. I'm excited to see what the next article being termed out in acting all on on the very passionate about that. But I'm definitely I'm very passionate about directing writing and producing and kind of being able to take it get a perspective on story telling. I want you all the about the antenna unexpected the lecture and iron. Over time you know wires connect app. What do you. Are gonna transition from a child actor. To an adult so much better than we've seen in the past the biblical what is good you can clearly hear you will absorb that you've studied this this is not. Passionate few and need to be famous this is like a real science for you like you understand how shows are put together the direct and other written what it takes after nine years. You you've learned. I can tell. A great deal. Absolutely you know but the cool thing account being on the shell especially coming young Ainge is on any cultural literally hearing nothing but their. And felt it it in real life don't cool it is applicable to real situation but not hearing about a situation in the book. And then trying to figure out okay what does that look like real life I've seen happen in real life. Anecdote to be out all of the knowledge that I I have learned from my career that's our. I as you said they definitely going to help going into the next step and actually I'm RC a RD heat in the initial bit contrite is. Learn the fundamentals the directing writing is saying and comes. This just this past summer I was very honored with being able to the Warner brother directors workshop which hockey in the green deal. In your hands on way about directing Taliban. That involved in the. The ninth and final season of ABC's the middle. It's the last question how hard is it that is gonna be that that last one. You know. Eight it for a thing where it could double edged sword from the beginning of the season we knew that. You know going in it was going to be the last one. And because that's good because we can get that show up property and day but that that part about that it now for the next nine months. It is going to be up being that because it can be one long goodbye. It's definitely going to be an adjustment I spent more than half my life on the fat and I'd. I think look my crew spamming my cap and Rick more than half my life so. It definitely going to be an adjustment. Hosts the middle but I I am excited to see what happens next in court. You know here's hoping not be able to keep my my crude families together as nickel in the future projects. I went to the moon my friend. And appreciate it. Absolutely thank you so much got what he.