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Wednesday, September 14th


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Oh and who comes wandering through it's a they hate crime. This campaign. From low margins welcome thanks every year okay. Heart attack heart attack that killed his wife I'm happy to turn a year older you can choose. Unless it's. I'm exciting and it's usually continue examining email and did you. My way home. She not hitting on the percentage year old collection you can use and dating your life she knows she owes me and you look good she did inside. Can you seventy. Italian island and all seven either. I know you like from about twenty years younger instead of twenty years old yeah transient and I mean yeah. I introduce you missed any then why are you beating when Jake. And I was just concerned about this beautiful one year old and just turning four year old mr. Carter yeah well they're one you know the weather a can there once you're mum and dad got it in what now I know it's beautifully in general gonna meet them give her she's happy hour. So sews Carter and Carter your good boy. Yeah I can flat position he's nearby fishing bigs this weekend tomorrow end of the pre reg and rawhide. Happening 696 to learn and know that one to five at that worked hard and allows us everything about Don post this is not. You can look to the granddaughter. Situation I have ever met Dave Lindsay is crazy ass. And that we'll talk about the chair around falafel talk about how to get in the bikers for babies. Let's. Fact we may get money cure and I won't be going topless for the entire day that right. Do for children are doing for children were in the back end eleven kids okay and additionally. I know does listening at home and we're missing in here is he usually he comes in. Late night with you lazy is being lazy known as being incredible bad he's got he's hanging around the house of beautiful house. He would love to be here this and my K usually brings a man it is so working days equal and so yeah. Couldn't quite make it whether it was com. Hey John trust me you're a better place is kickback yeah. I'm not we'll talk about all that done I got a look at people you'll get your dons a granddaughter yes and that he's been a while woman and Brennan and a couple 100000 dollars. In he's coming up a week's big shortage because he's a lot going on right now you guys can help mr. post out how can they do that may find his. His daughter Paige you know because everybody's got their pages now they show you how they're how they're doing right. I think his parents his own FaceBook page now has the links also on the album. A vote Don post there's a couples and couple thousand people that are on the vote on post nine page that's been up for a couple years now. And they can go there and no doesn't believe there click on yes they can they can do it Don and and they can make a donation correct Edwards yet currently. Last I looked he was at 465 if. But he was to be over a thousand absolute oh c'mon we can 600 until after we cannot take much parked on the issue where about that I. I would love to have you guys help a salad that's it that way out. Don will never miss years as a grand donor or just search for low on poston calculate these 200 years in advance paid report. I don't think that the trick yeah. He really think you marry me a couple 100000 Montenegrin 200. Runs in irrelevant that's. Well unless your idea last year his donation two Argentines was. Read about 5500. So I listened and there's a reason we talk about this reason the money's important it's all that research on that we're meet some kids here. This a look at fellow at current relation was born so poorly was at 27 weeks yes he is my 27 weeks you guys have welcomed the shuttle. Ashley and Jeremy and that 27. Weeks has its I would suggest patient when there was somebody recently line is good and the goal is in Dutch. At least think about how relieved that it's strange hews fairly and he is only one pound four ounce and is an easel like. He's fantastic. And smiled back and he's 40 yes he's and that any any lasting challenges. Other than. Being a little on the small side that's that's about it health flies he's he's doing pretty well honoring is any four year old that's for sure yeah he's. Happy kid there is really it's pretty good what. Very guy. We like it really does not comfortable most kids can in the studio and if they get real shiny. But he's not shy he certainly has its moments so the lessening election now well. It's the mentality. Regardless of political disregard it yeah. Carter commodity was not clear about. Unless you're judged by. If Murray actually talk radio how old are you. Your order we got your hands are what does that. What does that have. All weird playing there whose district here who's this person. Who. Who is actually your sister. Yet so what how your forty years old. And like motorcycles. Yeah what do you like about it. You have a red motorcycle never cart has shown me parents receptive. But put this right here for seconds and then you come over here okay so you're you're red motorcycle you write it. Yeah it is if I do what I do you write it. How does it go. Yeah this past and that is electric. Of sister was something but she want. Oh she wants this. Policy to give it to her. Okay industry. Hopes to Betty for Herschel cookbook I come to come over here guard thank you sound mind. So to what happened Carter. I'm so it's hard hat into vessel corn snow and your record your umbilical cord you're supposed to have three vessels and I only had TO. I am salad and a one point pregnancy the blood flow just wasn't getting to him anymore so they had to take him early. On because US anchor and you dress sells. So it that was either either he wasn't gonna make it bright and early in any kind of had a conversation and 21 weeks if we were gonna continue the pregnancy or not what is right and Sarah and of course we obviously decided ten continue to pregnancy and see how far we can get with him and zero that. Did they know if there was any any damage if there was anything beyond beyond being small and they're not developing I mean there had to be some pretty substantial risks. And not knowing what the problems or. Yeah we did and an amniocentesis. And early on as well around when he 21 weeks and many mighty men sooner than that so they can. They're checking for some genetic things shares there is anything like that down. But you know other than those in the small part we didn't know if you don't accidentally get hit I didn't know until until he got there and I terrifying. He's your first he's our first yes. So there you don't have any experience you have no idea you never had a kid you this is not going to wait. You wanted to go and die and they tell you you wouldn't he's got he's got command now what that would chances of some problems they give them you know it. He doesn't overpower her and I'm 9 PM one pounds four ounces and I think the sheriff we even talked about so it's so bad they don't even Demi and I. If you are a single parent know if not all the whole experience and a black hey have you any again that statistic of one pounds four ounces. It's definitely in the life and 5% range probably end and in twenty years ago. And it didn't happen now MM it's crazy to think this riders on its 22 year and the money you raised. You know over eight million dollars your Kansas City. And and that's the resurgence happened is the reason he is hanging up the studio today. Because we started this ride it didn't exist exactly I mean that's that's really. Amazing when you when you think about what you guys who have ridden all the years 22 years in a row. You've actually seen. Research developed that keep these kids alive and so many times you'll know how for the charity that you never get to see that. That did the manifestation of what you've done and I mean if he's here he's living proof they both these little kids are. Well and Johnny you've seen it with so many of our. Come mission children aren't as soon as children that. You know her born pound pound and half Tucker damn Tucker and Maggie and Melanie and you know it doesn't come down I'm really human disability yeah. Now it I think you know visually if you imagine just to stick butter. It weighs one pound. That's what they're talking about in terms is delivering a child who is so tiny. That survival is truly a question and to have to spend three months four months in and nick you. Every day wondering if you're going to be able to take that baby home. Right. Now it's it's I've seen the faces of live prepared it's just. It's nonstop where it never ends it's 24 hours a day and it's. You know some it's the most precious thing in the world you can you can want to know we don't want things but I can't imagine there's ever been anything bigger one to an end and need your life and to bring that can home. And so leave every night leaves him at the hospital and have to go home and not know you know what's gonna happen overnight and what's in any situation when you get back in the morning. Two is to go and I've had so many my friends who you know worked her way through this high you know and less well this venture has pre made. You know years ago and didn't they're they're a wonderful kids all healthy but I watched even that you know like that the real genuine fear in your heart when you don't know you know it's it's it's. No money is tough enough to handle that there's no no man no woman nobody in CH two. It's it's such vulnerability when you see them and a pound four ounce is like you said only the length of the stick of butter and in that limited the size that we just. They it's. It's impossible to explain you until you see your child in this situation how small and vulnerable they are. It doesn't have to be this way you can change all of this he is living proved she's living proof. And and so how did you get involved much in times. I'm what we senate about the match and saw earlier in the hospitals Carter we had seen some pamphlets and some information and then. So after he was discharged I just knew I wanted to connect with someone I wanted to find their people they had gone through this and figure out how we can. Help so that maybe not extremely wouldn't have to experience so we went down well. I think it's a good thing is just even meeting people or going through wrecked and he's you rate nobody you don't have any answers it has been as a hospital can be used as much as they can help you. You have so many more questions are so many more thoughts in so many more are you know. Fears that it. Having somebody who has some experience really it's important that you guys stay involved. And that's yes really nice to be able to connect with someone who who knows what is life and it's been through anything and the March of Dimes definitely helps with that connection and end brings those people together around a common cause and that's fighting for our our most precious gets there are now and I'm telling you a guy. You know big east triplets from I'm afterward you know 21 years in the timeout or twenty years. And time we're going March of Dimes bikers for babies and knowing what I do know. When they said they were having triplets then I got a I was I'm Tony Eric Hughes all the way through cool I'm I'm the nervous wreck I'm walking around at the ginger as she beautiful tribute to almost never. You re exactly I'm done she like those kids up like you are not coming out you know. And she's there you know she's one. We Jo-Jo is like five feet tall and she's your right now yeah we've always triplets just imagine that can have a guy literally got bricks like you went around her back. If you want there and I'm telling you by sheer will those kids stayed in. And that they're happy and healthy to name them I. You know even none of them being mind that I was terrified that you know gives you just it's it's unbelievable. Unbelievably frightening how. Truly vulnerable they are and every bit. Of their survival really does it depends on this research in this research takes money. Tony and sent it to and pretty much every year when we come in here that what we want the writer is. Who participate on Sunday. TC is. Baby boulevard for one think you know and it's the posters in the signs and baby local babies there's over 500 of them now. That are displayed. Giving riders just the understanding that they're riding for these children. And I think it's kind of very memorable and I. Well yes he's consumer summer when they're selling some or not when you sent we shall see all along that route you'll see people we have children that have. Of premature there were helped and that it's the heaviest part of the day it's the best part of the day but I mean it's like. Well and as they bride as thick if they. Think about all the babies that are still right now in the Nikki with their parents going to the same thing that Ashley and chairman he went through just a few years ago. They're writing for those babies to. With the hope that they're gonna survive and be able to go home and I hit March of Dimes research has made that happen for so many ID say twenty years ago. Pound the survival rate wasn't anywhere close to what additional. March of Dimes worked absolutely aware of feeling but we will do a quick address on the perilously see the March of Dimes a dime of every dollar goes to that research. Ridiculous it absolutely isn't an egg if you believe that your duties to Iraq. That'll be it it's it's it's absurd because you concede that the change that's happened in this short twenty years. Directly because of rights like this. Already million dollars have been raised in Kansas City alone and it really does matter come and meet those kids you meet card that day he Tucker meet Maggie need these kids have been born inside the spin this right does exist in Kansas City. It matters what what's the rate right now we're in that in 8586. Cents on the dollar. And as read about them that we're really proud Hillary care don't you listen history god gives you quick bite us but it's a baby doesn't mean you can't she didn't quit she did criticize them as. Promoted. Yeah well I mean just I mean these girls is not getting promoted it. I had no worst job. So how many how many sets each dollar matte around my around 86 cents and he's right now CI Cuba and U I would have these anti generally. I know the money goes. Well we're really proud of the fact that after 22 years and four to 5000 riders it does cost some money to put on an event that. And so there are expenses. But ultimate Decision Day how many paid employees therefore maybe are on site fun if you're in the restaurant volunteers. Oh yeah every and they mean it literally I was like Jesus Christ you think about all of the people you see that day of bikers for babies. All the past to have an infrastructure in the infield the Kansas Speedway angles six to 8000 writers. And it literally less than five are paid employee exactly it's it's it's a good to great organization and in the best they can't that money. It has to Don ho is accused of volunteer coordinator who gets those 40500. Volunteers. You know and the ham radio operator there's more than sixty of them they're going to be on the route that are there just to help communicate and make it safer for the Ryder Cup. It almost make it an easy Kansas police in the camp fire fire department now they're all there. And their employees from the Kansas Speedway Koop warned god bless him and you know. It eat you have no idea what it takes to open up a speedway in every year year after year he does this for us. Well and the donation at the speedway gives us since. Astronomical it truly is no he's been amazing cat and as his rig worth and income worth family. Those guys really we did pre reg all of Bear's you know gales and blue springs will be worth Harley on Saturday. And that you know there's a motorcycle every you'd end of the keys to a brand new motorcycle engine travels around here is that it worth family has supported bikers for babies and and clear the record margin times doesn't mind that motorcycle Epson that is my 100% donated yeah. By the retailer in the end records. Rim that would what is it this year to 2017. They had an even. I think they're just LaMont action right now it's. Tomorrow among only Harris is gone to luminaries don't classic moment. 217 beautiful and actually that's a 20000 plus. Dollar motorcycle that's apparently think about the money that they've added homered just in net and if somebody wants to have a chance to win that Ike it's a hundred dollars. You know for every hundred dollars they get a ticket to win the bike and I've seen guys and one dollar when it absolutely an engine with one literally comes out when 100 dollar ticket am I an NCAA because the year I think. Into the 5000 dollars from the show. I didn't when it hit a looks like might be there. And I have a need there so we'll come piecemeal yeah but I know right. About Don post would win more. Did you put down in Louis Prima no no no in my day don't you let me did you know everybody's name doesn't. But it and whoever wins the fight we'll we'll find out that 230 on Sunday afternoon we always draw cool let people know and. The route looks great this year at the weather looks great you can register rawhide tomorrow night which UN looks okay Saturday looks fantastic and worth Harley. I'm battling another great day also hinted about the crazy Lindsay shared if I PC chip. Do you like inner cities that we're create an awesome golf and share. Normally find cat on the golf course searching for her husband she is. These fundamentally at. See above said if you're leaving. Here or not. I don't know it is she's promoted again this is that day EU IO CT done a fantastic job but I what do we got musician or sponsor mice. The Indian background where I shop there great source all of the wonderful highly deal areas yet. Thank you again to where three downing that I absolutely amazing and Kansas City Star we also have Ellman and Tom send. Species kick ass press and guys listen to reason it is important is the writers who was what that you guys in the what makes us work. But the more user are the more into it more Dicey it is to the big sponsor because they wanna get in front he doesn't wanna help as well but if we can keep 6007000. Writers out there these other people get involved too because they don't wanna be involved something big and meaningful. And that's for care comes and that puts more money in the bank to fund more research to keep kids alive it's. It's what it takes it takes might move this machine and you guys really do do a great job. By the way I'll be expecting it turned out that promotion instead purely thinking only about this Fred. Well John it. How can you get this done and I'm in another because they're how much longer can you live. Probably longer than yeah. How do you make that joke about ambiguous pig and fish in a heart attack this year and the way how many do you stay home for a week. Now there are an experience is she got out on Thursday and went on vacation the next week by the way since she just got smoked. You would hear how close to kick didn't tell. If you hadn't gone right that second. Well I had one artery that was a 100% locked and it hurt me so it will be harder as you drove yourself or your husband I now know we we trouble blocking after the fire department Smart. You know and they took care me how long before her surgery. Actually is about 45 minutes and she after she was asserting less than a week later she went on vacation. Seven. Golf course and you can't be killed by conventional methods now who know him but I do dimension priced Africa's they've been a sponsor of ours for several years. And the reason people can get free lunch. They can actually died is because Price Chopper. Now you donate everything now is a great day. I'm the way it's gonna work any changes it you can shop that morning you can red shirt outside the speed would come inside and out have some breakfast. And a crazy heart a video presentation. I'm actually Shannon that's going to be back again Gary amble over Krstic and you know and and of course it's possible be their present the money that they raise though he's already raised over one million dollars. I mean. I say that he had eggs posse as. And hey it's never been done anywhere in the United States and don't know if if somebody doesn't put the statute to those guys somewhere in this city it's that it's a crime. Because it's incredible what they've done. Incredible maybe expansion plans extension recent nor present when you can do if one guy started and became 35 guys became ten. And I didn't know how many heads posse now. Hundreds you'll see them on corners all throughout this week. On the east team all year long from rock fest Errol had and there are guys you'll see dad as posse on their back you gave you very clearly identified. And the collecting give money five dollars ten dollars twenty dollars when you bring it last year. And he brought in over a 100000 dollars in cash bonus. This is a nickel and dime a 522. Time all cash we just well he's to have them we really are I love that he has a flair for theatrics can use it doesn't get turned into a check it comes in like a drug money. Literally wrapped in plastic Placer if it looks like like when they're when they're when the government seizes money ethanol looks like when it comes in and I could not let him more because. It's. It's its own pactel to see it. Well and I think it represents all the coins in the dollars that have been tune into their buckets you know it's. From then you know people on the street and I think that's important he wants to acknowledge his out. Isn't Gordon has got it people say that you can't change the world you're wrong you could have slid the consumer bank card look at that she's happy about that healthy kid. He couldn't in his existed twenty years ago. But for march of dollars in net loans are backed it. If there's other many many other things on the horizon that were very close on. Johnny I think I'll one point that I wanna get across is that if people want more information if they want more details they can go to bikers for babies Casey died org. And back Immelt also released by the way and I've not talked much memories she's she's she's one. Yes she kicked one man since demons and she. She was very small amount smallest Carter. Right so with Tracy got everything is going normal and we are having a healthy pregnancy and then actually the day after the march for babies lock last year. I'm I have to sell something wasn't right so I went and I'm an I had helps and then much is very dangerous was that and it's really high blood pressure and it's dangerous for the mommy in the baby and it's so we did emergency surgery and has Karen. I'm sandy yeah. Yes like several hours for just like three hours after I won at all. Yeah I know just Jeremy had. Both time how well those sandy means obviously for mom it's it's the worst but you you're just you're like. Helpless little things he was not the hospital so I was calling him like he better get up here now. I don't think it was in that tone. Just like the sweet zone. We have both both times it was like it's standing on I'm like no it's not handing young she's like yes it's time to go get up here right now who rang so this I think you know a three she was a little bit further along shoots 34 weeks. And so that they shouldn't set cute kid pitches she's got big issues turner quarters Ali guys and okay. Now they're delivering her with her isn't it yeah. Mostly that she looked scared off once. The delivery room with the with Greece was quite a bit different than with harder being a little bit further on hand you know she still had some some Moscow she had to climb over but. Is a lot different experience and you both teacher's desk what grade I teach her strain. Hamas and I'm actually an assistant principal self I've met many here. How hard is only because you can mean think about your your own children all your life it's your life is what you do for a living you're devoting you know the teacher that's not a nine to five job that's a never ending job. And then in that you you want true kids and in either never guess that challenge and in fact that's just got to be gut wrenching and heartbreaking man. I tied to see eminent state and you know. You you think pregnancies pregnancies is to go one way and having a baby so to go one way and then turn it's totally different and fortunately I three sweet and Tony different because now he's done this twice so. And but it's so hard to see in her watch and hard to leave for at the hospital every night you know she missed on the console for a month I'm Susan spano and three pounds. While I don't think you can be any more primal. Urgent need to deferred you know parents to have their child against them you know and win them at all times when they're when they're that small. I mean it's not again I never fully understood it until NIC I still don't but I mean after the triplets were born you know just watching that unfold being so close to it. That and you lest she say it's it's just terrifying to think anything can happen dozens. It certainly puts things into perspective you know these are our most precious gifts there aren't and fighting for their lives. Anything that we can do to open and that prevent that from happening to anyone else. It's easy in the world where he'll ride motorcycles formula to do anyway it's going to be a beautiful day what do they call for 78 degrees and in Sonny didn't come out and equipment there's no way to happen that way yeah. It's usually just never happen that way but Johnny you know you've been there the years where it's been raining in the morning here and it's been so foggy couldn't see a bike in front of you. And they still show up absolutely okay this this'll be great when we have a wind begins to game. I know its own. I think it starts at 1 o'clock but it's not in Kansas City Oprah someplace else Murphy guys listen here's the thinking of the wind I hit the road by 930 your sound you can you be back in your house back at a bar anywhere I mean 1 o'clock ready to kick off not a big deal. Let probably shouldn't say at that. The end of brought the eighty mile ride. I does goes through. Bonner springs and passes by one of your favorite place these. And this is my talent Hilltop it is time to not seen in goes north on highway sixteen question from the ocean right now we're stopping it helps her custody. Ten seconds apart and it's you know what what because to me that's the best part I love everybody's a stop and hang out permits are camaraderie and you go a load. Man thanks surrounding you'll see each other and and then back on the might again head towards kids beat that well and maybe for those folks who do have a cut killer T they can then stop and look out at the elementary school have something to eat and have some snacks and drinks and all. Me to donate a little bit to their school programs. And then head on north on 92 and then northern part of the route is really beautiful young. And I lacing. Yeah 92 to Springdale road. Let's just how the economy. Finish you know we need you you know we might have no idea where I'm going usually on one on the bike in front of you don't Eden I don't. Tell my guys pick up his pace a little this year as that goes slow sluggish last year. Well not out of town so I don't have anybody now I wanted to see Jack and Conan Willis Mickey threatened with him. She's never written a motorcyclist Nicky needs to make it out there are issued on Sunday you do need to me and I am disturbed by sag card for what he could. Then Jackson got the great old man bites and it's got it's got about crest it's got arm rest it's got speakers it was made for unity OK so. Okay it's the motorcycle for the lazy passenger. It is it is really all it is totally made for you have a great time. Not we'll find you placed Iraq and would you wish your bag. We sold or by known I'm begging you know he's moved to Las Vegas. And I know what to do it degenerates out all right. Anyway have you done a motorcycle yet. Nine Mike. I'm only commute. We're talking about this still golfing. Yet this sickness you know. A sickness that stress. I've seen people who golf there's no nothing but stress in their face. And don't let the other things is that. This year we already have fifty T Louis and writers that are coming together to raise money last year we had over I think was twenty that had donated. 2500 dollars or more. And so if they wanna join a team just go to the bikers for babies Casey dot org page and they can click on how to created team. Easy to do even if well I. They have usually impressive despite a record yes those those guys were in the K engine spiders and sultry wielded. The tracks they unbelievable. They donated 25000 dollars last year John isn't the ads posse of the games you know Ed's Ed's got his thing and tell those guys are gonna bring it up that side there that adds posse of that in the teams they're kicking ass. And I saw those guys out and Kobe's in spoke with a few of them. And that in the story and how it kind of came to be an end. It's really touching deal you know he lost his wife and and even in June of camaraderie was necessary form and it started this whole thing. What made him feel better it was helping. And it would and torments almost feel better. Johnny one of the things that's been really every year. We get to talk to people that started riding when Stevie a disorganized governor strike or they were there for the first year came to speedway. And they love to come and tell their story whether it's their children or their grandchildren or just the Kansas City community that they care about. You know they'd come to raise money and have a good time and just be a pilot. It's not always show that I love is love people I met at Tillman story about losing a husband or losing a wife. A brother and they write. In net net and not because it's there's a connection to directly from bikers for babies but these guys if it relieves them of some pain in some. Since suffering to do good for others right it's it's it's cathartic it helps to work through whatever it is you've got going on. It really does you'll never feel better and you in your life than when you're helping somebody else is sounds corny and if you never experienced it you eat it's you probably don't believe what I'm saying. But a prime issue. It's the best part of your life if you try if you do something in your heart I'm telling you walk a way to go. My days better injustice it's the college selfish but I am telling you every time I'd ever been down my wife was well that want to whenever bitchy thing I was going through. If you stop for a minute it can be the smallest thing in the world but just do something nice for somebody else. Your entire day changes and still everytime. You can be part of it. If you don't have a motorcycle if you can't write if you like care. Still us and AM I'm there and like I personally met her mom broader. All you old enough to ensure. She has a wonderful job and but if let's say you were like mr. and you don't have a boyfriend of the motorcycle or not and immersive visual. You can donate to 0222 the word baby you get it right distance to zero I swear to god. It's 2220222. The word baby BA BY. Where you have a new phone I remember last year when you test studies found around here yeah your health tool and health and donate it yes I absolutely meadowlands your parents don't know yet leading do you view your bosses are leading their phones around here but you work just when they're not looking just text to zero due due to the word elite. You like me that pistol on either one even noticed a at least not for thirty days of Atlanta and you can leave just got your boss's phone got your buddies so in 20 to do do the word baby and diet and there's a lot of blame to be made in that as well. You can simply donate money shall today happy new motorcycle you can come by the speed Iran. Even come by the speedway on its 35 dollars to get and if they wanna come watch and look at the vendors because you know we have over 3035. Vendors that are going to be there and cried CND. And also that's invasion by the refugees to buy these skulls share flew us. From that gauge the day's work and he will be held on for me and I put them on FaceBook. It's incredible is that you can run neck handmade wooden chair to the back and it's like the punishing skull. And I'm Tonya I'd I was at five of these so he's my daddy goes on make two more vocal rest moss Brett five bucks a ticket or two at three for ten. You for ten then it goes on from there he's making the sign he's going to be out there myself only it weren't worth. And numb and my visa the day out as well yes. So they're cool looking chairs they really are that you can advice and probably of course is that the contrast yeah. I'm human and he's done did he didn't get all right possible the only. 35 dollars before. Saturday night you know they go on line if they can't make it to pre reg go online. To the website and it's really easy to find how can donate. I am I'm just because he wants and I can't beat please play please wait until you love it clearly by the way hurt her vocal cords were not new anyway. She's just she's she's chatting herself isn't she. She just talking to herself she's you want to. And I think register before 10 o'clock Saturday night. And bring their paperwork with the meant to the registration tent on Sunday morning they'll get their package their wrist bands and everything that they need. And then Sunday morning and it does go to forty dollars so that's kind of entertainment to go online if they can't make the pre register. Slide by rawhide even if you can't meet the run slightly better ride tomorrow night he and 35 bucks get your teacher. Go through and you can be part of this even if you can't make it their Sunday. You know that you made a difference in somebody's life you can do to get worth partly from one to five in and of course that's Sunday morning at the what's now a shoe and some would she do it. She opens up the hill and instead the day for ten years. Tony when when we get her high on national court I will. Only get gullible and furrowed her. In that Canadian milk. You should be used to them look I'm. You want to know what. She's like. She did I do what's up Carter. What do you noon. What are you know they're all by yourself. Watching the window when you see out there if he didn't let. Would you like ours. Yeah I motorcycles too are you going to be there on Sunday. Actually I can't wait to see you nice to meet you. This sweet kid. And Johnny no you don't like to take kudos her credit but one of the reasons this right is so successful. 22 years after I'm up for this. Don't know is because of the communication because you tell your listeners and your writers you educate them about families like Ashley and Jeremy. And it makes a difference you know I think that's one of the reasons why this ride is number one. The listeners and the writers and that is the reason why they're writing. Listeners and had been there the whole reason we talked about this a thousand times all fair in meetings them the whole thing is built around human beings about people doing the right thing. It in. So much that they just about helping other people can make you feel better. You don't owe anybody anything and I would never forget that day I just I really don't care for the termites when they cannot talk about giving back. You don't owe anybody anything but I don't think you owe anybody anything but I prom issue. If you help these people help these kids take that ride you'll feel better that day you'll feel amazing. You won't let you go through towns where people settle their lawns and their way into the besides holding kids that were premature that are allegedly because. Of research from the March of Dimes bikers for babies is the biggest one day motorcycle ride in America. Forward March of Dimes and that I have every intention of staying that way. Well and I would say. The largest one day ride in the nation period. For any charity for any charity and don't say it's big you guys in and in Greece and gone and we've stayed there. You know thanks to our sponsors our writers. Our donors how we're we had officially now money lies. 82 points away as far as total overall you're known to share of candidates say recipient isn't. And all the money huge gains. Over eight point three million dollars has been raised in the 21 years that we've held this front. That's in Kansas City not Kansas City that's amazing absolutely amazing all right and pasta everybody who participate in recent carded. Again please go cart you wanna go party don't you. Leon Chucky cheese McDonald's what. Yeah school. Yeah how it distances suppress. Okay to talk to me. Oh my yeah you know I can get a live thing did you Bowman. If I was him I would ask me transferred to a different school yeah yeah. Yeah that's that's not gonna work out for him isn't what it is not easily foresee is just a little priest doesn't it yet. Yeah when I was reviewing the same way with that give input from school do you like six when I was a kid. Apparently was that he might buddy's kids there are humor and they're willing little schools now. Yeah we didn't do that I was trying to learn the word rant about a six yeah. Don't look at it again Jazeera viewers 64 days ago. They just initiated a kindergarten for the first year and I went. Pretty progressive wasn't. Just take away you know I went there didn't have kindergarten she graduated from high she was in college her freshman year at age fifteen. Tested this in your made an all time thank you for everything as well thank you bomb my thanks to Don post again please stop making. Without being an eight babies let's stop they can you crack it seems certain to give him the PG as the yeah. How dumb post looked Don you're the man and I know you're listening without you this whole thing doesn't work I'm talking about trying to quit. We will let him well you see you don't except so I'm very open book and I'm really suits and cheer as chair of the bring you go. Look that's that's how that works because I love. I wouldn't I what I wouldn't do without you. Sunday September 18 in Kansas Speedway than 2016. Fighters were. Babies motorcycle. Now right. March of Dimes ride in the what do you do here. One day. One reason. Through big warning 23 weeks when you only opponent that even small percentage to survive. Seeing their kids and many others grow up right before our eyes and you. We've seen this. Variety years I look. Sundays and celery seed Kansas Speedway. 182 annual March of Dimes bikers. From six to. Hi Harley-Davidson just start by thirty. Register online get more info 19989. Film rock dot com.