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Monday, November 13th


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Bad dragon not compact Jake and I found this the other day and I gonna cost him before but that is an amazing. Adult toy deal dope fantasy world I had no idea that women wanted to be master brilliant with the octopus tentacles. I'll do it. Just in the why I didn't know they wanted to dragon we put of him break there's a whole fancy costly for party type deal that's out there that I know ideally. I mean all morning to the tenth degree Michael ware wolf penis. I mean it's not a small conventions used to tell me these user when an awards are sold my car cakes I mean it's it's out there are people they get and this is. Bad dragon. Asia you have bad dash dragon back and award winning toys for the all porn awards. And it's we're talking about it. It's a dragon line that one level it's vaguely like a horse. They tend to be wanna keep all the fancy gaffes like a mythical creature and they've created some backs around the damaged creature had a horse is dead. You know we're here fingertips information technology dollars plus I think the best new girls got like his. Casino and I'd also like today I would think of bleach my breath when we hear that Johnny air morning Joseph understands them better. So like your job. Here by the way the regular. Yeah we do. But now and we Easter brings technology geared cars do a job he did a morning show where it's. Here are welcome to the show. I think you very much. What an amazing array of some mythological for the filter perk you've got to get minutes I'm just I'm still go through whimsical and leak that's a lie to you guys are too busy. I like that you put an applicant applicants and if you like you know we're out of the display only kinda like the watchful. I took what the characters at a lot of. And you know I get it people like a fancies that by the end there is a new world out there of of cubs play in fair play in and mythological play like you want it. Who knows why we all the things we do is altered residential by the Dallas who cares you wanna bang a dragon I say baggage rack. Brain power at the silicon we wanted to play like that very party say. Measured action gets about the so what we're really happy and thrilled that it's been well received Iverson for the Canadian that it continued to be fair oversee the. Who Nuba like. Did you know that woman who wanted a ten to go vibrator or doled out. So it Zoellick. But second circuit. Here's. 08 years ago. From our your account holders are over and Colin. He seemed sort of making. Pay as victorious at first only proper it's like an easy if you didn't see any market for a I'll and so he decided to make it now. So many. What happened was like you sort of like sharing like utilities and making what is create with our close friends over the community members. And then they're like hey could I get back. Or it won't. Sort of like he saw that there was some very big potential for an untapped market. Also sees what some other board members currently but it's from the upon these Oliver United States and. You better. And I mean this is up and is a really extensive website at an at a lot of different stuff. It and that can be up and those mythological. The quotes but a lot of stuff which may recommend a Mike that mythological creature have a horse Venus that was my head and currently has no one had I don't know at what has the post article. This. This is just. Weeks or more to the gay or straight community. So it it the next. Like it would we have been expertly. One state democratic wise I would becomes like well you know it's about 55% no problem we're focused on. The hoop he's Winston's tong Winston's tongue is the muzzle on the dragon with a tongue sticking out. And it. It is a deal though comes in many find different colors blue to purple fated talk with a very dark blue faced with how she grabbed some cool completely covered that is you can choose. Whatever it is you want. And to tell me what's the setup for. Dragon tongue he'll go. Up. So it it would I'd like killing your import because it's specifically for the drug tunnel when I'm like. It model itself with fantastic. Lies. I knew exactly but what what's the fancy you normally see with and that's when trying to get to understand like. So she really didn't like her partner has to play the part of Winston completely or is it just the idea that it looks like it or you have to I mean really immerse yourself in the whole idea. Absorbed again and again it depends what you know what you're important yet unique person talking I hate your partner as quick and they're for the use in the home audio. You can also let you know if you're just faster than Mercury by yourself what can you can also have your. Oh OK because I am uneasy that right. Hi pat and I really am trying to catch up hello this is I think it's I mean you know again if you're an adult there with his constituents in Q you don't do what you gotta do. David's muscles a little disturbing it's a master Boehner basically it looks like an angry. Cat deal old tiger Griffin. And it's got fangs and Heath and it's it's clearly. A terrible monster and diet and you can stick your penis it. It's. I don't know if you double when you're feeling tough like yeah yeah and his admin. All to avoid hook up. I mean open and they feel like you're if you're pretty like you know what he knows. Pleasure that the public. Kind of the joke aside. David muscle like. Delicately with concern himself but it like got the same par. City he looks soft it was reported its features like a pattern rabbit out of you're looking at him. And America I would if I saw a creature like this I wouldn't think. I should stick my most valued possession in its mountainous a couple of times I leave my principal that's not easy but I will give huge love. On the 3-D modeling you can get these things museum district so now you see the photographs of the actual thing you can switch to 3-D modeling and drag it around to see. Exactly what it is your perch and you guys have some incredible money if this. Dragon fancied mythological creature master meter and here's the next thing militant but the aware of balls now and nobody at their computer she's for a long time. Who but that is like that's a hole and other things and now you've got this crazy but your penis goes inside this them. The one crackers she looks like crack and I you know I believe it's it's more. Mythological. Sea monster. You've got David chino artistry and I'm sorry. Oaxaca trees that. Let's characteristic of. Did not know that. That countries. That. Again and it if you haven't noticed I have the humor of an eight year old. Oh yeah. There Davids David she's that clinic and mythological beast with a kind of horse has been us. What are the chances she took have a beast would would put this in and you what is this. It's blues estranged. Oddly alien more stable than it did you reach for is like a look on the wrong under part of it. Some transition go to where all one's actually called oak after eluding a chance the actual play itself. So the coloration what did you yeah. What these kids that play at a look it's like what kind of a beast would have beat. Always hated is literally true with chants. What are other model. Other course. OK okay I what do whose Magnus quota Magnus beastly end. Yeah that this is an injury threatening a big bump on the side of rent. So I'm the kind of funny story we first developed a prototype Cox. So the original. Wearable in. A cock she we didn't how big the. We're real glad that pain as she opened they're gonna give you a while running at a dump on it. MC were brought to skip over. Report from the chief word in uncertain about that the so he'll finish about Magnus what was Magnus what was that beast. So I'm sure our arguably are you originally that was a and thanks to complex and make it stick its us and it's the cease sheets threatens the jail adjacent to Siewert. Oh I'm prepared for the appeal is she hasn't got a. The issue. A prototype a suburb of this. Did you follow me we can have a specific character in my album made it so. Think he developed that we were looking at what he has textures will compete you protection like you know enhance basically. Melting. All of but also the eighty addition to a twenty Unisys silicon did you purchase a lot of reporters that connection so over its oil. And then I'd different textured I think repealing. How should this go a little vibe to go footage that you read for a or you can add these little squared which most my next question which is a good time here penis but it's got a syringe. And basically it's Lou book in his applicator. So I'm single and as you would use Google hill right and then. These look like little smaller businesses it and it's usually keeps the whole fantasy alive doesn't it. But does yep those are you current and I'll I'll be it seller of computers. I told yes and actually called them. And Oscar. I might get because nick he's a fan of that action you Italy shooter I am MEI and see huge turnaround I called him juice out there and looted and it's that you never get civil Luke yeah. I I have imagined then we move on Cuba assuming that condoms and lube and and and and that blue syringes and and a you know my readers I mean how much to me it's like. Or issue of them not numbers and money but how many orders a month do you receive. Our own Ali I don't know what the public a public I heard you do if you are rough estimate like cues about like our home. Like over a thousand orders a week. A thousand more over a thousand it's got to be allowed Japan you've got to be killing an income up. Do you ship international yet pushed. Then nobody is more versed in Asia I've I've trap for the rich and they're obsessed there'll penises and and gizmos and dragons and is this is summer which is like dragon balls you know it's decent and agreed to teach urged usual T shirts and plush toys. We didn't know what merchandise but soak it up or at least her merchandise but she sure also putt well I'll be received but a lot of people love our merchandise and I've been a true open not only stop humble. Silent you know how old public citizen they actually want didn't want to purchase order wanna support the company. Well and we know about that one there. You know this is already are somewhere in the shared and now without noticing that you know who I am not quite a bit of bad drag your chair elect oh yeah yeah Alou shooter. These are like Bernie I felt flash cards dead enter go to Gore's at his and you guys have a backpack a rolling duffel bag a messenger bag he changed and tinkered you can drink at a bar in the know who you are shot glasses. You've got tape the tape measure who who. And that got them. Needs and mythological deal built. The world doesn't balladares last year I'd do that teachers beach towels. You've got to push toys. I occasion of kids you've got that drag and shared the coffee mugs bizarre changes earned him sure I mean it it's a huge huge. All of you know stranger things they've got a stranger Dong sticker cut not that important it's triggered. Unprecedented. Yeah I would love yeah I don't keep an acre it looks good you know what did you consider weird and Matt. That my friend these days lord's work he meant that should be the next week or just be should be drag a bad bad dragon. Keeping sex weird since what you do start. Aren't open yet keeping sex weaves its 2000. If you keep sex weird there keeps acting weird they I wanna givers how to give some of this away but what would be the popular ones. That's so. Arguments before things that we do have a few or put it products from the old ones were also awards. So it'll probably be happy to get one of those. Of sensible give we give it away but I mean what would be the one. The source of the cellar we should he want for a guy who offered girls as possible. Sure absolutely and you want and happy if this. But so much and put. We'll start with let's CP UK actually it's one of our recent orders for real on awards 2070. And what I cannot tell. A debt OK very good so that would be for a girl. And that report it immediately she's. I'll let student who. Our recent master bittersweet rely on. We who we are actually. What sort of who we are actually nominated. Or the opera works for this. Not only not yes that looks that they might be or horses vagina. Move up and energizing no judge in its. Because there's one guy the other in my that is definitely dragons vagina Janine is it dragons vagina. Right and yeah. And I only is no way around that one. It's a beautiful thing of like I guess like the guy doesn't affect you return but since unless if you. It can be like it but there's no prompting public service as we're not. And I feel like twitch might be dragons anus. I think it he's am I go home. I don't know what happened at duke but nukes but it's it's angry. Didn't they need support for you to look at duke but all got a looks like Sarah. That was a fair is easier on the street team you know fair Abrams and an absolutely I think that James Dean that there. Do just that at some degree of gun yeah mad at bat well Derek. Again you're doing the lord's work even six weird my friend. And I ended Duke's Muslim thing it's a way that's Italy's dragon. And then of course the David's muzzle is also equally as is over the top David's muscles ridiculous. There's some Michael like any idea what the typical deal out of it. It's. It is cute but I can tell you it's allowed your house give it lets you group as any of these you go let's it's not someone. You know what. It can't take I and that was burned in my brain which one Duke's honestly. Duke duke is honestly Bernama duties but that's forgotten as a male and see something that can tell you. 00 god that's the dragons are OK that was what that's called the always backs it up big ass red town. That at least he'd seen as you. That's Winston Winston does that King and I can't get that out of my mind if that doesn't think that's an image in primaries. We sent Winston please. Yeah I mean I'm here you can hear what's happening here Reggie couldn't land's she's begging for all do it or would you police and winning singer could dragon can do what he's thanks Johnny thinks Winston. Under review your good mandate and listen anybody bad dash dragon dot combat veteran and outcome itself. You know what I wouldn't do it work of you might wanna wait to get home page in my collaboration history afterwards if you have a away from us that he's she say doesn't like did you look at it. You put by the way if your parents in this Derek. Actually when I even deeper sort of the company oh not when a person has people who help you secure secure IE a patella parents like and I hate. Much changing like cannot happen actually wanna go with the sort of company and oh look what sort of country if Kilpatrick and it the Bill Clinton. Live action Soledad really what we've been that they're like oh wow okay that. Certainly different but the same time look pretty cool cook. It's fantastic. Elizabeth it's not what you do before this what we doing what path we want. So I was originally going for registered nursing. That was so that's what I'm fiscal fourth on the career before I dragon was security guard her secured some and but he. Your own over the place. You are all over the place. A security guard registered nurse and then I am also making this incredible 3-D model dragons vibrator to. You know what race a factor plays Winston. I daring to believe it. Typically a compliment to hide so well before you also what is your fancy like that what you're what you're go to roll YouTube and dragons are you. These are what went jury the crack in what what's your story. Zoellick he went from like where personal. You could say like it's gonna be off. Like I had never been to support the box it was. When I was in congress are pleasant Oxley announced what's the story behind it's like what's a character. So not he's hurt our night trick here. Well what's on the that is. And I drink it started to try to see you're dragging. Your Dragonball dragon top. A hundred Bergen bottom and and and so you take offense he's the full fledged is a masturbation as your partner also get into it. Our own bowl. But like primarily restoration how weird how we'd best picture house pay tax cut of up to three. I'll share up right. Illicit we knew that he would who wins then will you be alone when you get my dad put them legal dragon and the it's documented there's got to be at two drink minimum and he didn't talk to be a drag and I mean no drama class deal means grab that. And I'm not actually makes perfect sense or might get me. That's fantastic. Isn't he checks we've my friend keep it weird. And so on steroids.