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Or November 3 in Tampa Florida. He's a standup comedian who. While attending Florida State University was profiled in Rolling Stone magazine as the top part here at the top party college in the country. All this while his six years before you university. She's starred in his own Comedy Central special comfortably. The showtime special the machine. Where was hosting the Travel Channel show convert the conqueror and this weekend you can see live on stage at the end. Please welcome Byrd crying share. What do I mean I can't tell you how much we have in common right now. So that he wants and as we were talking about the rescue dogs your question the valuable lesson in the McGovern some cute dog and what is right. And I just hold on just yet hates Mexicans. No actually rescued from the barrio solution have a great experience with the Mexican as you actually a members that's a lie about spartans Purdue bonus you never listens at at and then. We have we did construction houses there's an extreme right and she. Had a legit problems one day she goes after the start so she's torched. Going after in the and he just looks and let's get the day as she sits there and I don't baskets are valuable I thought yeah. But she's a self loathing has been out if this crater of your raiders helmet and prevent. That so yeah. I don't because she bit maybe. No this whole time you've been taught she's been licking my feet. He just he's just going with Atlanta righted now she she leg rate freeze level and the whole thing yeah honestly it was just me that's like iron. I was in the U many high making eye contact like you'd like just what you face cute I armed I have rescue Detroit completely another MI I was telling my bull Mastiff the best part is my wife. Loves that we of this dog she's on her forty pounds. My don't. And not. And every council says only. How big is accidents out how much you weigh more goes. She's a 140 pounds she weighs more than any and every time one ago I've seen little force I'd I'd argue that. Oh I hope for the bigger than my goal is definitely put that. Using that. Social Jake was resisting what you'll get a question. Cheap and in high and it's completely done it for years and years. Just thinking somebody stalls out you'll you'll know where to go like things you wanna talk about things when I sit is I get this back from his his radio questioner to beta zone. I am Burke creature. Please ask me about. Number one in awards to aids and Africa three rape but for the time I got molested five mile an inspection station six my kids seven to opt out that's almost things so. We'll definitely decide to go in the eye and every like this it was it sent. There as soon as you like April 2000 affair happened I know for a fact I mean you have a timely commentary and let's start with Vietnam yes a weak weak weak and he sees the picture of larger and your Russian people Russian Urals every notre rice patties in Vietnam the Vietnam. You went to Sunderland who tried to get we get an entrance. And it turned as a way I spent the night Nike these are spent the night I hugged it to six hour hi Ken. Putt it's you go through little villages insane no brilliant trained Indian kick your car then again yeah and and and. You hike through pillage what's crazy is when the villagers a lucrative breaking beautiful village and it's just like the movies mean sadly you know the movies about Vietnam or. Like uplifting ones but I like it. It just like the movies like girls but old woman squatting smoking a cigarette. The crazy thing that to me is the kids in the pristine male with a beard before because they don't have EQ the group based there and then we do. Tribal out of the jungle like like to cover up Hampshire and these tier big guy is six foot plus I'm I'm the worst American you like animal out of noxious. And once doodles and we just. And the kids were like can we touch his faith that your below we've pictured him TT. And it was like we dozens basin and TVs that they wanna pollute your face of the day app. So the oil markets that one kid comes up in this technology healthy Billick looks at the hands and I have the rest what a coincidence. Yeah we've spent the night and in that case it was amazing season. It's the largest in the world it's he could fit eight it was a thirty story full city block New York skyscrapers in the main chamber all and it just got. It was a twelve years ago got discovered yeah I didn't call it's so incredible it is a legit hike in and out killing the best part you ready for this. So we we do you have people who assault while I talked. You're looking. Spanish caravan but to do worse the cabbage we don't have. Good luck and I Geiger from OK anyway so I go take a motorcycle rest off you wanna start playing object so. I think motorcycle lessons to ride motorcycles troubled general David radler who has by the way to a stroke journal pretend the stores made up okay because you're not gonna like it. Ever the first and Italy are running or sort Moses never drink and drive motors through 80% of fatalities tunnel Mercer scripture that look bad I've read motors and that's it exactly right. I think they tell you that so you don't during a drive that's not what I heard from the I heard it must be magic to bribe drunk automotive. So immediately on our I have some great motorcycle experiences broad tub volcano in though Hawaii. I wrote once harming crow nation in the Idaho on top mounted little helicopter after humble flow. General motorcycle riding through the canyons and autumn shadows he to a temperature change. And I pop up on one side and the pack of wild. Horses. Catches homeless. Has all if you think his helmet but it would dispute with ski and brightly devote hammered exit. But they're right it's fabulous but yeah. I mean. I mean took some amazing times easy you're dead at my momma my dad after about this. There's there's no way that we're not related somehow so on the vehicle hike into the cave was named again so undo how I loved you'll remember things like that. We hike out of the village and it's its own beast of a height get no it's it's it's that the licensing suspect it will Laotian border we got there we did all that. And they turn this way the dates and only Vietnamese scientists can be in the cave. And now it's opening gambit of that period public eye freaked out like I literate had a melt usually takes to get there it's a bit like the betrays the cards so it's it's it's of. Aggressive amount of travel shall we hike out we get on the bus back tore forms they were care reform stay. Thumb and you might have stated the same one and the guy had. A Russian mural of old Russian underwent. OK so we go there TT. My god I'd like to join them like I've earned it. You know like I have a have a nice few Beers to rescue the Russian Ural out of myself in my ankle although there are and present and hammered out in the middle of nowhere. Naturally get to ride a motorcycle drove truck over there own right coach on the cement a few spike. According to your first innings like gas and it's been smoking weed and drink a beer with TD going Abby goes you're gonna laugh at. So he says to me plays Spanish caromed and he goes placement is chairman Dick get in your head. Who's taken replica just just alike. 200 yards you'll see there's an opening between two right buddies that earthen dam. Who's right and there you can take it down a quarter of turnaround can really open it up to form a group G the moment usual. So I figured out a core I turned that corner and I'm looking at sunset in their talks on each side. And I opened this baby up you know that feeling when you need. I am. And here this might. And now lying. I have a hole in the past I don't console boat I'm going Euro matter and I am trying to. And it don't truly vulnerable for the first time cardinal Marc what you believe it when it's ugly fallout if you don't have all the actions have been between allegedly let go you ever had all of a sudden stop it but. Phone rings. And I pull over and answer it needs to Rogen. Hugh says to me you. Are gradually doing right now I go him. Super ha I am really drunk and among the motorcycle through rice paddies in Vietnam and it's quiet for three seconds and egos. You are sad it's cut. And I guess I was great deals. Uses my love you brother academically so great is going on he's a dorm or get this is New York these beliefs don't put the money make a travel deal it's about these moment GB hard drive liberals like. It's less about who's gonna talk models they don't like will he goes I love you Aussie when you get obesity by hang up and now to our writer I have a moment you can back up yeah you don't open it up. I go to the flu. I could take that turn. And hit. And it's my I do the big mistake of motorcycling. I hit the from operate on left and yeah. And now when its wheels get out before me in my heart rate goes. But I look back at him like a little. Now I feel like I'm really officially got my saddle front and middle finger grip a taste in my youth people don't like the I feel like I'm. The options are on their play corner or. All of a sudden. Cut it by phone rings again. And it's my wife. And answer you David on what you do and not my week. There were so we've joked Omaha hi and I'm really draw a rod motors through threats from the moment it's quiet for respect. It should just stick it. Idiot. All the motorcycle and you're not woods instead if you are never bothered to and I love president cholesterol problems. Like you just. Does leave. A Bruce. Do you guys go oh my wife called. Open and then the. I smoked weed last night. Yeah it's still in my system. His gray eagle you're right it is trying to explain something about traveling sleep walked our lives we. We the same places we drive the same way to work. We do you leave your new home eagle number I got there did you use on up there immediately like Vietnam and normally can't read anything you don't already knew it would eat where to stay in the streets and you don't out traffic should work NC cost we have to be a buyer. Two to observe everything in your life that I was that bad news about it cholera it's is. It was running motorcycles absolutely when you rode a motorcycle and Obama look another dangerous it's not an advocate for. But the one thing will say is that you're in the moment were forced to look you've never seen traffic like this before watching people will dole term buddy you see any common right yeah it's it really is absolutely connect Arkansas ranked last weekend. Relief and then we're headed to Kabul. In August we just need to Nabisco showed in Fairbanks a muzzle on have you done have you done. Anywhere in Alabama. Yeah I mean just throughout damaged all the way to the floor we did we did run in Alabama it was. What we should remember the name of it was it was right its fall was kicking in and it was the most beautiful and looked a lot like out there have been Africa and remote and a half ago. After is insane. I'm from both of them and Bernard arena knew instantly I know I mean like Brothers did Travel Channel shelling an analyst and getting married let you know. If you promise you we're gonna Africa let's that I mean the bottom when everyone's known it tore through Australia and my wife told my wife recently come with me is like Matta felt a sign up for some public. Sign up for life and my wife is much I love Malloy for a lover might but first wife this is were. But another insurer writes I don't starter it's a starter wife. So she's gonna is gonna talk about rush because I've been I went to Moscow for New Year's Eve when you review and in Red Square new years. Do you they've bumble the gradual than five years ago four years ago I've read and read write and read before the Olympics. So read the Euro deal 01 and they Bobble that we're away from the airport to Moscow when it happens kicked everybody of the subway came up out of the subway and a Red Square Kremlin. To see guides rabbit punching another guy strong armed robbing him ever called and I mean I just in normally I'll get like all helps a woman I was like you know. We have available to answer that go over the straight you know challenge you know the whole it was like a Pink Floyd and I mean. It would cops and soldiers and Belgian mussels barking tunes such assaults are solid guy put a gun in another guy's mouth and a bookstore there right yeah look at the story you know it's a book are our country. Yet please insane I I've almost aren't we have before the break we don't much now as we want okay I got ball the Russian mafia I was there each. Dude that's. When he usual whatever the story you know why we knew we were 22. Chose to study abroad program I. It's like that for Russian grasping there was spammers. And and it was Obama's what it took like 3000 per realized a big as bad as I. The teacher the teacher was pot she's that was like parliament and Kendra to Olympus conference. It's getting to the doggone it doesn't it but I don't know I. We connection my buddy who has that China Joseph living when doll and oh yeah that's and a lot of weird parallels here. Flew. Human she needed to cut their masters would you like to grow that you Busey but I mean it's to make the cut the crap and so. The growing ABC sort of what you want to three affordable word. Never learn a will. Russia for was to halt in Russian. And yet you take to go to class disability immigrant the ambulance. So we do a study abroad trip she's like if you go to get mine so. We go to his 1995. For anyone who doesn't know this is yet what is it like a long time 44 years old. It'll. Russian mafia ring and everything in 1985 in Italy in the ninety's likely nineties but he ran everything and they told that a person would listen we'd pay it off the market to keep you safe. So we had to gangsters a Coleman DT they walked us to class every day they walked it back from constitutional few trips they lived with us the first in this that is don't speak to them there in the mafia. Earned some. So the first night I go to the room. It was right extort money from Bollenbach and recordable. But Clinton says it was northeast Philadelphia and a sober coach and beyond a notable but you Costco which means he only moments bird. Burnett's meet you I work. You know I mean I really don't want to catch you get it. So luck. Door open space space for the real Russian gangster tattoos what you attractive cigarette. He just there isn't a renowned schools shall academic having a flannel thing flown out of my head and all I said to him in Russian in his doorway it was in the machine. You started laughing hysterically the ex Eagles what did you say I just haven't gotten a notice settled on the machine and he's like. It roomful of nine Russian natural altering that smoke and just goes to element you said can now moment sitting there. While what do I do any kind of woman elected. The class good back. And that was was less than 11 o'clock about the sugar through new lemon drops and or should I listen we're at. And that is like soup to set a vehicle are seeing not a game after not look at me look each other like use the machine. So important to them all night long drinker Paul that long ball has had on how to say is on the machine that caused to fail Littleton. They store my best friend Igor. This through viral FaceBook because. They tagged everyone in an anti divorcee and vitamin comets or to feel. And so. We did that mean he were like. Everything that he ran when a beautiful picture and you and you can really you'll see something that's that's that's how you do it. Dude he would pull me out of class he just opened the door cracked yeah with the mafia it over the cargo. But you'll machine means let's go machine and I just walk up and axial later suckers who I don't know had a Cox. We don't want to field trips and build the machine doesn't wanna see that's the machines bringing with me ready for that moment it was the greatest summer in my life we ran a full scale was stolen boat in the one day. We don't we go to overnight train trip to Moscow and I see the eagle we should share cabin and goes. I can go as the one on because they're from appearance train to promote your runs Moscow. He's at the door guide to sort of Monday Google take a short of you to train station. Unity cinema to new gangsters or equal work. He says to me was guys this is the machine do you give the machine what he'll have a great time. And the bigger than to viewers of vehicular canisters like it when it with a machine. Takes me a first class were with him how we got the news we got booed. It and here's the real pork Cintron kicks open the station ever in the works on the train comes in to pay their respects. Don't condone two walks. Rips off the sort of strips two short weeks the money that goes uses a prison for the machine. It would be in all there to do it shuttle vodka with. No machine. And I am twenty years old thinking. If you towards but it got to draw yeah. They expect me to do but it sure some. You're getting into when I'm going to look at what she wrote and booze like machine that department more vodka like some of the mob would ever want. Ruled the bar part Igor ambiguous as to me in Russian group machine go by the board grow bred in Russian and I understood them. Percent of what. I mean I am going my way about the flat toward the textbooks but I don't know mafia if I. I thought I'd like I don't use that machine who can machine blowing it's easily. And an incredible guy that did the one he's like grab the money like vote. It's like I grabbed the money. And I computerized. At the moment we're Robin bar cart and on the one doing it. Look telephonic style played concluded. And grab the money walk out to across we've seen in their like I remember this is one girl played the accordion who's usually cool. She was like you're in a lot of trouble but it minimum account whatever you know with the mumbled we're gonna do teacher crimson. Two for first class cabin door swings open that liberal arts confidence and find out what happened just lose remind this. It's over you're done mr. Big Igor looks at me smiles takes some of vodka spits it horizon goes. Don't toasted the machine like that she's shudders the twenty of 22 shuts the door in her face. And goes and with a cheap pieces of us. I'm like oh my god because the war in human gives gore be good time liquid it. That's uttering a key Israeli goods and robbing the whole train poll. Now he's exhausted and when listening know that kinda dirt are willing to get into like. Like I know I don't Hutomo wife I don't drink and drive cocaine for Saturday's now that. I know had a conversation with Silva knew what I want satellite never comes is from our Robin prince he'd taken a moment like an army on the go back or Obama verbs. But apparently one was an opportunity on the dudes like all right let's start in my class to rob them first in the would rob the whole train robbed everyone in the we will bank we drank. Whore like. Britain pulled the Moscow. 6 AM hammered a five dogs I've ever been number one Bert my wedding good question. That's seldom helps out. Hammered. Train stops sun's up door opens seem teacher not that. Looks in mean goes I wanna be wanna tell you it lowered the police look out if you took off totem pole last groups that have been robbed a good. Rob the classic you go from person a person giving him. No there sleep we went in this mean his question the tegra betraying or you will get dropped. Ever loosely to open the door small guy crawls and sort pulling bags are you put them in the hallway he goes through the bags and pushing back it. And if any will miss a big you would spit bogon he didn't let that I just wanted woke up into that popularize we moved on the rest of us via. I like what people ask questions of the story because it's true stories like a chariot you need to know. The record into debacle. Is that because I've been on those trains have been through that region of deals not with the mob a lot of Russian metal band. Who didn't speak any English and we didn't speak any Russian Oleg it was back and if you heard this week change here. Your butts for 34 hours a potentially all we did was listen to the fresh prince's third album on nonstop. But on the Scott nightmare on elm why not give up my street it was a little box all the appropriate let's we said DiMarco this guy and and Hillary can say just when it passed off medal because if you intimate and motor head that's the international I got your attitude loved everywhere. And then we went off from that date and slit not much stuff they entered I'd love the and I said I wanna pass well and he boosted both sort of treat to wake up as a what is it you you give me you. And he opens the window grabbed it by the five and sticks my torso out the. Like I'm not a lot of power it is ice cold look. We polian cops talking in my whole class they're upset. Have been robbed Igor seizes illegal where it's between these horrible colossal Michael thank god he grabbed the ball about like cigarette bumping and that's not to bring up stalk toward prompt you to. Goes out to the cup and start yelling into the public. There's a word in rushing called casual which it is it's doesn't matter but it's about word he just yelling about I don't know I am thinking this is an it would handle this like he's yelling at the cop grabbed the config a statement grabbed the video spins him around for Gillick. Now and now the cops just staring at me. Like looking at me and anger the cop part of it which are and other means but that telling gift or a cup of what I want to get cop the by the understanding of part of class just brought Nixon gave our problem with all of thinking is. This is the north little spending my thinking junior year. Get by some in the cop he. He looks impatient to two big steps cries about the arms goods with Mike last week and he wore gets right my peace news Seoul. And that's good news the machine. Yeah. Tonight to Harden and Mike are you serious using a few extra clothes like stripped of a Grumman Tampa. And that and that and that I Sonoma ago. I'm in trouble and you're so close to their good smells morning's figure he was mobile screwed achieved these. Yeah. Dude it's no good bits and it's did I it's come out of it like in its weird for me to tell a story and and remember that it I lived it you know couldn't hit such a great story it really is a great Hillary. The venom I really thought like I it yeah it's it's hard is gonna hold that. Come back for the end of the night because people last week at the beginning whenever it's going to sleep every embryo shuts down and that much do I got better stories than that on island Saint Petersburg but Joseph slipped spent the night to strippers and strip club. I was walking the streets looking for could lock the doors thoughts on the mob guys or whoever drenched after lebed you know it grabbed him and just rolled in some looking through dumpsters at 3 in the morning at Petersburg in January. Trying to figure out where in the hell he's golf ball and call this phone ringing and he's not answering it. Talent forget we're stated hotel this Alley with a steel door. And then you gotta walk upstairs in an answer I've finally at 5 o'clock go back and players like. Tuesday jumped. He comes walking like six. I was going to bode goes. It was in my and it's. Hello and local yeah. Now I know why you weren't answering your phone. I think. I think I'll go back to this I think that if you are arm tell you right now furor and I don't have to keep going in to different countries are breaking the laws. Although I have done that a lot but like. In New York 26. Right now and you're like pressing nary a group of friends. Meaning go to Vietnam apps go to Vietnam has told so many people this it's the greatest country I've ever been to sweet people beautiful amazing and it's cold it'll change of cultural DNA. What you'll never see the world the same because. Vietnam such an interest in country in that like so many. It's it's very aggressive and like the leader in the traffic crazy and such school fish scooters to -- I could riding motorcycles are road motorcycle throughout the I don't not that I wouldn't it was crazy mean at our spirit talking about the marketing of Dublin federal from the top of Vietnam to the bottom vehicle but to and from Michael along all the way to yeah we with a column bay got a job boat though it sounds bad jump boats and other beautiful yet. You can get one for thirteen dollars seeks thirteen people here I'm saying per week thirteen our dollars. What about a person you're a full crew. A captain and you couldn't see the most gorgeous things you've received it just seems to movies it's expires violent limestone holes and just. It's ridiculous it. Vietnam's amazing I will also say this is like a nut I appreciate the brokered of Travel Channel I'm not doing TV anymore do we stand up but. Do New Zealand these. Number and spent that we get chucked into the cave we get extra day's news we immediately Huff did down to Nam and Cambodia. Which isn't it equally and rednecks of Asia you just now getting the real deal you're the real deal now that we like traveling because we'd Wheeler travel backpacks ever check anything everything gets scary and you have to Kerio luggage for two weeks and then you know these these wash when you can watch our show and Calumet go anywhere you tell me where you wanna meet go. A vacation day before Christmas for two weeks at that. I'll go anywhere in the world economy really I mean I with a home and he sees only means. You do weird as it either going to be fantastic or ash or are we get a look I wanna get a law to get to the police like are a number read the books and room motorcycle maintenance. Or and ultimately I want to do that like Horry are torn about did you do that without me an hour ago argument about that we've done a bunch of motorcycle rights. It was get smoked a mosque that was close Wie gets an idea. I like our have you written a piece you write a book now nobody would give you should write a book unit I wrote I rentable have been so we'll look at. I'm John really write a book now I just. But it's. So much stuff that's up. And if you choose to show Burt is if I am not earth hour all the shows sold out because I heard a bigger only I think and if they're not they're really close you guys it people who have lost your minds about. Betsy you gains. In my computers can dump them now put the stuff but upon them the these views that are yet to come in America because admits that pretends that it. Yeah what she believes in you swimsuits that are all hairy. No it's actually just what. He's a beloved was beloved he's beloved. Church went so we had a guidebook we can push back you'd want your life. Oh. I've bought the robbed him. I. Everybody's taking him get him to make a teacher from me of my shirt of my truck form shortlist I would love for sure that is my body. To have that in a jumpsuit that same look in the track suit. Like a pre register at tracks when air shy I'll be here. It. It's always give in to radio on the depends you put. Here's a look at the after the fine it's really good you'll you should definitely affect him cubes please. I am strictly anyway. If we had to be everything unlimited quick break because. Again it's of course analysts we keep talking past the grand jury in my Robertson he's the beloved church back and of course we're pressured first time as the first and improper. In Britain and arms are what keep your long time ago I think terribly we've managed to screw that not to chew on the show. I was I was nobody knows maybe it will now that the public doesn't appear funny you know Michelle give your age to Europe and we'll take anybody I good I appreciated and this is our look I've mama also the author poet. Thank you for the whiskey and down and also going anywhere outside etc. Beastie Boys my your departing 75 degrees in Kansas City county and keep it team Belichick at the end of for the first time in the studio mr. price. For November 3 in Tampa Florida. He's a standup comedian who's while attending Florida State University was profiled in Rolling Stone magazine as the top. Here at the top party college in the country. All this while his six years before you university. She starred in his own Comedy Central special comfortably into. The showtime special the machine. It was hosting the Travel Channel shelf convert the conqueror in this weekend you can see live on stage at the end. Please welcome the Byrd crying here. Just stuff again the way like. Easy easy Trojan was excellent the movie van wilder than it was a great movies really based and you worry I mean via technically and I had nothing to do that. Oliver Stone optioned the rights to my life after college and he wrote you'd written this was you you'd put down on paper your life you're known and knows so. For of Rolling Stone magazine discovered me in 1997. A guard in Eric had to guard ordered or Obama called the number one party animal country. Occasionally had a kid when okay. If it was was by the laid out Talladega national forest is the motorcycle ride I was told you about Talladega national forest. In hum November. I swear to god looks like Africa and and it's a crazy to try to amend so sold 997 role as the magazine's cover me call the more portable country. Thumb changed my life Oliver Stone options writes my life I trust him up for the first time. Obama and move to new York and in the process to mean move to New York they write scripts about me. Instinct part of this about the from. Drawn to him going in details that don't matter but. If needed to become a man who beat it beat could be removed via bowel party animal and a journalist. That's the the catch because the option the rights to the oracle so we had to be about a it correctly and accurately. Bill at the heat a great job I think it was really good movie and I'll want to believe you match debated on some doughnuts and it's I have never in the movie. Well as grip and so. And Will Smith discovers in the afternoon instead of like six months Will Smith discovers me and then the the deal with the old stone car falls apart because I know onto the TV show Will Smith. So Will Smith discovers yet for how does will's main guy named David talked to incomes of the comedy club. And moving into real detailed look that I just of the view the randomness capital I know around you how you bounce from this from one place to another it somehow. All the pieces just treat you the machine on the luckiest guy in the world the best under the law a bubbly to things on the lucky scalable and a pretty good storyteller. So I can always like. I have been waiting my wife's a horrible story teller like chills stories of the Jesus ripped six page that'll book. There was no way it'll look at what I'm lost. I'm finally getting grants and yes very human to Branson Missouri I am well brands okay. It's a good there's this story that is that it takes a long time the talent to regulate. I taught you take me to Branson it takes forever to get there when you do feel like yeah. But so. Them the option to the new default port. Because I'm doing TV show now will Smith and the guy who wrote one of the scripts because of what Google submitted scripts takes a script turns are also some National Lampoon it becomes move that ball screen tried nothing to do with it. Hmmm I did meet with. A two meeting when time is really cool. But these guys are like is they're like hey we're big fans can be failures for a long time as the tropics would know like your whole career since you were point six Mosley. I taught and Emma Booker for immunology who we are those like no in the like we are Ryan Reynolds production company. And we made them wilder and I was like Abu. And the like Kate if you wanna do your CNET and I'm never seen that they're like would you like to look podcast with Brian where you watch it together on holes like. I little. But they're like so afraid that I just beat. Hitting on Ryan Reynolds and I. He's critical to miss it. Took off what you guys and girls did the but so and so yeah I've I've I've run into what to do that worked on the movie and we've always you know. It's a weird thing blew it I yard no I've never seen the movie. It's it's a cool little footnote to have your life you know I love the fact it. But more known for myself than that movie now but there's a long time coming before ever was like and elderly animals with a guy erupt train who. Alice Smith but he's mean he's always seems like such a great human being genuinely just together. Opened OK so. What for summer meet him were the dance studio due to a millennium and he's in the studio and then Ehrlich will want me to. It's probably like hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line he likes me at home a couple of thousand dollars just beat us just because I told told to do a trend. So I knew them. I do them big hip hop fan and I looked excellent run of about electoral of the pop. A personal problem to listen to the Russian mafia to put a lot of black people your glass half a analyses collapsing pocket killed that he so. So candidate who goes he's like I like you why do these like. We go to Alaska movies tonight. Okay. Mean people in Hollywood with seven of the cars to get out but I calls my dad's old school like an hour ago he was going going Gregory. Toward the movies tonight what. I'm. One of the movies and he's going to eat it you don't like it was all volumes Hillary. I think he was to have sex with you feel that my dad. A dozen possible adjustments in the dance studios are where it's been nothing I don't know and a he goes I know that's what happens these guys celebrities have so much sex with the women that believe in that Boudreau and smallest that have sex with the old boys. Bit and they in turn amount at a time it's impossible the next eastern turn them out tonight. He goes what's more likely the fact you're so talented that after six but the new stand up the biggest movie star the world what threw him a TV show about you work that he's tired of women with a sectors like oh my god what do I do. That's like you show up but he he's. So I show up I show up it is planet Hollywood. Completely McCain's Wilson appears musica. Signal that coastal resulting play. They were both you movies to the movie and you seem instead. Clinton. She that'll sudden a signal of sitting in the lobby of planet Hollywood or the the waiting room and six foot seven dude named Charlie Mack. Comes out sticks out out of the Dora did not see originally. To me who's who work. A good yen to Terrell stated. My heart effects of this guy to pit after I got there's been a long night I go downstairs in the room. Our ten black dudes it's small room by the size of this. Velvet curtain around it folding table with senator Ted black dude just hanging out. I'm thinking OK we're gonna sort of these damn black dudes are gonna sector toward America Will Smith I'm sure is bringing jazzy Jeff that's thirteen weeks. It's going to be a long night I didn't make our content they want to stay at a posted up back against the curtain dough sale word not make eye contact. Will Smith shows up with jazzy Jeff what's the trust you can play kicks. And Will Smith liked Joseph this is Bart. Federal lights up like now it's up mr. coming at me element all right here's notes towards ago when these meals are there I. Curtains open up behind me and it's a private viewing room. Bob newbie movie theater and we watched by American life most of the blocks and X two will we got great feet immune. Right in the Middle East the story you're right actually drank long hours tees as shrimp. It was so great at getting the movie goes would think I was like it's great movie. I was I was trying to laugh at the right port so that he knew I'd get that humor whatever. Because they'll know what you think about the room as a beautiful who would you but the guys I was like what. The Alexandria pop fare. As has marquis that's cool looking at the dedicated. I could. That's sexy sport after he came back yeah. Train. Is it. Yeah so he's subsequently brought all the hip hop stars from the moment favorite slightly slicker here and I have no idea and a pretty drunk at the end of it. You learn about it but clearly not the adage if it's a brother went to jubilant. And a duty that's that became he's like have you heard this I was. Now that I'm sure he'll get Motley group to IO I love you probably have office did the other not in the new moon will. Girlfriends buses and Negroponte is as deep or Mac you see. From Randy oh yeah he has been a brother brother like is that we should just be together in Anders comes up Sturgis bank doesn't comes and things. He didn't appear to show cops autographed nude. Roland. Run. Reverend was and Food Network Travel Channel one of the lead to the event together and reverend got a convenient standing ovation mob guys have a delicate. I would are brought Vanilla Ice on stage are made of dance with me and reverend got up story that comes as models like oh my god this is like a dream thank you and idea oil. So. You what I can't believe Burton he's not cross paths before in terms of like face to face I know I too much good stuff. I can't believe I came here before and there never did the show at if I eat nobody. Hadley Nikki she wasn't here but still blame her for everything he gets moved in one of the route to a number who's number of. War on the question it was molestation yeah you were really yeah. And who goes molested basketball camp and a little. I was not a boy does not blessed I. I don't understand that it's a cute cute in Europe so that the professor myself esteem issues that might. Every other person three years three years Catholic. I was always coming right school my whole Catholic elementary junior some crazy she. All with cap on school. Freshman year. Date I swear to god only children. Or my children the thought this and felt so ridiculous freshman year. In religion class they show us a third trimester abortion. Law for 4545. Minute third truck and nom. We're like oh my god and in the priest turns off he goes now decide if you're for abortion. And by the in my but he tired reduce shipments that move me in with you could benefit of. The final report yeah. Bit ambivalent but that's it. Sorry I've. Of what you think you let him a little bit the who would be so it goes. Good. When Jesus Robert crow laws. He told halted his feet and he said from the Nepal does anyone know be said the poll it Tyrod Rigas. Leaned up behind me because he said I can see your house familiar yeah. And creditors and restaurants and dampen so I've got it together and you still used to go to all the black comic. It just triggered a we refuse to your master reading the into the film. Do you lesbians are never be like candidly does have a about a some clearly do what it. You know we have a memory in the and you go to real books that you can't really do you rate under group. Running into due to screw up with him in high school we like that really happened right Ehrlich yet a man. We watch old fool it was like I got. A little escape bison nines never got fingered the book. It. My daughter might I saw we saw in Millen in Hawaii at the airport. If I opened enough eyes to its habit and Golan Cabot school exit sister Wright doing to help you with a bag. And my daughters of Michael's sister grew my daughters have no attachment religion let's go to Millen. Choose what's that those that are you kidding you don't know his normal for your in your car of them smacking you like. Ball. Mr. Madoff went German system very well I'll tell you she would beat my here's the dancing every beat port. Beat for having too many little how's the pre but wonderful event as an aggregate might just think like that all black little house in the big woods is back in and trash evident if she's beaten my ass. There great too that's window in our got slapped in the chest by a priest one time of from a mall he he said you'll mr. aren't able. And he slapped me. Open hit it like Ric Flair across the it will. But really I sent extra fire in plain view this. I do this every covered travel of my travel someone usually a troubled mica a used to troubled some of the producer. Or a whole crew eleven people always upgrade to sit next to me. And every time for take off in the mornings I'd order a two adults there worked the order you drink and meet directly to your first and animus solicit money. And Ric Flair did that with his girlfriend so I still knew what I already like Rick flair. And the beach boy. We Ric Flair was just on the show and where oh where should we couldn't come on the hill went through huge hit for comic but but the dip. Could that be collectibles all the great stories we're all big wrestling so all hell Memphis in the report Bartolo Colon. A big breasts intended appointee no carry on Eric of course. All of yeah. What are your Brothers and do I listen to the claw my sister all the time no journalist he's coming back at the moment yeah and I didn't know. Deity and coordinate she's not you should just do it did take a step. I didn't look like you're so beautiful here 23 did a movie so neutral goal in the TV. Yeah I. If it tomorrow with the intimately or 23 media and it's suvs that'll be sent away if this will be huge surprise me though because. I came back higher than 80% of the people who'd ever taken this DNA test in the end with a DNA. I was like of course I didn't I'm tracking tool but it was like Jesus Christ supports. Like them. I'm such a broad like I love bros stuff them through. Blake like I said this almost like Sonia fight and I immediately so want to go watch among whites it would be doing a difficult to fight you know. Who I don't exactly get in trouble those like no this is how you make your night and it's somewhat of a Mexican dude I'm knock out other possible. I got up. That Mike Utley the few countries. That's really that's I think that none of people have been beaten up isn't it like it's our district is what you get beat up art and I feel like you're not that afraid of and yet. Like I look at like Saddam Hussein never took acid and never got beat up. Because he didn't beaten up or particular although I will say he did go to the gallows like gangster. Right when he got killed you watch this when we got killed the he's until we're just walked out. Do it. I'm like Moammar who dat ass then to Netflix stabbed him a redemption video that only one guy was raped and with a knife to navigate pulled his pants down. In literally try to shove it in his body in the middle street. That's why you have to go ahead and anger erection do you do to close Saddam Hussein and their what me we gallows tabulate. Because she goes well farm treasure. I guess we'll tell you. So if you know yeah. My abandonment. And I would never guidance so good at that point like well how do you Alamo. Whatever I am I definitely blows to become openness and especially shipping and seems to roll along the site of the stories could talk yeah it is good talking juice I don't like tell secrets yet. Right ago you why it's faster about a general warts and yeah. And then a judge on the boards and so I. Ahead 01 most of referred molding about the way arraignment this Takashi picture over. My only one or similar ever you only had one double a one I'm eager nice if you're sensitive to I can tell you when you meet you know if you Urlacher now and you really fall hard apple love yet. The apple love Austria picture that your but he British. This girl her name was Kiki. She was a nurse and Tampa public provision double these details. On choose really. Cool we had sex and then was working at a bookstore Barnes noble and those were movies debuted and government gave you before immune to meet them on the basement smoke weed. And and them one duties I have the wanna stay in the next days like. He's got something doesn't really. These again and it's of this guy and very cuts on the mostly. We meanings like let's go to the medical journals looked. And then but I just have to buy this the Internet wasn't blowing up the way it is now so this is all you have medical journals in the news like I think excellent. And the extra convincing me that I got some things like why when thriller plays that dude you were pixels don't. Like what the bomb went in our military element yeah. It's it's so. I convinced myself by the way I don't have dipped towards like convince myself I have something I can that's oh across the board cut to. Oh obsessive compulsive bums sitting with my junk in a bowl of white vinegar watching quantum leap. Smoke weed and drinking forties. It. I mean it took I swear to you by the witnesses I say this so that everyone in their cargoes along via a dude. I got I would when I met my wife I sit I know he can't notice that but I think I got something a moment let the how did what we had our daughter that you get tested to bring everything because. Because it goes there is no I got tested I had nothing. Nothing and I still settled on a second opinion if you don't try I was like we're second world to normal horrible horrible career. And he now by eighteen years old Hollywood boulevard and highland. This back in 898688. That was before it was made up the weighted I don't know I it was all just hookers and pimps and yeah you know child porn images. We lived right up upon us and we all without setting bail these girls and all the other guys are musicians went MIT and in. Course it sexy girls. When Dicey that some things all good and it would free clinic and almighty god Bill Carter where the rubber glove and she's like. Which remembered adds up. Never looked smaller and I think this thing's over yet another kind of thing ought to without a parties he ram runs this thing that might might be whole leg. I mean I I feel it hit my spine you know you tonight and so. So now we're gonna be really promised only god I don't feel like there's a radio show you'd have got to clap and college. My girlfriend. Obama in Russia she sued my best friend. She gets the collapse she gives it to me I go when the doctor sultan wrongly got right back from Russia. And as soon doctors that you don't think. We have a bladder infection and he just broke him it's it's it is partly he must like thirty years old stunt he just goes you get caught. I don't know it's impossible efforts with one took a knock on June goes oh she's a war. And I. In any way he says amigos and that's when you go to a bar do you when your original split up cover more territory. I don't know who received it would be job all that long you noted thoughts and we get a and he was then you open line is she's warm and Brigham. And that's the doctor yeah of the don't want him to do about it that's a different perspective this is before political correctness is 1992. Only five ever so basically thirty year old kid and just getting as. And he goes I needed to test you know for one it. But I think the bills he's tickled ago and bomb bomb behind this tournament no. It's not a war a detest and he goes I'm telling you knock a one I said dude can attest to gives. You mean he goes he says to me brace yourself trying to hold on the table. And scabs that and as soon as you put to negotiate. Oh yeah. Dude yeah. Zuma and arms. I was a bit like that was yeah that was a life defining moment that but that test you wouldn't know how you've got theme what got a when we have kids stated that with the guerrilla cuter yeah that was intense but it does hurt the weight of the world it is the same thing with books as the paramedics gotten to radio and that and so. You'd think you'd think he'd go the you know different book you look through an ST these what you gonna taller in the field when people complain about and yet he certainly can do it. Genital warts and she's attempting to think we're the crown of the car buckles like a cult of cool tonight syphilis. Our guys in the projects and you certainly do. Eat pizza is like a spoon. It's completely caved out on the don't even I look at those books were so unfair and they took the worst picture possible. And that and the like like valuable online you'll like on and off. Like I did put billion of the unit the way that back then of just the one picture they are from the book I committed myself lactic acids into the kid that somehow damaged my break if there was a discussion about brain injuries. And among pupils. Leave bigger than the other unfair and in the mirror like. I never agree that I was like is subject and you're nineteen at the time. I'm like look you did look look what the bigger the blood but remember absolutely what's a bigger one looks bigger solid record or her Elizabeth is definitely big big bigger yes that it damaged brain damaged woman a break. I citizen that I go to concussions in Asia news like Nolan are going public tan. We have a lot of ethnic Tutsi and he got me Olympia all got it got it I just hope my tap out earlier in the trip. I sit at my daughters I hope I tap out naturally guys get a life insurers money I got 212 million in my right to retirements but what has that want. I and then just take ever won just like go flinging shoes. Yet good glance eagle exciting a little while instinct a woman fuel want people still can hear you don't mean like him and nothing against Cuba 93 years all the directory listing of shocked by it. 93 your diagnosis of funeral I already dead already. A few affordable shows up in like two years of famous people there Ruben will be there it's like Joey. Well I want a moat a bubble problem hired two actors to be in dresses Russian mafia guys to like equally confident yet just not a good casket put a bullet might jacket with all of you Paul bears should be equal. Should. Rates on huh. I've got many different and sometimes I think at one small explosive in my chest Gallagher show all tell the first two rows. Greg easily said he's got a lot but it often and what do you go by. To stab you in the chest and so I just wanted to majors. And demagogue Boeing I'm like. To register your here's. Got many ideas but I also wanna save up enough money where it's at. Really big wheel and be like you Mickey for 5000 dollars blue. Punched he in the face. You have ten seconds being being being a do you have a Malay. People who absurdly horrible things each other for your money. Drew fantastic. I want is with my grandmother's funeral and that's it kind of freaked me element to our businessmen are crying my that goes manner. This is still such a happy lady with the total number smiling. And whether you read it here. I think you want her smiling at the box like like. But this guy get Keith and everything I want mine to be smiling. I the death like you saw him AD EP a definitely want my eyes open wheel well. Do you and an accurate. Perfect and it we had to figure speaking big ones like oh no don't make it look like you're sleeping like. Just enough people go. To speak to that but what I will migrate to look surprised like though. Well let's might those will be you know marriage is like a witch project Diallo on them. Percival who dies who doesn't know a medical care. And don't Achilles heal and scar everybody around like scream like you nerds are still dark out you might want to. I'll eat like. An area parliament tank at SeaWorld the whales are swinging you around everyone looks for people watching like I don't see a lot eat before it. That's I don't know if you look and yeah. This is digress into just a conversation were airing with the what did you future Burton we're crashed first time in the studio nods for stem Kansas but that differs from the improbably. And had a ticket sold them. A quiet but I think on the the late show tonight is available I think all those social well Jesus Christ it's going to be great weekend it's in middle class kind of people us. What time. And 101010 okay it's 630 or find out Howard rated reviewed the video we got him another cocktail absolutely let's make him let's get I knew it for a TV gluten. I am excited to do to be noted that. Amazon removed the needles so let's get lit for TV and having fun you know I didn't know I was a little and you only have so just one of the interesting it will not be surprised I was told to all men earned. I. Hope we get dual channel. He's gonna give people if they'll they'll. Just take Richard the second. Disco and canisters that it goes latch. Was driven off no love. A miserable I would love to repair its all over the opposite naked with Mike Jones told humorless. He showed that just feel like ignores it and like we've reviewed its effect at. Who's gonna look at how they'll go to brakes also match sales brags and then we'll come back if you have you ever seen Bucky Angel. Yes I have looked to Fred. Do love bookings by heard. Hear him on owlen Rogan podcast gesture who loved bookings at bucks here as he dumbed it. No no just measures that you that you talk back oh yeah let us a masculine it's kind of agenda wreckage beyond that but he's but he's written books about us alike can you imagine. Did you visit stone cold Steve Austin and yeah well you should get the original business ya know I saw a movie with him eating and by girl with a bit. It's like the hit it to go for ever finish a barely missed. A barely got compared to get our season we saw your secrets airborne. About the limit quicksand or Chris are important. Geez I didn't know what it is boats it's exactly what it sounds like it'll go check. Walking through the one with a girl the red pennies is the best and girl walking through the woods. Also it's like. Is to number once in mid thirties and well I tell you there's a good one loves you go one yeah she's walking through. Whiskers were actually quit and he's young Dan. And there's no nudity. This snuff film but couldn't epithet but. Basically so basically I don't lots Italy and I'm not a creep bush yeah. And I don't address the no nudity and there's no viewed it changes which falling bricks and an achievement secrets were quick. Do you check out Tamil coordinating yes have you and I super creepy that's really. Think you'd think there'd be more back story of how the octopus alien got in the room. What happened just shows up scenic port I do that when you see that Israel you know Israel ya know not like theatrically real like. It's real dude arm and told him and I've seen so my wife couldn't imagine. Malevolent dumb little music group warned to watch a Port Arthur or watch the year ago there might say well what's today Susan real satanic rituals sacrificed or what yeah. You re it's technical ritual after ant outlook. You've got your outdoor ritual or at best horse things like DP ritual went oh no it's all DP that's what her word because. A mullet he's called Dr. Phil DP would benefit but she's like I looked deep field like that Dr. Phil everybody I. But there isn't clear when you have a friend like it's sparks did that to me what he's. All too uptight conservative re wearing white guy and it of course he's the creepiest of all right. So he's he's like me become a go to heaven can go to in the middle of the incident DP Texas thing he's he's really like DP port it'll loosen the show talking to some really you can even read that like you that's kind of my. It's too much. You know man clapping and there is now I'd much Kaplan test collection I don't get that at all I mean like right now in my I think I broke my governor because I can't find something like. Policy at the break. I have been programs at the break for a week I need. I mean it's open regional with something like. I don't know lake. Like someone to get the wind knocked out of them for something and read your bicycle crash board at its. Yeah. I think when I got into. This was a period in do it in my life called down blouse and you'll that is it's like a consensual consensual down blouse and so. Meaning like it's not like creeps filming chicks it's girls doing in the state all this is a girl would know broth and a loose fitting top and the board for in certain cleaning toilet. And telling and I and telling the camera a story. Let go and pay later we should go to my mom's house and home and it's. Because I got into looks to re fuel mileage like his wife knew loose fitting toppled much shirts. Doing dishes talking to me and I see a little bit of action now and only keep a straight and then I go tigers in these woods. I've got to do you've got viral YouTube it's good that there's a one British stick it until she does is down blessing to be us. And she tells you a long winded story grades down blessing I think a lot of strategy rigidly and expressed about way ma'am add my mom's British can't master. Bridge for all oh for real action to completely ruined browsers is that browsers that Oprah insisted it would I hate. Don't wanna my do you expect. Them at that and I hurt politically it made him. I hit it and it. You have backward in this museum on the market excellent camera again. Corn word about 75 degrees in cities like fifteen with that was court yet dual word up cameos were down. To forget. Are we sort of listened all that now with a low I'm low of course you know head became a friend meant that we may when he left we left abandoned their visas. We Libyan friends busy back now yeah I know you don't get some. I love him because he's a good guy but it was one of those guys is trade one addiction for another it India and that he was Google's money. When I was like Andy we'd be. You gotta stop and he got to stop like oh god will provide any value braid and talent to make money you know stop giving it away. And he finally caught on argument because it really used so fast forward to super hyped up one night. There's a corn documentary on HBO or what and put on hold on hold on store for the beginning so we're I find this court documentary because I am of sexual court so. You'll love this so you eat it just you pretty far out there and we have just been out all night and so I'm sitting on the couch here. My own name come out of the television set Sean and Michael. And then you thank god for DVR otherwise you're you're gonna go insane to imagine though it opens up to a mega church. Because Greg miss his manager just come from new York at all. Finally major record labels. Secular liberals sir we want to resign. Brian he's good don't share price like he did Friday morning you heard Johnny here eight point nine. Thirty minutes this. To look at in the yeah I was it was a forget thank god excessive it's understood that she can rewind that wouldn't obsess about the she's not well I don't know that it OK dude I used to live right down the street from where Jonathan. Davis Davis broke the Luther corn. In Florida in no no in in. LA he when he went to the magic castle. The hotel for the Matt Cassel looking to write their first album won't speed. Channels that ice ice deliberate on street and I used to jog by that hotel all the time carved with the like current run you can drag their. There's drug about all the time think about that we're but actually got Eddie you've made friends because you've got a soft Fred Durst by the way like you remember it and you might make put this to meet head like so but. Limp biscuit I still will stand by their first album. It's it's a great. I have friends who love I was mr. I've never effect is for whatever reason that divorce rock thing excuse me I was I was I think it's because I'm a little older yet simple at least it was. I was in a band like I told you aren't they are told you this (%expletive) didn't open up and then in the college and it was called given else lankans. So. Human ass I think that's what we join that. It was I was such a badly finger I would either lose my voice or get too drunk to remember the leader to assault within three salt Terry so. We guitarist who have been anything like so good giver bill or someone you like. So but I gotta get you fired because like you're gonna make me look like crap. So I'd musical two recruited taught me into an acre fire this guy who's on the both kind of well it will Nabisco and on the bed I think the cup here he starts have been called creed. That's right simply text the earlier you said. Ask him about his his part in starting creature that was march money more to Maloney was in my bed and John Baker. Brent bracken in corder so he's a great guy but I was by the Asus alike are these are really nice that you. Okay hold on. He's a great guy I'm not I would never crop one more card I have no beef and pork although he does day. Out Lal he was never of tourney which is not entirely true. He does he said this to the production group committed to doing it for Comedy Central and comes at losing called comedy jam with six holes I was like almost agreed to it for money yet I know them. And he's an adult over Chrysler Deborah. I don't think that's it Dick move which is fine it's fine dude dude trust me about it me out though when you trust USA high. I know my new aired a problem doing media. So like if that's his hairdo that he was not a frat boy that's fine totally fine I'm not I'm not I don't but this just nobody talks but the meeting college okay so so. Confederates is up Scott Stapp. Scott steps like he's definitely a paternity he was definitely me. I but I want to yeah yeah and it's kind of felt like to screwed mosque a super discussed that comes on to do comedy jam. And I think was passed out so which. I mean I love you more money but so what better than having a good artist Scott Stapp shirt it's either you're up there singing with me it's like you don't it's got dobbs like Gilman. Given a sprained his back together. After I asked. I tops more tickets more as Scott Mayer wrote this did it forced out by it social the show's week it's a good. Scots that man is legit. One of the coolest dudes ever. Yeah he had such aren't you people don't know is is bring you that it. Abuse he accepted from us that bothered the dentist who pulled his teeth who beat him a good deal and that it would triple Krishna and like beat hardcore conservative right wing. Christianity into 2 am almost just be real about for a second no one knows I'm like I'm not famous I'm definitely a famous. By our in our bill TV for seven years but I know what that feels like to be recognized in the grocery store with my kids around me. A magic beans got stopped and had been the biggest rock band. Ever like it or I don't know what a couple more believable yet. Meanwhile Smith said to me union square in new creed girls like yeah yeah like it's insane. Arm and he's so grounded right now Manila you know what returns mr. about you know. Going off the top of the hotel Miami. You know and then landed it neatly TI's. On his balcony your story like he still has the story he was gonna jump and he actually fell into popping up is balcony. A couple stories down he recognized what got him out there and gotten to a hospital without anybody knowing what happened dude and yet last summer houses in a single biggest name listeners exempt. Last time I was in national and that's what's got loose now we came to the show came in the green room hung now and I'll tell you for Rio jaded comics are all actors of festivals and all comics. Jay wanted to comics we're like. Only cuts cuts that they like lit up there were like shocked as everyone I mean everyone but it strives for that kind of success he's had an amicable connects with Blake. How. How you can be real in the moment and it be missed perceived by the public what do you just get spanked because it was a little too. Self righteous and any caught in the middle you have every element of yeah ever everyone in this country once watch you fail the day one of them fail that look at it it's what makes me eight. America somewhat important to everybody England's shores Europe's worst if you thought and that's all it is bad dad. I hate those people MMI hater but it's getting totally and you know I'm getting my mama the most real mom in the world usually a cute she's actually got. John it's true. If you're talking about sex any you know that was sleeping you runway we'll sleep with. The commission speech. My feelings that you have turns out percent right. Yeah is that we are doing so well incredible a bigger house. Had a stroke my dad's guns. She's making fun to be for nothing against it was a dropped out I know. Notable house secular bull. I don't where was the money gonna compromise more my college fund Joan. At a young age we knew he wouldn't call it. I feel like oh my youngest daughter. She regularly you're right it is you better figure to dedicated she took she keeps would be odor in the refrigerator. At. I think I've got some more Purdue with a but the deep and able to cap name on the base I. All the got bass it was a bit uglier and my wife's like opponent she's had this been leaving more secrets. The cook who pulls the sheet. She's ten that's fantastic so what we need you needed. Praise that and see how we're taking it. Australia. What morning ago in making coffee. I looked at her school she opens her were preserved or pulls at you now takes the doubles court for finger across the bureau in robes and have the upper lip. But I put a cap actually sort of like what the hell was that good at. Seizes those amigos module business league I bet is how Newton's tile and. Man that's just gets is great guy he's he's going to be fine I mean I honestly when I set the policies is like anybody with that level. That's for either already like you're fine if these folks can't read she's dyslexic so scary read so like but but she's really like she's a missing child like. Definitely. So like parties like. I I'm not. I'd like now I'm not like I couldn't be an. Ad sales manager Europe we know wrecked by could be your job like army and I don't need anybody argue that mean you're talent but we can be inching the bizarre and different. But I can't like. I don't know how to run books and stuff. And clearly I can't fill up forms when your nose like yeah he's glad that Packard there it's not present at that back because a look at Shalit in notes. When your three years but they can basics and put the booking your bag. You have to read it might not get a solid Cadillac I don't I raise a child like that however is a child who just does you know it's not gonna be corporate. She's gonna do something different how do you raise a child my wife's having record corporate tax about it but staying up in ninety. She'll be great I think so it'll look so now she will and it has a I ordered the kid's dumb and mean. Which it does have empathy and assume that like consecutive kicks a dogma are going to be Dick all your life that order is that's what it is your right you should worry about kids that are mean yeah yeah I mean kids I'm liking your second life. His punches as weaker winds but really weird I do. Is do you like to. I was that are softball this mimicked her story about the child ever ever ever 100% true to the point recollect. Packed because I'm not putting anything into the story. She goes it's a couple practice delays there so little more liberal there are reasonable and thoughtful part of it's just it's a swear on you make it sort of losing news nothing. Nothing. Italy introduced failure this early into the season so they have them in position right calling out plays snowball snowball. Getting prepared so. Girls are in position. Coaches up I've openly lady's role at all first second. Shahid the mix and I swear I would freak out I swear to god so people might target the balls most important part of the game. Should ground all Lilly Lilly frog can real name real human being find grown its grip fields that at third base perfectly. Steps on third throats as dragon they can't pretend gadget go to first. Trip. I'll play girls triple play three and high five they'll like five bright object that yeah. I've never seen a triple play these six return him to be done now my daughter islands in center field mice were human children coaches like our site. Bases loaded. And the media and the I want my daughter start backing. And then turn around a star running like a win over red. No ball. Sales in their own imagined so yeah I thrust. Still it didn't have to the coaches like I guess I hitter overhead. Well I immediately was like you're never going to be Mullen noted that did. But what gets so detectives like dole joked around there like don't make fun over this is a brain that's where your brain works you my dad. Shamed me for my brain and that's why I drink don't mess over but I don't travel with kids were like ten minutes away from home. Where the car on the interstate she's staring at the latest odor finally am like you are. Would have been a fly ball she doesn't even make eye contact me there's probably just goes yeah. Coach really doled out one. That has my child. How. That like and that it here's the thing is like I'm almost about never dyslexia and all the stuff with their parents out there with kids problems. They're fun to be around the Foley. But it's like it's like mental it's all built. We'd had a week there was just like a home and be able to like you made fun of him always stupid immoral and you turn into the and it's when I could exit your books if she likes I ran an and the would have to release hundreds of bulls when did you rumored iron in yeah. I have a camera I ran into and re winning color at serious attempt we've done the letter we've done Letterman together. Arraignment numerous these are the greens swindler. And he got those books settlement models. Henry it's and it's like an element. And replace my father who do I mean I love him and so easily gained to play let me tell you this the storm colonial group defines who love the loved the. So he's coming into Kansas City they're gonna go meet him at world wheels can be that we get an autograph and he asked me I think he's asking me to dinner. Charlie Saturday night dinner. I think he's asking me to accept he never hears me say yes what's a good. You have to hear the audio because it's the most soul crushing moment for a kid grew up with a he had no idea at the time he had done. And Kelly to be killed Friday games coming out going out Friday. All right let me ask questions Saturday night dinner. Yeah that's restaurant Kansas City. It is that is ready to have terrible movie about it you know and and a whole town turned out I I'm juggling usually see this that in light up like. And then everywhere he goes people are talking to about it because everybody's it's it's just so terrible the scoop it and and I trust in these calls I'm afraid that my phone because. I think he thinks I've I talked about smack on I didn't an alleged it to happen again. Where it is. In our like when he won. A few. So we're pretty telling me you're talking about go to dinner where I. And it. May take out our UN. And that at least sounds kinda irritated and I'm like thank you. I went to Africa and I can call him back about. Hi Henry wink or hear a warning. So holes. We were waiting in the rest on that waiting and waiting finally we had to order because they got a kick out. Note Johnny care. Unbelievable. Every single human being and I bet against it at that course show or not. Mention. Us talking together. And dinner. And can actually. The best Q I'm so sorry that we can't eat I don't think you. Unless she you know he told me your name is Jim. The best you. Really look forward to talking to you again. But oddly of his number we'd we finally made friends via so we ended up and talking and then he flew in. That cater to breakfast and we did just much like we are now that we took too much of a table at breakfast together. And we have there was no process above interview I think we left the gate and just and then if you can as listening to there was uncomfortable silence it was uncomfortable silenced. He'd eat couldn't be better and I gazes through the sky but it is the girl have the woman instantly. Optional very so bad chip and it caps she like that sort yes she's 44. She doesn't look which looks 24 I know running machine or are you wearing a shirt title we're sure to report her boobs flopping like they they kind of thought well I've got my I don't enjoy that when he when they go all Marty Feldman I don't know that yet. And that's my deal breaker would would I think it's not misogynist just at Amber's got that finger right. And it has to be big advocate of small to be decent shape kicked it at Obama lawyers got the best boobs in the world like. I'm skeptical I sit well I guess she's on the kids out. Oh better after kids really better and better proposal drew metres at all the good lines uh oh better much better much about my wife Scott. Probably like my favorite moves ever see like there's a girls particularly Lindsay palace. Gruber fuel alike are immediately occur. If she's on his script she's really hot kennel and house. We did a podcast and I've Republicans proper counts bulletin route. And yeah he's a he's like Miller. Type injury for this type in Lindsay palace slovo on you you're like battle why. MO why he's. Just as beautiful but it should use its way the world works toothpaste can be beautiful boy I'll running. Yeah you can. The Herbert team and everything. Is. Yeah rate and so my wife meets her bull by the way Lindsay signal if you don't know has really big. Blonde big boobs big boost. The Malloy says he's very vulnerable youth. That we get veterans because otherwise you know no ID she was that we think is pretty enough and importantly. Op what I'd like an idiot I went yeah of course like that ever when things are towards it but my wife's boobs or though the food groups. I will say indefensible wife. My jolt doesn't always look good. But Mo has boobs always look good bit always look good every coliseum they look great CNET stats but might jump. It's it's it's a swing all schedule. Elects not to look at a possible senate sometimes it looks some of the looks OK now I know it always looks like and if I should do right now. Question do right now I would Ellen well look the same O that we are currently involved in their minds and illegally Hasidic Jewish person would the with severe yeah. It depends on what the F iced it with a razor whenever you could attract Komansky and I just lost weight so now I can see my joke because before that it was just what's gas were you lose some other inch. You lose that bush had stated that they say that that's not true I have a c.s are up my stuff. Driven back with more sidewalk if you trim back the bushes are more subtle irreverent yet you always go that extra. There's no act and television right now. A move. Yeah I think he should judicial nutrient. Oh yeah he's doing it yet but this blog I thought that was bad and I mean it's god gave me it's got a with god and he's look at the guy who Jesus. It's just like Jesus why else may get the cut at at at all until the whole arc. Let us go crazy biblical freak out and I tell you do a lot of radio this is what radio is is this this beaten this. Is so much fun right now I things. First it would be a little more free all right now Notre Dame at the FAA Ekpe the SE CFTC. Owners and government report wherever it. Listen I admire anybody thinks whiskey and the styrofoam cup the big the start of cups of I don't throughout. It's I trust that has how many New York over the week of the fourth. Some of the try to go by serious and say hydrogen a few people do there's there's things I'm just so fascinated by you know isn't money and if you're if you're Howard or your mobile partially there's money. Or Norton but it was brilliant but. Yet refer local goo balls like me is there's no money Portman I'd love to true. Experience just wide opened its 25 years of hammered a long enough. And they get 75%. Of what you really thinking the other plate by deceptive pushed back down inside. But the the problem is that a guy like you. Is like a lot of times we will also podcasts. And we all. People go to them put like the truth is. We're not really good interviewers know of a sore I have a lot of weapons I sit across the guy and half with normally I am don't with this and onto another hour. See but that that's you to your naturally curious and in this is not turning him but you know mutual masturbation but his pitcher naturally carriage like probably like to buy is about to ask questions so -- just get somebody who's just not interest in you know you're interviewed me because you're interest too it's easy to ask that natural questions and I were both passionate people that's what it is is that. And I don't get. The U remember I'd give it IC. Like sometimes give even my good friends go on going to think you get ways. What entertainment's become because. Entertained his bow I believes about connect with humans. Passion in major finding was the passionate about. So doesn't like us that video Utley right now do the sort podcast and under an hour or around an hour that would be good like castill in the listened to it. Because it except for the moment David Telecom's Europe Basel because David god believe. That is the best markets are Harvard on because Tom and I loan David tell the tale to tell the best comic duke wrote in the is broken is. He defines what world doing right now because. He is he's passionate and that's all it does Paula ashes on me today and it in the world of embarrassing moments okay Rogen it's a do in the pod. I have an Kansas City comes up. In that start talking about the show and I'm like. A David tell Joseph Rogan. Except for. You look forward to that place and then of course some. Craig you know the Glazer Brothers and and actually won that won the Glazer broke. It's in Kansas City overdoing it Greg Craig nodded her brother yet but don't use. Hey ya that's got David you know undoubtedly. It is a radio. Europe were right yeah William he would get you up and you have. To do that one local guard Kansas city north of the Thai brothels active city yeah blaze yes yes it Johnny blaze under I mean I'm not a very big if it's a turbulent. There is apparently the Internet analyst at Kagan who had an Internet blame. He's a local radio DJ name's Johnny blaze at a cool shows fought it didn't matter I did it now. I. These super guys in my own. And Donny and that's it. A moment ago. Alley and I'm still me who. And that's made. I just I love that nobody can you comfortable funny that makes me less respect. Begets respect and love it and that's does that drew the same way about all those guys out of there they're great at what they do. New job and who makes me laugh just that moment like here comes like bonds he's asking me to do it. Yes it really is the best part of his life because it HBO that's the funniest of them will ever need a big step up but that's the stuff like. There was a girl the girl until two. Feature for me college and we drove the whole ride their together shall we yeah herpes. And now just got to just gotten it sows to try and you'll bit and you know comics are really cool comics like. Or does he took comics will tell each other anything much like Popeye would review or on the show apparently and so. Brent for the show I was about ways electric in Jamison for ago stage so I was rough it was a rough night. As she says I don't mess them up it's. Right sure. Cruncher pressure I go yeah right who's right sure like crying sure I should pressure stretchers also. Two of hostage. Ladies and gentlemen. You're coming Gibbs you know it's because sold out like 500 people. You seem more troubled Italy's whatever veteran players gather for Brent Chrysler are. On to play off on me. And then it's Burke she would I never figure out your first debate if. I am not positive herpes everybody. She's a sweet to speak and that's that's that's life man that that's what's. It's so interesting like you know these Travel Channel show you do we come back as you know look at your web channels Jesus Christ look at all and he's just it's amazing what you've done in addition relatively short amount of time that's a lot of shows a lot about comedy allowed TV appearances made it really is. When you look at its bird bird bird commonly BE RT yeah year T. An ex couple things we gotta go cause I got asked about fighting a. A photo bear went on. A bear via real and in the live there yet of the bear the fault Will Ferrell in some opera. O of wrestling that like really Muslim and Noelle don't know that it was no normal life would you. Want to be famous if we're gonna get. To the end of it Jim again I I thought I thought I wanted to do TV I. Got to show called Herbert. Were if I sort of government if you if you pulled up right now you'll be more true in this affordable one time. I've been hurt Burke rodeo clown. And that is more action than the bare. We made him read. A bull went broke. We could use another cocktail here and show and done everything. It's still that Luke and it is it's. Equipment equipment I know the street from from birth and yeah. I don't know what's his son deal drugs when I. See it Isaiah landscape mountains and Suggs like. It sold drugs and that was upholding the nestled in the draw against bigger record of birds and Sloan like. A by the way that's allegedly on the equipment at an extra. You see me by the bear right bum note suitable here. You're just a clown of some really impressive Rhode Island day was a very. And hit a crash course. Okay. Eat your brightness coming can do it broke my ribs broke. Oh no convincing his trash. Not to beat a move when the worst week to a bowl when a cute he said when the bull mix addressing you pick the other direction but I picked direction first and think about it. On that back oh they did do a bit of all it's cracked. Dude. On the glowingly of it and it was so bad. At Yahoo! dot dots there it is it. Yet. It yeah. The only word that comes my mind when they get over the cities because right now you. The head was so big and it's I didn't get like a little bit ahead on me that whole head went into Michael's final on my body a little bit. A business a lot. It was about football players I got hit an off the baseball bat wasn't gonna voices that didn't hurt as bad as getting hit by that whole unit. This looks great down my leg and step on my play and Paul I thought was he's got to hit the pull away from me. So that I don't speak with a slower for the rest of my life yeah homicide in my head I'm. We've we've got to you know think about honeydew and he got by and we have normal during the picking up UNICEF steps like making it is not holing out from having a little long. At 15. I mean you're you're really should have been literally little it different kind of student stepped from the probably got an owner. It tropea. I think they called bullfighter bull riders but didn't the rodeo clowns in every area. Those guys are legit mail I got I got he. I got banged up BC the new ones at which in the inflatable ball in the polls and yeah secure. Everything crazy that's ever been thought of I've been pitched. Like I've done little of the living there is to do there's not one thing the could say out there that's crazy that I haven't done all in trouble table on FX or. He now while. We've got some dumb ass over the years for sure knew that I recommend bubble wrap my Jeep two miles OK I'm done that yeah. I'm glad we got an experimental aircraft to see we can do it flew it on the air it on Russia it was a stunt pilot for today. That's very select took up the plain light wing aircraft whatever. Go up and sort of hammerhead rules so that our arms accused. On the pilot I've never pulled open in my life and you're working around everything you were in the foot that everything everything I'm behind race Golan all right. Right pedal left or right pedal total turn left and try to do it and it emirates and our pool. Like in my headsets dude that was in Cincinnati de hammerhead. In red bear by playing the passenger naw did I flew. 05 Atlantic aviation lessons before we say and I've done everything was it in the cage the great white short. Dad died that mattered a great pleasure to Irina options ninety feet and Fiji. I actually have boxed in entirely and they dropped us in the wrong it's an island in the current was so strong. I'd argue my girlfriend see Linux. And I'm out. And tried and I smoked in terms of burning trucks like eighty feet tearing through admit I had the same thing but to me. My guide who looked like a more feminine Junior Seau. Gives me a regulator right. And then go for it bother him out of oxygen in ninety feet this act the exit strategy is ten feet per minute that's how you go up. You send it right so it took to take a second and walk ten feet and one minute see how slow you go up. Give me your regulator. In the first I think is not the dominant guys that oh so what had curry for lunch. Yeah. But yeah. Outside of custom. Pretty scary moments. I've always been pretty that we Malawi stuff but I can't nothing compares the great white sharks and great white shark would do in South Africa Abu that suggests this to anybody if you ever get a chance this from the great white sharks do it indicates. Clubs as safe. Amazing what do like a real spiritual moment really is it's it's like go to church and getting it there's a place and so and YE. This is like more attainable but lake in holly Yuba. At North Shore shorter ventures were one sugar venture graduates. That please the best because there. There a hundred short round you have done shark diving Polynesia not. It was a great light light light yes great likes that the big portrait yet do we have these ones in in South Africa and the visibility was done. So you would only see them when they do it'll McCain eight months shark attack proof you would just be sitting advocates and then just let. Hog it was insane. Do you acrylic to what you CNET. What acrylic tubes it's in the shark can't really perceive it very well he really tried to get mouth around acrylic tube. So you have bars now it's completely clear that you're looking. Oh. Eight at that I don't want to outward can I get that in Brisbane Australia. Maybe imprisonment for not on the promoting. Big timber has been very open borders and I'm going to be there for an extra day on the stand today I wanna go. You can by the way do you illustrate the carcass of Costco where it's at its acrylic to get which in a crock giant crack at a the cage of death Crockett source poem ansari said this to me right now absolutely. Yet it's 2000 opened. The largest subtler crocodiles on the planet to crocodiles are legit there are no joke like. Crocodiles. I heard story Ozuna Australia in this conflict with that. She. Now. It I want to do that's industrial. But I was I was talking this guy in Australian names like Yemen crops and a joke mine no no joke is that really you double time as kids. Settlement talk brought to bear evidence of a laugh. Part of outcomes up diplomatic. Hang on Allred talked and a crocodile grabbed his friend. Universal whose friend again she's the current step up and go to a public while it got huge. I would so quickly yeah yeah yeah I put it yeah yeah and spirit and the people who look like it's. I. It's really it's it's Wear out as an innocent and is working with it's 950. I'm gonna go because half. Subvert crashes and there's 82 it's I just tried the abroad just do you best I imagine we're completely sold out. You will have a fight WWW good television I think I'll have you been a good luck and good at yeah. I'm really one road you for a of these and you can email me if you doubled him. This big double and then everyone wanted to meet with David TV show or don't do Casey go to KC live off of a styrofoam cup in my hand and now built with whiskey at. I love beautiful flowers and let me really really happy and recovered thank you probably heard that Burt Burt dot com. And find joy to Graham. No my eyes currency is I've increased if while 1101000. Followers in eight months. Hopefully now products all of this and then of course the improbably is all we can like you do in Sunday you know we don't know about father day. You know yeah I picked delayed flights so I'm missing Brothers I. Honestly what a great shows and what fun to thank you so much are you really appreciate it.