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Monday, July 9th


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Our friend Bob Saget has told me on the phone he will not jump the fountains a caesar's but he won't get drunken fall into it took. Born may seventeenth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So we first met him on such wholesome shows as full house and America's Funniest Home Videos we grew. Love him for his dark and twisted Brandon standup. To see him in the upcoming fourth season of the award winning Netflix serious bowler. And on August 3 and fourth she returns to Kansas City for a special engagement. Welcome from longtime friend of the show. Mom center. The man known for his daredevil ways. Mr. bonds said. Being mean yes everybody says it's everybody's that's a risk taker. Of. Say what I want to do the airport if it's scary I would I would. Jump in airport with a with a motorcycle. And also I would do everything you do. I know I know you listen I follow your lead you you know. I'm living my life based on what I see would you when you by the way I mean. War but not match you're tribute as well. So good two weeks so all of you know just just we just two weeks while. It was weird to be dedication for that long. No it's always really into the U noticed it's weird for anybody who's with me because in the morning I got that energy and so it's a talk incessantly. And I think that's pretty knowing for sassy bonds fancy pants. You can't Cecily you. You know dirt it'll jump right its says she talks a lot. We can in my time you know that well. God I would trying to get a sandwich and out of little motorcycle. You. Yeah that's says that's why it's a wonderful trip Bobby Bobby exploded then envious so I would love to. Well going in the thousands psychic I get concerned for them. Sure sure knew you should any I don't tell you in all seriousness like my left my friend George inside his his son is my god sent. I've known George and roads and Honduras he's the only guy in the world step three different. I'm facilities for open water diving with the examples when he first. Came up with this idea and developed it like they truly had a little leagues of land owners of these things so I controlled by it. It even Lloyd's of London the insurance for the animals because they thought the opening game he'll be gone we'll never come back. But they always come back and they are treated very well since ocean water it's not a concrete tank. It's the high flow hugely dudes they opened up the gates these animals go out into the open ocean. We were going three kilometers down the coast and back. Which is about the range of an average coastal bottle those golf. Well and guys you know it's it's incredible facility they work with autistic kids they were put downs and her kids. On its built snake oil it it's it's it's really about positive reinforcement help these kids pushed through therapies and just did a good sunny day with a cool animal. But. Unite against so many dives we don't give them. Any anything issue not asking for behavior and I. Crime issue they love people like I watch them like they claim one you like puppies it's it's really something Bob you should you should at I would say it's. Do our business they're they're they are pretty much. Like hotels we go there and you bring your kids and that may have them pick three of them saying that's so resourceful. That's awful bellowed there's terrible facilities out there but these guys in that you would love this it it really is magic and into something special. Yeah and Vermont my fiance would like a lot because she just was here in the water and anybody but they still. Got some barrel suitability. Is it also locate for them at all. They think well I tell you I saw giant male. Guy drag a big blue loading now. Episode stabbed seven straight there's a legitimate you know. It B who's dragging this fits floating. This platform ran on his back with his hooked penis. No. Well you'd be here really is your logic drive. And it's a boatload and very very hooked. Absolutely the very warm. At it and that's really. As they keep the lady's close. I'm wrong I based mine was be it checking off that. Twelve people over put a child out. Court as the pressure of attended that is. That it is there a big into the open you create how you do woes sulfur rich a major hit and where. I was getting itself almighty god. Okay at this and tell. Them. You should be pretty pencil. I believe your penis is prehensile. In my area might not baloney had a first but it. I have I don't want to talk about I'll probably do but our auto club five. That's just analysts thought about it but that's what I've been good for forty years it's pretty death. You can see your feet and peanuts. Securely give them below students. Have been so it sounds like that this problem for me. It'd if we shouldn't do this so this'll be a road we can't come back to. He's you do if you compete answered it very close pick you can't order the circus anymore. That peanuts if you do derivatives of the worker. Of mine my unit has both committed to believe. How did you see do you think insane that she you see her peanuts. And. There's huge trouble. That this version of dough fusion centers were. Also of citizenship just like Saint Louis hawks and our partnership will be a honeymoon I'm excited about that. Pretty thrilled those are certainly right out of west. We know what we need the feeling. Like we're assisting review. It's a place for a period of flame thrower and body stockings and couple motorcycles. Soon let go but make it look seat cushions off the couch and make the sport. I would be so much fun to receive all the chairs and everything else what sort of fire at. Hey you know you didn't hear them quick to man August 3. And fourth at the end Prague is going to be in the Kansas City. Yes that's what happened. I know what I woke up certain a market on a documentary about bark mulch which I'm directing and producing Kevin Berry being really the brains behind the always loved mark my all the viewing. Great people important people that Turkey has slowed but it street Maarten and Eric Idle and. And I got all involved and didn't even take about. Stand up and been working on or how else do well listen I really wanted to do. New material goes so strong arm of the world and so. Disheartening about so much and yes I am not positive person and are you know might stand Apple's it is it's it's. More soft people will you do your dirty Ellen well really another be invalid ticket in context with ease the rest of the war also. Well used to YouTube you got that because they knew you as you know being from from you know full house so you. You ended because they keep you in that Super Bowl somewhere and then the second is a movie are you you you've got a little blue your filthy as part of the world comfortably but no you're you're not a filthy they'll become accurate ground. It is good that we ever there was a lot of and some immigration but that's you know idea I. I have been so so putt in my last special which results came out and blasters here it is sixty. I do is spend road before what onstage in Brooklyn New York Greg assistant producer. This going to be like cleaner as special ever and I I do discussion or we had to insurers to do. And they came back up stage and I sit well because that was your cleaning. Oh yeah that's a good thing Alonzo amendments. That positive about people. Note that because they're talk about my impression that it regions which are so right below Switzerland. But I but I had wanted to play Kansas city of love to see you and my buddy my challenge to me again and we're gonna have. He's gonna open and I just loved the audience loved city and you can't vote Peter what is it okay Abby there's six weeks you know so. With strong and a quick and so what I do with a budget gigs because they're really wanna rate. Do Stephanie in new can really work boots with crowds in clubs GP go out done. That you can't get done by government to do that show in London of them do show. A total war like your twenty city tour the beginning of the end of the year really at the beginning of next year. And that's theaters themselves so that's that this is special for me. That's what people are bright and beautiful there's beauty you'll love it that literally some guys like you guys listening. All comedians who are most engaged say. That they weren't material out there working out the word outlook New York for the working at LA but the don't get into a room like an improper and they didn't really wanna see that audience's face and so you've been working working working and not give up working on in feeders. You need it kind of opened the topic room. You can really judge people what's he what's not and work on everything you wanna keep and gotten stuck because I'm not a standup comedian I'm just I'm repeating what I know I think that. And right yeah. And I'm gender. You Chad remember it you don't all of you would have given their money's worth because people you know big deserved to be entertained and that's for sure they're spending money the big unit. Your comedy club you know right it isn't costing money went to shoot better especially if there. You know larger people that might go. Ahead orders are Crowley for us as you know if you never know. Or not shows in that then you could hear the laughter you know it's. It's more than just laughing it's it's got its cargo hoard behind bars seal. I what a great place to see them up close like to really see you like people who never seen a Bob Saget show it's like it's human. The stream of consciousness like. Like you've never seen I think that's the thing that amazes me because like I know the difference between when you're doing. You know you're going through your show that you already know but when I want you go off track. And I watched that snake winds its way through the room that's that's not always been my favorite part. No I love staking out it's the birth of children. And they get a close relative because they're right there are reiterated their base for your bank. And and it. Sometimes. It's and asked if so your catcher was killed. Such legs yeah. Like you can history now what I'm doing Russia also and teach people. You're funny man because you know I would we know we targets. So there's does get somewhat seriously in your such a sweep in and genuine good human being like. Well that's really kind bit that is that you have meteor just good that's where we're friends certainly near or actual French which is. I dissect check out loud can you don't know that. It can be a flat I got all day you listen to this. You elaborate you you will we and then the week your comedy comes out when you've gone through some really hard stuff in your life you know but your sister in your mum and just in just. Just so many other things they've done it humor injured in your mouth so as you watch this world. Congregation turmoil in it's it's really so divisive right now. I think these were guys like you shine I think there's word your best stuff the comes forward just you know political guy you're human guy. That's it's that that's exactly what sort of set me on the road and that's why Mike. I don't want to just 215 minutes or club LA had a little people there. You know goalies seem really comedians. Do you know 1215 people in and night with the comedy sure was what I started back in LA in 1978. You know him. People were Richard Pryor Robin Williams and Letterman it's my first and see when I was 21. It was just insane and it's very popular again like if the mom makes friends and peers go up but it's. I like to just do my marriage to an hour plus set I like to have that audience just for me himself as that way it. Sometimes get to travel to do that and the the figure go to places just like Oklahoma and Kansas City have been some of its. From you know twenty years the border. Edwards one place they're years ago at the I saw there anymore but I don't think it is we'll there. Good bit better on the third period we start our facility here I have went to the finish ratios chose to grade. Awards were restroom. And had to use some political purpose to vote to clean up the restroom after observance side. But I Eddie's TP and they cut my hand pretty bad on the toilet paper dispenser which is of shots or. He's got. Cabrera probably comedy club back and go boom that has that's certainly. In total person died almost. And elder Cain out conservatives in there while that was happening to the that I came out and I should look guys from gushing blood may. Bishop OK we'll figure out if the hospital but left it there. I've ever I never saw them again. Big called to see your vote so case. He can't completely open every fifteen stitches. And look at the shot that I just got on the plane the next day and it has a blown up like clown prince. Certain. A country with an error I mean it now I know we're this we're the I knew what would we get home. We don't expect my approach and mission of general. Waiting for me that there merged with and well you have nothing to hospitals that are being ribbed so I was waiting. You're so funny green I literally just had twelve stitches removed other side of my hand off to send you picture. Twelve states his side and make it it's a dumb and stupid EO. Well. It all started with a coffin it's in my garage. Oh yeah so friend calls and says. His grandfather had a casket company years ago they did they were clearing everything out it was old. Not no longer a working company because you want these early get rid of Michael he had nobody with a haunted house all taken so they're now my garage no typical G categorized. But again that old won a bronze and I read more with a beautiful red velvet interior of the sue over the top Dracula 1980 suit thank you do what you think George Hamilton's gonna pop out of this thing. And his own screw around getting in out. And an effort around it and I managed to hold my hand on the latch any tore a hole almost human refuel their like those used patriot I'm Mike. I even I think we hold it in eagle and not to look right now and most here's rinsed out. Parents and I can feel the water disappearing into my head on my oldest and go to the hospital and get some. Oh that is such a messed up stay right act I've I've been was a deli clerk here's what I did the stupidest single person could do I was. Because I was eighteen years old and that sort of one of their there ham sliced and he doesn't and it was a can't have. There and it's slices so I took a little pin that people in the end. And I turned its service. And then it broke off and so then I grabbed. Terrorist scissors to your ultimate that pulled on and it turned into some long it's. Kind of alike are solidly really. And that I grabbed. An apron ability prince Edward. Grabbed a domain and interior garbage for a while it would there's. And it cut through the hatred and by 8 AM local home met his son and then I had to hold me. On either side of all of my fingers that I weighed divide everybody in the sewer work. Anger away with a porn. Yeah. That was late twenties did you shoot it's amazingly dumb stuff we do and yes and it's going in the emergency room and then using that than it. And hopefully you you've got a friend of the caliber of fertilizer and they look at wounds terrible things and you realize. Boy I'm not heard evidence of god that kid looks I it will take him access. And you realize you as soon started here. Yeah when they self inflicted you see someone who's actually been infected tragic situation elect our public and I did to myself. Dealers who giant Coke bottle coming out of there are generally he built personally thought. I would have maybe had an argument. Why do I pity you don't doubt the r.s 11 o'clock at night it in just I'm just happened and I go. In my garage. Great evolution and they use them not explaining why Jeb the last because enter my hands. Yeah that's. Really really weird yeah absolutely my when I was nine every answer was in the garage. It's. Always a burst have made ever has seen what well have. So let's start this story a couple days. You know that neighbor girls it was cute as I was nine and and she was seven. And so about ten of us got into the garage next door. And we just kind of he wasn't playing doctor was board display ago. Don't nobody touched anybody was Nathan McGrath but it was people like Europe showed there. I did a little kids do. It's good they do you do really do do it and the I was hurt my three daughters never did that herbs or surprised that our gracious James White people don't. But there is really and I've asked them and we we talk about so can laugh about such as I was. Kind of a misfit that. That dig at you can give reduce some later that. Oh sure I can tell you the first set of boobs ever stop kidding com boosted her little kids but we're probably eleven. And Hays Kansas is little town. In this girl is beautiful shoes I so will go crazy about Raleigh eleven years old. Issues this Hispanic girl. And she greed Alicea boobs but we had to go apple cider house and it's like night time 8 o'clock and I darts and gunned down. And we can look in the basement window and she went duress in the basement and then lifted a per share. Admit that I just like now he may go for Dan who walked out there. Against you guys out there looking through the window and her movies too big glass even though she was illegals to go outside if she shows. Probably have been jealousy there. I mean the world should messed up a long time. This is nest and oh yeah now I know you let this kid and you just think you there was an attempt while momentum and planted tree or something like twelve he goes hey. Niger got let go you know anything like we should start this conversation here meant again you can't call myself like let's. That's saturation used to get a treat for. Us. He'll say you're out of shape that on the radio was. Should the rules and the origin but it is Jeff Beck yes a good chance at at the world could it change yeah. I guess I never would. You're never would take instruction from another person and just do it embarrassingly. Low. Seeds lead or leave it alone. Yeah I mean you don't want penalties so you would do walk away. And the movie porky and I was you that movie came around that bet that. They give people do stuff together as a group that always felt like why we won't do that with a budget due to. Now now now and that's not homophobia that just like look I know what I like to look at I know what gets me down in MI that's not that's not limit what I know. Let's say some are being the public OK actually that Charlie is that you actually have my mind has. I it's hard not to concentrate on the bad thing you know you gotta put a lot of energy the little club. Yeah well and Alessio I need some guy showing up. We don't listen I can tell the kids named Tony Robbins seventh grade I. I did have them do. No meant for it like I still have not hit puberty like and it's deep in the seventh grade and this is key and there's a locker next to me gym class and horrifying is a recess is gone from sixth grade now you're incentives they're like oh by the way you're going to be naked with a bunch of strangers. Yeah and then I'm like this kid had the biggest use this dry if the biggest blog is black espionage members it will I think you'd think. Number I I'm kind of told me don't look at what I don't get caught looking forward. He was he was such a great guy but I remember he was so nice when he took he's under Ralph and commemorative quarter miles at what. And that I look I can't let them let me but none at a white coat. As an awful awful set. I had that would bossi Eliot it was sitting Norfolk Virginia is about people orders start calling him called information to find out about them. You deserve more in doubt then you know those coaches and he was not a tall guy but part of it blows. And he. Ever forget it he's it sure before any of that so we say I had hit puberty. We were against whoever takes. What do you and sixth grade. Yeah right so so bossi had to go. And I just remember he. And I actually. Heard about this and I've and I New York Times bestselling. Eddie. Do you have the sale of that once sentence that people so that you're just so promotional code itself. But but. Both feet that's of the book should have been about just because you keep to repair a blunt scissors to rattle around. Toy scissors that we worked with the with the construction paper at mission Sherman's troops and it bounced off. The sisters bounced off her boobs at all and I quote love I just. Literally and I think you may at all but it probably have assurance I mean. He probably. City. I was I was little evidence useful at least four. That's that's what sort of spread that I have my fiance. That's a thirteen years old lunacy. So this woman is still able probably to get to work ourselves. Or in a library there Hershey is a 31 shares are factored. Pews that it you'd like buzzing about she was good looking boy. All the way down to his. Chair leg of a waiter. We say that I'm I'm not against the guy with a big such a gift. But not okay do you formally. You don't care locate people you don't have to do. You know bully people because you've got sort of been weighing it down let go boo me yeah. We'll know that's actually because sometimes there are guys that are. A little more bullish because they have that that extra big surprise you know. Lyndon B Johnson Lyndon B Johnson's legendary pianist. I mean look who's name every child. You know entity we their obvious you know you could. But you know I was period this year was visiting my daughter of the north because Californians. Have a moment. I just hate being interrogated there's no law against it and it kicked it it then. Yes we movies was the end all over the you're United States so many Carlos test miles per hour per carload or whatever. The car that was Teradata beaten most people won't vote it is look a look car so he she is our. Who made them for years. They haven't made of this sort of gremlin and Cooper has sex and then didn't wanna keep it send. If this terrible blow saint and it was all of me like a mosquito just. In charge of baiting suit is just it was. Extreme more mother. The social search is doubled in size just being interrogated reminded me of the this is still in Karbala they would supplement you want road bridge you wanna go back Jordan rules. Do it today and let the car with a decent budget but I don't you be added engine I think you're reduced those stick. Until the cars are tuned to the automobile industry would French more victories art history. Look like it's it's not going there. There's a French car industry which of course bill well they do make good cars that. We don't have any. Here it. You yeah well I I give up on road rage like it's it's crazy like that the world so angry anymore. Oh it's horrible I'm happy it's. And then of course this is sort of four hour five hour drive so I had the angry truckers. Have been to bed the worst of me is the guys. In cars that I verify I mean did you know that the pick ups wooden wheels that are bigger than most peoples mothers. And Ed that you ought to be caregivers and concede. They'll fix Circor quickly they don't mind bashing and do you think they'll do so well got ten vendors should have a barrage rated picture. That's correct the meters through this comedian. First well you know is why you drive that long you listen you can. Like I like I got a new clothes so there really based cargo car. I. The other grumbled notebook. So I just I chose to fight drug candidate stops. Have you know it's the coast of California Santa Barbara it. So I had just very that was it every every drive was played in our America have finished up my dealer I'd be in the cards. Well like you go to the dust balls which you know they're called by ex girlfriend. Should get it at all. You just brought the bedroom would serve you display there they knew that you as a tragedy into more trouble we flew well but those. Well that's the size in this Dixie that's erupt at a joke he's that's bad. Can be offensive that your. So I don't find them offensive I think that he's only here. That way rejects me so they sound like into the good the bad the ugly we've heard trip across. Across your wage that's apparently. People live here and so I don't like it should be to be you know I'm I'm such confusion and little while ago beat a human being mean. That's that's what we all are as that's what I don't know I just don't understand the logic of I don't zoological teams inside that means everybody says you won't be this way would be that way. That you're that your team that your bread but I itself sporting event it's humanity we're. And we got to be better Mantilla I believe most people lives in the loud people are making so much noise. That's you know the great normal people don't normal people go about the day they don't care if another person does launch not hurting anybody did not worried about your religion you want your. I mean I felt a little news to me is as the buildings around are you going to get kids that's it exists but there are people that. Are little more malicious I think there's more malicious. He did just didn't think it there is in general and it's. It's it's sad that people get that place because we should probably have to communicate well what we believe. We used to we'll see somebody went into the building say the kid to. And you come out and got a bagel great show and indeed it did that you figure you wrote now people like how he did for the attention. Won't call an aging. Or their girl and you were young and pictured here movies she's she's an eight shave her first. And all that many kids kids I think she's probably worked out 28. You do inside the burning building and nobody knows what have a job it would took so yeah well I got some of the timber I didn't expect you know. I if cobbled together forward we're certainly in my face is. But I don't know that that's why I really feel needed. And as a standup comedian. You know show it's four houses faced certainly fair were kids there. I don't like these kids are exposed to the news I don't like they're exposed city. Or would you tell kids that area and showed in today's news at all and has no chance that would show little person. And let Clinton be a little kid as long as we can possibly be a little cute. I will begin exactly and then and then the bloom is off the rose in. When they hear any of our leaders start or anybody from any side of any group with the anger against another group. They're they're already learning hatred there dude it's just. It we've never experienced. Like this before everything I've ever years ago we don't have. Dixon who went down and history really well. Use the visiting team that eighteen minutes so little other tapes and yeah this. I was like it's got to be did what he was amazing that. But what it wasn't the same thing it was it was just reported news. And it was reporters that brought him down but it but it was it was a real investigation and but it it in there wasn't. Quote there was there was such a lot of civil unrest there's going to be a bit you know. So yeah I just Dorsey people. Get hurt and diet. Who knew what to Wear the big news comes down as the third. They're baby gotta be able to save bogey divers that sure is. That's your big news Tuesday. Ceylon most getting involved in helping and I. Take it you're putting has slowed the bottom of the. When he when we offered a boring machine actually centered there and then and they really quickly developed a small child sized. Basically you called a submarine now it's it's it's in a capsule a child can they didn't name given to those spaces with would care if a kid can't help using got to get those kids through. It's a ten hour journey from where they are. And they've got to go through I think three or four different tunnels to dive and some of that stuff is is only as big as they are. And intelligence really is a challenge. Almost all my thoughts are with the just because they're they're running at air still will be great people are afraid. Well now they've got hoses and they've got to either running option in the case. So they're okay exactly what they're what they're really going up against is the fact that this it's now the rainy season. In Thailand and they've got to get it before the storm still those chambers up and becomes completely impassable. Rory so it's that they've got eight kids out now for an important coach to go so so far so good. It just broke he got eight kids out now. Oh I didn't I didn't go to these stages broke you to read your water we don't well its. Boy if you gave birth rate now I would I gave you the nation's kids. You are such a good friend. Yet first we get a mop and then. But I draw and then I would just. You are delivered to its allows impairment. If you were delivered to kids know where I swear to god well delivered and dropped it yeah well. Mostly it's just condiments and come at a hospital. Reversed an easy I don't care who you are I'm in the middle or does a bad neighborhood and KCK. A subsequent Darryl and the lady was just look there was no let's get to the hospital when she's on this terrible couch. I'm 23 years old 22 were 23 and die by partners air on the junior partner. And in he's doing primary and secondary and it's like to begin her down there next he's already crowning thing is you get if she crowning and how much. I'm like who first thing I know for sure is his couches ruined my kids and are going to be okay and anybody who tells you childbirth is a beautiful thing has never seen a childbirth. Know it's issue is it's not good lands there are more travel. Watch here early so much from Monday is an awful fluids and gore like it's and the kid comes. Hope they deserve to boot record that's tech students forget that's attached to something you just. Right school is at stake around us. September jumbled their beloved car. Do you do that guard the kid and he rattled the thermal blanket immediacy just get to the hospital. The legs and I never forget like my view on the good well. Sure bring dispersants that yeah of course yeah yeah how do you know oh you knew you guys trading yes. So unity a group of the mucus out of it knows. Did any other fluid and everything yes yes yes the UN again you know you you very carefully read the issue that all the Airways are great in the polls is doing everybody's on their way and he'll kids are coming out and no matter what is all you'll have a breach you don't you don't get a record rafter and that can you know something that's that's terrible everything's fine that kids to slide now only woman ever known this for a long time leakage coming. Look opposed footage you'd have a problem could be like to underinsured. In both. It is very hard twins are very difficult because you got to get somebody else to hold the one he got that Turkey would figure you can restore hang America Turkey's. It's like the blogs bungee cords. Yeah exactly they could Beltre Becky and that's. I you put a doorway otherworldly that. People I'll tell you there that's there's a Yo-Yo trick with a kid for a. It's chase has slowly you will character. They're welcome Doug. Six and it changes the way you look at. At said that. It's amazing what women go through the best men don't do not work through their level of paying. We have it we have different I have met tender child so that both mud and disperse I think that was probably the closest solutions usually payment. You can't imagine but. We wish we still don't understand that then it goes because it is so much of how. Relationships are based Wannstedt. Happens and so it just into. I was remembered thinking. Like how these things have a purpose that's not involved let idiots like for the first time my subject from its purpose it was like. It's not just there for me like I'm Mike. I love that in so much and so crazy about it and also in his. Wu and whoo yeah yeah yeah. Yes hello said that bush the itself. Yeah and they really get water hit the floor that kind of a big yeah like a bullet. Yeah clean up that's 48 yet you. I've always been done. I have three daughters so I was there for a delivery of all of them and they all did calisthenics. But through B vocal chords are around the neck at all. Scared young. Hugo one of them has my ex wife. What it was tidy excuse three short one. Dodgers that is because you know they're great games puppet is inserted Chihuahua. So. What I stuck. Getting turnout but puppets. Then did you stand it really hit the with her head. And Indy car did you get down there in the business and pro. Is it I was four plate spewed your target months by months before. The yeah news. Is it had to be a C section actually which is. A great area had the in Prague Kansas City to see section those are good speed. August 3 or fourth you can be in the same sentence. Forward yeah seven I cover people Gallagher every coaching Casey available with it's a I actually deliver babies and ratio so there's four shows that we can so that's gonna bump for a happier of family expects to me. Oh you should see he has a hold to entertain the dancing and rain muscling its welcome our. But slip and slide and we have as a side note station at all. Everybody collapses a little. BC spins around the the IV pole. Clearly every political house Stephen them at the mom's labs in the hope. Do you base in the audience so they see everything. For me it it's kind of let go of it it's like their body works exhibit but it's real as all else. As did the course we make sure that there's ample food Oreo. Yeah home. A lot of strikes but. It lets be serious is educational as well. That you know that was there's about it python movie demeaning light which is what my favorite movies years ago. Are you might have no but it's it's a real worthwhile. Movie to see and they had AS sex education class her kids and high school. And there's the whole thing was the teacher demonstrating live. With a W teacher. The proper way to have sex that was for how they explain sects of the kids but I just showed them. And I don't know actually this British schools neighborhood. Get up to us. You left hey listen you wanna teach kids about sex August 3 and fourth in the improper do you what everyone you are ashamed or you're not feeling comfortable talking your kids about something. Bob said it will just break your. Do I I I would tech I wouldn't do very little kids. I've thought that. Child but that's worst what they want to a bit of exhibited to 21 of the things sorted wanted to legal right yeah. You edit any anybody when you're out this Tony want to needs media help of the factual life. My first question is why shall wait what situation what they. What happened I didn't write your friends are Robert Ed just take this side. Or or I'm happy duplicate that what I do and as set down that full house music plays and I explained to them. I'll have to have. Goes up to boot and it musicians be banned. Because of so woman bit a person goes up sort of person says I wanna. Wanna marry you and and then they start they're just didn't look that historical. Until they are married and then they did linked. Decrease is quite quickly tired. Your knowledge it changes freed up as they've had also. Somebody goes to jail and. And then sort of glass the days later they pulled back the rock in the baby's I don't and then some deals happy Easter everybody gets candy. That's right that's that's a that's. Happy eastern for the or like nine painted eight. I'm glad we don't wage a movie but it's sort of a baby is that if we were part chicken and some of the czar if you think about it she's a lot of people if you look at a reassure close you know. So we'll have all different size. Tax on top of. That's right. All members in different colored Cox. Did many many health problems. There are there are. I actually always looking for suits through the family. Felix same color talk isn't really acceptable turning more and. And I know I realized that. Actually I meant was that I drawing one is some an artist Adam I've actually. The model. Stated they're posing. I like views pastels. And most street Charles. Dre Irish forward and which still go to go to and and so I'll make it there are. Basic. Love dietary yeah person but it was a rooster. I could do withdraw approximately coaches. Like Joseph. How could make you remember that who that was and then do literally. Yeah that's a what I had heard for a calls I edit you do ground. Well. It was whoa. Look I don't know I entitled to your future readily see he wore a. Improbable August 3 and fourth ring continued this confrontation. We welcome the idea barrel amid the use that okay. Significantly to see my friends the FB QB. It's well. Many exciting events before that took office. Traced a lot of I could do it a lot of paper tracing out of my penis. And I saw it actually shows a caricature. It's our culture. It's so also hurt in Australia but I did. Drawing it and Andy out with kids at malls so its muscles words among the list. Yes it's always like to be right next to anything like that tower Pisa. Now let's let's actually take pictures on vacation just take pictures of my unit that tall structures is actually leans left as well. None of this cheerio there's material or will be heard. The kids city of Brothers just wake up put. Do you realize this has been going on for 45 minutes now. Are you sure he says looked over Clinton went holy cow. Coverage are usually checks how well. So I wanna go for a I've gone through a long time. Minutes for her. Or percent extra sub people that's it it's earned thirty it was a Bebo that is not enough it has because they've got quite chase you. If you look if you put in the thirty minutes of begging on the 45 minute. Yeah attitude had to figure skating event in another chip it. Segment I'd love you go back to bed and their luggage got evidently the back door opened so just among my at the I'm. But what you it'll provide options and he is the groups. Don't hurt yourself heading your head against the board I think.