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Friday, August 3rd


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Born may seventeenth in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although America first let me. Him through such wholesome family Sarah's full house and America's Funniest Home Videos we grew to love him for his dark and twisted brand of standup comic. And over the years he's become a true friend. You can see him in the upcoming new season of the Netflix series Fuller house and tonight and tomorrow night he's performing live on stage to be involved. Please welcome longtime friend of the show. On second. But if you look at Baghdad's choice who has. That's Greg in the other room do you. Computer he to me he's very talented real. In the pod bay door about this is your your Einstein bagels here are all very adamant that we feed this morning. He's got an entirely out ode 1980 in the morning Alex stopped that as he had old Leo no needy they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I don't know investor community must support me those who want. Your last one and I. Answer two very very very last week he shouldn't be ran into the store and it came accurately it's completely something that. And utensils no there was a man scripts or someone has actually there's an Afghans. Plastic source god knows where they've been so if you don't eat that he'll cry his eyes all right Ali it all going to be great in the Pillsbury Doughboy tonight you need to save room for. Mad carnivores. You know I went away I have a plan and Mike Young my buddy who you know and and he's opening for me at the emperor out tonight tomorrow and he. And I go along we get our barbecue we might go I don't know forgo my go to the gas station in my good I don't know 39 is really good record I not been yet. Bob Hughes thirty million which is it that it's not neighbor barbecue joint memo eat well there is it is really you don't need the barb you just have to do. Very it's that good. Lawyers. It's downtown it's extent channel it's not mean a gauge and maybe go to all three places in the and show up to us. Thing you know like the Michelin Man yeah. It's usually you look. Happier and healthier you always healthy but you really do I alliger work economic you know because they yet you know I'm about thirty years to do a lot of stuff your love I am I am. And you and I are the reason for an. Yes it's a molybdenum over the years. There's no weapons no amounts. And these bagels were two beautiful me. Get rammed it needlessly for bagels it's different from that made when he's the only one figure. A bit that's no I'm owner of apart from. How about talking about the band and that's not nice. Can't talk like that in the morning you don't want to hear that. I think if you let it drive and they don't hear Kress talk Vietnam from the guys from Danny tanner stoked and you know sit there I'm still that guy they won't. It won't go away we'll why would you want to well we don't look bring him so beloved and well it is it is and I did rom is two weeks ago and stay most of them last week you know I'm gonna do one thing next week to can't room remember attorneys that what is it that when you. The least dollars that they'll get the care that become so iconic and then so we're now like a lot of the more turned their back on and needs to talk about moment. Wright is like Leonard name voice that I am not Spock and then finally came out with a bogus and I am Smart and I. Just little dream of that right royal lists some do would you don't wanna be called by that character name you don't because that's. Ridicule that way you know I struck a brigade dinners you like he's on the tone would I wouldn't do that to some ago. It use the millennial with a very deep voice and a candidate drinking problems that. It's so it's all hugely. Compliment and and the show is doing really well on Netflix and it will be out by the end the year I think the it's been told me well you know. It's such a big deal object Berry's daughter flew in last time you play the middle and flew from Albuquerque. And she's oh she's sixteen should have been fourteen at the time. Lost her mind because a broader back to meet you she flew all the way to Kansas City just to see the schett also sweep yeah yeah and we. And you were very kind where he had been asked for a number now it's like you're taking note though it's always in general let me bring you William Neeson who's after you. But it's I think it's incredible though that it it transcends into every. It's a multi zero generational thing goes from literally three year old that are discovering the old one. Which is not on Netflix is on home market Hulu I guess they decide it's gonna start with the NH. That was that's makes no sense and should have been on Netflix but that then may. One sodomy and whose four years ago and and became this this hit and we all get to play with the MB. It's messed around we just have a good time the only it was hilarious things on his way posing and that there was no that was that was a big. Unfortunate mistake that happened then that's a shameless zoning people and she knows it you know but but that doesn't take away the fact that it was done and it was wrong. As inner racism wrong I don't know if you ever heard about them. That you had to campaign our kids are certain talk about it you have these little kids fairly you know it's you can't judge people based on the Melamine in their scheme of no no turning up at away. That you can judge someone's character and an art and and humanity you can't just look adamant at all and I guess that crazy I guess it's three quarters of the world feels where I would say good but I maybe a quarter of them planned London in the months ahead of them and ago. And there there isn't that level of there. And and the wannabe or I decided at the last minute this this gig at the improbable might. Which I just decided they got a bright new material and ideas to my special zero to sixty that came out a months ago whatever was. But I really wanted to make Google app I just I couldn't take it can't take it anymore. No that's it dedication to take negative timing device and I finally did turn off stuff I'd go man I'm not gonna do this every where dig through the news media does and because I'm looking for material for the show anymore because. I'm trying to find out of my country disintegrating the thing that I grew up loving and eve. You know me I'm a romantic in the sense like. Well not really believing in who we are with the good guys with the Nazis asses and we you know we stand for little guys we don't big bullies well you know right we end. In so just when you start to see things get weird. And really sort of kind of consume. And have I am a human being let's go how I look at it and hang in that would Dave Chappelle couple weeks ago we were just talking about it well like I. Both of us were saying I don't get I don't get it and I'm not made this way. I don't understand the difference between us and have a good seven minutes on now so that's good. Below is immaterial out of it doesn't matter what happens to humanity. And that's a way that's right at the last minute I decided to go do these clubs before the end of the year and do bunch from duke a local gigs and then in April glom on them big theater Torre that's where government to hold. You know showbiz thing goes like for. Probably the whole month or maybe a little more a matter road comedies never been more important and I really mean hope and and it's not and I go to my late and host for my news rather listen to John Oliver that I would. We know anybody at least are softening a little with a with a somewhere in the via an end there yes they're put down things a lot of things come from the left them. It annoys people from the right so they don't have there's no. Comedy person from the right except maybe Dennis Miller couple of people. So a lot of it is just parroting the day and and that can rub people the wrong way but yet those of the shows that. Everybody's. Enjoying it and figure bridges a great job that worked at a but the whole thing is it's all politics it's all. Well I'd just I'd still would rather just talk about Wiener mean I think that you know well. Indian point snores so I can always from going home. And it and development the beach. Eight kids a sundown its view yeah own view combined instrument time is and that's it as him. I never said that for a probably say tonight but. You know forgetting that we entered nobody it's weird you know me bunker bunker fire Wiener I is typical of a joke him to benefit and that if you play your broker Steve grown nose. And and look at. The they defended their Lego is so mature another dead joked you know it's dead joke it's a gross nine your world GO rates didn't give me that much credit I'm still stuck back in his league best there realize that I have I've ripped off my hair and his. I just that she she loves me she wasn't enough this. And they'd just that it just a sparse field that's been kind of mode ground. You laugh so that's what you do grooming him everything is she's a woman. I know I completely real Cesar real woman and she's she's just great and talented in town to its gather streaming shows his work gone network with the and we really care about each other a lot. Just to Lafayette everything everything's good when I'm not dressed. I put a pipe cleaner on a productive human and make you go left us minidisc welcome circle. It's NASCAR and I miss hits and definitely. And it's and it's funny Carter her. Murrow but she's issues of travel food. Not really a blogger she is a blogger but. Gibson when she goes set he traveled rock is her handle eat travel rock those three things that I do. That's its. It's IE eight or rock and and it was still hard to pass I'm not kids. See you are very accidentally in the pebble or something and then you look in there and now we agree and don't think of you don't think you're there crunchy part of a plastic sport itself. And in view of him there in Munich you know the problem is look at him there even Republicans and see what happened. Now known newsroom knows the going in part of the food is fun part. Passing through sometimes not so great but some people out there rather listen right now are guilty of and join the other side. And I stated them think about you know I would I would just say you know it is over intake. Stop thinking of output. The pope's defecation euphoria though can be a real thing that was that's what I'm trying to get that again you if you image minute the came BMO. And I think that everything went well it's better to back 000 after you go yeah. A like oh my god I don't know if you're on a road trip again and run you can run around yet the only bad thing is of the say trucks. Because. The previous they remember for mid ninety's slim Jim's in May clubs or golf so it apparently stood on the seat at the wall oh my god ticked issues they couldn't. You can't take chances and if you're an older trucker and you do that you squat here asking for death. I mean if you're trying to score I'm very grounded into films from the mine and I've talked about that you know and and the befriending Joseph Francis who was again it was a comedy yet it was kind of a legend. But he is news Lenny Bruce and he would tell any jokes and many would use that may reduce some of the stuff. And this has to be the funniest guy in the world because he was so neurotic it's like Larry David times tend. But he was not a performer who's just a friend of really funny people it's a supposedly he had a phobia about going to the bathroom. And so. He went to a restroom and he didn't lock the stall door. And he didn't want touch anything in the restrooms or relate to a that the average them on the seat. And nature of all is closing its meticulously hung them up on the hook on the door. Is Sox as well and so now I don't know how he got from them doing war. To the toilet but then he got Andy's been he stood on it an easy six foot five guy. And he kind of does a little it's like the Japanese like Asian and that's what you exactly and so he kind of doesn't squat pop and and then he's he's finished and at that moment as he's finishing up completely. A guy just opens the door and and supposed food they're both. For me to. Guard oil give it executive orders drugs looming over you would through and then. But the both of them script it was one of those companies consumer comedy movies. You know tonight. The two ravens are going to feel a and that's the end of the story Aniston to run in that's in the whole story I mean there was any minute story is it does what he did. UT has given me more material and he is something called if you were heard of the group as we haven't done well on the chip. He will sometimes deviate yeah dignity in the uses non early enough to do that in the anguish of a started this is six shots. He actually it's slid past has prostate doctored explained to us it does happen some people is that goes by it triggers a response and so. He's sitting on the toilet a polluter. And added you. Office. You know you're saying you have a sexual reaction. It's like OK I mean you don't do Elvis impersonation now does that sadden by the ball won't won't. Take and improve and haren and again it's a booming home are all whom he has that I think the fact I saw. It. It is really you know pretty firm are illegal right through. And you realize that this king has caused people to change the dial up on this tears. And were or bring them toward. But it is ills. It's also. And it's like no. Mono blue Muslim here you know may want to act like it is the right spot. Oh. Yeah. The aegis of the formally explain some exe element beyond us from a mile followed theory. If you like that sensation. There may be chance that there's more to you than you think. I'm dissent another chapter in your life another way of Milliken life I mean. Garry Shandling had one says it's a mean disgusting because he we can do chair disgusting stories especially we were starting out. And he would say the scan your graphic so people driving does go to the last. Using he likes to relate. My own talented and a dude that's. As he's going he likes to stop kind of in the middle and just leave it there. Because he likes that sensation. Management lake that sensation you ask eagle. Kind of but that was a Groundhog Day you're not sure gonna come out see your shadow of the package at the packaged. Now message he he can't because it slides passes of prostate needs is gone yeah that. But it does mean that you might like that feel and so you might. Explorer was bowling pins things like that and a lot of attention articles are used to these bagels and their fro like there could you also should Howard you don't feel good about him. All. It does you know I understand that desire is Danny tanner so we know that. No you won't use it is nothing wrong with him in clean now and and and you and especially if you have. You know like a lot of chillier. Is. One. Is. Rightly. While I'm really glad to share that as many government and in the bucket Perella. I'm the luckiest guy in the Monday guy he's very and it tells you that he gets he's tall he's you think it's sensation Bob I'm telling you and how exist bring people to my shows lithium camera. There will be nothing there as terrible as this should know why the people. I think it's from 2007 when did that HBO special that name right they think I'm did dirty is comedian and I am by far. Now I'm not at all in fact in good new work from Dillon. My last special. Was in on that some stuff but it's not as soft dark I think it's a fun thing for people to talk about I think that you wanna say stuff like that you know just it's not Danny tanner. Right showing that the editor yet so they did you know he said you know PS and but it's fun details but my five year old says Venus Serena and everything go further I don't even talk about the rooster term of the right onto his. I'll see unit lists. You comedy is it's it's a soft dollar it is a soft on it's immature it's it's and it but it's my little bit more have been a little more. Socially relevant not political not religious or anything but just. Just how people treat people and now my upbringing was so different now. We live in Norfolk Virginia in you know in 1959. As a three year old you like her four year old Kelly do you remember that I do because there are some we are very strange stuff that happened you know just weird. Segregation. And we're treatment and weird you know firmly that we still have it you know we still haven't been that it's more closeted. I thought we are past I really and I and I think it came up to the service again. It has risen to the top his little blip you became man and there's flow in the top and and it's we Gallo. I guess it's the next generation we want to try to raise to not be mentally can do and it's hard when their parents are so like that and that's what you teach them as what's your reader nine. You start taking them however Utah so. And I have three daughters and I took them to be racist because I said. That people that is sarcasm I taught them to believe what I believe which is world human beings as what your mom and dad to achieve yeah and indeed world they're a little bit of hold over my mother I am I'm on the it was Hillary. Assist against Irish she's English right and and she didn't say she didn't to a couldn't understand that if between Korean Filipino. Japanese Chinese Vietnamese Obama certainly is different but couldn't get basic. As you can achieve you don't want empires as out of place seventh grade. And I had a crush on this Japanese girl that lived in the neighborhood. And I was talking asthma my brother about it summit if you own choosing which is what we might you'll father was not milk and and I'm like what you didn't like any awards mom. And I'm like you know that's. You can. That woman could have become your wife and maybe in the best. Personally you have you're you're you got ago now that you budget your true when would the average person. That's racist he showed you we never land and against who's coming to dinner experiences. It was yeah houses an orphan who's who's a very white bread town but it wasn't because members the other side at ten laments. It's just it's an instance there's some countries you go to and there is no difference to do that. People will be doing whatever they would be it's it's it's human people or tribal so. People I think you're afraid an air and they. They desperately wanna be on the right side some kind of sighed eighties it was that your religion your sports team. Where skin color or your political affiliation with the music you like everybody so afraid that they are not tolerate human league to get mad when you in anyway. Question and me and maybe that's not. Maybe there's. No team and it freaks him out and now comes as accurate and it and the anger that coming out isn't really coming back at them until they put it towards summer well the people who that are being prejudiced I heard not necessarily. You know the the big problems is immigration and heard about it. And students are hoping you'd shoot the only wall. Oh my god I just wish that I can't say that dispute people don't laugh. You know and and it's you know you've. You did sarcasm anchors on the opposite but they have to know Meehan on him gnome like please don't say about you know. You really get affected by this world I think I am all those sensitive I really I and I am I about it that's where comedians make these jokes. That's where people like you know sooners over men there. I mean so many people are doing stuff that is. You know offensive. The people once you realize this company emerges we're shining a light that's the other side. Go right did you you're stuck in the middles and you've got these guys like don't you talk about just him being terrible things. And then the other side is the millennial world and I don't hate the term hate naming people I'd hate the idea is I I relate to every teacher I mean I I'll talk to four Euro would feel like singles are released to the police go. But that's the thing is like. Somebody got offended right and see right to have that and it is easy now let's be such a policy this world the stuff man you gotta get right. Because I I don't you know we are joined any team come out and done well I don't know I mean I was there I was born Jewish led this killed my shows today but I. But IA you know I never understood it ultimately got him bagels. Yet every race is very rich is very racist and on his temple who toss with a way to come and sit in my room and just drove around and you the bag and get four in a row I guess I have ring toss that old man for you at five among league in the room. You from China made the show that's what you're such a great comedian and I think you know that's real and I bet that your childhood dream to the book and some of the articles about you. And you're like me you view I don't think you were exceptional in sports Eugene didn't fit in it a little dirty. And Lenovo the I mean that's we were right and I I had one friend at a time and we would love something good Iron Maiden. Or whatever we read we just bloody tool we could even find another piece of information on race and in you that what you were very creative. Young guy I mean you know what I just show you since I was nine years old and a millimeter like black and white movie about another kid what was his name and magnificent. May nephew and his face reconstruction was through his eyes yet after Adams does it you know everything. You believe it but I think as Marty the news well you sure about York its I. You flame program words a and it. I'm busy name internals and hiding on some acreage are afford ducks talked to my turtle retract currency appointment there or. It's amazing your gut. On the biking trip she took a huge it's it's like you're like an adventure down you really are little and we knew what to wonder about the world is looking rate is just look at yeah. The only thing you can do for. How many years now travelling forward in traveling is comedian and. Aussie earn outsiders so you get potato experience from your own childhood were you allowed to feel disenfranchised infield like an outsider and that it's now all comedians feels so they can ever observation list. They look at everything around them all the time arrow is gone why's that person mean. Or that dismay in front of somebody's looks which is mean right so sometimes it is the very bullying that means the rose your funny Jeff Ross a buddy of mine. We'll you know engineers and you can wrote to each other that's the thing and he's doing it out of you know B we only roast at a low was some people don't get that you know some people rose pago rose survey. They have a thing was there all their buddies male dude together at dinner theater hauler remember and they go on the rip apart some rich guy in town. And then none of it's funny it's all mean they talk about affairs he stat that. I didn't I did the rose. Or somebody along sail through and I was in Beverly Hills. And private roast a private grows and those. Hi in people and raised a lot of money for a charity and they ruse of a realtor world turns out this Caroline stated Heidi Fleiss. So I'm in the middle of a middle and do my thing and Heidi Fleiss walks into the room grabs the Mike. And then she does like five minutes she didn't talk and coaches put Dennis roach and I. And then a that took the Mike and this started cleaning and often map begins to that don't does there would be happier now. It was very strange to see here to yes she's a strange looking girl. And no issues lady it. Yeah a bit of policy and on the matter on the downward to the shuttle off pretty well. He's another interesting weirdo like NIC we have all the affection or elect and probably. In right and you know which woman's body give your. If you say yes to everything and it's your deal right now we're in real pistol still women that were to run the young age today yes means no. And that's a problem if you're from like Ukraine and whatever man once you say yes you know their mother taught them to get them has a lot of women like that no hidden elements and I've never met a woman like always heard it. I details of them. I've I've I've had tales from the tightest opening date you know I never I was that guy that didn't. Hit on women they would enemy. It is exactly right I would see I. And same and that will not asked anybody basically climbing on me. You're like me. As you want and we can do I guess I will pick up. An awful mind is O is right because for years those on the road and it does in between girlfriends in was single for twenty years and singled them or not this century had girlfriends. I don't know signal me. I put this thing which would make you yeah I was not married bit about that they actively would be like oh my god yeah I can't believe with Danny tanner and then. There's no chance and hit our house now has gone of course as the opposite of Viagra. That question to interrupt you retract signal party Cooper. It's but I am terrified that stuff CA USC guys acting like that you hear these stories about how that Weinstein and everybody. But now again it's gone so far the other way the poor bastard who did guardians of the galaxy. Yeah made a couple of writers jokes about. I'd have to talk mainly silly place music icon at the conversation between you and I in this radio show out of context you can find a little bite. It sounds. Questionable and it says the company's non hiring him for the gig starts craze and they hope ray has is boycotting it it's ridiculous that you think will wait and maybe they know something else that we don't know about but then again. Wire people guilty with out at trial without anything to despite some insane. You know it's their with the Crosby thing I don't know if you heard about it here in Kansas City he did some vintage logo on the other Agca. The guys that that suggests. You know easier to jail it's and he should immediately to kill arithmetic can't be a question just what there's there's not that many women who are just against you you know bill I mean you do know it paid what you did and these guys that have done the bad things to. Men and women in kids in terrible things. It's in needs to be held up as an example with a good court and good trial. So the other people. Better too stupid to know it's wrong to do. So now I'm not gonna do Beck is an Oregon arrested well but then but as the only reason yes of course yet because I don't want the penalty they can't find their own Myron is Israel at all so I won't be decent to women. But then on the other side is. It's still OK in my head to make jokes about whatever you make jokes about if you Google comedy club and you want and there and injured like you just. You went and you lose that so we talked about they go to strip club England nudity. Hey it's comedy you're gonna laugh or not but it they never said all Newton yeah right and that's it they'll come stop by pick I think. We're in a place where. We're we're a danger of a Big Brother in 1984. Word type of zone sure were were replace were. You bull could be governed by stuff that makes no. It's not gonna help. Anybody uses it's a dictatorship as Ken Bono changed McCarthyism there's a whole bunch just injury and then a couple friends of mine were completely innocent. And I'm so happy that. Because they knew there a couple of and I actually knew months for the people. And a bogey came as legal they're famous people at home problem hired. I just didn't know. I had no clue didn't make any sense and then but I meant what I say that you think what I sailors team restaurant. And only time ago you master and as you write it. That's my you told them. A Catholic I'm hide under the covers I'm 49 years. What I've come into the room I come into the imagine warning to dude masterly. That was slightly his guilt how do you think I got here this morning did you think when I was a kid you go ahead I drivers I easiest ago this hair right now. It's just so much an absurd thing I'm like man. I'm still here you know because I grew up literally when my parents and teachers saying you will go to hell pupil and adding. It's rude I'm going to jail and then it's robo but it's a natural thing to do. I feel it also. According to my doctor you can get prostate cancer if you don't. Goes through the illusion what hams to you would you do tool one it doesn't know what's happening and I've you know if you three days as a doodles to and its work and gravity takes over your goal on. Hall. So many good team. Here's really entered a plea of ice fishing industry the biz or house can I start my day he thinks himself quite a sexual. An idea I believe what was the term and later he and his wife have been married to one mean. They're both there at an open lifestyle that scenario over and we knew deep other couples or just you Reno third party. There. Are. And your wife's okayed for uses on the radio she. She is and and by saying it right now you're doing publicity for coming U you're drawing and Google are alive third party troll kind of girl. So he would always come here and for a guy or he does these guys and a statewide no because he goes at all what we do not. And manipulate the sensation babbitt's decision of whooping get jobs you gonna meeting guys and it's. It was on the air I like right now I where I did not respond now one of the key biz roll on the bed this kind of dumbfounded. It was like I'm for the July thing and there was a Roman candle. 00 you put a room Cameroon about your own will will we think we've ginger the low end and that. So political correctness and two Hewitt walking here and he would tell us these incredible. Techniques to the point where we were shall file that I could just walk into the room and watch instantly and done no editing no second take first take every time. Now pillows ending kiss and touch prolonging grind and swivel stuffing tickle spanking. The big finish rule Plame outlet competence holder threesome Internet games mutual masturbation orgy. Techniques pubic mound or sleeps which would you like your. Tip on today by the sleep sex because that's just so. Intrusive and that listen. And they help you. Love her. That Johnny their morning show presents just 56. Tips with expert mother when she. Our guys. It to Nolan night your corny you're once in the nighttime Mickey and she's asleep not a problem. Now first thing is guys Donato Hanover answered groping her training Gator ever close David has. This is gonna wake Europe and put her on admin are right she is right now. In what they would call a defenseless date OK so we do is she's open minded to anything. Okay take a vibrator started download them put on the house side causal. Now you do this here second kissing international. Flight one's gonna fear of towards your local. Well a lot of Reading this is gonna go is second war. In new. Turkey. But that's such a net if you wanna start talking sex case and stuff like oh yeah thanks. I just think about units out. God is great page I got happy and you can right now with things like that and play saying he still. It can sit on your little to the Irish hoses and she's can't even hotter up to the point of juice up Haitian system. You. Yeah. She's a taker her pants offense suffers they. Unwrapped him on duty. She's still partially sleek case. Now it's time for you to go in there and you're also going to give her. Some of the greatest aspects infection that that did indicated she's had because you're gonna give us sleep sex. OK she's just start off to sleep but she's aware orgasm yourself awake so you're gonna start going to town. And she can make. Oh yeah. Would you accept you couldn't. Did pay me. Yes. This has been beat us the 106. Tips with Tivo. Only on the Johnny dear morning show. Well all the audience it is your your wife sounds exactly like you. And that and that's you know enemy is so little a little uncomfortable. We could even know the root can look at each other but now languishes waiting and it looks away because nobody can make I think but I don't think that's always the case I think if you go to do sleep sex with someone went and said those words together line. And you nimble honor the way you knew on New Year's sounds like you're eating pork grinder she's to a permanent. This child less smack in of the lips and chewing it sounded a little Hannibal Lecter. Here it is no I imagine that's exactly what I know you were doing miss. If you're. You're cannibalizing her here. Actually ill and you hated feared her years. What would you do it I actually do it. It. Phones he's kissing his hands on enough that is that the fingers the year we'll be here it's it doesn't work well I mean no fingers don't you can't. Here's to you fingers at but fingers can touch and ears cannot you cannot stickier here and somebody that's church who whereas trigger fingers you could hail a cab. You can hail a cab with the year. I'm just trying to points out Helen Keller. Though you are right shoes right he has singer but. But those are jerks we heard elements of those views wrong but. But that was that's nice that you could I'm afraid to choose the other but through all ten she's known adults don't sub. And that's probably you chose probably the easiest lesson. I am I had a feeling you did well yeah because sleeping Brit she would wake up or would happen is in reality should wake up and go would be doing the right. We'll put it she's in a while Lindsay. If I'm not a a and even wearing scuba gear. A diving helmet about his head of to get in Bibb adieu I'd be in isolation today I. Found out there were two my friends one is a cop remind others my body of travel which GO. At the time that girlfriends either me right now at the time they came in with girlfriend in. The guy little with. Years later I find like eight and six of my friends we still would ignore it. Is that because he promoted a radio like no he just he has and his wife is very attractive quite insane rapid cycling bipolar. So much so that the person is located if you say that she gets a check from the government so applicant anchored stay home. Oh so your help in case the government has risen to threaten at and since she but she's very nice and that big fake boobs. And very very fit when you and I and apparently she's just really good at this. Whole girl on girl right so. My buddy jail was fitness room I'm not kidding this girl was so attractive. I literally Joseph would actually question Michael trio but it looks aren't everything in this sector apparently it was the healthiest she's hosting. But a compact the great but she usually it is built he's enough I didn't insider cavity into the series which he. He ripped my sink off my bathroom at the front door inside my house one. She's we saw that move please. Yeah so he tees for how he's sitting on the sink him having sex has that war and I'm 64 it's always been the difficulty you know you can have a apple boxes ready. You don't have steps and those of Oceanic kid. So it's it's do this thing comes awful law and its an accident that up so yeah I've been yeah I think we I'm. Mine and even need to know. I burned my testicles only VW can't relate to and we just putting on the engine again where you are you kidding you know you're in Europe on who you parked in the country. I did put something under her but you bunkers but Danica when it far. Managed to catch the real. Right where is war. Who. That's more than warm it is burn them I did. And you got a scar now now did they have. Shelvin started to grow WW in my Netflix saw a show cramps at. I actually never went toward the hood of the car just to exhaust pipes and I I just wanted to go in the back of the car. I did it's so hard to these us from the trunk popped open. And canoe and a lot of easier because Anna is inflatable dolls. He doing out for a while god and I feel I don't wanna leave I love you kind of like commercial bonds can lose no played them then can we talk positive about the product afterwards and so okay so if I love having him Bob Saget to say he's the impromptu. He's the impromptu march these shows also look you better get on this morning or shows that in my buddy Mike Jones opening and as is true of us he's cool he's actually great news on the way to a lot of good stuff so glad you guys are still for an hour and a couple of years we go on the road and we Disco we sit back criminalist try that tonight from the tried that what do you think of that joke and we do attempt comics do. And that's where Gary Santo goes out merry Joyner Tom Papa and they you exchanged jokes and you do writing. And then you watch each other it's kind of Euro workshops she LL appoint to set new records but no. You sale comedians do that all means I don't believe you had to know something is there are real but they do their roots stuff and well and they're also not happy for others and don't try to help others. I see a lot of a lot of I don't know weird people I know he vows raised that way I mean Rodney King Dangerfield Richard Pryor did as much as they could tell me who Don Rickles I mean Amy Bradley who is on all this unbelievable magnitude it mr. ridge city limits giving you actual notes. It died Jerry Lewis yes Jerry Lewis gave mean yes and notes and also tried to dry company added yeah. At a friars club event this is like get a call you say I watch your special. That no that wasn't Jerry it was as a I was Bob Newhart and normally year okay do dat. And Norman called me is 96 this week and said. I don't know I called human being deceived them. Well we're gonna talk about these I mean he's a fan what he is a genius and they are doing every one of these shows again. They're good do we should I am told and it must be truth there credits somewhere and even higher rates eroded down and then ran and so has mr. But these two on the family's cameras and good times and doing all couldn't be better well and he is 96 and is one of the smartest people and I go to him for advice. Now now vote. Do you because you know exactly what happens with the group when I went can do that at whom man to drive here I'll do is I'll make this noise he makes me and you go to commercial. And he did meet Paul hall hooked I think. My finger death punch wash it all away and getting therapy from Bob here yet or figure and all that I need help we're gonna holds the world where you you helped the world every morning you get on here. Some mornings you're not on his arm weary about the news. Bob Saget to tell by the way the impromptu tonight to tomorrow night and I. When did you because it what you just said and I can't it's hard for me to respond correctly because they don't take compliments well what did you learn that was OK Italy. Except Peebles compliments for you when I agree with the yeah could fit. I work really hard and so I went and I get a lot of that I've had a magnitude of the years you know. When arid. When is to him the video show on full house in the prime of their both top ten shows them doing each. Commercial stuff you know here's a video who wedding you know and there's only so many ways to be hero on a bloopers show ranked. Airmen full house he would go to Billy Eddie's like that. And that's insane. Does that mean that don't even understand and act the US commitment to me that's that also was a testament to. Creating a character that people like. The Arthur. Currently Andrew angler dance electronic to me yes to this day and we're ads they were genuine friends we probably talk every other month. And he's one of the sweetest Conte most blizzard British and so is his son Max is making good move I have to now I to remind myself not to treat him the fonts. It's because. It's so important in my childhood in such incredibly. Imports he was everything you wanted to be. Yeah tough cool and is strong moral core group that he would treat people really well yeah and India might bullying you would always. Tremendous save the day always the he was that he was the number one guy on TV and oh he. He's Hewitt because I met him personally. It's a great story I'll give you the short shorter version he comes from town to do the big world wheels convention in judged as an autograph and there's thousands of people coliseum and Jake and they're huge fans he's on the phone. It hit this remote just hate me question. Dinners Saturday and then we go yes. And he wasn't asking me to dinner you assess where should I go you gotta give exchange you can learn here we go now. I don't India and the world of hurt right so he never he never heard. Like he didn't catch what happened he was being incredibly sweet but it turned into it a ball kicking off its show that we are all like to deplete further. Thousand people lined to see him and everyone and like. All job did you and he starts to call me and I get afraid to answer my phone because I don't want Arthur funds are to be mad at a little bit my ball we can doesn't like. Not let me play the first part killing each other Friday games coming out going out Friday or Saturday Friday I think. All right let me ask you question Saturday night's dinner the best restaurant can't just sit. It's I you invited to dinner is not the greatest increasingly. Now the day and second part just clear he's just looking for a place that's going to be the Michelin guide ranked. So there and expert in these calls. It. Worked yet that it is all like one I saw you. So we're telling me that you're talking about going to NR. We're on the right. I'm gonna. Take out UN. And the airplane because I use angle. No panic and yes my O Leary is bad I get another. Hi Henry wink or hear a warning. So hole. We were waiting in the rest on to waiting and waiting finally we had to order because they got a kick out note Johnny. Unbelievable. Every single human being I met in Kansas City. Epic course Cheryl or not to mention. Us talking together. And dinner. Pentax. The best Q I'm so sorry that we didn't get a chance to meet I don't think about it you. Unless she you know he told meaning Kim. The best you. Really look forward to talking to you. So they're very sincere guy and that's where where over the years so it it can't be that nice he's fate but he's not he read he goes up. We cater breakfast we turned to my excellent. We never acknowledge it's even radio. And we just had a conversation over breakfast for a ray and just. The and that this day and it can still get the goosebumps and he's got a great wife two lovely kids his son Max directed this movie called flower was today. They were part of the writer of and it's a great movies it's with of them. Deutsche though we Deutsch and Jews it's really good it's on iTunes right now but max's. Kind of like Henry in you you wondering are they that nice where they come or go how're you. How much are you right physically human scale you like he's polite I Hosea. In Mexico. Any such grinding and and then it takes a boon. We get a little island and. Can't believe that's an orgasm yet. Would you eat you know because I think Rodney you refresh threatening danger you know very mental illness in Rickles and I just need to talk about these stories and I think. And the greats are always great the real greats the true greats. Are always great you have found that to be true I was as close of Lewis it was during there was anybody. Jeff Ross who has known he would just work if you worshipped him. If you loved and nuclear field Jerry Lewis movies and that was the person that spoke to you. Then then yes but but I liked his stuff but I I wasn't over the moon was my mother or my rock star it was a money there but that he just because he was silicon. Yeah oh and he revolutionized us those huge star Corey is terrible movie ever came and that was the day that clown cried the idea that if congress that he is the social terrible. He admits that he shouldn't animated no kidding and he says he was filmed himself and that's when he takes over that's when and a front pew of funny now when they're telling you the day of the greatest thing in the world and it is wherever highway. Like Kevin aren't I exe glove compartment Kevin. Look Boca mountains say you know motivation Monday in a workout at twelve workers at random go do it show. And 60000 seat arena and he's still likable guy and he's got a spirit and about a amenities funny. And it's just too easy is it is them. Output people kind of get us very much like that does have a negative bone in his body you know these does have one I've seen and I was in the locker room. But he's you know than some people largest area known talked to anybody in the end. And they don't last as long they don't then don't seem to that they were there from Cuba note that they were mean. In there your 20s30s forties that come from being you know scared. He that you're into here you're your your right Richard you're out lead. Your league pitcher treading water sometimes and sometimes the just are good at what they do but that amazing but interest. Unfortunately just not time Pete they don't care embryos assessment practices so and they recognize that again. Larry you know the cable yeah. Week could you ask where he's his ass off. Yep and he's out there make people laugh and he just looks at is just another down. Yeah and im new backstage adams' voice sounds slightly different yet but I don't that's a tire and crimes that cross and that's where I think he would good secret agent cross and I went sideways the comedian just you know such a thing and and that. You suggests MarketWatch in any data vote but David's yet and then he went after Larry and house. Now see now we can't be friends man because I know Larry for all these years he's been so good as I see too many good things come out of him. He started you know goof and because it's not the same kind of come. Right now is some Bebo you Bo what's great about David crosses he's really counts them when he does you very much looking at things are observing them. But he won't put down people you know. The carrot tops of the world lingo that is not camps those that plane and character and it's a goofy character now but that. Doesn't mean they can't entertain. Another 1000002. People are two million people that. Are just. Just don't wanna think about and does one have to fund payment Alec AC DC it's not Mozart again. Oh and I agree like Stacey this is it's good you know what you get the study people who like it and he hit that he and his wife they swing and they like ACC. He's to AC DC used to means. You're very. Via. He do you go battery operated shortly. If you George or Bob Saget in that mean he is EST at its peak method you. That thing as we get closer he can be even better friends. I see how much you really do care about this world and that's now understand we're so much more the comedy comes over your life. With losing your sister almost losing your first winds and two sisters is Jim and I've known your mom saying it's higher thought that it could have and I wouldn't come on the show. If he would have taken out my sisters would not be on the ship. Did you have learned to deal with stuff because otherwise you'll explode because you see and feel. I'd I'd just go dogleg right because they can't take the pain so it's gist. And that and sometimes I'll do adept comment on stage because have been Sony Cuba I'm laws but so of the day so it hurts them. And I won't hurt them I wanna be and it's very it's a very fine line to be able. Laugh at loose and I have a line Mars has some like you know we laughs my dad but we found a month and the shed. You know as he has to know Torre was you know that. And the other thing though there's been yen and and losing my mom was important thing in my eyes than. And it is just interesting to understand. What we're here for Emeril transfer was the most of us are trying to go. We're out here to get as much as we can animate and that's it you know as what a ridiculous idea. Because you when your kids you and your descendants during news you want the world to continue you know wanted to be group of good into you know one hand maid's tale on 200 years. They were watch that again Jack you don't want to it was a little too much and and I actually stopped watching it because it was. I was like it felt like it was a little too possible and I went man that I am and that is why it's succeeding because it's telling people. Don't let us become that is there and some do it on this is left wing propaganda but it cannot connect to famous book and so. As written years ago and it's pretty fascinating I saw the movie years ago in the with the touch or Richardson. I didn't see whether remain she was and it you know but. So I think we have some down the road and I Cam Fowler and the such as a cement and is very upsetting movie unit Ratner can't combines and they. Take care of it was a different thing in the series. I don't know post but he was less true of the book. But I was on Broadway don't play and she was in the same restaurant and I looked over and his is gorgeous actress. And she had been and play well I was in a place of people behind 200 people on Broadway they can afford the good restaurants that are wrapped them were you able to. Bring yourself to say hello I got up to go sale loader and a friend of mine named Danny Bergsten who is news he was in the from a roof view's main character and have you and and he was in this played jazz sure our chat room than they do give them. As and getting MP grabs Meehan and literally physically sits me down near as Bob. Her husband is really him Neeson. And I says oh she's so beautiful and then send me two years later though we've luster. Tragically so. It's it's it's staying me and I am at and I don't know what got me on there. Her legitimate d'antoni and ended toughness and when the students and went brings the sweetest jokes ever detail what is. You were talking about what your mom passed and the guys were really cool day yeah stainless and waiting Dave's and it's that you Dolly look look like. And she said nine yeah. As as she meant passing and he was passing also gas is now. Raped by the oxygen tanks at analyze the data you imitate this room in and he is a gas from me camps it's years it's your funniest ran from ice culture. And that that's him I mean you know we'll figure is lower regions and put the mowers upper part. And go look at a maternal and run around yelling I'm a turtle. But can they did pick was that an eight my testing Amos. Yeah now that I talked about I should never talked about that. At times about that on the special and and that was it true damn thing in its. A while. Amend their view ahead Dave. As I birthday and they wanted to pick me up and limo on our outside the house and I haven't overnight bag and stainless set up such a good friend. And again in the limo tandem. It was really weird they Dave was naked. And I had an 8910 is it's that you know you can't tell the story too much candidate a and stables and a whole cut down in in his. Dave had cut a hole worst it was his mouth would and then had himself coming through the whole thing. And he was also holding empty bio champagne he was drunk which is kind of a funny. And then I said we get addressed and enemy and Maine have you took a picture of that. And that would that would have thrown view will be doing in the zone Isabelle has again it thinks that who can turn around. Just at the idea of it passing has has prostate. And so my a we get to Vegas and stammer as Greece's and then. They with a picture out of a bank Pakistan most grabs it and doesn't know anything about it and puts his tongue through the. That is true. Have to end and then then they showed him the picture I. What was in the hole leader and he just spitting out Leo particularly kind a spit the evil well that's you know your Brothers. That's a you know adding that it you be mad too mad even if it wasn't anything less than a brother I would say the united state it was and I over the past. Thirty years have woken up in bed next to each other four times. That I can recall is an active member of the story were so drunk into Fiji state yes since the end kind of up for me yes I was I was more than drug there was a lock on. And as opposed to me I was seeing all of the time I was poses like fifteen years ago yes. As was to meet some girls at some casinos die but I have a crush on it turns out she was. I don't know with a bunch of friends and acting aloof and Landon says she was twelve you know. I mean you do that twenty and Michael and years so rough uh oh it's sort of evocative trying to be good and Elijah in the four H club. I don't think rosary in the port club. It may be but now but he assessing the offense advanced materials he was actually for each and well that's yet. That's where there's such eager champions so are you should Iowa now. So. Eight he had defeat being in them you'll go in the morning in the same bed and he's counting at it would go. OK first he takes me to an Elvis impersonator show and it was a four foot tall Asian man I and I. At. And the actor and held morrow was played so it's senate. Anything growth me tender and I mean I certainly am it was over thugs saying sorry that came off racist it's not meant to be it's just what happened. And that was a good save button. It's true man what are we Stabile until the story as it happy can't tell the story of involves. You know him. As saying this to me via automatic. Or yet the last night before I don't know anymore and I was at a party business party M. I sent them I'm kind of I'm so sorry Don Rickles is gone that love them so much yet. But it kind of makes sense because he would be able to. Do woody does in the same way. Or maybe he wounded but talk about it but he was a Smart race for rail but it had a races spent to assure that was done. In a way I'm faking being racist. Busting balls for everybody yes you know the same way when frank and and and dean and Sammy in we can well that that went really race and actually was but it was to me. When I saw and I hate that that it's not my my ticket. But when I saw was friends. Busting balls like I'll say things are. And you wouldn't say anybody I mean we know and they really can't sell like all of us do that you could never do in public where you would never same public. With the they would do it on stage yes and they were on you know either pillar drinking their hand and so they this guy and lose. And decided this is we buddies from everybody I know how to blow that thing Amy was there when he you know. When you got hurt in these industries when we got married to the Wagner on the world exploded. Yeah I mean everything he fought for him you know like. In and it wasn't like didn't go backwards the other way for you know frank that tied him to me it was Ottawa jokes and Diego jokes. Yeah it's funny actually caution myself retirement and whatever because you decided day you have my magazine that the it's also kind of like they owed. A bit but let's I don't think you kinda get to be too. Crazy about racism in my we haven't had. Well I am marrying it Cecilia and she is from a town and look at. Apparently and lower trip. There were imitate the not too long from now and she is from a place culture mean. Which has liked as the public some people and it's near coterie alone. So it's new year literally where Coppola films that got started to Wear and got other ones that evil man sat on the running. Yeah missing got close to I don't know ruler at Torrey about a guy gets cut OP into. By Jannero because he killed his wife and it's it's pretty interesting normally goes seed emling fasten greatest movies ever may mean that other 18 with top. In office it's unbelievable and holds up a 1000000000% because it's edited ridiculous I mean it's just and its act and everything about who the same way about you've seen it yet. Ben Stiller crap here. Your bathroom and throw it it was a message I know that it was Jose is one of the kids it was darker error. That played in dumb and number. And and yet Hershey bars one of the kids. Do you live news I wanna say it was there for a list names are really great actor perhaps you see this team. You know he it's. It's a it's a prequel though that's when Harry met Lloyd after that and and it was even those of pour attempt at a good attempt who's director moment friend Trent Miller whose. Very hip dude mister show that was great and maybe it below the that was a funny scene and I dissent as well as opposed I wanted to directive I almost directed it. And the massive at least put mute who's seen so because they originally had a big Hussein obviously you'll never forget you know. Jeff Daniels in exchange problems. This guy. It sits on he gets Hershey bars that he steals from the party at the Hauser family gathering and he's just a radiator melts them. And then the is that what to do and he's in the bathroom we figure out with a clean up as the it's White House white walls Andy this series that starts waving them. Taco melted candy everywhere and it just. Looks like Ku and Luke slate. He just figured the guy went to the bathroom like an animal you just scooted down one is would you be remembered for that scene as a fun and no and I happen. No the headline in the in the plane goes down is a couple miles a method that it could have for how long it but I hope I mean line guys go round. Is it just take this and I get some new stuff happening I mean this move you Benjamin were waiting for our distribution date and then. I don't know you know they did you do some in the catches on and get a series and a mark on and is that a thing in this new show on Netflix through Josh Groban and Tony Danza. And it's called the good cop and system by the guy Andy Beckman who did month. So it's about it's I love Tony Shillue mischief and it has a monk feel to it saying murders same creator brilliant and he's does nicest man in the world and I play. A man who's a talk show host who is suspected of murder. I want to pay what happens but what do you think happens. You know him an area that's great yeah I'm did good that Joyce sound that isn't yet right but it have been Josh Groban and Tony really great deal and Josh ISIS'. We had Josh on and we object. To refer to Jay keep it all work together to 25 if we figured this month. Can grasp exactly when he five years ago. Or bastards. Now only out of all summer I was born that day Josh Groban. You images check that your and maybe but it legend OJ. Have no IP over to opt Josh is what dealt John Groban we can on. Just go home we had on one time that it's been it's been probably accept me hear what he's about to go on this big tour for this that the show's seizure reach out guy Al Walid about the next Netflix and overlook in this morning I was left and pictures of we saw a picture view with with John Mayer. And yet we hang out quite a bit yeah he's seen the defense we are weird dear dear friends he's one of my closest friends is he's some Rio we we just have the best time the other we had a we had a night last week and I'll talk about it because you why that name for a put. But anyways it was last week and those of my fiance who it is or etiquette where as William married so I don't have as a that's what you guys have already done it. Knowing that memento we have not China engaged very a year. Yes I tied them up did that in a clinic you can pick but but yet we've been engaged were yeah than normal everything seems to be appropriate we're doing everything Hanna a wind can do that at a at a order. And and just wanted to be I really like who are already a that you guys had no lending business that's happening soon board is doing it we want I want to be. You know I had to watch the second city movie for her. And account like in the weird way because it's kind of like dynasty here whatever verb people who Guam. Rant about being a single girl in New York that a lot of people Kara but. But it's actually well skilled. And well done comedy writing. And there's a thing in it where he says to her this guy that. And with their front nine years her real long series here and and he is I want this system BS is just going to be straight and that's what happens to people is they go into a marriage and that the it in laws take over perhaps I thought you'd done I thought you guys had just gone like grab your kids. Gonna no this is this going to be and solo there's going to be this going to be also a memory bring never bring it together. Her Italian family and and and my kids it's as you know it's it's pretty wonderful they just lover. But anyway I think the danger of Acton named Ryan and John mayors who were at his house and were hanging out with some. Special people and I know all of them and and at one or two I don't know and and it's Dave Chappelle show and it's Ryan Adams and who's supposed. To sound brilliant one of those. Literally it genius any never stopped trading in the never stops playing I mean I'm talking and he gets up in the morning yeah. A and he's also writing others have too busy rates scripts and ideas and and Ian mayor kind of had a music off you know each woman do that song of their use which walker and you know I'm a huge and we'll talk about it later exits again and we're taking a sentiment that's how I met. Right right anything butch yet meet U I don't know why now. But but Ryan is the respect for real special and Andy's got some AD destroyed a brand new song which are not in the name of any sense to me that's the advantage of being close to music people sometimes send news reports. Out and if your fan. Caylee no friends that you usually give you with decent writers didn't Weaver's nu metal records I don't give this to anybody here at home. I mean it's hard and and you hear it and you go how does anybody write new music. Hasn't everything. I think been written as an every joke but explored as an every campaigning in painted the door of that changing that's what's so. Great example is the through an expletive. About humanity here is that we won't get how do you reinvent. I'm not reinvent how do you grow new stuff and people do and fastest. It's miraculous we'll look at the good honest look around this world that you can you can hear musicians and writing. Real music about real life and you can hear people writing jingles for some got him in case you know company later and some of them are good. Sure and it's meaningless but it's fun at home. But there really great comedians there really great meal musicians. That's why it still works at iiroc general still here yeah comedy will be here. Well my nominee to the read thing its mode of. In the mean now is. How can I say something that I don't think have ever heard anybody say. Come on for the premise in the morning and go wait a minute nine people missed every day in my if they get it running again you know you say something on the air and then you hear someone else say it and you go. Oh man but but were world in the same zeit guys were all getting the same. Input as well are you willing to accept it. Yeah you have to be I mean it's like. I did a joke for years three years I was into my specials cause they couldn't stop doing it and you don't do the same joke to present. It's not good to name drop Robert Dinara told me that the Gore's not a good name drop Clinton cared Tina told me that bridge well about three weeks ago on human cove where he says it's not good at name drop Meryl Streep told me that. So I can only know for certain. Don't want and his twelve writers saw that special and the does that make you feel good. Not really hope and I thank you know I animal radio buddy your bathroom and didn't know and have them. Now no it doesn't bother me and I I were a joke. On those on the Johnny Carson show and I did and on the show. And it ran on the chart then part of my panel and Johnny Izzo is crazy mystery for you millenniums Johnny Carson as a very famous television. A vein so if you met Johnny Carson was always good to me he was really just that's thank. Johnny Carson and I'm also rank us to make the best steaks you know I used you know frank and will be the main of people but yes it could have a but it can cars and I told the GO which who has it was right in the long time where it went on the moon with sun's out Idris. Now am I joke was on the results Alger. Seen does that mean he's missing. And then and then at a I said and they were at to a tags to it in the third it's the best men I said well. Chip Brady he must be missing for like 25 years than the number three part was back down the query growth spots I don't think wherever it can somehow I don't. That's as they well after an attempted joke. Two weeks later Johnny does the first joke on the air. Because do you didn't remember that I said it Jen and a writer but couldn't script. And you know upon them is he missing. And then Iowa and Newsweek and it's a cartoon in Newsweek on them missing. So I don't take that as they stole my general you've ever I take that as in how many minds think alike. Sure and I think praise and I think even the subconscious. Craig you know I mean that's. The right they give it they like this is a great joke and I'm in good company by people. Speaking of the same joke that are Smart people but then you'd think a negative approach woods oh my god. That person I know for a fact stole my joke which I find that sometimes your pets but who cares I mean at this point do you care and he's white then I mean you're happy to be walking in and beat. In love with a great girl have a great. Eads and live this life than just an idea to make Hugo. And then I mean that's gigantic. Yes and I we were turnaround Norman Lear for two seconds and he was saying to me I was saying. How lucky I am to go out and get people out of their lives. And have them come to ceemea ate it whether it's a small club the implied by the way the improper tonight and tomorrow which should not small it's just not a theater but there's a reason for that guys and we'll get to that but in this having about a club that has a romantic. And idiocy it incident in this is something special and you can't. I can't go on stage so hard ticket to a theater. And mango I'm gonna mess around for twelve minutes and try new stuff and you can do that you can and dispersant clubs are through his quit club tour together and doing like. Eight clubs he would not say it that's that's on weekends again so. If you win November's last minute and a bomb people they were really managed to do it. And some excited about that. But out when I was salmon Norman earlier was he I said I get to take people out of their lives out of these. There watching news all day they're feeling however they feel they've did not filling represented their feeling is turmoil that is it is. Separation. And and I get to take them out of their lives and and Justin not. Me about anything except that. Moment they get to go with some and they care about they have a couple drinks. And a major test for it and so Irish step basically just trying to risk. People's lives in my leader change at the war he changed the world completely and and the answer to what I said to him was. Now you know the as yet out of our lives he went oh it's literally OB one though he goes. No no that's not what is at all you bring them into. What you're doing is you're bringing them into collective group. No matter how small or big bank group it is and you are bringing them right into the moment. And all we have is the moment it is keeps going lived Maurice stunt and dig Yoder was say to you when he appears in our program meant and he is. The sweetest most wonderful I'm on a podcast of his right now he's got a brand new podcast thing. And and the heat he's just so busy and Eric can do about this but he's. He he knew on the family. He knew you couldn't hit someone hard enough to take the racism. So you get a great character who somewhat lovable but so flawed. And you show him. And people didn't know who they know they were learning. No no they did not know and they also were there are as divided as we are now is how is divided as that in the audience was. He uses an audience of watts is Archie Bunker. And goes. The thoughtful. Way of looking and it is. He loves Edith so much and he loves his daughter so much why's he being so mean to. Rob Reiner are guys who being is so mean and Sam idea. Everything everything and and Caroline Connor played Archie we used to say he is sound funny character it's very hard to play and it it pains me every week to play him. And but he knew he such a professional I mean I would see film was fifteen I would sneak in. And Norman Lear did the warm and they who would do two shows in one night and I stayed for both of them because mostly on on family excel stay. And then do it like ninety minutes each Rio which is nice it's unhurt as did elect a play and then other people would go. Now on the world Omar got art she's funniest I agree with actually complete in a Mets. Kind of set churches but this I think that most people saw him because the writing was so consistent. You know he'd get kissed joking immediately knew her words like. Saying you know yelling but is a kid if you laugh at that part continued C heat have a moment like. Oh I know analogous we are friends like like. There'd be a blackout that come over a game that would come over just the point would get made and it made you laugh and you made you think a little bit you I guess that he was above who. And they do cry yet because he would be torn on. Treating someone a certain way that he was used treating them because of their race. And then use super reflection it is dies and it was a news you know to. A messy and nail him as Jackie Gleason and the honeymooners in his own way bit but it completely different thing because it was about. The nuclear family but can you talk about good times. And and that should have gone a lot longer and Santa didn't buy that mean you all of a sudden you showed America like there was a real. Another and the Jefferson object absolutely it's ever since it was because he was introduced on com home family. And that and they have out of each other and he stood up Darche and it it really. And those of abroad he went a little big sometimes you know but it was. We're so desperate for that kind of content that your. You're just make them laugh make them laugh and maybe. And stay positive yet to what he wanted to make them Norman always believed to which blew most the great people I've government believe it is you give them. I care you give them real meaning to the show you give real meaning to the stories. And the characters who make ms. Rios you can. The comedies can account absolutely side they'd be happier writing a script that had now won joking. And then adding jokes is good jokes is hard to leave you it's you know forty Minty at the right one. And then you can agree writing but otherwise if if it's getting deep content. You get something great there and and I read that normally your book and where he came from. And and just pray that happen yeah enough and you just not much of a father now. Military service and she couldn't have got a better American. Like anybody quite OK my keys he has a copy of the declaration of independence like the third most of significant one. I mean he is it true Americans. And he is it true humanitarian. And he does a lot of things a lot. To help I mean they're you know the human way and stuff the way of trying to do things to unite people and it's it's not religious it's not political. It doesn't really it doesn't mean he has his beliefs and in. It's not hard to figure out what they are because he doesn't. When he he's he's against lying in both leisure moments so. That's not calling anybody you know that's art is partly traveler country. And I know one off and the human because of their polices. Well I mostly deal sometimes. Sometimes things get a lot of collective kick his butt either now and go hey you know you can believe whatever you wanna believe it. Which is true I mean you can has in the united. You know Brian believe whatever you want and doesn't mean you're not in that and it's the way you're doing here and and you know and who'd you vote for you I vote for the US person and I couldn't care I I choose nothing no side anybody but what I find is. If I'm talking to somebody about humanity truth honesty. And it makes them feel and comfortable. They'll call politics. The and it's not like and human stopping at its all human it's all about we are human beings on this climb how they're view. Treat someone who has not had your benefits. In the Third World country it's so there are struck a crime. Well that's it well that's exactly just listen you better we better realize quickly how lucky Wheeler and Wheeler. And I understand you can't take every single human being in the world and make it work I get that. And we need and we angered and we need to protect our settlers as every country does. And so I'm not against. Everybody and I used angered because somebody wants a better life and questioned immediately go oh you're mad at them because they want their kids have good medical care you met them because. This woman doesn't wanna be raped in her own country just mad because they want something better like all of our great grandparents like I do. I was I'm running I'm the I'm not my gram players are unmanned a thousand. You do have lucky sperm. Cuban yeah Julia saying you're either you get sick but I was born know who's it fits. India and like it or not I mean I don't I don't think anybody owes anybody anything other thing compassion love and humanity. But you look if you born a white male in America you've had about every break you can get. Yeah doesn't mean you don't have to work it doesn't mean you didn't work. It just means man you just have you got set up pretty well he added that if you do dig in you could do well. And there's a lot of weight mails that you would think you have everything in America that memento bullets that you have. They need some mental health mad and Nelson has been talk about that ideal. Beat anybody owes anybody again anything except compassion and love and humanity. Past that party on every is gonna prove themselves. Then a good hot meal tax rate and end. I take. That sensation you get when your Peru's lake at at at at. You know as its goes by the way the prostate must be. Exercise. And that's true is I'm you know I'm being older now in my doctor tells me you've got execs have sex you got it you it must come out if it does not. You you can get cancers really prostate cancer. Sourcing I've ever seen in my life when I tell you this I mean. So he goes and it's a prostate checked he's gotten. So they take images from the last doctor did you reference it's a fingernail from a parasitic twin. But do you guys think even go to egos every two days didn't need to give him the test where they put like that game battleship. Member yet I've got to Bubba and race so they put in the east Europe's and they basically made a grid of his gooch. I'm just ain't and they get resolution screen to combed school school school and they made him of his props and they coordinate all the way through. Then took a doppler. In his butt. Ayers imaging it and then a little bit a little weak open on that should put. And it's another blood from the other side. There's quote this is a real thing we otherwise is necessary because they were worried he had prostate cancer and once he had this could be an anomaly because they're rear sensation. Simple. Bohea it to support the president of Poland does not muscle that it. He'd and he's now every time he would. Make a jet go to the bathroom. It was all mixed the blood for the next two months ago because of what the. No. Worse. Well. You know you could say yesterday you don't just at leisure golf with him. I'm sorry about that like that was crude you can feel like I've never heard anything like this off. You. I. Mean. It sounds you out of them the most terrific medical care in the world you can. It's as Hamas over the top this is not normal. You're doing. I think here I think you really need to go whose doctor the states is not goes up to the knuckle. And tells you which if I feel something. And Ming gets tested. Or did it felt and then went to an ear nose and throat yeah I have. Does this value through a window his fingers you're a bottle and then at an. EU unity. And why because he uses you had a pretty. It was he did you get it done every year exe I guess I get a lot yeah well first I make and I would have laid on the column allows can be and I like them. I've had them you know him personally at the finger. What freak me out was and all honesty was how easy win and at the there's going to be at 8 o'clock and nobody is talking games he's like I'm like well that's always been like. I thought there was going to be like a push what I was upset with first time I got it he said to me. France change subject which is like really awkward. Because then it's like what what the cover and and it's like he had feeling that new Star Trek Star Wars movie it was a start at. And it went he does still give it two thumbs up right now. And it was it was really strange if any daylight get bit and that they Griese walk to your car. The Milwaukee add tar ball you know like a view like in my improving with he again kinda zone feeling I. I immediately had some empathy for girls like re elect voice this is what I think in a one night stand when you take a walk in them. It's just all. And what it stands for the most part are not a good experience unless you are totally clear about. Right unless you're totally because usually it's. Can you drunk and male or female night and I am more supportive of the females right now. Because it's been so much horrific stuff done. It's be real to me when I'm hung up on now is it went the other way appointment. The army guy he should be in jail for the rest of his life period of the injury you assault somebody physically forced yourself upon in Europe it's an unforgivable act. You are terrible I'll pay for that if someone does that to me it hits but but but if I try to if you had read these guys all he tried to kiss me the cocktail party in thirteen years ago when my kid lascivious jokes throwing for a miners are not stop that you're an insult every woman who ever endured the indignity and arm of rape and they land on my specials that together on this reader I go to Siberia. You've poured her husband who started me and radio Nikki who's. Couldn't be cooler better. What your child when he finally got his fingers and turn trailing yet she moved out of her parents' house and in the its. Is that. Wanna wait for anyone but you were over eighteen so you really go I was two months from that turn to choose from sugar creek which use. Sugar creek. I'm that but think that's part of a woman right. She moves and I can't do those jokes is it used to mean you know that you cannot mean than anything can't you can't do that I think we have to do that jumped. If either understand that my intent my intent. Or just beat you know similar to an eleven year old body part jokes centered you're doing you're not doing. I'm gonna do something to you yet Jones lets hate is toward toward media over. Yes it's it's just. So I can't take the other side either now like the same from guys like you're 21 year college and you're afraid you're gonna hear dissenting opinion that you. Like stop the world's gonna beat you to death and about five years that you're going to see it coming no they don't you realize what what will happen no matter when it is meant there it's five years sensors segment it's tough because of cuts and that's gonna fall. And it's not going to be pleasant does that what happens that's the cycle mean. And you hear X. President's talking in Ugoh Lego I don't know listening him Cuba ago and you know I don't need to hear him he did this he did that Brad. And then you. Realize that there is he does he could you could chart this arbitrary sport. The stuff that people who have done and repeat here where we're not a great place right now. We're laughing wouldn't we've got to fuse that's been lit on a lot of dissension in anger and that's why laughter really truly can. Cure a lot of things it without it OK maybe it crosses boundaries. Listen all of my friends and have the same politics but we do have the same dumb stuff. Right you you know one of the gets hit the balls this Graceland like there's going to be laughter I've got friends that are on completely opposed. Political views her as mean. I had dinner with them and corn and that civilized and that's fine. Right I don't understand hate yet yet exact that's retro I managed and hate against that he got Nazis out there yet. If you get a new regime of Joker plain old murders were. They come here and and yeah so yes of terrorist sort of ran together that pure hate you wanna destroy they hate. That's human nature. And it's also protecting your lives your home or not. Our politicians. And that we gotta remember that. Now a mentor for trial. I don't think you're trial I don't think that at all I think if you vote at the Democrat I don't think that make you that president either. I don't I don't look into those I don't put everything that they do or don't view on another human I want new party over Allen summing like aliens or something each year like this from Mars attack that's a candidate. Humanism dreaming of related ads laser gun people. But new to trade picture but have Wallace as potentially make the public from that movie uh oh of those is the best things in the world like other light bulbs are walking like boats. You what is it makes or at least close music news it's. There was no yodeling its slim Whitman. Oh it is it's an immigrant who. And then bland and blow me slim Whitman slow it's such a funny movie us. I'd listen I can see you can repeat again that you. First you do this this. Casey puts it what is it KC live. That till 930 but the time is it now we're 915. Over great yeah do you want me down there quicker and rest a couple commercials are Aggies Nokia and wait outside the -- you can do we'll be right back I'll scratch at the door this really you can give me anything it's gonna give me we evil if you think about it later she's a benevolent little dictator analogy if you really is this year recently signed an. But as you go way early she'd he's always wonderful. So. Stay with the guys Bob's angle Bret back in provost coming up. Tonight tomorrow night two shows each night I just think it's 576799. Black crows hard handles 74 degrees in the city of black crow is hard to handle me. It's really hard because they'd try to flock away from you on Andy's the and the new that lucky over you can did all of I'm not that I am not an animal kind of person on the I don't believe beast yeah. Do you do you do you have dogs and cats I I don't I had a dog any died and they did Mario through again and and put them down and news king Charles spaniel and so he uses like little. Loopy thing. I don't know I I was getting out of tragedy man. It's it's like having a kid and the threat of mind is kind of underdog and you know it does that these advocates he's he's now he's beautiful he's gonna live forever we tall I was done gone anywhere and he's got movements slow resembling his vote fluid. So when we info fluid make him along but they give slim. Yeah he's. He's. So miles. But I dug dogs here you know it is usually just love is what they are needed tortoise. Or apparent until it will highlight it toward this is like in six apparent I can't for the OPEC Meehan and I'll die at that. But it then we'll talk to me and I can't hear you in so. A kind of deal. I added quicker for 26 quicker quicker pair I don't know I pay my ideal meal either a Maxi Quaker you know like them. The people on the handmade stale it. Alan that's your relaxes me you know and you like the news Q what is all day and a vote and hand maid's tale you can go to that piece of when exactly did tell the ban had space experts of changes things on on a BO sleeve to show tonight to shows tomorrow night. And I wanna go they've gone I was I Bob Saget dot com Ford targets were at the attitude about it you probably the Montag and outcomes yeah you'd hit my head toward two gets or the emperor of is what's that. It's I'm glad we're target to get. You sound you probably see that oh we also heard time and you sound proof in front Casey. Hey Sean either. And listen to a two and a Bob hey hey Dylan. Bob Mann on YouTube experience oh thank you thank you man a year man in your car lease specials everything pull all of that it right. Thanks. All day. I got in true that any rate that caused me some grief for my daughter's. The target of my daughter is in a Verizon cellphone while she started about was or Sosa and I love our eyes that I have I got up at that debt and a toddler die you stop in my Fed's main product yet in the shedding mark access. Button. I jump ball you've got cheered go John good jump on you. Now what happens Lou we lose. 12 district eight seconds so we're back eight seconds are now let me tell you after the quarter million dollar finder's eight here and here and Bob has Defcon one like that take you off the goes to a commercial. So mom and commercial know and I'll just hit the one so just dips and periods yet. Okay good showing you item saying evening and the like Batman does we Hebrew name of poop. Ansari and go ahead sorry Sarah. More defeat Bob Saget and the white Bernard. Mo. Oh thank you I love the life. Your. Never touched or never but you can undermine. But I would love it we get to shows this one is something another another time. But there do you have the time you do this you'll it important that. Summons. 745940. AUN at all and you'll look I'm addicted. And more AG. Yeah or. Not gay gene. Opt. I'll look at it showed tonight I would love that I would love Isa on the ice him perky too early in the morning McNamee so perky what will work the Golan to. At that yet you know I'll vote. When you say that you're talking and it's not personal right you do not sane about yourself you're saying you have a load of some kind. That's correct and not my. Vote what is the load. What does it consist of it nails wrote out her automatic Elden. That's a really great thing that's did Javier redeem use that no country hurled a man I was at an air gun. Nothing was. I don't know either live but that's nail guns are amazing they can do anything of these two things together with a when I was nineteen you did know yet his plan around them rough roughing governor Mitt I was having to mail anything. Well I'd I'd success that don't let him call out you get a flat so. And and look love to have you the show which when you wanna go to the earlier the late. I want. Okay yeah I. They'll let you know which what you're gonna go to actually I didn't know yet again moment each hour of the mail program. But your luggage whatever you want we got you. Port. Love you more he agrees of people that that's their actual response love you not and it's paying me you're going me and then at Arlington unbelievable column Fallon show and he made me tear up and it was right for commercial was like. Why he had to do that to me where at the end of MySpace show that's harm done notes or aren't special thank you if you zero to sixty. Eyes it's of them like well thank you may have greater audience and summons said. We need you Bob. And and they said well if you need me I will be there for you of that that meant that about it's it is true and we don't laugh it's. And that I except that. The responsibility. Honestly thought you maybe have time today state for 45 minutes and I can you. No happy I am used to it I'm happier and you are paying I'm sorry had to leave you to go do something that. But does I guess is pretty women on the it's going to be into the great ill at it's television it's did you see live case you live these days and that's a good show were in the fight HE it's it's not pulls from all the notes that it's. It's your local morning show television you know news editor I don't have a four bit news ahead to stay with view. I yeah it's you have to we have to see other people we have to spoon. So I was seats and I guess to work it out you probably sit. About twenty feet from nail gun man and is a good we all have a good day of it thanks for am and that pre I love you to listen tonight the in front tomorrow at the prosecution of some 45. 940.