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Thursday, August 2nd


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We're heading to Sturgis next week up to the full throat slitting her our friends from over the last couple years Tammy engines on the hotline right now with bona knocks firearm I love these guys they're the ones we shot. I budget time oh yeah quick. When you get when you get to be part of this stuff. And you get the chance to try it is unlike anything else you've ever done I lost the first year. I didn't make the shot Jason of course murdered there was killed fifty bmg and it's a long way out there you know hundreds of yards and it's it's a vigil and shot it really is meant as a little box tanner it's explosive duke after it to make the explosion a negative caller. Wrote but I couldn't get the ten. And maybe if you. Is supported the crew second year I walk into a hole S dormant law. Ryan's kick in my ask season's champions he's a great shot he owns O seven he's incredible shot course and I swear to you I thought he threw his shot. Just to give the dumped him and he swears he did not and died it was. I was well was set I felt redeem. Nice. But look yeah. Yeah. Mean her and it's all right got it. Get. The Ugly Betty yeah. It was. Just an idea of redemption Leone and then of course the and it does the full auto handgun which I never done before. So if that was in twenty or thirty. Round things and it is a third implement so this is a Glock or edit teensy full auto. And it's gonna take anywhere else thirty rounds two point. Accurate it. Incidentally I. Not bad listen everybody has the same action shooting a gun like that always makes a weird belly laugh about it because it's who. Absurdly powerful you can do it. If you're headed registers amendment liberties taken off right now. Our next guest are the owners of full announced firearms in Seattle Washington. Who will once again be if the full throttle saloon in Sturgis giving you the chance to shoot everything from Tommy guns uzis and grenade launchers. Fifty caliber machine guns flash bangs and more. Please welcome from Obama announced firearms Jason antennae. So regularly yet Jason on as well and Jason how are you doing this year. World and our good would you pick up anything new. Or yeah role first of all you don't have you know old burying. My leg you eagle attitude manipulative about it feel the pain of losing match your eye sees through. Yeah did not definitely not for our. Probably yet though I'll probably apple brought a couple media. Got the entry Kirby. So you're one carving full auto guys all that's. Perversion. And read. And adults had nine we kind of never never worked actually for working so critical. That is kind of built. And so when you MEPs you know the answer those are amazing and so is is active. An old school military built that are we talking about it chain gun belt. Britain at sort of road warrior new law turn. Kind of a I mean you saw instead of you know Putin rebooting nine millimeter so that it and sixteen is a little expensive. Is it cool you know it's nickel and what you broad. You look. These guys and view that was gonna connect these guys or we just need to buy one and you can bring it out. He's refined these guys who make mortars bowling ball borders and bowling ball Candace. Wahl how much they go how much hooded. Yes. Danny go to the usability. Aren't sure we can shoot stuff factored image and yet the car imagine why connecting with the bowling ball. But that the car is so much fun in them so will be at the same spot as last read the full frontal slew and a by the way bigger kicking ass to get. One of the bridges and the other one is is is getting ready to go up. From the original problem Mike's been within its asked you guys you once I already or are you why you still attend an on site. We would like stick here. We got cheered. Loud bird. You do in you can still get a vacation before you go to work. Well we were out the amount of if you need to be rally and the way they cut the track in its it didn't work out for us to be able that you wouldn't shooting which a fight because if you gave an NI a couple days we are. Nice to you guys get to let you see anything like. You'll get the devil's tower glad to Gillette you know. No no once we're here on site we have been pretty much stay here because of yeah firearms. Right it's I mean it's an amazing array of of guns that you're just not gonna see you rusnak had the chance to shoot anywhere else. And let you live in Vegas I mean it's just an incredible. Rate at the bottom of the list of what your offering if if somebody comes out there. And eighteen years old and they can afford it like what what can choose from. You can choose. A wide variety of things. Think that change news. Like. 98 for twenty dollars that they are like 720 dollars an awful lot of yes yes and that they were ten a lot of shot then seventeen dollars. The cream. It went seven dollars. Like if he'd be 26 into the lot on issue 22 dollars. And that's like a birdie grim day. The kicking around meg for the sake. I'm sorry product are user full of decent yacht like it is that we got that up by nine. Cents up and Brandon. What's your favorite what would continue that you do so this can you that if you Jason. You I don't know he should be up bright greens are so good shot favorite. I'm not favored but. And when that huge. Glock he can say that this is a monster. If you are not stepping to cool moment. You know god wants to admit this Jason but but you know the true. For whatever reason girls if if if you're just shown how to do it are so much. I think they're so column and they can focus better that a guy can that they eat you know give a little time they can out shoot you pretty badly. Day he'll walk out of the ball you shooter figured you know we'll tell you guys they're retiring big ones they would from. Paris. We're macho little wallet when we ought to do at all. Now women that are that are current shock it's true it's absolutely true. Eat it will be as you know I await you agree shocked yes he's got a we got settled the score though you Albert about the slump and a walk in the park or. You go you know now. I know you don't drink during business but you you drink you drink after a threat. I can't what's your what's your model of choice. Holes are all there you know you you are at least yeah. You'd think about it is a wanna know what flavor he is even always easy when something else what you want to figure that out Akeelah. Yet the point where it. I think when he you know little knob creek mobile online. He had you do have some nice taste in with skis almost. We're what you Tammy. Oh I know all about the double double. Oh now you've got into that business have yet and couldn't. Get the Israelis had a degree how's the weather up in Sturgis. Moral good good I'm excited about and create good and everything's not to drive into the brain. We're not gonna set back you may remember what she refute the flame thrower. And Jesse was less than enthused about that dry grass. 800 yes it this year security still really during which is married. Thought he might order form it at that point oh yeah. Things are brutal I won about explosives what do we got to shoot we stayed would generate. No we actually went picture shot. Yeah he's definitely incorporate products. A lot more impressive were five pounders that like four calendars will have to hear the they actually. Did that they put the explosives together for a lot of stuff that you actually feel on television. And what's the difference between ten right in church. And in terms of what you see your field. Home bill done. This that chair Alan yeah. Well are you actually did pretty good woke all of it erred in Kuwait four. It is a good chance that it looked at quality. On a vast improvement now let's pretend we're not in the air when you're by yourself out in the middle some lean and I know the maximum is a fine. What may have been shot in front of pound. And I think with the multiplied at all for. CEO role of course you know don't give a dollar bill it's a rumor of what. We just have to do certain things the way we're built my friends is that this is the way we're built. Yeah. It's. But beyond earth shattering moment. Look we're bringing that a bunching guys up there and also a table letters to this year. Is that Malaysia on from seven to ask is I don't think he shot with a before LJ the singer for seven dust is gonna come up with a so what I'll bring him by and you you'll Levin he's he's incredible he's good shot as well so he'll have a great time and you'll love medium. Wide. Receiver ringer that he's this he's that he's not involved and this were one and one right now. And again I'm not entirely sure the guy who owns all these weapons who is an incredibly good shot suddenly missed the ten right. I'm Mike OK. It. Until India a prodigy development all yours and that was all the crap talk if those do look wore him down well went went to market watcher Ingrid. Look I didn't argue it out when you learn. We will squares up. In just a few days we'll get up there Tuesday that we'll see their on Wednesday we'll stop by the always good to hear your voice Jason Tammy I'm glad you guys had a great you have super glad you're going to be the full throttle and remember you guys if anybody going up to let them know about this behind the full throttle it is going to the throttle follow the signs he'd go through a happy little campground either way and you can find your way back behind everything to go shooting in the issued a huge arena full auto there's just it's incredible it really is a lot of fun and I can't wait to see you guys. We'll report you tuber and their hold us oh yes ma'am I came SEC and.