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Tuesday, August 8th


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Awesome people. If you into the ball well people. Around the feeding rates at the a lot of everything from the details atomic. Flash bangs. If you last year thoughtful Otto. Another one you know what else shot but for the price you gave me. Incredibly fine. Except for all of her time it's been fantastic support to the point that they had to bring in new callers he they brought out quite yet they've already had to bring in new cars it's been so popular it. It was good on them yeah his last cure was in new year we we all a little worried again. I'm very fast. Them blown out firearms he's Second Amendment. Our next guest is a competitive shooter and one of the people behind boot Linux fire arms in Seattle Washington. Who will be sitting up shown this year that full throttle saloon. In Sturgis giving you the chance to shoot everything from Tommy guns do season grenade launchers. And this year they've added flame throwers flash bangs and other surprises. Please welcome from Boone knocks firearms ten. I don't did Udell argued good to see you guys. I thought you'd. But what are they able. I am. I have yeah. Someone earlier competition out here. Pick. Exactly right. It was a this year this year and talented and fit him to get it done with it right now I understand you guys have been so busy that you had to replace the cars. I don't yet have a very busy day it was great we got some new products you know this year we have shockwave. But it went better and I kids. Out of four pounder got here in India but others have destroyed a card but at the. And the beehive is it took me second to realize what it was it's it's a full 122 but what it is is it's got the the the mag is is up on top of that so we'll take a beehive. Well actually. That it could villager has won 22. Long rifle round and they. And then how the large Tinseltown. We'll cover it matter if putted it grenade launcher in the shoot out eight rule until all worked out that one side. I thought that was pretty used on the AM fifteen that attacked. Oh. What. The grenade launchers they call. You would stay in most popular things here is that it'll be a majority in the world that Elaine. Let let me cap out of the out of the barrel is what they never. Forget like coming up here at the port dark they can really did a finals coming out of that. The barrel it's the coolest thing ever. You know one I classic changed and remembering the flame thrower and bring in over the OK. So. He will really inflammatory issue last year at least a little fiery issue but you know part of the field me at all. In the ten this year with all the good. Oh it is it that isn't there yet ethnic up it's we're excited. A lot of people are a lot of cool people. It clerical alive on the bus here let's. That some life and videos are perfect for this year. I haven't moment on out here not leaking these people they have never fired and the board we. Go through it in the air really great group. Some people had it bounce and that we're really excited that problem is very very affordable you can choose from a dollar calling it a 35 dollars. It is a kitten well property about it. That's great I mean I'm telling you that's normal animal is not inexpensive here Bure barely paying more than no one is you're getting basically got what it. And it it's Boehner not to such a great job they're safe and cool guns and they're knowledgeable they tell you what's going on that we admit that really good time last year I am excited you can do some shooting this year again. There yet but we're excited about here. We'll sit there in the majority yet to see that as responsive summit at the. You don't want to tell my tell your guy am I am I'm coming out with the flame Dorsey can take a look at that. I'll go. Outright say that now that you're gonna bring that out yet. Yet it's fun and it'll blast through three gallons of gas and 45 seconds. Oh wow so it's incredible we went up why are fired or assert what we need is a really good shot of a full on though. Shorty and a and one in an athlete or any other. As a sorority are doing and where. Oh sure that's that's one of the good things and so that's what he's saying now. A. I listened to everywhere we're gonna take off here about an hour from Kansas City it's gonna be human if we get the may be in bed to sleep. They'll be have a great day and the will that we catch you tomorrow the boy Knox about the list below and it and relax and you guys are still open Seattle Washington. We're located just north dollar bought a washing can't. We believe it will electorate that is why we keep coming back every year people who work of protecting Michael they're great people. Well. Other grade eight I mean and they look like I was so glad you guys are coming back and and just because you last year was a starter a year you hung in there and your you know your family now maybe you guys came in when it was brand new and everything was kind of up in the air. And I promise you much gonna definitely ticket you can Jessica's. They never forget that. And you guys are. Better than it ever without feels that they're really really nice people. I saw the it's the crowds that they're already we're looking great. Yeah that camp out there and split their objective. Yeah. Says that from a full throttle. Defined that they can't be. We'll get Guerrero went object and it pretty all of though it was so violent and excellent up here we've got to sign up on the verge ignore the people and. You know we're here that it really thought it was a photo album about firearm that we know about your this year. My contact information on the table so they can call me without question. There's zero reservations to come on out here and I'm told by. By any chance did you bring that new who is making it's it's it's it's announcer code that's making me. Now who is thinking that it's it's comes from the factory RD within an internal silence. So I'll outline yet. Some nice days yet but why it's that there integrated it yet. Now we don't have and yet they're earning more on the market that kind of art orbit right now. But we're hoping there'd be able to get up in that but apparently. It's. I'll meet you I want you one of those really bad the center it's the maximum nine remembered. Really good yeah it. I believe so called a what do you think when it's in happy with the concerned that we do is running through I don't think it's gone through. Would they think about repealing the suppression laws. Have you nerd alert said that that bill is due to wriggle through. The Washington about repealing that these suppressor laws so that people connotes a presses again. And wanted to know I want to go about all of us urgent does not the doctor the paperwork and. You know wait wait wait. About four will be left right now to get it for a short guy who aren't in a group. So it is quite it and yeah hopefully they'll repeal that automobiles by MS Stewart. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I know it's another weaknesses and fears that they elicit. Tammy I'm gonna get you tomorrow we'll hook up look like to see guys that ought not to be there tomorrow I wanted to. All right I don't love you baby and a whole. Say erector AJ tell it to what's a decision I didn't adding. She UC you can be doing. But. They're good people and there's some so much fun about shooting outdoors you know in a range like. You're in the sunshine on a hill and you bear Butte is to your right there's thousands and thousands and thousands of empty acres and probably and then there's a big berm built up. And that front of those birds that seriously think fifty gallon drums and cars and different pieces of metal stuff gets the job preparing it like when you really pepper car biffle Lotto like you can see that was put to the that the that the that the and you see the line come across. Put the tenor in the car tried it like since the cartilage fun. This year we'll see if I can't get the fifty good that's why we're going get it or far right after the show Drake. We're already enjoys Jason has a good memory apparently got a real chance pasture I'm a lap dance like hit with a hook that. And it's. Double or nothing them a freedom freedom and trailer I.