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Wednesday, July 25th


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Our next guests are founding members of the mobility band hailing from bell flower California who have released an amazing eight albums since 2008. Including their latest titles in stereo. That fan is the box masters. In this Friday night be returned to Kansas City to perform live on stage in one of their favorite venues and knuckle heads. Please welcome from the box masters and TAT and group and Billy Bob Thornton. Hey fellas he didn't grow. But did you voices man that was everything. Welcome thoughtful that the fault is that other notable for what you are involved. And it's not Billick that. All. The UK. GBJ. 0000. GD help and the million. Will you present right now where would you on the bus. We currently. Are very. You know right probably. In place sure. Here COLT. Lately gators the gators. Oh and here we're. Or. Well I know that you're a fan knuckle heads knucklehead is a fan of the box masters it's you know just one of those great fits man that that it's a perfect place for that. For your band to to play man and I can't wait for Friday night. War. Now we're we're super because you know. Current output while. I was. No you know. Or might not see them all know that's fantastic. That's 800. Your work. Out you know. Sure exactly I'll. Work director. While. Ariel played a show worker and there are little yeah. Sure we cooked curtain closed up Kurt what is Paula is talking well. But what you want. You need people don't know about him what he's a good old Oklahoma guy and that you he wrote the general Jerry Jeff walker record up against a wall you redneck mother and he originally wrote that. I think he did. Yeah well. It's called it was. You left it in Billy well Billy we were talking earlier and I know we have a little bit the delay so I apologize third for the awkwardness of the conversation. But it's it we're talking earlier about oh. How your life started you know. About music not acting you've been originally. Music is is everything you wanted to do and it's what you originally you know that was your first challenging your first look. The we'll lose muscle all. Love mobile phone 40. Yeah. Oh it's not that important. For animals in world war. Will walk away. That for. The former wrote yeah well what does that. Yeah. Well look obviously this is the world this is what. Wolf and just as a war over. It's still all look. As if they. All in parts for the well. Well all possible. And yeah. All of what we're involved. The ultra ultra. It's the typical. What is the food all in all bowl. While all of its level before all the Walt yeah. Well wolf a lot of people losing all alone yeah. I had local people local sushi. Almost all those in the forward. What little city area won't be total control of those killed both. Although. Local. It's. Our own platforms for. Or over what or is it more useful civil war soldier all. Over the world. There's that there's any truth to it that much like the box masters much like yourself. It's you know we it is it is it started out as a as a railroad and road house that didn't and is a member I could and by motorcycle parts and it was all cycles and and frank. Went ahead and and that it in sort of the music venue and AC just kept pure you know meaning to me go see. Billy Joseph shaver I mean you know somebody's doing something right. All the outlook double fault if and we'll. That was my thought to Billy is is is. How fantastic would be who are great Ryder. The key to not only because your your ability to do both. That somebody should make the Billy Joseph shaver movies that his life story moved theatrical release and who better than you. Well. Oh. The moment for as little little. What will have to listen. And little animal. On form of or. Animals and the dunes. Yes we'll also look up four of them are as well. A clue you in four important it is called for a possible full. Yes it's fantastic jet effect. Our mutual friend Jesse James Dupree is to turn me on that you may recall because you've got to see this it's brilliant. The gold. Although unfortunate. That so coveted world. Most guys would wish Woodward there was something just. So truly outlaw we think you know I like it means I like rock tunnel heavy metal like scared know that when I was a kid especially but. There was something about that real Americana that that that George Jones in in in the village Jewish neighbors know Johnny paychecks. That age yes they're given that was busted from the get go. And eight and they never cared if they lost I mean those were the kind of guys who go to war and they were not afraid to die. Won't or course. And that's exactly JD I didn't know until today. Not only are you know agreed engineer but you you worked for The Rolling Stones I looked up I was. Which you worked you actually you did some editing and some engineering on the stones record. Yeah. If workers do you have ultimately. Alter. And our first. Art is really. Her work called the record. You know it was pretty great. It wore what looked at all for a year. You know let out the most. You know fur recording engineer those are typically people go oh yeah. You know you're you're courting. A lot ought. Oh they called me. Portland. Like everywhere you look. Or public out there. Couldn't afford. People charges like sorry. A caller I hope and like yeah. Yeah. It was pretty great. It to. You that these. Or stories. You're alive and so it all up but we. They connect you know it all comes are all now. We take all the influences almost you know are the order. Or what do. A great during a lull. Remember that we could you know treat everything that we love that evolved under current court confirm. That's what makes a box masters great acting greatly urge you guys have always. Looked for something new something original something's a little to the left of bumps of of center and then I moved the show this Friday's going to be great. Billy I tell you man I'm looking so forward to seeing you guys day after tomorrow your kids the city. And and I'll I'll catch W and JD man will grab a beer and a we'll tell some lies in that. And we'll get caught up and everything but that the new album congratulations on stared as well. All. Good all of it and that would. What should. We'll see you guys a seat a couple days been beset with have a great show today in the Ozarks and Oklahoma and get the kids and say. Both put.