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Wednesday, March 7th


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On April 17 2013. Our next guest book he was going to. After falling overboard from the charter boat in stormy. The coast for things easier for twenty hours he font called exhaustion. C. Hallucinations. Poisonous jelly fish in the shark. And now he tells his story in his new book alone but please welcome Fred Archibald. Brett welcome to the show. Hey Johnny thank you dreading any man who went crazy story almond almond divers spent a lot of time on the ocean. And the idea falling off I ship afloat I mean that's far out it was a little bored I assume and and you went over the side. Yeah I'd say it was quite a big Bradley was 65 foot it would have followed big fights it came down on it with a creek. And leading a hundred mile 120 mile crossing. And the middle of them I guess we eat some pizza and unfortunately there and he beat Finland and easy lefty Greg Little noodles. He had these really bad peaches and the outlook our whole budget is being bothered fields are helping one of my buddies. Power and feeling great. I think I nine they're going to the side of the body and I was being able. An excellent blacked out and worked up straight round actually I'm an old I was unconscious seductive explained off good. And it out what happened awarded to just see my about it fading away and old school leaving cooking my buddy who would lie and say that I've been helping. And no one gave me no one sold me was 2:30 AM. And while I just sell the way into the store and was pounding so what is it getting pushed back. Say it was horrible man. No I didn't imagine that would and I just now because I got a new chance to the book get that we go to shows today and I don't will read your book by the way alone. Yeah I really George you also put food poisoned so imagine now you're out the vote and your food poison which is a very seriously messed up just feeling a little. All we're a little ill let you physically debilitating. Just you know it was eight I was our Obama didn't box. For about 45 minutes prior to that does compete he dehydrated nothing I mean no feet no war that. Feeling terrible and yeah I mean Linda came around in the walked into my back fading away. I mean the FaceBook existed we are New York State. I just couldn't how would and that side at all when I was in it you know this tremendous thing to Muster and me I'm so sorry and so so in some sort of stupid. And you have been an excellent my brain to figure Kurdish survive he's gonna fight for your kids and friendly very hard just. I took my pulse some help. Kind of figure that mud mark my adrenaline was pumping so hard on it together to get it back down. They even in the water you know argue quite a bit yeah this I was doing yoga mantra in my mind that go well my weight down. And had to start thinking a new mom make some comeback from me. So I can play and look how they locked there locked lake effect in the. Right yeah because the papers will kill you rightly. You're gonna flash I think you're at an energy and then you're gonna sink. Well that's exactly I just knew that it was adrenaline driving because I was sorry and can almost can't (%expletive) in the storm moved the ways of pushing me and that. Good old man except for their uncertainty about the Tiki got this place he would be didn't payment terms. Calm down that it can get my breeding regulated and then I just started so I've been swim to gaining we are just good blocker great strike pull moms kick my colleagues. It's called reflects our try to stay declining amount Beckel just treating water but I couldn't see where the waves are coming from and I biscuits laced with some assault swallowing. So much assault aborted ever in the formatting a gain. Sami Al vomited about twenty comes off to their. They ordered horrible. And this now so now your ended in the dark and you know. Now now where were these the this deal of the reef comes alive that night there's a lot of animals and only feed you can pop out in the dark. And yeah yeah I mean you alert in some very unfriendly water. I'll log you know unfortunately. I think he DV Max of the big shock to be who had been killed taken by all the Chinese fishing but it's. Thank you always ready I was I need to be that sickened that hey able kind of late in the evening is best for the sick and not let them. I caught you can look back and it just really wasn't unpleasant feeling in my neck kidney and then I think it actually pushed me in the order. And I remember thinking I marvel at first separated Barry convict because that's pretty affect us this. And then I realized what a very critical of this thing hit me against Jamie in the order. I knew or shock and I were so keen this went I it was all a factor in the brick and mrs. Todd are. In the chicken out the link under the water we're at moderate amount for turning around. And nick led last few shocker remember going oh my god. Good it looked like this other than you and you go back you know it was different. But the reality it was a little dot with a little bit fifty chalk and not sorts from our realise eight to shock. And I people you know mom and expect crazy monocle attacking Texas guard and your teacher read because if you could be near fiery heat. And Edward. And look relief said he was anyway I was almost in tears because anybody you can save my life and us. Would you all reality it's your joy and 88 retaking he swam straight out of it yet. It's very yeah yes so it certainly get that desperation at that first night he survived the sun comes up that's got to bring you some hope. And and then you take all of okay. They've taken date between the sun came up on the morning says four of the GPA in the front and fortunately if I'd never came out that entire day was cloudy rainy stormy day. If the sun had come out and I end up I couldn't come up encoded for a living bike in the leaders it's up to forty degrees centigrade. And pick you know say I've got a lot of war will not a lot of water about 5 o'clock about a lot of water from down polluted big tropical downpours for major may do better ready falls. Chop block of whoever walked in mark in moms out. But it dictionary it was he would you know drinking so much he won't let up to twelve hours I do know that the combat it in the short so well. Jack comes marked by pretty harsh she loved it coming almost like let's say stop. They stopped on the X stock broke the hundred yards from the shock and then they call and see me. And of course will make a quick launch shall enter that part because the current recession. And they shut it tight cost to bite our feed him startup and they sent away. And they blocked because they've seen a big piece of polystyrene that they thought was my big party. So they're waiting for that to come up to the veterinarian doctor what we need patriots fan again. And then you must have lost all hope. Yeah I'm an artist he's been a bit lower neither was beginning you sort of biting channeled evil bishop made it very neat very sick aircraft and charter boats and and their supply boats whitbeck Rick really bad data wouldn't be it's going across the channel. But also taking our troubled big key given models for whale frame of two ballots found. And plus loads lifts big and so long way to go to it is a long way we need some of it. So how'd you finally found what have you picked up. Well I just so good you know during the during that day win win mocked by Rick recorded that I wouldn't man overboard and mixing it with another. Australian egg guy in nick in the port authority's office and he heard it. He ran back to skip anything that the south African promising. They wind I'll unbeknownst to anybody else they dumped in the lead the small birds and they wind up to look for me. They're faced a whole day and they couldn't find me a minute this late or not. A tiny altering thing he got back on board that not and his crew told me off duty was locked position you'd sort of rather mature found him. And they need look down into the war than usual cut gonna try to ultimately going the wrong way. From where the current should be any from you bailout the current to Jordan because of the stall. I was going the wrong place for the next morning he can play in any just followed the coconut. And they that piece of straight up to me. You have a similar story not just as drastic as such an amazing me amazing ending to that. And it takes it takes somebody a local to know opposing Curacao with a friend marine biologist and I know in Iran but I waiting here this. And there to Coast Guard couldn't find this kind of ran into tipped over New Year's Eve. And I had the sun was going down the news of some Madonna never find these people they were tourists. In my French Dutch who runs the secret is old guy he grew up on the island like he knows the water better than Vegas they're looking in the wrong place stadium just mad and finally got his own little boat went out there any got to within our team. While and all the elements exactly what happened I mean this guy if he hadn't done that I wouldn't be talking because today. I hope you guys is they don't you be drinking some beer together. Are we if we had we did hear back. Another you do a lot of interviews press that I well wanna do is get the book reading cover to cover when have you back on say it's an amazing story. Yeah O'Grady an epic journey I've read this and I'm glad they love let you still among the living my friends. Thank you very much and thank you hey if you are CE OK you.