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Tuesday, August 7th


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We are doing a day off in Toronto and you're seeing just. A few moved miles north of Toronto I think it's between fifty and seventy miles north of Toronto Bruce pizzas right there and he has what they're saying. One of north America's largest nuclear fallout bunkers called the 42 Berry buses with more than fifty rooms and he's constructed this himself he's constructed since 1980. Born in Winfield Kansas and currently residing in Canada. Our next guest is a former air force control tower operators author and professor who has made me. Himself as the man. New York two and a nuclear shelter located north of Toronto. The shelter comprised of 42 carried school buses and begin construction in the early eighties and has been featured on Tuesday pressures and more. Please welcome Bruce speech. Hey Bruce welcomed the show. Well argued argument in how late morning justifiable murder US side. At the mine now. And as we got a pretty good so it's it's hard it can be done the work I'm think it will be hopefully one of the last people knew give it all goes bad. Well I hope it'll do you either certainly I won't apply to US applied for or vote but subtle Roberts and city at. That's why we're fighting. There is. While it is vital spots to look at that you can vote at Missouri. I'm. I'd write about Opel for 240 children to dial learn tablet. And that she's vulnerable on the road. Bruce what your background tell me tell me. Issues Eagles and down here you have you've been building or even building bunkers. Well what they're doing it and I've ever ready logical why did they talked up here in town that legal is civilian one. And they'd be out I. To focus on problems board shelters and anyone else and Leo world. Because I don't read from a web site have every year years years. And like did I think you'd really. That Peters survival. Personally my used reconstruction after nuclear war. I think we're just if you look right on the edge that most people do had been in the doomsday clock. That's headed up there now. 22 minutes deducted actually. Should be a government board to order a real one minute to midnight everybody. Is always the world situation and ways that are pretty little while. Bereavement. Bruce this is not an uplifting conversation for gods and try and get ready go on vacation. Well I had a year earlier but you know way we live in motorcycle central. Your blog don't do. These are your head and people about the report which has more shelters on that in any one location and in Canada. And that they don't jump up and I'd read about it just a beautiful motorcycle ride we have I'll motorcycle computer are bullish. But the little bit up at my wife was. Born in that village and next how about where we. And her mother was mortar teams centuries ago the week. It was just a beautiful beautiful spot to stop by the high. You know I will look I love your country I love it. I've never met a Canadian that I didn't like and I think you have a beautiful country will be coming through and you guys but you just legalize marijuana. Well then yeah you know the other end Specter parliament now I have a many reverend Al bill blog post about it you know when I'm are dealt. I'm security the other spectrum extremist. And I'd do a Google. I don't smoke I just I just thought it was a very advanced. Society I think it was ads as a very it's enticing and I do drink like the whiskey embryos and embers. Are. You now listen are too let's talk about it because you took you nine may be very different people but you seem like a wonderful human being. And you've got this 242 very buses. More than fifty rooms in which you will be you'll be you know that the the person who makes the rules I mean you you it's it is your property manager bunker and you're gonna let people and if things really go bad you said how many people could could live inside this Booker for. Okay well but that the group that because we built other rooms and need between the markers equity. I'm between the about it. And then when we built it playing. Were stopped being 101000 square feet. And experiments battered US government manner that time we built it. While that there had to be ten square feet the person who opened albums RP is how people. And then they came along and they dole instead that you know instead of being able to do a thousand people. A two week. You've got to be able after parties to repeat per person which is only going do despite a hundred people particularly weak. And that's about all you need to be I'd be able to buy eight. And any children about money while. Won't stop them just mediated that you were. Some hours. Why all the radiation content community brilliant people on that yeah. You can do it on Chinese standard and there are spared didn't bring in NASCAR beat the person you get 3000 people. So as to what would you put that many people in Everett which I think what a wonderful thing to do if if indeed there was a problem attempt to save all those lives this is a noble noble idea. But then you've got to take care of them he got a few people going to be fed. You know you gotta you gotta keep the peachy you never know it which is due out alcohol we brought in any what if you find the body without. But wait there's you know we're occupied by a cigarette and alcohol absorb right there. And has bouts weapons we don't bring him abuse shelter. At the start of pardons is buried and very important. For kids. Oh you see women and children first we tell people this like an underground or is it really does. And that's what we're awarding to do is yeah at this but he people through that initial period we can't. But as far as beating people up to a we're in the bread basket here Bob Ontario or have a vote just like you are in the breadbasket of he would sit. At port but people who brought supplied. Your garage door and how little food out there are being you've got trouble they're filled with millions of bothered. Have you got egg you'd you'd ever played well toward underground there aren't any. And we have. All the big storage up here for all these potatoes were potatoes that are. I arrived here yes I would just I'll warehouses that they'll read that put people. This part of the Nike gear. Although they get another crop. So what did you do this tell me that he usually show Bruce beach's in this 83 years old from boarding those cameras built. I wish I was young but I walked over. The we are in the regional I would do it. It's because that is what the future. Who reap only sport worried about the future generations. And watch idol world were sort of put. Do we wanna put back the world watching what we've got our panel. As in the chip you know all of and it played through look at what the situation for the refugees but he got. We live models while must play its beautiful quiet as a peaceful. But the rest of the world as the best seller nobody's going to be like not a big do we want that they can roll back again. And. Well there will even be able to know world I mean we'll be worth living if if it goes to bat nuclear position. The world would be addition states. Can we used to just 100. Not quite. It's thousands there either glass of that that nuclear weapons for the world it would completely destroyed the world. Have been you know the book's. He proposed state beat you were. Not who would survive. Even if there aren't the only people who are round sites. You donated their weapons program to ensure that weren't that great read the second part of the burst. Is that because that those days we shortened. But don't be short you'd think I'd buy this book and the and I looked quite. Actual game as he's got Tokyo DeBoer liked him. We're just sit easily with looks like Santa Claus seedings and he's maybe older Powell. Owls kicked our young students urged Arab. We're just getting ready that are reported to Mary school buses are at it before. For equities business and corporate library's nurseries auditors. You it's it's pretty amazing what you put together he eats when I when I look at this until we visits at the highest point in Ontario. What how deep is it how much concrete does it take it means you are. A renowned but it would be at this we get this right into. Europe and Unita radiologist here real idea what would really be especially into the one candidate. Radio logical aren't real logical that. How deep this is how much concrete you've got in order to shield you from a nuclear blast. All Falwell what we're siege three. We're way way over our shelter was built instead of up to our own app outside the breeder that nuclear weapon. I have doubts the out at bin Baptist standard that we built way over the top of that standard Leah so much. Concrete and so much steel. I've even more big government puts in because they got the little bruised up but we issues. Scrap steel and we used buses and so fortunately so we're. All he that we 42. Birds or do they died truck drivers realize deleted that lied about submit. Bring me up on the pole then translate that hey. We cared about the bus and we take it out about an old yeah last year lobbied straight. As they cut. Strapped yard burst and they take out all the seats all the windows. Abduct picket fuel price salt take the overall approach and brig beans shell of the baht or about weasels. And they yet that that they got here in particular torched talked illegals would just lead the shell orbit. And that anyway I didn't 300 bucks for the box. Hate I noticed in here you've got a sensory deprivation Immersion dank. So that for those who don't know you can keep your body temperature ceiling level you don't think you float its. That's much I don't let people get cabin deeper. And so that we you know some people object if we get people. It can't body does that they have also pulled yet they have yet doubted there the most trouble with that don't. And that's what iPad what are you people cognitive and get out there. Water Cube but it's a bitter proud parents previous attempts that have been bitter and out development where Al. It's just like it underground mall. It's it's if you read I go into underside of that. Beats the words of lobbed cities and sure sure it as the cities like that Albert. Yeah you just have always liked let one another. You guys who worked on their orbit and I had miners. And they just like orchid isn't all this down here. They tell Lisa how much money do you think you have invested. In this fifty room 42 Berry buses are you 101000 square foot. Nuclear missiles bunker. Or I can't site because of that they. Government just goes on her city targeted by U. Such as they are the you know you're tired that's. Let somebody just gave it its 2000 dollars to generators are you lost 45000 dollars you don't want. Couldn't even more than seven or eight dollars. Yeah I'll read it. And I'll tell you give us for the garment garment bill. Of well over forty here in Canada and the cost 42 billion dollar 22 did pretty cute million dollar each. Tell me if I would try to build something like that the United States what do you think it would. Well that's just it cost he would adopt a battle at least the process that cost to. Square root of production underground. Instructions very very. Expensive. And and intense of location as you build. I didn't. Kansas City you've got all of our most tunnels as out there. Doesn't have been doubted through many many top. Eight is that in Missouri and doubt you've got all sort. These are very lightly Akeelah and Elena Garcia. The two most outright. Bruce was. I missed out by wanna get your number and I'll I'll give you a heads up if if we do have time to stop if you give back to Kansas City I'm what you combined hang on the radio station. Well I don't have a plaid about that way I've got to get let's check the singles. Slides. Budget but I myself when I grandchildren and great grandchildren we're living Kansas where Kansas. We're you should be living Kansas. Being out our belts off Wichita okay I was born and I wouldn't feel like graduated from. The college there was killed by that in my uncle all graduated sort of college that are that would feel. And I error would do which pol. It was state university. Mark that was the old. Hate you it's an information anybody listening I'm I want to make sure people know about this Bruce. Rad meters are ADM ET ERS number four letter U dot com rad meters number four U dot com it's a letter you meters for. Letter U dot com and you consult for free and you'll give people information they can look at what you've done and they can email you question. Yeah out. Brad that I would it not visits. Bounded actually. Watch Kate major talk about that's his web site lines that did that did not did not web pal dot org. I'm so sorry because it's got all your Bruce beach nuclear survival resources are to fall out shelter site. Underneath the rad meters for you was what. Yeah out buyers flocked to sites that era. I was pleased how are over 2000. Shelter. Two lead deep leader restated United States. Suburbs shelters like the one outline is bought burger line. And we have. So there's just lots of places that. Told bowels of there's dozens of blogs videos on the Internet. Sure hate real quick I guess is a question that I meant dashed prior to this because I was looking through some of the I had the understanding that the rules it's a shelter commander crew to maintain its operation under the state of the media merger the shelters not operated as a democracy I understand. In order to protect the maximum number of people doctrines are separate by age and sex. Now what do like what if I if I should up with the that you're married what would you still be separated. Yeah arguably we have this separate people out by agents Shaq. To get that number of people advocates we are just east big but groups. That blood more bunkers. We've asleep 96 small children. And the bats balls and put it in one room but. We. But you have to separate about that. And cap. It's cheap at least. Yeah nurtured. Listen I I think you're incredibly interest numbers. I'm Lisa become a dude your neighborhood possibly stop by but I can't think you know first album by the showed it. Well bribes to talk but yeah at any time that you want we chatted hitters like warmup out there in the world I'm sure more people beginners to I I have a lot. 00 count may. We've they've reached the point where there's so many retail partners anymore. They're running toward great pockets. Yes I think here's jagr producer all the.