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Friday, January 19th


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Watching book on his program in following you know everything's been all over the country are from archangel and of course you guys that was the man with a vagina. Female to male transgender in the greatest winnable time no doubt about it or if you make a buck on the street I don't care how tough you think you are you wouldn't think that's wanna fight. He's eased off that at all but stone cold Steve Austin with a vagina. You truly have it fixed and it's funny because we've known for a long to agree he's he's his. He's Greek debt. And over the last year's transgender talking Gately Jenner of course really brought to the forefront because of Olympic. Gold medal went and and that's ridiculous that's about we get the lord knows we made it with poured upon it festival concert cheating for years so well nobody seemed have a problem then did OK there I don't remember seeing a gender sign that. So he's now jumped into the week business pride campus dot com. Our next guest is one of the more interest in stars of adult film. He started life as a woman he now lives as a transgender man. He started this web site from and became an award winning adult film star with such titles as well. Tier but nice mountain. More bang for your buck you've seen is that documentaries. Mr. Angel. Six and nutrients in it and he has his own trans dating site today. He's here to talk about the first LG BT you're of this provider prime candidates dot com. Please welcome longtime friend of the show but Angel. And how much are your thoughts we all pat me on shadow. I'm going public view. In the week. I. Think that I got it on. This group. Has anybody gotten into that hold it like you calling it pride candidates genius level it's great brand. And that it you know I can't it's not as anybody else done that is an amateur for that for the community. Yeah oh I mean there are there are we are major for companies that we directed our. Prodded to. You know and that's why I bought into. On yeah on sober thirty years of drought and I'll call. Of these candidates. You smoke your I can't yes I do well. I mean it and I've looked I figure if that's the least. Of anybody's or an anti weed doesn't lessen the need for whatever reason I'd it since it. Overpowered me a bit and and so it's it's not my thing that you know trust me my liver would be incredibly thankful I can get a little more familiar. It is I was just in Amsterdam and it was walking around for a few days on you know an exploratory mission unit and op ate some of the truffles. So trip alone had a good time vote. And and I and I ate and took a little bit who's in and of a hit from a friend was smoking but it just didn't work. Everybody and that's fine but you know. People that candidate is at gateway. In other hard drug I think he's the odd years my friend thirty years sober from drugs and alcohol actually. Well. Medication and you don't get anxious sometimes and I can't leave. But I mean it's been awakened today I never functioned like. That's the same thing for me like I can occasionally to hit we'd had a legal right to sleep and put me out that you can't we can make a frantic ride motorcycles and do you like things in life and I'm like I would look you just fall off into the grass it would be yeah. But he's so funny when. People called it a gateway drug. You know I was like militant deeply religious happens and you bought wheat from also and other drugs except the lucky. I think say you know a slew Beazer gateway drug dogs you get justice of Atlanta as well it doesn't mean you're gonna get them. Yeah but it's true that. You it through what I really speak out about it you know because I might surprise and because of marijuana could not make you want to do anything else and because I do believe. I'm really trying to look at my duty to get and often used in. On the local drug like oxy bike and all of the things that will be out and it will not see you out. They've acted since I've had a lot of healing properties in the and I really want. To really start to get people understand it and yeah actual product or how on so many model. Well if you can give people of all it's looking into the day. It's pure heroin that's holidays anyway. Was any understanding of what the drug is understands its pharmaceutical grade heroin that's like that's like her wings to skyrocket because what people can get their script and more. They're out of the ox he's not the bikes that they go to street Joseph and then that kill themselves because it can't measure the dosage correctly and it's it is it's addictive it's life ruining and it'll it'll literally I've I've put more than one friend through rehab over and yeah and I tell anybody I've taken of course. It. Yeah. They are right and right. The people that country. I'll have about our opponent Arkansas he EE what do we do we wire act it is candidate in the gavel drop. I actually doubles. Yeah well we always. It's a doctors and lawyers right everybody's call whatever that you must be fine. Yet. It off on that ought to. Look we keep with the G. Now right by our fighting is. Not on that. See you so but it how much money that that it. Be honest here in the country all you want trump is an opposite because my notary. Be it financial DE. That's why. Tortured or told him. But you're in California where it's gone recreational so. So why is he the medicinal. Angle because you guys you don't need a prescription anymore right in California you can give anybody. In California or passing through California. Can purchase for me. You can see a lot out. And bought a round yeah so I started. A wild plot and not act like you expound upon it really I really empathize and I were also LG BT community center in Los Angeles. And I give proceeds from each cart you buy a product at dollar goes. BP center. To build the senior senator all the living while we're really in direct contact. With my community with its product in order to actually do tell you wild Arctic. Donor prop. Would you sell your postal extract is that right. I I. And I have a friend who likes to smoke in and developers actually but I mean you do get hot. It's not just like the seed of the CBD's. He's got also honored. That you can take without getting hot. And happy at a lot of these properties I eat wheat gluten but you don't get hot. You see the I crate they would like ordeal. You know like smoking regular that's what I can't listen. And it and it is July ready to get it oh well I tell all of auction. Okay. And this is there's so much of the easiest thing but because if you did publish a book Angel part of the show but you may have heard before is talking about as a transgender. Actor and activist and he's the man with a vagina and that more pulling out here in this business so that we've interviewed anybody who is going to weed company. Since all this started. We have some guys who sort strains of we'd like Tom again bureau straining got a bucket Angela we've. I. Really limited edition Angel say a well Killian court and orbit as a mockery and so now and again be trees or are they. I'm gonna make specializing. Eat corn on how their own social. Norms for connect corn that we care. The transgender would change industry little lucky Dick. It. But the but you learn more so I. And isn't that crazy because look at my sexuality is ridiculous I realize I'm an easy it's the worst of the job I do stupid things for a and I've done amazingly ridiculous I'll happily because that's just the human condition and and why should be different from anybody else just it's the magical it is but you know I mean it's not. You know it's just. Or bad behavior. Of a week. Generation up EB. Nobody wants to do anything everybody expects something given to the Internet it that the social media. We gave up platforms trawl on your phone to call it off with. And that created a hole. Where everybody's scared everybody and in the whole weird things that you face and trouble. Sweet. You don't see on and not yours and it won't not it won't work. On not only about 55. He'll act like your old he would sell a T it. Yeah yeah like they've seen what you seem like you think about it what you've gone through but you know you're you're and we talked mature and incredibly beautiful woman. And when you look at those picks I'm always I'm always just really like I'll look at. And then but in the end it inside it was just not you would you knew this is what you need to do and before became the thing years decades. You know you became bucket Angel and now they have some kid to tell you you're not doing it right to you know following the gay and transgender textbook on everything that's right into it. Oh. Everything that I that you. Got a million units it yeah EJ IT but I'm not I'm I've what I've been here eight years. What would you have to fight real fights you know I mean to you how we're doing as when. You know look you wasn't it wasn't the thing to make sure you were treated correctly it was you you were just trying to survive and not you know five rednecks would your ass. Act Anthony Allen he got it and I don't mean and called me. And antiquated. They called me and the U odd for an actual I'm not a transgender. And different and I'm a man who used to be a lady and I got a lot. I but then I would think from a lady to him at bat like that transsexual. Person transgender person. I usually have money but the rail train at an odd that the band was. Believed. Well that's what my critical polished to me it's not what they call it. It's what you answered. Opt out. Of the true actually. Though you know it ridiculous behavior early on and how that life. Actually transgendered people less effort to. Department operate you know that I turned it over 22 years ago we wouldn't get anything so young and pop out to be like well I never remember doing my elders he ever go to the apple is probable. It's just because yeah if it and that's what people don't take a look again at you might be part of about. A segment of this world that has really taken some real grief and it's and people are accepting but that doesn't remove the fact that you're at it. That he. Yes. It is our. Biggest mistake and he doesn't mean. Like he used to be cool. You. Well I'm an elder yeah. Whether or not you agree with me back OK I don't want it. I don't need everybody to greet me but I need you to have an opinion can be response until we back up volume. Well. Not shot lead out onto old antiquated. And utterly honest about. It very strange. But I have seen recent picture of you I don't think antiquated comes to mind I still. Provided no union decided that you and I had a problem and obliged. And is going to be a long god damn it's hot. And I don't. You're all affected if you won an award this week it another. What was it the XB is awards show last night lucky Angel superstar when the best transsexual movie. I can't we. It. Is greatly impact. That you don't have women are extremely. Competitive they get wrapped up or not they're not playing around on land. And movie one that actually kept her on. I get that movie eat or transgender women are that solid isn't the first vehement kind. Yeah well. Our Asia. That are yet to be easy or Jakarta. I get elected and he bought in the right now in and I have to come back and not important to me. What are we doing Jakarta Indonesia and a. I'll. I taught and they're trapped in the organization called YPO I eat them when they entrepreneur you're young entrepreneur. Started is that you get there in May billion dollar. And I IV disease you know tightly and corporate you know people who run corporations you know and I popped Obama. And I love formula to beat duke people would be in the organization because you know. Big time and the government announced a policy. I. That's true and that's it get to regulate. And I can tell you the first time we we as the bucket when we look at this a starlet. Let it eat so because you just it's just not what you used to could and to from. The waste we're talking stone cold Steve Austin tattoos it's booming U ball to hold and it. And then that's definitely a very real vagina that's patches of it. You know it is and what else. People are so much unease on in the years since I started I think it and he's here. And yet when I you know I'll like you about you can afford it so often and yeah you're demographic you might not be. I'd be here but but you know what. So great so how we because he could he said he. And you get might point out there and change people opinions about people like myself so your it is in the very. Because it really does help to change into people like myself that he's a lot. What you it is I don't think anybody wants to be preached and you know it nobody enjoys that social what you do you adjust your set to introduce people as a friend who has a friend of mine who's cool it's August and people's gonna go. I guess there's nothing all that weird about it you know win over him I think that you know it doesn't matter is like. Again it always goes back for me like. And I get that may be you are having a tough time this world a lot of people have a tough time in this world but it does not remove the the onus on YouTube to be cool and in the it and people look like you've got a good at it just it doesn't matter who sexuality your skin color. Anything that first thing's first you gotta be cool and after that then how did you go work on people's prejudice. And that aren't here you are an article. You're demographic of people felt that now you. Know. I need to and that takes. Well a lot of network they. Called it. And a lot about or hear it but you really did what he'd like early actually fact is people like myself what an idiot. You overlook. And he gave up it just another way to treat it like it is that your lack of crowd that's how calm people. Like people because we cheat we treat it that way. There's people are coming without it doesn't matter how do you yeah I'd like the player around I'd laugh and I am cool it. And many people are not lucky after the collapse. I wouldn't I wouldn't do if we were friends yeah. You know I mean that that aspect just friends busting balls as art but it just is it just it's it's who we are again I got a friend who seriously. Like he didn't take me that he lost his foot motorcycle accident ended it courts everybody's thinking man we can do their shoes would pick up like. I. I love that about one yeah. That's what going on. Our I think you know rally we can laugh about how we can and that he. Create better. Opportunities where he electorate they're getting. Out of China. And that we race I. But how are not allowed to say look at about the money and you know why. Why them why. That's when the pendulum never stops in the middle that's the problem. Problem right. Now. It you know years ago you guys use it stonewalled New York City patent if it's like cops to keep them coming in in queer bashing. And and right and then the pendulum goes by the other way now Adler and 73 new terms every single day. I looked and I just don't care I'm cool with everybody can listen to you tell me that you're not okay you're okay. That you're not say when your. Term. That's my opinion. You integrating all the term. You are blocking the rest of the world shirt from India but understand that your like you trigger you can call me screen. On good news. My computer and totally confused like you like about it. Now. There are cheap humans like. And I think it'll it'll eventually camera but he anybody's argued triggered me you Q Smyth. I don't care what you I don't know what it means like you know it. Right on yeah. I. So listen but. Tell people when you're California may treat finally took pride campus and go to the go to the website that it was back with a bucket Angel. And I mean you know as always get to Kansas City always welcome and congratulate. One on X biz award in it to get into anything here. Until I camps agreed idiom and this is this will be the one that carries you a lot farther and gives a lot more money to to widen your platform and get the word out. At any deeper and deeper than any or that he's. Well I love that. Thank you my friend is something you know outcome of this that in a moment.