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Monday, June 18th


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Joseph currents on the hotline right now from bowl walker dot com yep this is an interesting time we. You know I'd like shooting. I don't wanna be shot. I mean I never considered that we get to a place we're sending kids. You know to school would bulletproof backpacks where women were the blazers will we have normal looking clothes you know we're not swat teams gotten knocked. You know trauma plates and you know what we see your soldiers are there are police officers with. You know but we're gonna have undercover. Ballistic clothing because it's it's come to now. You're bringing nowhere else to hear fingertips information technology dollars classic videos as two girls like I'd like his. Haven't seen that one I'd also like his I was I get bleach my breath when we hear the Johnny air morning Joseph understands them better. Just like your job. The line there. Well yeah I always button down there now and at least your memory technology here than ours did not Johnny ceremony showed great that. We'll look block and I come not just for kids. I'm talking these guys make everything from a preacher lectern to. Couple who chaired. You know. They've got focused up from a five gallon bucket we'll talk about them but that of plastic republic. Pre sell the idea of passing the movie for the number shooting the churches absolutely. Joseph how are you. Aren't good good man what an interesting website and that business is good these days. Yeah out are pretty well you what you guys and until recently in the last year I didn't realize that guy. You know this these guys bulletproof clothing had moved into the into true fashion like really you know every day where. That that certainly what we try to do. Almost because I'd prefer. Always been you know. Gulfport corporate thing. But. As you know always wanted to these you know you go to let. You know civilians. Are marketed be able to protect themselves. We came up with those with a quote. Well and that's a real threat now you know twenty days you know be fewer. And should you prep yeah maybe you have a a vested home in case of times you keep a clause or whatever so which you can access it. But now we live in a different world where there are threats you know there's a lot of active shooters we keep hearing this over and over again. So you're either gonna walk around looking like a crazy person wearing a big bulletproof vest or. You've got everything from briefcase and bags to bulletproof lady's choices you know I never thought I'd see that and that's a nice looking fleas. Best we can no way what I believe or even understand that his bulletproof. You know we're it would work for that we we've ever had fracturing rittner Massachusetts shall we actually do. You know percent of the actual so well those here so we're proud of that. The reasons is hardly one of our partners here. She's great and we've. Is that we. The majority stuff incorporated announced. So well majority of custom. All the stuff that you mentioned. We built because people ask. As a preacher electorate you know we are shocked when we estimate two. You know does the approach all the resources. A lot of great people movement was church and he wants it to be over ducked down right behind. You know something grows you know upside down on the in the church. You're a share before this and I want to an ambulance and the one thing I do know is it a lot times mental illness for some reason man when you really really hit somebody they immediately go religious. And and they're working and go under God's orders or their they're talking about and they really they get absorbed by. And again I never consider the fact that they go right to the source right. Bigger effort right. I'm. Sad and what surprises you know amongst them. Clergy that it is called us and perhaps for different things whatever it was the world as a lecturer and you're just all sorts of things we won't cynical. Audit function best of the error. That is dork you call or guards with the people that you don't hassle the does the flu samples yeah. So the Foleo outfitted. Well I think the sentencing in I think the most important thing is and that's one of the reason we're heavy on Jake you told me that he bought both his kids who were in school. Bulletproof backpacks. And I thought I mean one of what is incredibly Smart thing to happen and every kid should have won. But what a sad thing to have to do know that you should buy that for your kid because you don't know what the days remembering. That that's true you're right there. I write itself the company solely because of my two children what went into their school system grid after repeated attack. Truly unique qualifying happened not long before that. And what I wanted to talk to we is that his teachers and ask them what their plan want the tragedy happened it. You know it's old and we shut the lights are coupled with Goran in the Arctic is amongst the coats. Definitely wasn't good enough. Being in the firearms field. You know that's double fault and that's what it around it. Apple on the serve classroom what sort of backtrack all over the place. And so are you pretty cut up with a vest. Stop have been selected facts are is that it was something happens just hold itself between you and the bad guys. And you know try to get away. You know and then from there you know for an apparently also we want what we want one. Shift out of business and then you look at years ago as the effort that the group lesson in the that we are. Well I think that you stuff on your guys to be sure they show talk would Joker commencing your name quickly Koran. Current. And at book blocker that comes with everything he's got I'm looking at our money Wall Street suit customized by a bullet Brock. So it's single breasted two button jacket not to post racial Riverside and front fringe pocket but I mean it's a nice seat. And it'll stop through the 744 mag nine millimeter 45. Either. It would what would I want a particular old or those kind of what what happens here. Requests from customers these you know as a cult what they arrow. And if we can you know outfitted the senate to and that would make sense to a little. Will incorporate a whole political liner into it. And here in the for the factual. In abruptly changes in the structure of the government. Other than having fuel actually it's more and in better protection than vote law enforcement have. Well for unity is a little bit usually higher than most awful. But in terms of here earlier coverage it's actually of the more than a crucial all through law enforcement's best. So that's that's within a mile mission control. Even tell you what's aged on this is. You've got a ton of stuff and it looks so naturally the form coat or the deduct code that of that stuff looks just like you would core art. And it would image in the fact it's got that bulletproof figure out that you know I mean Helmand just if you're out hunting for God's sake what a Smart thing that. Although I don't think this'll a couple of rifle around the depending on how far away you know if it's not right up on it maybe that shot at it it. Make it work denim jackets. Leather biker vests bullet event she showed early it looked like something that you would see at pennies are addicts or something like that looks like every day where it pretty affordable I mean it yet no it's true that that coach gonna be 900 bucks for the farm coat. But I mean still if you look at that you go okay well. Four word let's say you'd get the ball flight jacket your guy or girl can get a most if slightly a long winter coat with a her around it for a thousand bucks but if you look at that he'll listen for what it does that's a reasonable price compared to. To what it used to cost to get anything ballistic and all that he used to be so expensive may 25 years ago me and it wasn't even as good wasn't Joseph and it was ten to. It's. But you're exactly right the Buick or that we use today. It's it's truly incredible Hulk than in the flexible light it is vehicle used to. That you know do well also injure something you can take a look at it and you'll be amazed that. That it ought to stop all of you know figured out shooting yourself in the city that was actually. Absolutely incredible. Hewlett what you would do as well put tee in the coat no shoot myself. It. I don't recommend. If it usually seeing these faces yeah it's a lot of attention wouldn't hurt you. It's not. A couple of things. Like he'd like this like breast cellular a bunch of friends there that right with the web site appear masters with some investments or reproach so leave. Give me their love Preston and we've put the whiners comment. You know there's act because that looked like beware and you know the big productions both proved that they get that protection and it you know it does opportunity. Accidents in the rose well. Well ultimately these kids' backpacks and it from 200 dollars a to 330 you know right there and could get to a boxer backpack is is a lot if you could lose it I don't think he's got to worry about guns. You know. Iwuh. Yeah I mean what a small price to pay and it really is for her kids safety Justin that god awful moment like and god forbid it ever comes to that. And how would you feel if you heard this today you knew this is available you had the money in your pocket maybe means you can goodies that the next week weakened after whatever. But god forbid something happened and you live the rest you life knowing you maybe maybe you could give it and and credit do you by the way. Joseph for keeping it affordable place. At that there's evidence definitely what we will try to do where we we keep it is so so try to Martin. You know when marketing merge but you know we're we're paying bills. We are doing everything and if you know as many people possible that app. Because like these. You know if it got forbid something happens. Which unfortunately built going to. That's. The nature. Of things so we you know we we do trial that's what 11 thing that we do. We we try to do what pleases. Some of the back there and so panels will double. So. It is executed in your backpack next here you can take the panel. And ordered him back. Probably incorporate it into it you know if it apparently the citizens responsible for sure enough. Our. You can you know that the ones that we operated within it which it will necessarily know. What what did. And it's not so heavy that they think Italy adds a few pounds correct. When LC pill or. If a kid if the kid. There are a parent wants to get this or an adult was it for themselves how can they get these that a bullet blocker dot com and and reach out to you wouldn't and you could help them size. Yep what. We are as a couple of subways buses we have. Custom layers of the first person because and in. Despite the fact that the kid Arabs. Interest that we made details or before possible how the patterns already. In the worst case scenario. Would be talking throughout victory in. Or if they don't they'll probably use that as the bag here. Worker. Worker customer oriented. Block that. All. Which most of them through what I would we definitely liter currently customer. Based company. I appreciate your man is nice meeting you and Diane and I do appreciate you stop by announcing heavy subject. But it's just there's so much going on again and again I like shooting I was I was over frontier. It. Friday and then I was over it could bass pro yesterday talking to them. And it just you know it but we do live in a world where unfortunately. They're bad guys in worse their stupid guys. You know in guise of a trip on guns that aren't even necessarily criminals but they're getting ready to. You know commit a criminal act of being angrier road major drunk stupid you or whatever there's you know it used to be functionally had a way about the bad guys now you realize you also have to weigh about the dumb guys. I appreciate you gel very much direct airmen.