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Wednesday, November 8th


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So we met Jamie Keaton. I was a few weeks yeah a few weeks ago area. I'm a rare skin condition where cans bottles keys votes stick to his body anywhere on his body decided against record in Paris France. Nine kids stuck to his head and he's been on everything to elements CNN and cordoned twentieth when he's been everywhere the Internet being what it is. Of course we get the disappointed Johnny can anticipate. And then there's another one saying bartenders teach this to you can't hear and candidates a gimmick skin was greeted. Well you're both wrong. We did a lot of due diligence on this as a people Ellen did in these TV shows up and heard actually is. A real condition and it is just too and concerns awaited rebel camp and and sectional seal yeah but that's not a bottle of give T decided your god damn it which we saw him doing here everybody I'm Gordon reported how important it was for viewers you let me know how that's going because I felt the bottle is nothing sticky on it does not expect him said. He like this and a man I mean I hate you you don't and off yeah. AJ and I know what a bottle of Lockett feels like and eat at that thing on a full board. Ten pound would say every bit of a ten pound bull. 08 like it to both my hands actually get off. And he did everything and then shot the cans off of his hands yet and not by throwing his yeah just by releasing cell. You guys believe what you like but I saw him person and I tell you it is without a doubt genuine and real. Our next guest is an Illinois man who has become a viral sensation due to the fact that he was born with a rare skin condition that makes his course and there's suction cups. Allowing just do everything from beer cans and cell phones to his head. He's appeared on Ellen Jimmy Kimmel CNN to morph. And recently in Paris France he set a Guinness world record and sticking million cans to his head. Welcome the man known as skinheads from Jamie keep him. JB. They Ellie what can. And apparently right now in Chicago home. Among the world. No. I'm actually at home laid on them and Colby. This is Florida as usual a whole bunch of flurry of texts and different masters came about your real. But is very much real and that's numbers and doctors have verified this condition. It's very real very medical and I think that maybe it's because higher than average body temperature. Because juice well who act like where's act like something cops. What it is not pouring literally shut in action in the generic body enrichment and picture there around with a degree. And your entire body this. Sure it's not just the pitchers there's that little trick that red gold guys can do. The bartender at the small canceled upon race auctioned by just taking it from a copping to us flat creek section and then you'll orbit. They. Do that it went the Qian. That can't sweat and that's what it's in this section are my answer to be drier so won't stick. And I saw this myself but. You always boards and in fact you needed naysayers and detractors because that's what makes it all the more fascinating. Is it once and I'm what is a bottle of vodka away a full blunt about it. I would say it. And oh yeah. And then once he section so. I thought both the bottom of the bottle nosed guy. And there's no it's no possible way it was everything you reported to be witches. You know creates suction and then for awhile you can hold and you could pour drinks but. Which. You know let its mimics congratulations on your Guinness record in Paris. In open. The French don't think much is anyway. And now this is what we do this or a world that the them. Existential isn't a democracy but yet. Yet it's. What would say. How did they receive when they think. Actually everybody treated me very well later a lot of people taking pictures. They even gave nearly in Virginia have been distorted drive around and. On nice that's nice you agree to a I just realized they had that would be great. Shtick if you were in France to get an extremely. Valuable bottle of wine and let somebody rescue. On the side your head and then taking your handle it. That blew and blew their mind but they didn't do that on the. Leo and extending that does it that's that that's the next that's the next angle them and you get somebody. Who you know you you put the money down and say can be done like if you blow it that he would you have to pay for it you know and I got a bullet. And in and you can you can literally do it for X amount of time and that's you know these little a little dramas what you need an act. So for those who didn't hear the show and explain. How this happened as a kid and how you came upon this this gift if you will this power. This this. This condition. Well around seven years old Tory started stick it to Maryland my mom's been paying what's going on. NGOs such as he climbs a pine trees you know as to chat with some treatments so I didn't pay much attention until I got a little bit older. Shape America's workers and that from my brother dared me to it in and I went to a ballgame which really shows and call my head down. That has Coleman did down here all right jumped to go rather it missed that I don't like where's my drink and stepped back in my life. Fired since in the she. Well I would ensure that it won't be considered a flurry. You know back in my date of eighty. People who are you know actually worn out yet so what will they did about as well actually start shall own people wanted to do and it was except. And and so now this guy he your doctor believes that it's the air being brought into your pores. That creates the heat because you have a harder India and a few of hotter core temperature but you have a hotter skin temperature. Look there when they didn't test site one factor. Should play. Watched it go right into my form and my lungs. Lot of what and while ultrasound. They did that they are measured how much it took to do it and let my actions and take its 700 or entry. They'll. Right would beg on on everything. I did when people really mean that make it rain in terms active treatment and Sox lose. As you can play I don't know the answer to this lesson and it was obviously the what happens if you go swimming. At the report close ups American goes there. While if I would screw the dining out partner and I because. Up all my short portion already agreed on the east to read about your injured nose to. That I agreed. Extra so my body so used to it and because my body temperature. When they close off its I have latex all of my body search and what dark you warned that department itself and I was just. Our department at. You should probably test that before you know anything were to happen that way you know stale boats or whatever. You know I mean what do you know because the agency scuba diving but even just swimming up to your neck wouldn't that be a problem. Because I I try not to the quarters wants daughters. Not because in the quarter result molecules that can have Iraq amendment so that doesn't bother. But that's when I covered completely out like Woodley picks are. The Darden and choose where it's harder to greet during its but now it. So this is now the Guinness world records for and had this had to be pretty easy world record since you're the only one I know that induces. Pretty in. Well they don't realize what terms are almost fourteen but I didn't go to around the world one who has just like. That matter it was four day after. I saw you guys to leave here. Yeah all it's going to be four days after it actually unity and actually going to Italy. Well this is all expense. All that aid. And are you had viewed experience in the groupies over this. Yeah. And that's I think that's the whole idea. Is in the weather go beyond this this new world that you venturing into what you do for a living. Yeah actually on the and company I do with vinyl collection and just like I loved life term the yeah but now there's more than. Your analyst and got a partly isn't some big some big ads it's. How I think head to head with Red Bull like you know that's the ad because that's the new things you look blinders that I joined the Red Bull can pour. So I think that would be the great opening your like really. Senator's fifteen bull can't speak like god porcupine. You know there's there's a whole lot of cool ways to do this and use it went monetizes. Pretty hard because just like what your listeners and everybody else. I can call them up and say hey this is what I do their speaking their mind. The guy they quarrel you know ultimately it until they rarely exceeded nineteen get right in front of that person. At the corporation and show them what I can do that they believe. Now does it change it. Based based on any of the temperature outside is a better when warm outsiders are better when it's cold outside. It's better when tool court. Because when I mean zilch that broke it broke into her part but I have to cut and dry myself well that's hot outside caused by the year. 98 degrees unlike Iran and then I'm kind of wonder. You know drop my head because it's so hot that. The other doctors wanted to. Take you and and and do more testing would you get a little deeper and this doesn't he say that you age slower than others you feel genetically that you you've got some superiority that your your cells are. Are not. Damaged as quickly as others. Actually what they did they regenerate faster because in my arch in which old woman mean I killed fester. Record a third degree burns in children and I. All pagelet General Mills which I have actual reason that because. When you don't need much as everybody else it's because you should read Jerry themselves. Just a younger look wallop. Yeah and you know. That the wage which you know about this all year. I'm in a little heavier weights the more people. Because there are and that's corn being content makes arm muscles so that virtually been cut off. People to your question once said the women magically that it. Are they actually. Are yet to answer that right do you tell me this do you get it. Hang overs a lot sooner you get rid of them because higher production levels the easier it is easy for you to him by. IE. We tested this theory a couple of friends better than. Our veteran pro like five minutes in the Dow within thirty minutes I was clear Spielberg and. Have you seen the vapor teeny. It's it's it's a vapor TV is a it's a glass. It's got a little T like that the bottle candle and that's got an orb on top of the holy toward a spirited like whiskey and you that warm up for five minutes and you inhale through a straw. You would simply be able to patrol and over the top of this. Be interesting to see if people ever wanted to gauge went for Israel or not. Literally breathe it into your and your arm whatever and then take a blood alcohol test and seat and see where your registry. The Hampshire if you to go through your lungs your brain. So that's the company should reach out to vapor TV. And I'm just trying to brainstorm for America's policy makes money. Look at. The mile and making good and I rather one of these we're. If that happened now that I am actually being known all over the world be without actually and that's that should be part of it blows my mind people recognize you without insulin. And you've got a rare blood blood. That and some people believe that this attack was the the blood type of the guy. That's what it's called bullet that the it's called what was the gods of bloated in its Archie negative. The socialist should inability. That's where I actually came out to me that much early troop among animals are they pulled the only thing that's probably war. Much in the way it is. With the blood type it just helped. Especially the it made in Iraq War. And he's so maybe you experts on these as your mayor your stem cells in east bank. Well I know with the black. We're only like 6% volume that are. I know I can make money Jewish settlement. And ago. You should. Listen Jamie this is it whatever you got this world you throw a fastball great if you play like Jimi Hendrix you should you get. What is what is your it was your tablet to. RH negative hour. If people wanna buy you should absolutely. Like I think anybody. The age like me now should be able and a lot easier. Like I did so we'll see what else looking for those fees. I'm looking. I guess yet but the. But you I think that's another great angle by the way you should put together an entire program circuit searching the world for somebody who can match you're the same gift. This event under the guise of a warning people to have to find out other people like you should ask them questions to American. But more importantly you're calling out people who say they can do the same things you can't. And if they can't then you show them up Houdini style has to be the front that they aren't and you are the real deal. Were you and your quest collection and continues. People say about a minute trip to let your question what marriage is. The you can hear the simple and you. See that's it actually feel that you're searching for your own kind because you're here. Blood but the guy because what you can do you're asking anybody who can do the same thing you can do just please can you and then you take each one knee and of course nobody will be able to do it. Or possibly you'll find somebody else that can do this image but either way it proves what you do Israel. And if you want to leave you questions. That's that's that's what it did in the world records because they have the nature. They clean your head with but likely I had with alcohol the mean age range or all. But there's nothing that's been done so. Then I have to do it right then layered proof sure. The district of U this tulips 8 am helping me write this down bury it at that. And I the does it make you graduation and everything it's always good to document friend and I'm I'm I'm happy for you congratulations that's the new Guinness record appears Branson and you ought to do. Italy and the great. Think you know make sure that we'll come back you got to go party and me. I mean you know me and you'll the bottle you know you can blow right to my best. Walker while on the woman's statement. Absolutely. Yet come back from rock fans may come back for me anytime this you tell me when you're coming to Kansas City I'll find an event that will go to. Artwork is I haven't stick.