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Wednesday, April 4th


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But. On the 22 of college. You're at. It this time it wasn't self inflicted. Manuel and I'm ask her if prescribes you sat. Is that it always went thank you thank you. And you do some drivers I didn't wanna do it but she wasn't feeling well that she insisted that makes it level Stewart and if you didn't. Yeah they're available in the market that are sort out additional. Scientific Erica. They. My own humble and commuters singer you've got to keep that stuff Bradley do adhere to and he always Nokia and criminal and a lock it elect and I don't feel well. I decency glad that I can we disease might. And also showed your teeth. I wouldn't elaborate on whether they felt as though it pack your. Man it's just a few weeks away to see live but then a whole album comes out this Friday and man it took me really sad for people to hear this idea I ran it. The review disgraced glam side by side test this week and the entire thirty acres of it it sounds great. All right our children are here you I'm excited I mean it used these arms to match you still get that same feeling like. You know when when bad let him out you still have that same sense of nervousness excitement. A dude man in you know it's like a debate. For the world does give etiquette on the instead of on the button in the darling do you love one more than the other like like Steve. No I couldn't tell you what it says he never meant when my parents. Are now that all you know equality. So you're on the way out. Two start the whole cycle again you guys hit the road like you always do and he eats spans the world as as. The final leg gets released its it's going to be good man this album as as it always happens you guys find a new place and blackberries smoke. To that kind of expand the point that's as I finally realizes. Though the band always sounds like Blackberry smoke but what you do is you cannot certain albums just kind of expand on. A section of of the smoke and and that's the only way I know how to explain to somebody. Ignorance and the continuation of the evolution of that the music of the and the coming into acute that it keeps their original idea to make it bigger. And you you ready to jump back in the bus and go. There are always. You and since it's got to feel like you never get out of that bus and I've never know you for the past thirteen fourteen years maybe fifteen to not ever. Beyond two or you're you've always been on to every year. Every month you go home for small amounts of time but other now that you've been on tour for the last you know decade now. Yeah Robert they have a Cracker Barrel movement that well. As you written that song yet. Yeah Robert de Cracker Barrel. He got to the blue lieutenants working at a Cracker Barrel and then the rules prints these. Christmas at the Waffle House right in Britain. Exactly yeah and. We didn't. This April 22 degree not Lloyds. I've come back in from. Atlanta on that date so we'll regular job probably jump on the plane or in the car and directly to large will catch up you've. Are you that this attack in the Goodman hey this group of people. Who who haven't heard it. Smoking and this new record I'd give me one to lead off with that's not not today and we'll accurately as well but what you really love I mean you still. I'll keep rambling with a Randolph burger. He's still flesh and bone he let me down easy your best seat in the house I mean to to introduce people that's not what's the song you currently are really really. Well away from it all that. Oh absolutely. I had a great little little piece veteran. I think yes they're good man fell more than fifteen. This week. He's had a great game rather it's it's going to be a great week for you everybody don't forget well and the like comes out this Friday the brand new Blackberry smoke. Don't miss them if there are any tickets left April 22 in Lawrence at the burden. It's doing budget he's meant so carry on and Julia game after. Merrill let me get an argument that I. That's kind of really. That was ask you must like all did just put him on the spot like to play in track of the new album was not released until Friday. And I don't know his own sick.