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Thursday, April 19th


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In music news as you mentioned Blackberry smoke is once again number one on the country. Find alight by the way sold more cohesive references. Last week than any other country released according to billboard's pop album sales. And they set the record. As the crowd rent it. Pardon me rough. That's they rambling inventory of about. Music. Those guys really don't like this. Another day. Fans go unanswered. Men from the southern. We're you know what can you see right now Charlie. I'm in Champaign Illinois. It's different coffee watching the world like. And Champaign Illinois and it merely. An uncle butch you still live there. And they had Aaliyah and only counts only champagne in less Italy just that's a very loose term it was a trailer with the back. Second. Yeah yeah yeah. He's to say I didn't have a drinking problem because he would not drink his case of beer until noon. Whoa oh yeah. One. You're not a problem you don't swear to god that's totally true that was the time I learned that I'll give you the quick reaction of my my memory Champaign Illinois. My aunt Millie with a coffee can and her legs rolled up on her pants who came to Italy after my father yelled if you boys can handle it again you're out for good. And I'm excited Google. Half patterns that group sometimes floats of the top. I thought that we keep everybody I think that if you're got a very well I do you find I wouldn't imagine and I thought it would maybe go to the month monkeys get away. But apparently. You're automatically get between you just like everybody it's about Philip. Apparently was nine vividly remember my seven year old self. Be improved teen then I knew it was bad when things get ready to have that moment Millie Jim how the Folgers Coffee industry splintered animal. I got in early I don't know what are you tired and number one yet. Carrier what are you tired to be number one yet. You know our I know of nothing. So good congratulations. Thanks man Adam. If you look at where our. I was this Danish Daily Mirror she let her brain doesn't matter you know great records to charter chair is. They're not you know calculated not in order but what people when people get a bigger. Etc. there are non okay. Yes man we'll listen you do do you make Blackberry smoke music for Blackberry smoke fans you that's that's what you huge it's what the bad guys and it's unheard and I know it's pulls the curtain back on the machine a little bit. It's unheard of our industry for band aid did keep going put up number one records with without being that the darling the flavor of the machine now the world gets it. And they understand the fans get but it's so more much more genuine organic than it's ever been in music history I think. Yeah it's yeah it's such a strange occurrence is now. I look at. Our our fans who think like a whole thing in my hand here that are all the record cold this BT you're the poster or wherever it may be. And then the world is dominated by extreme begin. You know in the digital age or cheap there are concealing you know. Yet if it is any immediate since the future it is what it is but I feel the same way you do have always loved holding the vinyl. Borrower and the CD in the post with a teacher just been something that represented because. You know when your music anywhere like a badge we don't let put amazingly insured under one where many see the easy shirt. And it and it it's it's you know it kind of defines a strict. Yeah I remember appearance since I couldn't wait to protect this search and become yet and not friends and I know we went down the local record Barr could. Eight only not have much like you'd want how we won't wouldn't song rock oh more alternate as well once saw. Now now. Now and it was grades. The feeling of of tracking through it and not knowing at a time there was no preview. Just you you got what you've got. And you you love Dick and then or you learn to love it because physically it was because there are millions so much money is spent right he had to spend time of those albums. Yeah remember grew old Rivera apparently indicating and the artist I'll work there's sort children a month yet and he says that was like hell out that's song you know when our record flood. While every other song sounds. He spoke truth about that. Because it was like got one crazy ass in Tripoli he managed to capture the madness in that bizarre song. Everything else like yeah enough hell is this this is awful. Yeah yeah. It's if it happens that way it did not. There's like Blackberry that's one of the things I love the most is every album isn't the slightly altered sound still anchored in. The real but it it's that you go through the first tracking his play do the Internet that's how you know and you were dress on there's never throw aways. Well that's the way we try to make records you know I'm in order to the F completely new experience. When he you know he put it on. Oh please listen to the entire thing and you know there's a little bitter well over to some different and every song. Well you know it's funny it's that we were just talking before you came on about than the new like let me down easy matches. Sitting on deck somewhere around the country sipping whiskey watching the sun go down time music it's it's Gibson guitars and and you know Camaro is 68 Camaro you know exactly. Yet. It just it feels. Is it that can get a video. Yeah you are also affected fascia America. Yeah but I don't you feel missing oil and I was an AC DC and get images in my head. And that's that's is now I've always heard music. Yeah yeah I mean are they're good they're good. At pictures in my mind that. Think like every time I hear their song you know I eat it actually my buddy's truck where the mud hole or whatever the school orchard. Is that is that you know that you've got on to something like you do quite a little lightning. I don't know maybe. You know scored what memory I guess. Yet but anyway you build the song and you're in Europe and you're going through it well what do you know in the end that this is good this is bad in the and you Rhode but it. I guess feel like some of them just write themselves he's come out. Yeah you get that that there's a certain angle that you can't even now I'm. In your brain and it's like well Arquette admitted to come back here later that afternoon you're still. You know I use that word from how are you go that's what are her on behalf of an editor. What they would let kids and they got the point where they can listen no matter in. Yeah I want my son. Them a little Barack it's for. And I he owner like one of our stock temperature eighty we see. That Islam like an arrow or colored it earned where rich yelled at the end yeah. Actually kind of think every leader doesn't care about the song you can't wait to get that yell at the end of things like that various death. You know I feel like sea and an ambulance the company get. Yeah. Put on those things besides. You've. Is hungry. For uncle red rings moment in two ways fireworks toy guns that can stuff. That's yeah firmer yes. The best kind of go NASCAR local pond usually when I was looking for no reason at all. Yeah Mao uncle mark. Uncle Buford Abner these initiatives that are tall order yet. Or is this how whiskey tango gets my family my uncle bill in my it doors were married but then my uncle bill's best friend. Who I don't know what we call them Uncle Sam but he we told him that. Then ran off was endorsed. But we still stay for them easily Carlyle get these big cars off the lot and British giant old Lincoln like huge car. And I was sitting on his lap going down I 71 he drank a high boys again to about all liquor drink. And he's letting me steer my parents are in the back. And this is back in Missouri when you can have an open containers all of you were hammered. And dad yeah. And nobody wore seat belt in AM radios on secure 'cause I remember sitting and is an uncle Sam's lab he was a good guy. Other net cheap and you assume the best rental lady type stuff. And I ended. Crazy is not dim memory Malta and I never go past the the stadium where they play football she's. And endless look at that and be a little kids they don't steer a car. At this is funny times man. I can't I can't count it he had the amount of miles at 65 mile an hour into the political ticker for all yes I'm sort of or you're out from the pack mr. in the back in the car you know it has yet to get up in the back. And I. These pricey car a truck with a dog in the back I get pissed off now. It. Oh we. We've got tender and we have up there were no helmets held my bicycle was a it was is as used bicycle by the garage sale and it didn't have hand grips on. So yeah he's super careful of the sweaty hasn't slipped off the middle of the. Or being a kid in a car with all the windows rolled up in the wintertime and treat people smoke. Oh yeah. Or whenever we won't all right you mom leaving the car in the summertime. Yeah you'll be iron. I think my mom wanted to senate take at least two of us. I think the. It's it's a it's funny that we were talking about just how you grow up like that and it never ends and you know that's not the same you know people. Take better care kids now when it's what our parents knew and they did their best and that's how was but a lot of good came out of the hardship and that. Yeah slightly we learn other. You know all all about them straps and take what comes. Yes because it's not easy but I must respect you guys you're out. Touring and an old man a damned in you do the same congregation do today and you guys who pact of let's hardee's would you gear with a couple guys open. And it was just and you didn't get anywhere and it sounds old guy but you have. Yeah. Yeah I mean are not long ago my eldest son. He's 21. A few years ago in seventy greatly he called me from eighty miles away. They're not batteries hit my for each and I don't remember accommodate what does it matter there are a number. You know my reaction was. Deal with. Let's yeah you're just icky icky yeah it's you don't have jumper cables this Bruce do you that you meet the and and I made about the way good luck. Let's sit. That's it man it's because you you just didn't remember going to fix everything everything can happen if he couldn't fix it. Oh my dad would mean he would make the tools to do the job. Yeah yeah. Has hated helping dad is he smoked in your job was always to hold ashtray. Underneath this is cigarettes or pull the droplet Charlie is never at the right position. They're not there is that whole experience and is there an ultra lights because it so much. Actually they are noted it hypocrites with. You guys usually show Charlie stop Mike gray smoke is here. And by the light is now out and it is going to be played part of it into the Sunday night as Granada theater Lawrence which will be great you know for playing Charlie. Through your town got to go to Atlanta tomorrow I'll be back Sunday swear to get back. The washing dust all of us and enjoy the continental launched a catch the show. Yeah whoa where you may just this is the brand new it is the cycle starts again the albums out the baby's been burned to. And that you you've got to feel good about a number once a great place and a great start and this means a whole next year and a half in two years this is this is going to be your life. Oh yeah and we're really proud and we're. Ready to get. And look at it if you haven't seen smoke I highly recommend and who doesn't wanna go to work on Monday. A little tired maybe ten hung over the best way to start two weeks it means you did so what your weekend. You. I don't catch up with you on Sunday my friend and and I appreciate you get nothing and Chad was is it's going to be a great show decided to Granada. No proper credit Richie. And let you guys they look so when you're. It's out.