Monday, September 18th


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Born February 15 in New York City. A former student at the feet Stella handler acting conservatory. His training served him well and such cinematic close success breeds too. And break him he's going on to roles in such films as Thelma and Louise. Grumpy old men. The Tuskegee airmen. From house arrest. SLC. And his unforgettable role shoot him again in the in the film Happy Gilmore. He's back in theaters as one of the stars of the new film wetlands. Welcome Christopher McDonald. Mr. McDonald and rather. Funny that so I'll wire you. Just. What's going on man he bit. Of a great or good you agencies working all the time it never ends for you. I do I do love it says the Willis the honour as that they invited me that the holy. Yeah license funny. Again we've spoken this before of the movie Tuskegee airman so much. And that it took to the point where it may be resurgent and that really is one of the Tuskegee reform passed away a couple of years ago leading Kansas City and actually managed to get him in the studio unbeaten and with. All that's been happier now that will be they'll thank you guys met for making the move because I had no idea it was just so. In love with the idea that it's just that you know occasionally movies will get to that place right. Exactly that one of the most powerful thing to them is education that they are because. Nobody thought that I full of grateful for these guys were unbelievable that they never lost the battle they were. True true view. Now it is always great I love that part in an end of the idea of the new movie and this is this not historical. But it's it's because I love Atlantic City in the East Coast and in the idea of its huge storms approaching Atlantic City. And you pay a newly sober detective cracked. Yes but it really worked for the yeah lecture the gambling. Demi and nobody I'd bet that heavily. And whose heavily on these sort of you. You like being the top is that it's fun to be that echo the underdog hero the. That drive around with these days the local police if you it wouldn't be the other is what the court right as it up of course I would say it. It's very tough auto if I had about what the number that there I would probably try it yet. A legal system is that the cult. It was the right thing ultimately you know it's just it's a lot of fun but also an with the feds and and. The New York City to all of them seaboard but. If there's no greater cop the world to know tougher competent and no hitter anti terrorist unit and those guys I mean people let it get it done right here you. And I kind of like the old school way I know we have to because police officers. But I am I'm I was in New York City. Earlier this year and there's a guy claimed that the times credit telephone like pull it he was doing it for attention you can tell them watch and it's a go down and they're scared and their arms are folded. NEC's beer and a whole screen the sect he comes down to watch them bounce off or are on this the elect all. You had to taunt them you knew what was gonna happen detonate on suffer fools like senator who. Now so great it's where did you grow up Chris. I grew up in do you work or Manhasset long. The city was informative and up up the single satellite will be greeted as open. Is it myself it. You when you keep everybody know who grew up New York we'll talk about yet you really look at surely it would get on the train and just go travel and look explore as kids like. There was nothing for a twelve year old could jump the trade and go to the other side of the island. After the right now it's 35 cents to jump on this and get your weapons hamburgers you just one problem but at the Montauk. Nothing is just a little like I would definitely rather. And what is it is good ability about let me let followed in the sometimes that will be able. I was blown it but at the palace area of London were. The like Lou. There's the big difference fell down. So it was great to have that that hole a very street as this one was you know all the code for it. Clean out. Right and you must've been like but when you came and then how old B when you when you when you got that need to out. We're keen all the girls must eleven did you with a bad but New York City right. That the moon. I mean that part pretty long and yet my its Q part of a plot it would be free wheel base level. That cigarettes. It. Do you move that that is horrible decade you know I can get that he didn't solid trouble in his note to his coach actually caught everything. Sure. What that your kids. But if I have or that the Merrill I really culture that are all gonna be in the art. I didn't they know anyone but what do but he some somebody but the real job but. If it would look to you than it looked like this they all have talent. Now the greatest. You did you give the speech they like the kid no matter what you think Bennett who I've done as an adult like twice a terrible if you. Yes indeed you legitimate some adorable and of course of course. You what went on and I we have we had a very funny or. Isn't it funny that you haven't everybody's father has good relations than what we have without fathers like when my dad just scared of them just period that was almost all based in fear. Yeah I get that heightened by that bluff itself of service that without admin that we know what the hell out of here but he was also. We just ignored the time he touched the belt that was a warning but he pulled if he drew it was thought it was terrible and yet. The mile men had a sister we were afraid to run as he told you if you run a way to catch. And you would literally walk back and take it. I deserved it. Of course of course with wetlands they get how many coming in the tragic sent out now everybody. Let blitzes out now. And another big thing that you a short time and everybody to come back when he spends more time Christopher's I really do love avenue on the show. I appreciate it thank a world of food that you take your pick.