Thursday, March 1st


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Born October 1 inning Castro Valley and raised in Newark California. He overcame childhood populated by a drunken father and mentally unstable. The emotion into what he calls their pubic stand up comedy. This one man show. Rockwell is bleeding brought him the attention it took to win his own show on fox. You've seen this comedy central's the book is people. The voice in my head from the evolution. In the angry pursuit of us. Special unit is available now on digital platform and tomorrow night you can see him live on stage pentium pro. Longtime friend of the show. Christopher Titus. Where do you live. It's a busy mess. I asked the family conclusion cute little look a little let them know what we think about the second marriage except you know he then you always. You all the little muddy but you're always on the right side of the issue a lot of men in the same way they are quite gave it would have to resuscitate you get it. We've got to let the present an analyst Jeff because guys it will compound to boarding or their kids there you go that's it. I have ever just be reasonable man and just worshipping it's creepy it's it's not a guy that made you think it was more important and baby Jesus himself well. Well interviews to write a constitution and those are folks. I did get it. Actually talking about giving children guns actually Jesus when it's in the Bible. Yeah and I think that it's true man how you did my friend. Good. Management has been shown as we show I think without a significant focus on the most essential it's a challenge like this but talk politics the politics in America right now thank. Trying to organize an interracial hope that an 1840. Plus this. You go up. We try to do it mattered and there and I finally got to where it to a trick it out most of the show are for sure right now I broke again. I don't check court go in Portugal probably a lot of the translation let your serve it. Or Michael does he get into Alabama and I'll let although I have quarter outlook apple does have a large expenses totaled. And that and that I did it go and Ed that was actually do make me focused on right into it in that would put score on the country be so easy did you ever use it to try to dispel. It's still it would be easier to maybe focus and it opens up everybody other officials if if if you have any real hard court opinion. Politically. I will eventually could you talk with the she could do. But the topic but everybody feel either I think what area are you know Arabic course and Hillary the government side. Vicious one car accident. I think he's. This and I'm just talking to my through just about the other days. It know it seems that of the both sides the really passionate and they can't smell the road at all you just don't come on and you really can't you do for you being completely unreasonable and I don't use the same way I view sports like I don't wanna fist fight got another Jersey I just don't even like sports. It has nothing ready there but it didn't matter that I. Could you believe it was a crazy but if you could deviate walker as far as what do you look the type I'll kill you with guys if it's ordered it broke with the yeah. Like. What's where what's good nobody can agree at least for academia we know we're it would lead became Fosamax the united at the Democrats or Republicans. I respect you we had everybody thinks something. You know politically about the other person like you know every conservative Digisette sister are screwing redness or wheel truck driver and. God what an idiot that we've liberal each kale salad at the button or just think that they couldn't. Yeah I tell you what man I'm ready for a little and man oh man level defense I'll marry you and said. Well you like your own them you know the thing we heard he actually if you are or. The quake the third and then we don't if they hear things we still get a lot of people making demands like this election or that's. And that we forgot. A court order to get an immediate no matter what happens we're getting immunity for years through any differently around for forty years we need to get light for you can't do it anymore so. Just focused Argentina can't incorporate it up over Thanksgiving. Look at the technical oracle still you know look you guys topical double B I guess for COLT and I hope I hope he'll direct apples but it's a three week old an 8 o'clock local. Gravel what they run their local so if you keep you that you're getting what you're not kidney that the bill. Like world. About politics and we we just become cycle and accept a kind of wrote the show it to bring everybody together is really worked managed really weird everywhere at all. What's wrong if you're one of the great east with him so awful to even more fun because they had. I get the stopped the show I didn't talk to them edit it just seeing how either side a little. People even know why they're mad that it just let me look it acute that the after the country's war that it doesn't work every piece too greedy it's great to. The countries that are content he wasn't robot psychology three PL. Are they completely. Hawaii. Was wearing those squared jackets wishy running into legal Hillary's. And then they had to have wanted to be arrogant or delusional rodeo clown and slightly repeat that each other. So I'll I'll try to bring the country active where we need to PX but I try to get the shot. If I could not agree more and it's eight people eight the second you. It discuss anything just human they scream it's politics you have an agenda I absolutely agenda I don't really I didn't even vote within. It's well you know that's that's that's that's what you are you or Bombay and then when you have much quite Johnny no that it's your fault. I couldn't do dog I looked at both the way this is the books and you what cancer aids Jesus Christ man I don't know at. Protease inhibitors are pretty good so if you love it does not look good while yet. I would that the Fed campaign poster ever. Either but it was great that pathetic yes that's that's that's pretty ballots so. Hopefully this planet so Craig is so little shaky video next time he will maybe you all decide on a better idiot actually bubble pat but are we decent sort of already. We've gotten to a discussion of the day solicit you never wrote these funny songs about Obama eight years I don't know well did you let me tell you something is far show material goes. Not no thanks stealing hole. I've got to you know you're good pres Nat and I know you're terrible for radio. Hit a couple of I think yeah right right. That this can we get from there it was talked about the troop. We picked up I think we can see I mean how do you school look for the 25 kinds of 328. Video people happier living alone there Charlie Sheen. That's seriously. So it was a real. The contingent that Google was a honey honeymoon because I'm fully waiting for home who would get up and pointed to some office aunts and soon she's of age. Think guys think evidence or article presidents' week he could Kerala which he did last year and go or how likely do they are probably other relatives here. But if you really what I I know your I believe I know I your heart wears out your brain works and anybody who watches your comedy special those your views on society. I hadn't actually no problem whatsoever going get up about black guy. I mean you league in yards and I EE will you be president I feel like you are I'd be president you'd be back if you look at what you thought it was going to dedicate I've admired it. As it went that route credit crisis as its arts. As we got to work as. That would be atypical. Tell the truth is that's all you have a New York. We've I would do from I do I do like our aunt transgender troops here if I was president ideally people go. Trojan to sort of I I want transgender teams the military anti cheating. You look at all of the can't go all that's pretty faulty. I mean that's a brave individuals as they focus. Completely human being you know I that's why I wanted their personal yeah. Effect on the reform of the elite group of trained seals for a president to make all clinical church. And we will never have to go to war can't imagine trying to explain to an enemy. There was with a little transient flu because if you look at what people have the balls for the Regina similar most of their prisoners not enough. As if they could have been paid for themselves. Well I think I think it's time for the twelve which is what I think that's. Imagine that coming over the village of throwing their own penis and testicles yeah. Yeah exactly. It's it's it cannot be solved but I don't I just don't know I like got crazy different. Certainly the traditions there's some great so there's a there's a bit. Call we made them you know compete or they can't today you know if we could have gotten yet again we have got the PG you know became a familiar with the got to be lease sales. Coverage of salt or that they display your guys no wonder that when your guy whichever side you're on. That he had ordered come forward and speak as we will they heal the cabin with sarcasm as usual. The brother I couldn't be a bigger fan or believe that more that's that's and that's it they didn't this is such a great country I really mean that when they're great people great people. And I. It just takes a little bit left it yourself stopped taking it also very seriously did you not get out of this alive anyway. Right rob rob Dunn Soviet dictator if we got an expiration date somewhere else. Well it's. Think one of the shows this weekend we'll let you. I hope if there's any tickets left you guys Chris pretends she's going to be a crowd this Friday it's only when you show. Yeah always goes to show us first shows people told us that this second don't be afraid of towards almost perfect score on the reporter splendid piece for second shot so are so much better check it is useful. Thanks so much.