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Tuesday, February 13th


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This guy yeah this guy he is that he I'm telling you he's everything you want a NASCAR driver to be man finally good debt. Great driver wins Daytona V this is the took this will be the anniversary of him upside down a couple hundred miles an hour on wire crossing the finish line which is the greatest god damn finish. A whole time. Born may thirtieth in Emporia Kansas. He launched his career in the at age five rushing up over 300 wins and championships before setting his sights on auto racing we worked his way up. Unless they eventually move to NASCAR really has become one of the biggest names sport. And this weekend he said to take on the famed Daytona international speed the legendary Daytona 500. Please welcome NASCAR story. Friend of the show we're. Hell you do. Don't know who had been close Boehner. You've home you're in these. Particular kids on the whole race. But the place is hell if you look at it is used to go version of hell right here. Yes. Yes I can't imagine that day along the lines and that in that never ending bloggers and it's not. I cry improved but just it sounds like a really good time. And then they capped off with a convenience. All band that you use because the head and get. Sorry got every dime in your pocket aren't they go to head during your break county level that you're. And now we're looking at home well it's. It's softened its. I don't pass a Universal Studios might help myself. Because there's a bar there and I don't mind you know you get a final and that's and you drink eagle rider rather than you drink it go red rag to works out for an adult. But I don't think you can even dream to Disney did. Now well I've got community try to go around the world. Of hurt if you blackout somewhere around half what it so. I don't know how to get the other if you felt while you're there. I go to the I don't know if you saw what that line must put out that that there's only inflame dollars a share mostly power he saw that right. It would never had a week. Off for the world's rockets. I won't come out rock. And the new excel we don't know that much harder or do you X only team all 110. Feet. It's the it's in the press dinner you ever the hole here didn't Tibet as easy as it's. Goes through there. Playing owners insist who have. I'll watch listen I tell you nick they're gonna have. A it's it's going to be a switchover system upgrade on the when you've got and they're gonna offer that in a few weeks I think that. But it literally will drape you hijinks 45 cents to drain your three yards and you've got right now. Well ER six seconds. But half a gallon the sick. The gallon the second. That's not smaller. You you know you're getting that I know you're getting I'm ready. We all know what's happening here. It was important for us that the forty foot versions. You're you're scared and reluctant to even strapped with all of you back into lake Burton is the this this deal I don't even though I don't know that would become a rural communities understand. My mom's sixty who aren't aware for a. You know what you need to get as endlessly blankets that they've got in just throw over the whole rig before you pull the trigger more important. It's a farewell matter. And so this one of those moms and their second or third circuit where. We know. It's everything you know what you're saying he's got one right now do you think he just came out last week and try to work ahead or the fact is 3000 bucks. It's nature somehow one's got the poll somehow some way it'd be CEOs sitting on yeah I mean he's it's he. He's got there and know that if that was the week we keep this. It was dinners we're gonna have also is something you can always someone. Yeah a little bit occurred. And then it's usually don't talk to another driver now please when you have a friend who's who's literally dig into all across the finish line upside down on fire. That's just don't never be a better finish nobody remembers who won I don't remember whether race but I remember watching you do that if they can disagree that's it's movie level stuff like. When Burt Reynolds level kick ass. Well we let form part of it out that's been able to walk in there and which so in that period where we've got to get that done this year and our cause of staff support to stop. Obviously brag war in the class then you are very well we know opponent this straight the forwards are going to be strong. You know I think I think somebody you know or when you Fincher didn't. Yeah right and that. When you've got to be looking forward this whole year and it's. It's it's going to be good I think that you feel good about everything to live at the teens the bit about your crew everything what did it isn't apple quantity. Start it's like it always did and everybody knows that's. You know what. I think execution with the home that they can look so we're speak he started all three together they're guys what are they looking to sit down we're racing within a campfire. General Counsel deleting. All over the pollution is so. Lottery dirty happened with profits are up around the couple silence. You know what and then and then decide because of that truck at the pictures of all the it's change it's sort of local burger excuse at all affairs that are fair. There are article and then watched their legislation. Let's all check out the pollution she's never caught them saying so. And a lot of fun only we got a couple days off of Kashmir in order it is world. Forget or more days and we're gonna go back over there and we got. People and alzheimer's who who duels I don't want this to complete their fair. You know I think there. Hey it's so hard that's who we are here because the cars dirt built these cars were you know with everything that we have. So are they engine war that we thought I'm older than it was he's schools for speed of these tracks. The security trimmed out like the old days you go to Cha and you know squeaky another. The second out of the way accountable those gains and long gone he got to make sure you keep its drive to the to the big influence on me to this so. It's you you got in the second best in undersecretary of change that thing that's different this years or read anything into twice. So I guess security in general it. If we're gonna happen earlier than Talladega if you quote mischief yourself and then something happened. Get restarted the fact of not only he has out there yet but if you were actually sit there and requirements so. Who's thoroughly who makes these crazy rules by the way what what what. What is the purpose of that. Rule. Out say in money under Bernstein your heart it isn't a candidate say it's possible. I guess is why they're doing their. Our own they're going to return to happen I mean you know mentioned there's a lot going on this thing I should let you know not not long but. This Wednesday that it's it's doable so they just went status than an hour. You know actually million dollars on any decisions and Gardner remember we're used to beg your ignorance or different agents. First started out or different burden certainly senator corset of Daytona and now your mom and involve Latin. It is rather more mentioned in court that's not only here we get a credit at Talladega as well cellular band series so there's the saying. Doubled their Q melt down comes the projectors in the united coaching as the weird. Give a damn this happened apologize and start the fact typical of the Talladega is probably gonna blow. It's easy to get forgiveness than permission that's. But it seemed involved with so little return on yourself that you feel if you're aware of that get out there. So I don't know all of us they keep so that is what they are you gonna eat. Particular if they put. So severe asthma and Dan and I know. You lie I think if you do you do dirt when you're down there and they get upset if you if you start race other stuff right now. Aren't important until about watching. Yeah I guess you there'd there'd better drivers both rather not look at solely policy reasoned that since there he can get struck the start off certainty so. Europe according to them blown off where I first got a couple guys if he's I think careful you can go to work thirteen. I think thirteen shows that you know it's what we bring about change. You know I think he thirteen races error PD to keep kids do. You leave for a couple of guys that are very hate each other he decides it's hard out earlier years ago I. Or everybody hates the floor and ourselves. The important thing they're you're third article. Well maybe you've had some you've got some big big days Daytona and and when they look at all this will be the great day don't want you know and and then you've got at all and then on Talladega and lives we'll listen you've you've got the those include go you gotta walk around the sun and wait in line all day I don't want to keep you from that. Hey Ricky and. Important we keep hearing that you tricky count faster than any woman ever met a lot. They're through you're good dad did. Other cash cash Rula if you grew up in the happy happy will because you are willing to suffer at the way you are. Yeah BP. Yeah right amount of background here berries that much staying in question aren't someplace. Backyard so athletic so things and. This NBC it's weekend and I congratulate. Ideally suited humans. I've done it when they're saying public talk about it.