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Wednesday, June 13th


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Born may thirtieth in Emporia Kansas. The champion moto cross racer in his teens he began racing street stocks and many six. Eventually making this move to NASCAR where he has become one of the most recognizable to beloved drivers in the sport. And this past Sunday gambling on two tires and an incoming. He racked up a big win at the Michigan International Speedway and please welcome longtime friend of the show Clint Boyer. Which beach you. You mad about this crazy bastard you I mean you know not just guaranteed the chase menu you can rate seriously ruin this isn't for everybody. We'll probably got work to it and it's looking at the receipt and so on and on. And second. Follow up chase all of our alliance itself well. One option beater it's you know it holds its search it is just. You guys giving you you can take chances like you did the other day I was talking about how about that. The detail now that your in the chase if you can do stuff like me and just give me too. And you can you can gamble like that net when those moments payoff that's going to be the best feeling. Absolutely it hurts of them together fast car lyric property are you know all they long for all the Ford church without that here. About bat. I'd gotten word. Our I hit it or. That's that's they're predicting that it wants to go where. Where that. You know within the book as we get Calder who aren't included in that situation. In Iraq. You know when when you had a change in your round and well. It goes could eat it mark yours does. In that regard it as you know Agassi. That forward. Themselves the situation of the government like you can submit my ass the next I would. It's. Honestly it watching it seeing all played out it was such a great senior movement was in their heart move like that in mind like that was the business east lake and that's what NASCAR needs of these guys change does and getting the wins of people god it would go. It's. Little did have a whole lot. Yeah the dominant. You know an accountant election little generous five. And the biblical Embarq would have been throughout the team and leave it there. Here's what bothers me about now you've got a week off this is a bad idea for guys like you you just came off a win. Nothing good happens could be on time that these idle hands of the devil's workshop. It was super badly kept the way he would. Yeah now I'm daughter they're. Offer up a prodigy he its same little murky incident quite obvious limits on you know they. Better than a little of it sounds like 11 o'clock. But buddy ball. Well literacy. And put decay and it's an inevitable growth is. Likely. That I want you will appear yeah. That beard his. We're clock in the moment with a six they have a lot called it data Paul Byrd who liked it's it. I. But this is the reality that period yesterday. That's not it is reality. You you should've blown case of bad for the fire hose just Dmitri he was accused. Where are. You pretty well and are you. And we could come up with what we're just talking about all agree read it by which we put together that opportunity to make those who knew ya know had a duty at the six and steel tubes and a pill bottle that yes the black poverty wired to the bottom of the two he poured gas on to lose. We can put bags and shoot the electric match. You're. An. The way to signal that a Whipple makes engine as MW you'll be making these at the farm. Giving them you know without a search engine. And Arthur. Ray. The. Sparkle or borrow. We we finally gave up making the auction that oxygen acetylene wants to suggest that those are actually genuinely like too dangerous to deal with anymore. So lag here and I had the first a lot harder and you go through also thought you're definitely. No student student artwork and how would they turn their retirement and everything so at the neighbors over in the Congo Costa where there. Building up a bit and learn which lucky. They've been good to talk to the. Well. It's like click it over here at the everybody who aren't insured and then we'll talk about it. Let's that's the best partly. Did you live and you know this but I just. I I'm always so happy if you because you really are living a dream that started when your little boy would your family being so cool supported and you did great all lose the dirt tracks and and you jumping to NASCAR and then. You know it hasn't been the easiest you know five years for human and it in to see you doing well now. Like and you enjoy every minute of it and I love seeing it through those guys man because I know you saw how easy can be taken away and how quickly everything can change. And you know it's it's a precious thing meant to be in such a great team have such a great color can be on such a great role. That's why you gotta be you know are great for everything that it should. Its exports of live there's no question all sports are early seeing. No it simply means other sports all of a team call up people you orchestrate around and sometimes you don't and that that can burn out you which you've got to be able to weather the storm. They dig in and you know stay true to yourself that it's. Then went when it's our turn to come back here. Since they're looking appeared on a majority of our members of those just aren't the jets. Yeah now it's it's beautiful the semen and listen you take it easy and can't wait to see Sonoma. And and I was at this point now I've heard. That. Human. That whole thing at Martinsville there's footage of actually if you ever. Just a post Ike is against me every time. Yeah it in the most fun and later on you know it goes wrong. You know. Certainly in particular reasons and last year it will bode. Oh and Larson. You know it's that the world are. Same page again. Cassie Campbell won't let that. Now burger recycles day. It was it is it's been a lot of fun that's glitter that. Sure. Now it's it's a beautiful thing and in that one kid and I'm telling you there's no doubt who dad isn't when you look at that kid's eyes like. He's got just a little sweep into the W see the smile and he's. And watching him sit in your car before the race in Kansas City. In all these people are front he doesn't see anybody all he sees. Is somewhere in his head he was doing 200 miles an eyewitness ass on fire and you can see it in his base. Thought he actually got blown out so does this show they are. Now of course there and knock out. Not yet it sure if you didn't I don't know saw it Kurt Barton if you go and after all this Charlotte news right. Enjoy your time. They'll lose any fingers I'll see you Sonoma has made it you know you've done great track before so. Great roles and OJ so that it would just as an amateur that. Barbara and Ciba to him. And he's such a genuine care. It genuine guy amendment. He has all the gotta turn NASCAR round. They got to sell it they got to get out of the boutique business into the redneck racing business move it's about bootleggers and fistfights and that's what made it great. The days back you know it all started again if you don't know I have don't know why. That NASCAR for at least. And this is with all the love genuinely like but what in what would you forget the bootlegging is what started your sport. These guys can go super fast cars and they don't and they start racing. And a red neck and they put my unicorn or trying to get people in the stands and was outlawed yeah yeah he fist fight each other and that that was back when it was about these guys to drag these cars on track to track. All of this country. And it became my agent spoke here. And you know don't hearted out. You know don't it's not spoke it's not supposed to be for the wealthy and it is for it's just a different kind of sport in that target. It's a tragic the fighting a hockey if you do it just ice. You know now it's there's nothing worse than fancy and super kick ass nobody wants owner works. You know that that doesn't help you save nobody wants it it's. I don't care who you war. Nobody wants nobody wants to really eat Toepfer. Yeah other good.