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Friday, March 16th


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And I was only know core remarks on the Holland right now we've because you've got a short time within of course you know information laying in the dentist and site. But he's got a couple things he's talking about that happened Leonard. How you whose view and readers as short shorts but where did I just a little kid at toys as have a few chickens but you'll. Guys every time my mom about it then she'd run around she big help to. Yeah it's good she'd come. What they. Newport News. I'm sure is don't. No Florida grange. It's being worked out what do you see her own money. Snow left up and we managing congratulations again I just always picking grapes. I don't I doubt. It. Yeah but you know what it because it cuts through man I mean it's not usual that's that's victory immense. As she's fantastic I love that I love the weird the small. Yes it's weird picture that you know I think that showed its extraordinary music warm. Where he got because he certainly gave me because if touches such stuff he can't save a little social wage today you know talks about you know. I was in racial tensions. Linearity gave. He it's so why are certainly entitled we talked. Straight point blank about what you do because it's on cable but because it's the eighties and cassation court asks you don't even saying now part. Yeah okay it's cool it's great that they've balancing out my life they can say it's weak as Jesus. That's your reason that these. In my life southern Illinois is always thought. I. That's what I think will make sure might buy a favorite actors need your love of music. The discussion that over the years in in the idea that one day you're doing. You know it happened letter than you do my daddy's and haven't given him doing Major League entering the dentist you know it's it's. All we all over the board. The guys you know it's always about being here and then. These leaders are bigger velocity. You need all of your listeners I want my children everybody our hearts for always this need. All together. All and know where it is it is my work at a vehicle conversations regarding your (%expletive) yeah. It's shouldn't get all trying to do is just sort of doubts in jurors are being out trying to change it because it's. If you believe it's due to beat us do the Olympics after installing everything storm into the quad. Yeah that would store that sold to me you know although some Turkey what's this corn bread that's what you know but. Eventually try to do it when I personally. Don't at all and if we go for it. But additions here we are and I didn't we might get an alternative tour eventually took about you know what I'd put I'd did you think he got. She's on the. Let worsened I don't see saint compassion all these wonderful things you know they can you give us some lights. All in the so fortunately it is like I can imagine what a lot of good can be questioned its shape its fortune global. Why doesn't just I just won't put it out or an aura of our business update blogs. Yeah well he's allegedly wanted to. You know it's a crazy thing that that's crazy statement it. And my personal personal life change a little cautious market won't choose to musicians and I'm more bombers including don't it. Ukraine and when the boys are armed and even if you don't just steps. And here you can cool off. Yeah it's it's simple if you wanna put on the religious tone to it it simple don't be a Dick don't steal don't kill anybody don't lied to carry your mom and dad don't cheat on your wife I mean these are easy don't be a Dick rules. Have compassion he sees what. And I think the bigger things have learned in The Hague didn't even want to show our Kate yeah most of important which leads us since nobody else is great but I don't. I wouldn't call yesterday from New York to originated this supermarket to get its provisions for our military talks a lot bigger than we got here. And again that tracks I like this lull which was a guy who bought it five years later I'm proud of gluten man. Impeccable MarketWatch in yet. I would avoid bloodshed if she just so angry at this event competition out with the love and great news. I call them up this wasn't involved or don't forget you I don't care stocks that could double their considerably. Social given that you love this is horrible injuries are part of its Christians say negative ads that part of spiritual message loud. Although the article won't what would want to go home from couldn't what are we going to do. I think the compassion. Forum could give this low level brother's greatest coached all. Sir. ND ER I couldn't agree more corporate immediately I think you can you can be a creative I think you can be salty. I. I think you can do great movies that are. You know it was amigo what's Christian and what isn't and there's nothing do with your art your your acting your job when I talk about on the radio. You know in my earning any money might attacking people do you how do you put more goodness world that you put banning these are easy concept that people want to put names on yeah. You already done that you are looking all of those loans in the digital about it being a woman yeah yeah you know just sort of figure that out. And it's. Susan Owens a candidate like Murton OK okay gloves well coached ex wife and sons locals didn't feel. You know welcome entry to try to figure it out we all actually Waltz. He loves closes his late schools and hope and am now twenty aren't didn't I don't know if you will that this is what. This is quite gotten beyond what would you forego its guns we're all in this boat together and on this boat together and we're just going to field the best way cute. Get our way through water. Rather it. It's been I always love having him show we go another round leader called. And of its okay voice she Sally you're a great placement. And when we get more time let's make sure we touched his own time what happened Leonard wanna talk about my dad isn't heavily in greater lengthen the life in the world and everything all right let's let's find some time all right guys they can equipment.