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Monday, December 4th


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This scene on its members. Catch black literature did. Did hands off our. I am very disappointed in you. I don't ever did just that I knew 88 states and please. And made any he would not perfect might not kinds of Batman your car. So they're right there are. Yeah. A graduate of UCLA. He spent two years on the long running daytime drama. Ryan's hope. Before landing the role that made him a star out of attorney Arnie Becker on LA law. He's gone on to star in such films as the dentist. Major League as well as on the daytime drama the Young and the Restless. In the USA series psych in this Thursday night he's back it's like the movie makes its debut on USA from. Please welcome Corbin Bernsen. You bid. While I won't won't. You know people just if it's a lot it was a where the open edit it. It was great stuff that we've talked about this that's the movie that's a big deal. Up at the the important. Thing that didn't let. You know in its usual wait if you. Thicker than exciting and well look at this excrement. Sort of you just bought. You mean it is of course it's true that it didn't form. Which isn't that great yeah it's quite well. You what the that would I think what we talked him through to him about music last time rock and and and at the strip and and you did North Hollywood. Like right. Off the old days and very important would be a moment. They'll ala. What 190. That was that was happening. Actually 1980 thought it was. But still however I yeah I mean you know it's it's probably not as is is romantic it's like seeing the doors at that at the whiskey. But eats it's still such an important time American music like you think about this great grieve mean. Always great TV shows an incredible movies but then you also that added bonus growing up and Hollywood and seeing that stuff up front but the good the bad and the ugly. Oh yeah well yeah you can put these you know about it it happened with the quite honestly. Eighteen equally twenty Wall. Street for. Don't hailed playing at the whiskey. Or he. Wanted to sub. Compare trickled to take it to people. With Ole. A little awkward and and fifteen years. Secret coming out of L table and you. Knew. More would not. What was. Yeah the courts are very cool content you have been there and let the atmosphere is. You can really cool period partly. You know what happened will be. Here to there. He received a series of pictures of Iraq and I. If you can't accurately say. Both are on target without law. Just great. It is great it and you you know people get. It's funny because it did you talk but the music industry it all got burned down because the digital world. And it definitely killed a lot of record companies but that's not a bad thing this has been incredible that the platforms like Netflix and Hulu Vudu all the things we can do. That makes only gives great actors and Greece beat writers a whole new venue. You get to get away from that you know the taste makers think in everything. What he didn't you know didn't you didn't get too in this picture will. People will eat them up a club capital there. They had belt wrapped march a bit of peace and I didn't even though I did it. I'll so we're a little while but it was sites. Like get. Up. Salt. Well. Well. And so. There. Into Kuwait to music. There are people that the epidemic of acting he's got people on. Here. You're here in the weight. Yeah you got the it's a good idea but is it didn't quite. Here in Portland which almost certainly hope that these could work. Move around the country. Should be there are so if you. Wanted to use you know. If you didn't go your. On Tuesday. Ancient emperor. Well. Your New Jersey still got a decent seem I was just in New York for Thanksgiving that's one of the things that was there's. There's an app you can put an exit could drew a penalty of the bands that are playing for the next month and all these different venues and it it's. We've got some great shows like really great show in order. He had a potential that it wouldn't get an important topic it is it useful as it feels like it. It's like you can't eat. Or won't. Put it in and then as if they looked at pebble. They're calling it wouldn't play without novel which ultimately it is almost all the old school glee. The group the people. And great wouldn't go to the people look at you. Well. You can be even in Israel plan it. Will go. They didn't do what goes on its own. And keep it up or else. Right exactly so when you find the record stores. School. All of next to Atlanta you need to check the ankle Blackberry smoke anywhere if they come at that. Anywhere you're playing Felix other music like that Skinner Canada Allman Brothers feel black smoke will be our new favorite. Well he's dead quickly you can see if you shoot outs or lack there of course. I believe or. Oh. Yeah. Well yeah. I mean to say here's the witnessing you'll seal day greeting for girl. And the name of the videos freak flag and some guys that we met down in Atlanta Georgia it's. It's steam punk with a gravy train the singing. It sounds like like old that come across new White Zombie. You know you but you've got to seize it for yourself it's grainy for girl and freak flag is the single. It's you being at the end of awareness you'll laugh annually probably enjoyed a great deal. Analysts expect the movie but I wanna make your windows debuting Thursday 7 o'clock it's telling USA and it is always good keep it seems it's interesting actually people get wrapped up in this. In the entertainment world and all they do is that only can relate to is that you know radio guys just as bad. It's you know go home could part of this world is what you see where you go right. Smart you know this war. Won't that it's what it is a little bit. Queens apartment or at least. I'm art. It that way and the I relate to it are British. And you don't even if I acted or. There's lot. Of local people all of this. Job. They don't then it is well. Old world. War would be able. They won't know if it were that you. Won't use the old and particularly our world economic relations options that we. Hopeful. It will be. Arms you're in that it will show them what will or. Won't I try to work and yeah. When you look at. Possible what will you do this would be useful for all people. You know the more you can he walked off. It's. Possible. Well. If he didn't read it. The garbage that. It's so all of them but it should allow cross. It's like over they didn't do it. That's it it goes by fast and pay attention they don't dress rehearsal. It is in the world and we will do what we expected to do this you know. Which. I look at. Do. It because. It's. I don't want to all in all the world that it is news when it. More old school or will. It. While cold open. Absolutely don't think you can give me the reps and we've got to talk to that site the movie again Thursday seven analysts say the man. And anytime I I really do enjoy this is talking with the Gorman. While you're while yeah it could be wrong but you won't. Big no studio has a lot it is meant anything to kick him out there.